Ron Howard says 'gay' joke will stay in 'The Dilemma'; GLAAD criticizes decision

Ron-HowardImage Credit: Michael Buckner/Wireimage.comDirector Ron Howard has told the Los Angeles Times that he will not remove a controversial joke using the word “gay” from his forthcoming Vince Vaughn comedy The Dilemma. Responding in writing to questions posed by Times columnist Patrick Goldstein, Howard explained that the line needs to be understood in the context of the movie and Vaughn’s character. Writes Howard: “I believe in sensitivity but not censorship. I feel that our film is taking additional heat as an emblem for many movies and TV shows that preceded it that have even more provocative characterizations and language. It is a slight moment in The Dilemma meant to demonstrate an aspect of our lead character’s personality, and we never expected it to represent our intentions or the point of view of the movie or those of us who made it.” Howard did say he believed Universal made the “appropriate” decision in removing the line from the film’s original trailer.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which protested the inclusion of the “gay” line in The Dilemma‘s trailer and called for its removal from the movie, issued a statement in response to Howard’s decision. “At a time when so many in our country are speaking out against the bullying of gay youth, Universal was right to acknowledge the offensive nature of this ‘joke’ when it removed it from trailers,” said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios. “Unfortunately, by leaving it in the movie, they are now contributing to the problem. The conversations started as a result of the community’s response to this slur will help schools, media and parents understand the impact of the word ‘gay’ being used as a pejorative. Hopefully in the future, Universal and Ron Howard will recognize the power of their words and use their films to bring people together rather than drive us apart.”

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  • psb1962


    • yea basically

      what i want to know is where are the smart people? where are the smart gays to stand up against glaad? where are the smart moviegoers to stand up against stupid vince vaughn movies? There’s a reason our culture has gone to hell and it has nothing to do with religion or sexual preference.

      • morgan

        I’m gay and i think its acceptable and will be funny, is that alright?

      • Tarc

        The ‘smark gays’ like in the real world and see the death and destruction that the casual homophobia like has been shown in the Dilemma creates. If you were actually gay, then you’d already be familiar with that price, and I still find it *appalling* that Howard can be so cavalier with the lives of gay CHILDREN. Howard directed/produced films are now off my list of acceptable.

      • Jon

        “here are the smart moviegoers to stand up against stupid vince vaughn movies?”

        I don’t agree with your politics, but that was a funny line.

      • Devin Faraci

        “OH NOEZ!!! WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!” You people are a piece of work. You think the first amendment only applies to YOU.

      • Mrs.Lovejoy

        Thank you Devin, I was just about to say that.

      • are you a government?

        The first amendment right to free speech prevents the GOVERNMENT from taking action against you. Just because your speech is protected against the government doesn’t mean you can be criticized, fired, or even blacklisted for what you say if the entity doing those things isn’t a government.

        That said, there’s nothing that says Ron Howard has to change his movie just because GLAAD disapproves.

      • fadeinlight

        Thank-you, Morgan. The casting of homosexuals as a bunch of intolerant, humorless pc-police is going to do more damage than good to the cause of LGBT rights. The last thing that I want to do is empower a bunch of people who are bent on regulating what I can and cannot say, because they don’t think that people are smart enough to discern between a joke and a statement of hatred. The idea that we have to combat intolerance with intolerance is the brainchild of idiots.

      • Don

        Sat 10/30/10 3:03 AM

        I’m gay and i think its acceptable and will be funny, is that alright?”

        There you go, then.

      • Dana

        It’s ‘sexual orientation’ or would you rather let us all in upon the age that you ‘preferred’ to be straight?

      • blinky

        if we are okay with fake murders in movies, why not fake insults?

      • Kevin B

        A joke wouldn’t be a joke if it didn’t offend somebody. Lighten up people. This has nothing to do with gay rights, but everything to do with free speech. If offensive lines were pulled out of comedies every time somebody got offended then some of the best humor and satire would be lost.

      • Thomas Hanson


      • control freaks

        So they want that small joke line out of the movie?! If they are aiming for that type of power, then how about we get power too by saying…stop making movies like “The Kids Are All Right” and “I Love You Phillip Morris”.

      • oh wow

        Tom where are you??? I’m surprised that the hypocrite blogger Tom isn’t posting all his crazy comments!

      • Russ

        Yes, it is called sexual “preference”, not “orientation”. Glad to see when people get that right. No, I did not CHOOSE to be straight. It is normal to be born that way, for EVERYBODY. You choose to take the ‘dark’ path (pun intended, LOL). So you can’t say gay jokes in movies anymore? Hell, they still joke about blacks, etc. It depends on the character and what there personality is? It’s called the MOVIES. It isn’t real. Get over yourselves. Jeesh!

      • Tarc

        Actually, Russ, you’re lying. Homosexuality is as natural as air. All known mammalian species have homosexuals, as well as many others, because population genetics shows that populations with gays are more ‘fit’ (survive better) than those that don’t. So, that that uneducated boofoonery and blow away. And, denis, you’re not far behind on the ‘education fail’ scale. Well, and on the morality fail scale. I’m guessing you know a lot about fail.

      • David

        I’m gay and I think its acceptable in the context of the character. They are not bashing anyone. If we censor and make movies sterial then we loose the ability to bring the real issues to light in that media.

      • Kana

        Where are the smart people? The problem is Political correctness’ censorship of our 1st Ammendment Rights. Although the 1st Amendment protects our right to freedom of speach. With freedom comes responsibility, and people should take responsibility for their actions. Of all the freedoms and rights U.S. citizens have under our Constitution none of them guarantee the right to NOT be offended. Life is not fare and Political Correctness is censorship.

      • andre

        Tarc said, “Actually, Russ, you’re lying. Homosexuality is as natural as air. All known mammalian species have homosexuals, as well as many others, because population genetics shows that populations with gays are more ‘fit’ (survive better) than those that don’t. So, that that uneducated boofoonery and blow away.”

        Tarc, you are either incredibly uninformed or just dumb.

        Let’s assume for the sake of argument that God wasn’t the creator with ordained natural laws.

        Well, Mother Nature or evolution (take your pick) doesn’t support the notion of homosexuality either. Evolution rests on the theory of the gene pool reacting for survivability. Evolution therefore knows that the mere act of homosexuality is contrary to survivability since there is no way for procreation and consequently, the survivability of the species. So not only does God not approve of homosexuality, nor does evolution.

        Evolution is constantly attempting to isolate mistakes and it is doing so in our species today. You can argue all you want, but evolution doesn’t care about your self-promoting arguments. It only cares about survivability and your sexual choices simply don’t fit into the evolutionary equation.

        But you already knew this along with the rest of the homosexual community and that’s where your self-hate comes from. It’s not the Bible or heterosexuals that are the root of your self-hate, but rather it comes from the evolutionary, subliminal program instilled in you that screams that your sexual choices don’t support survivability. To the contrary, your homosexual choice is an outward condemnation of the human species and I use the word choice, because evolution, by its nature, will not choose its own extinction. Therefore, you may continue to make sexual choices contrary to survivability, but those choices are certainly not part of the biological design of evolution that spawned you.

      • Daryl

        TARC, in an attempt to prove you ARE “smart people” did you really just call yourself smarK? Wow buddy, you kind of proved us right all by yourself

      • Tim

        The joke isn’t about Vince Vaughn calling something gay, and us laughing with him mocking something for being gay. The joke is about him being that hyper-masculine borderline homophobic alpha male. He’s the punchline.

        With as many talented LGBT people working in Hollywood as there are, do you really think Howard would seek to alienate them an obviously hateful remark?

      • Zakry

        “Russ” is exactly the reason why maybe now, maybe today, that particularly joke shouldn’t be there. I am sure Howard and crew and illustrate Vince Vaughn’s character without that one joke.

        Not only do I believe in free speech, I have fought to defend it, I have served in this country’s military, worked on political campaigns and been named “an important voice in young America” by a politician you all know. In case you’re asking “who does he think he is.”

        Just because you have the right to say what you want (usually), doesn’t mean you should. You cannot cry fire in a crowded movie theater, and it takes wisdom to understand this. I thought Ron Howard had that. I am disappointed in him. In this age where bullying and gay suicide is all too common, Howard thinks *a* joke in his movie is more important. Shame on him.

      • Tarc

        Yeah, Andre, I actually am an expert (PhD and all), and for a 9th grade biology class, you didn’t do so bad making a case. Of course, you really have no idea about how biology and evolution work, and I’m sure you’ve never heard of Hardy-Weinberg, altruism, community effects, environmental effects, multi-allelic traits, or a whole host of issues that come into play. You merely point out that how very strongly the inclusion of homosexuals in populations must be if they overcome a significant (but very far from zero) reproductive rate. That is reflects in the fact that there homosexual mammals in every case examined, and this is also reflected throughout many other branches of multicellular, sexual animals. I’d suggest doing some reading before spouting inanely again – there is an entire body of literature in the big building called a library. Find one.

      • Z

        Wow, Andre… knowing people are out there who think like you is just completely terrifying. You’re wrong on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin.

      • andre


        The examples you quickly looked up on the internet, but didn’t understand, support my position, you idiot! You simply didn’t comprehend what you were reading. Hardy-Weinberg relates to mutations – exactly my point. Hardy-Weinberg contends that there are numerous, extraneous variables that will cause mutations to occur, one of which is inbreeding, BTW! You listed, “community effects, environmental effects, multi-allelic traits.” Once again, each of these relates to mutations. Geez, you destroyed your on argument by not understanding what you were reading!

        And once again, your apoplectic rage produced another cataclysmic failure by stating, “You merely point out that how very strongly the inclusion of homosexuals in populations must be if they overcome a significant (but very far from zero) reproductive rate.” Actually, there are two significant reasons why there is “inclusion of homosexuals in populations…” Homosexuals continue to have sexual relations with females AND Hardy-Weinberg – re: MUTATIONS!

        And here’s your worst attempt to justify homosexual behavior within an evolutionary discourse – “That is reflects in the fact that there homosexual mammals in every case examined…”

        You are just digging your hole deeper. Homosexuality certainly exists in the animal world – for the very same reasons it exists in the human species, once again Hardy-Weinberg, for example. And secondly, do you really want to justify your behavior by using the ACTIONS OF ANIMALS! Not only do you degrade your own personal evolutionary process, you must, by extension, justify human infanticide, cannibalism, eating one’s own feces, etc. since these acts are also common in the animal world.

        I would suggest that you not use the internet next time for something as complex as evolution if you don’t understand what you are reading.

      • andre

        And Z, please don’t feign such fear and indignation. This is a science discussion, nothing more, nothing less.

        And I know you “don’t know where to begin” because you simply don’t understand the concepts. But that doesn’t mean you should be “terrified”. It simply means you should open your mind and be willing to study.

      • JAM

        I would love to hear what Scott Thompson thinks about this. I bet he thinks this ‘controversy’ is just plain gay.

      • harry

        interesting point andre.

    • B

      I’m sure gay people use the word “gay” to describe something that’s gay!! You’re all gay!!

      • Jeanie

        You made me laugh with that comment. I work with many many Gay men who always say, ‘That’s SO Gay!!’ I have a purple cell phone color, “So Gay’ I’m a middle aged lady I love them and my co workers make me smile all they time!!! So I agree. It’s a movie and in real life people use that phrase.

      • I

        Not every gay person uses that term Jeanie. I’d wager to say that it’s the outspoken minority who do.

      • R

        I do not use it!

      • MarkPDX

        I’m gay and I use the term, jokingly, all the time. This argument is ridiculous. It’s a joke people, nothing more. Get over it.

      • Jason in Phx

        I’m gay; I don’t use that term in that manner.

      • Jimmy

        Something actually being called gay because of something that reminds or alludes others of the stereotype of being gay (effeminacy, hyper-preening, or homosexual carnal desires) is completely different than equating the word gay to a stupid act. Doing the latter demeans an entire sect of the population. Many of that sect are young children who see it as an attack on something in which they have no choice. Saying “That’s gay” as a pejorative for “That’s stupid” makes a gay youth think “Gay is stupid; therefore, I am stupid. I cannot help being gay; therefore, I cannot help being stupid. Stupid is bad; therefore, I am bad. I do not want to be bad. The only way to change is death; therefore, I should die.” This is why GLAAD says it is reckless. Though, I do not feel that GLAAD is the group to say something. It should be PFLAG and GLSEN.

      • Michael

        Mark…there’s nothing ridiculous about this argument. As a gay man, you should have a little more self-respect AND be much more cognizant of the social climate in this country.

      • Observer

        OH, GEE-ZUSS Andre… You sure do spin a lot of words(sh!+). Let reality alone. The joke is a means to define the personality of the lead character… Lighten up slick. (“It’s a wrap, people”)

      • Observer

        and Michael…. Ask Santa for some self-confidence this Holiday.

    • joblo

      Comedy mocks everything by nature. Fat people, skinny people, black people, asians, Mexicans, nerds, geeks, people who wear glasses, “brains,” dumb people, tall people, midgets, Chri…stians, Mormons, Hindus, gay people, divorced people, alcoholics, etc etc.

      For all the people calling for Howard to be censored out of sensitivity, where are you going to draw the line? If you were honest and went back over the history of comedies you’d end up censoring almost every single one based upon this standard you are now demanding.

      • anya

        I agree, at times comedy mocks everything. It’s about being able to laugh at yourself.

      • Larry

        Unfortunately the comedy that mocks gay people has been traditionally hateful -and in the context of the struggles of gay teens now -it isn’t humorous at all. People make fun of a lot of types of people but they don’t go around with picket signs saying they should all die and go to hell. The hate is getting to the point of lives being lost and that attitude needs to change -even if it means changing a line in a comedy movie.

      • listenup

        basically every group is mocked.and in “all”cases ignorance and close-mindedness are the root cause.if you believe are all equal,the same but different,then nothing else makes sence.

      • Claire

        It doesn’t sound like this movie is mocking gay people even in the smallest way with this line. It’s mocking an aspect of the Vince Vaughn character, which is purposely being shown in a negative light. As Ron Howard said, it mocks the point of view of the lead character, not of the movie itself. I trust that will be obvious when the movie is actually seen. It was right not to include it in the trailer, because there it was out of context.

    • TorontoTom

      So…if I punched you in the arm and you said, “Oww, that hurts!”, I would then have the right to DECIDE if it hurts and if I had the RIGHT to continue hitting you? That’s what gay slurs are like to gay people. IT HURTS. And it’s not just this movie trailer. Most of us have endured being “punched in the arm” our whole lives and now we’re saying STOP, IT HURTS. It’s not up to you as to whether or not it does. It’s not your call. Don’t minimalize it. Don’t tell us to get a sense of humour. Don’t continue doing it just because you always used to be able to. Don’t do it. IT HURTS. There’s no need for debate. IT HURTS.

      • missy

        The gay community is NOT the only group of people to be targeted for the sake of comedy. Get over yourselves already! Yes of course bullying is horribly wrong and the cause of undescribable pain, but your ‘community’ is one of many that is targeted for the sake of comedy!! For once, stop acting like you deserve special treatment, because you don’t!

      • me

        Awww, you poor thing. Well I think the world should cater to your sensitive feelings. Oh wait a minute…on second thought..get a life and deal with it! One of the best filmmakers in the business and you finally found something to harp about? You don’t like it, don’t watch! Oh wait, we can’t do that because we have to open our traps about how we are sooo tortured as gays. I’m sorry, what is your stance on the mentally ill? Alcoholics? Religion..etc? Let me guess, you are the perfect, all loving, righteous, top notch human right? Please. Like he is a joke not an opinion. Welcome to comedy..oh wait again, you wouldn’t know comedy because the majority of comedy is cracking jokes at all people which means you don’t find ANY of it funny. Well guess what? You are in the minority..yet again. Most people could care less if you are gay or not so quit trying to spew nonsense just so you can open your mouth every time you see an opportunity. “Oh, It hurts”, well welcome to the real world. Grow a backbone. It hurts being ugly but I deal with it, ha. There are more important things to worry about than hurting your feelings because a dumb movie line.

      • joblo

        It does hurt. But it hurts to be slurred regardless of what community you belong to, and the gay community is but one of a thousand that has jokes aimed at their direction. The problem w/ your analogy, though, is that hitting someone is illegal assault, while joking about someone is free speech. If you mock a fat guy it may be rude but it’s not illegal. If you punch the fat guy, you’re going to jail.

      • anya

        It’s just a joke. Comedy is often offensive. You’ve just got to laugh at yourself. I know you aren’t just a gay person. I bet you’ve heard jokes on tv or in the movies about whatever race you are, whatever gender you are, where your from, your weight, your political views, all sorts of things. This is just another thing about humans that people make jokes about.

      • TorontoTom

        Hey Missy, Me & Joblo – thanks for the replies and the milk of human kindness. Mind-blowing that you would take the time to send a post implying that it is YOUR RIGHT to be hurtful and hateful. What does this say about YOU?

      • Jamie

        I hate when oversensitive gay speak for the gay community. It’s a joke. Get over it. If you’re offended don’t go see the movie. I’m gay, I’m not offended. It’s a joke.

      • ohnsap

        Ya want some cheese with that whine? Geeez.

      • Chris

        Well, Toronto, if you don’t like it, leave the United States, because the First Amendment gives everyone the right to say what they want to say (with a few exceptions, like inciting panic or a riot). We actually have this fundamental right for the freedom of speech – and our price for this freedom is that we have to answer for what we say. Ron Howard is doing exactly this – he is standing up for what he wants said in a movie he is directing, and a vocal uptight minority of the gay population is crying foul despite there being MANY BETTER THINGS TO CRY ABOUT.

        Oh, wait… “TorontoTom”. Your opinion doesn’t matter regarding our internal policies, Canadian.

      • Tpm Thumb

        Geez – what a sensitive bunch of people. get a life – its only a f’n movie!

      • itsryan

        It’s “mind-bottling”, TorontoTom. Learn propper grammar if you’re going to post.

      • Mark

        Stop being so gay

      • ray

        Then tell them to stop being gay or get over it.. I cant stop being white (and i mean very white), just get over it. duck, water, back…. im so sick and tired of all the complaining.

      • Dana

        Your post is the truest and most cogent of all of them however I wouldn’t expect the ignorant hatemongers to take heed.

      • Avrgjo

        Your metaphor is stupid the 1st amendment protects our right as American citizens to say whatever we please as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. Toronto despite what you may think your’s and GLADD’s rights are not being infringed upon. Personally I think seeing two guys make out in a movie makes me want to throw up (True story I was watching a great movie dont remember what it was called but sienna miller was HOT in it and out of no where the dudes just start going at it, almost yacked). But you have the right to put it out there in the public domain (in this case showtime) regardless of who it offends. I dont have to like it and neither do you but that’s just the way it is. Gay kids are not the only ones who get bullied why do you think you are so special? What about the smart kid with glasses that get’s called a geek because some other kid it in a movie, does he not feel the same hurt as the gay kid? Are his feelings not warranted the same outcry from GLADD and you Toronto? because correct me if im wrong but you are not trying to get geek censored out of movies too are you? If not just realize your a hypocrite, don’t see the movie, and turn on some showtunes or something.

      • Tia

        If something a character in a movie says can hurt you then please go hide in your closet so no one will ever hurt you little feelings. Seriously, gay kids are going to kill themselves because a fictional character in a fictional movie said a car was gay? Are all the science geeks going to kill themselves because geeks are portrayed in a negative light in most movies? Get over yourself already.

      • queen

        Itsryan, I hope you’re being sarcastic with your post. If no, it’s ‘mind boggling’ and propper is spelled proper.

      • RYANinALASKA

        Aww my vagina hurts. Grow up people. Its time to stop being so friggin “pc” in this country. Jokes are made to offend somebody to somebody elses’ expense. Calling someone or something gay doesn’t necessarily make it gay. Get over your gay selves. I’m gay, it doesn’t bother me. GAY GAY GAY. I’ve now used the word GAY eight times. Doesn’t bother me.

      • Cee

        Excuse me, but, I remember a day when “gay” meant happy and fun. Your “gay” community usurped this word, wanted it as your moniker, and whenever it is used NOW you complain.

        I really think you should get over your whining. What really is annoying is that we keep having this debate and “special preferences” based on the way you prefer to have ‘sex’. I don’t care how you choose to spend your intimate time.. its none of my business.. but you keep shoving it in our faces day and night by crying foul at every turn! Truly get over yourselves.. If you want people to be ‘tolerant’ of you and your ways, then perhaps you need to try that same tolerance for others, even those who use the word gay!

      • Brett

        Cee, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Also, if I’m not “gay,” does that mean I’m “sad”? And if I’m “straight,” doesn’t that mean that homosexuals are “bent”?

      • Jim

        I think that everyone who is against this movie is completely insane….you do realize that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WATCH IT IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT IS CONTAINED IN IT!!I just like every other American have the right to say anything I want to. You just like every other American has the right to not like it and not listen to it. My only advice is to get over it….lines in movies to not breed gay bashers…other gay bashers do.

      • Observer

        If it hurts… stay clear of me. See? NO More Pain !!!

      • changes

        Toronto Tom, you have to grow in life and be strong. It’s not as bad as you think, nothing is that bad. You don’t have to tie yourself down in life. Whatever happened to you, a lot changes in life(even if you don’t want change, it’s for your own good at times)

    • Brian

      He should change the line to “That’s so Opie!” It sounds close to dopie and reminds us how a dumb fictional kid evolved into a dumb real life man.

      • Vickie

        He’s a pretty bright man who isn’t rolling over to the extreme political correctness that is , in effect, censorship.

    • Desmo

      so, when someone cons me out of money.. can I say “that’s so jewish”? cause I would really like that

      • Ellen

        People do say things like that all the time. It’s not ideal, obviously. Nobody’s saying, “let’s do more of that!” But it’s just a fact of life that people say things like that. But Jews just deal with it, like they have since forever. No one should have to stand being persecuted, but you should be able to tolerate jokes. That’s just life.

      • Howard

        Thank you Ellen.

      • Fod

        Eh, I’m Jewish and I don’t find that offensive. Learn to take a joke. Anyone who makes jokes about Jews, gays or any group is not automatically an antisemite, homophobe etv etc. If it really is hate-speech (and not a joke), then that’s on them.

    • me

      really? I dont think he is but ok

    • Kel

      I wish people would learn the defition of Homophobia.

    • Bosco56

      Who knew you couldn’t spell “KNEW”.

    • chris

      Gays have this sense of entitlement. Get a clue homos, that’s why straights hate you!!!!

      • Veritas

        I’m straight and I don’t hate gay people.

      • remzod

        Dude, you hate a whole class of people who haven’t done anything to you? That’s pretty gay.

      • Steven

        Still Davide, you and your boyfriend are only mere mtloars just like the rest of us.How do you and your boyfriend manage not to celebrate your love for each other with sex? I get the whole concept of trying to live right for God.But given that you are as human as myself and everybody else who frequents this site, you’ll have to admit that sometimes you can lust for him in an animal kind of manner. Am I mistaken? I would like to know how you guys manage because to me, and I think the rest here, it seems like an impossible job to be celibate. Don’t see this as mockery, because what I seek is education. I would also like to know how you decided upon this.Man is, after all sexual and lust is a hard thing to tame.

      • Lindawinky

        I understand your equal ritghs argument but I do not agree as a gay man I have the same ritghs as everyone else , I thought you meant that you do not have the same ritghs. Instead you meant that you do have equal right and that you disagree with Jacob’s equal ritghs argument. Is that right?I think I just misinterpreted.I would think the only thing as far as ritghs go is the right to marry, right? And possibly some discrimination in the workplace, but that’s of course not a gay-only problem. If one at all I have no idea. There could be more, but I’m fairly uneducated on this topic. = /Anyways, sorry about that.

    • mel

      Boycott this movie. Enough said.

      • Tia

        I hope all of you who think the world should bow down and not dare offend you will boycott so the rest of us can go enjoy this movie in peace.

      • Brett

        No, I think I’ll go see it. Twice.

    • Margot707

      Ron Howard has proven many times to be a friend and supporter of LGBT rights. I don’t think using the phrase “electric cars are gay” is necessarily his view point as much as the crassness of the character he has created for the movie.

      However, I’m glad the joke was removed from the trailer since it would possibly be seen on TV and definitely in movie theater previews by impressionable kids (both chronological and mental) who will think it’s an OK thing to say reinforcing both homophobic attitudes and the non-thinking off-handedness of the hurt that may be caused by using such an expression.

      There is nothing wrong with saying the term “gay,” as in “I’m gay” meaning “homosexual” but it is not OK when used in a derogatory way or as a put down, as in “that’s so gay,” or “electric cars are gay.”

    • Bob T Guy

      A phobia is an unreasonable fear of something. There is nothing unreasonable or fearful in the script of the movie, nor in Mr Howard’s response to the homoterrorists who are whining about it….

    • ant bee

      I told Andy I thought he spent to much time with Gomer in the garage

    • Daryl

      One of the biggest mistakes the gay community has made lately is to assume that people agree with their lifestyle. A recent poll proves that more than 87% of Americans question the sanity of anyone confused enough to buy into the homosexual lifestyle. MOST people are “homophobes” because most people have common sense. Being gay=no future for the world. Period. (you gays can shout til you’re blue in the face but you can’t MAKE babies, you can only adopt us straight peoples babies). And we all know that if you’ve selfishly bought into a lifestyle that stupidly kills off the human race than maybe we should call stupid things “gay” the way Ron Howard says we should. We sould be nice to EVERYONE, gay or not gay, but that doesn’t mean gay people are any less confused in the head. We just need to ACCEPT gays, not AGREE with them. That would be like agreeing with a nutcase.

    • Daryl

      One of the biggest mistakes the gay community has made lately is to assume that people agree with their lifestyle. A recent poll proves that more than 87% of Americans question the sanity of anyone confused enough to buy into the homosexual lifestyle. MOST people are “homophobes” because most people have common sense. Being gay=no future for the world. Period. (you gays can shout til you’re blue in the face but you can’t MAKE babies, you can only adopt us straight peoples babies). And we all know that if you’ve selfishly bought into a lifestyle that stupidly kills off the human race than maybe we should call stupid things “gay” the way Ron Howard says we should. We sould be nice to EVERYONE, gay or not gay, but that doesn’t mean gay people are any less confused in the head. We just need to ACCEPT gays, not AGREE with them. That would be like agreeing with a nutcase.

    • Greg

      Wait until the move comes out and then judge. Aren’t we all jumping the gun here?

    • Grump E

      It’s that Christian upbringing and “wholesome” Andy Griffith brainwashing of his youth.

    • mark sweitzer

      It is about 1st Amendment rights. How sad that GLAAD has become a branch of he book-burning squad. Free speech will prevail despite reactionaries such as the above referenced. Huckleberry Finn is still being sold as well as many books that offended some portion of the population. I had it with
      gay rights’ several years ago when I went to a forum for such and heard several gays there say that the rape of women isn’t a hate crime but killing gays, even if it wasn’t beause they are gay, was.

  • Tim

    Nothing says “pretentious, attention-seeking outrage” better than any organization decrying material in a movie they haven’t even seen yet.

    • Tarc

      Actually, nothing says “pretentious, attention-seeking outrage” like a dead-brained, self-entitled blog post that seems to glorify the death of children… (And to be clear, the material in question HAS been seen in full.)

      • Jay

        Everyone wanted Archie Bunker off of the air when he first appeared on tv. But showing how ridiculous he was because of his bigotted views got the message across pretty clear. Possibly, showing how ridiculous Vince Vaughn’s character is because of his views will be the same. Hiding the fact that people think this way, right or wrong, will not make the problem go away. I haven’t seen the movie and don’t know anything about it, but I assume that when Vince makes the “joke” he comes across as a huge douche.

      • Jason

        As Jay mentioned in his comment, I think that shows like All in the Family and the Jefersons were much braver in addressing societal bigotry than those today, which helped bring about dialogue that produced change. Pretending that prejudice doesn’t exist or taking a line out of a movie doesn’t make it disappear. It just moves it into the closet. I agree with Ron Howard’s comment: “sensitivity, not censorship”.

      • wakeforce

        It’s the same as if the character smoked in the movie. People in real life smoke. It is a character trait. If we started banning what people and say in the movies gonna stop what people say and do in real life? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? It’s not about the children. It’s about creative expression.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        Tarc, you’re a complete idiot.

      • Tarc

        Right back at ya, Amanda.

      • Veritas

        I’m sorry, did I miss something? Where does this movie glorify the death of children? Using the term “gay” does not glorify the death of children. That’s why people like you are not taken seriously. You make over the top remarks and over-dramatize everything. Save your condemnation for glorifying the deaths of children to things which truly glorify the deaths of children, instead of cheapening such an accusation by applying it to such a trivial incident.

      • Brett

        Tarc, Amanda IS an idiot. (I’ve read her other posts, too.)

        But so are you.

      • Tarc

        Actually, it is about the children, or more properly, continuing the incessant normalized homophobia that damages the lives of adults and children everyday in America. It’s not funny, it’s not necessary, and it’s no ‘censorship’ (get a dictionary) to ask people to be cognizant that gay teens have a 4-6 times higher rate of suicide than straight kids. So, yeah, the ridiculous comment about being ‘sensitive, not censorship’ is stupid since it’s neither. Thinking that anyone thinks that preserving a (terrible) joke to preserve a (poor) sense of humor is justification for the overall negative societal impact (bigotry) is stupid and amoral. The lack of thought and understanding from others doesn’t lessen the truth of the matter.

    • Cali

      You said it perfectly Tim. Also,the statement about Ron Howard not caring about CHILDRENS’ LIVES is such bull.

      • Tarc

        All evidence to the contrary…

  • Colleen

    I will never understand why it’s okay to have whole movies that mock every aspect of religion (Take the mockery of Christians in “Easy A” and “Saved” and….), but the minute someone teases gay people, it’s homophobic. If the religions of the world can take a shower of insults, why can’t gay people? Ron Howard was right – it is totally censorship, and GLAD is just plain ridiculous. It’s PC bullying, and I’m glad he is standing up for sanity.

    • Aww, poor Christians; you guys are such an oppressed minority in this country. I admire your struggle. I mean, I don’t know what it’s like facing the type of crap you do: being the leading religion in the country, having God placed in everything and pitching fits when there’s actual separation of church and state, etc. Please, you’re a pathetic piece of conservative garbage. People aren’t killing themselves over people teasing them for their Christianity; people don’t grow up afraid to come out as a Christian; people don’t get turned down jobs, health care benefits, etc. for being Christian. Christians can make deathbed decisions for their partners and don’t have to worry about joint finances should one partner pass away. Associating the word gay with stupidity, lameness, etc. further drives home the point of this heteronormative society and makes it impossible for there to be true equality.

      • Kristina

        Um, as a girl who spent most of her life in a church, the way Christians were portrayed in “Easy A” and “Saved” are pretty much accurate. I say this as a girl who has seen the “dark side” of church-based establishments, having been the victim of gossip, as has my mom. (Long story short, we left the Methodist church we belonged to due to a rumor that was spread about my mother and our pastor. Apparently they were “together,” which was a total surprise to both my mother and his wife.) “Lovely” people SOME Christians are.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        … What you said.

      • Daryl

        did you really just say this? I think of all of have a hard time taking this stupidity seriously. “Gay” means GAY. It’s a great way of describing the stupidity of anything as stupid as a group of people who have everything backwards. I don’t have anything against gays, I just greatly question their common sense, so much so that I really don’t think they should be saying the types of things you just said. You are silly.

      • Brian

        You need a history lesson in the worst way. Gays starting to come out of the closet vs Christians and the opression they faced — get a clue!

      • breastfart

        Quit spreading AIDS

      • Larry David’s friend

        “Aww, poor Christians; you guys are such an oppressed minority in this country.” funniest line of sarcasm I have ever read on this website. And everything … said is the 1000000% devastatingly sad truth.

      • T

        Christians do take crap all day everyday and while they may not get killed in America, they do get killed all over the world for their beliefs. Also,the term separation of church and state is not actually in the Constitution it is a term that the liberal left has brainwashed everybody into thinking is actually in there. Just because somebody thinks homosexuality is disgusting and evil, doesn’t mean they are homophobes it just means they have the freedom in this country to believe what they want. Just because a gay person says homosexuality is ok doesn’t mean it is. If homosexuality was a normal way of life for all people, then guess what, we would cease to exist because you know it would be pretty tough to make a baby.

      • Zach

        Please! My roommate is gay and he calls things gay all the time! Get over yourself, you’re not a important as you think you are.

      • Joe

        T, for a nine year old, you type very well. Separation of church and state is what this country was founded on and why it was founded in the first place. Our forefathers embraced all religions and, God help me, SCIENCE. Oh my. And despite your O’Donnell talking points and Glen Beck is the only right one in media because he tells me so tone, the forefathers did not want state rights and small government. They lead the call for states to band together to form a central government for the betterment of all and to, you know, fight the flipping British so we could be a real country. You want a prime example of small government with a focus on state’s independence, look at Mexico. Just don’t let them in our great country, right?

      • Joe

        I’m all for Ron Howard leaving this in the movie, otherwise you’d have to remove every other mention of gay in every other movie, or n word or, you get the picture. I’m just sick and tired of Christians using this as a rallying cry for being oppressed because most people don’t feel the same way as them regarding gays. If I hear it’s in the Bible one more time… You know what else is in the Bible? Slaves. Stoning women who look at another man. Stoning women who overcook your meal. Stoning men who touch leather on Sunday’s (football, anyone?). The largest opposition to civil rights came from the church who quoted the Bible as reason enough that slavery was okay.

      • maryb


      • Cantu

        You sunk your credibility when you used the phrase “lameness” as a synonym for stupidity.

      • Sasha

        The only religious group not mocked is Muslims because people are afraid they’ll get killed.

      • MMM

        Mormons do!

      • start thinking

        @Kristina…that was the churches you went to. There are so many Christian churches that are so different. The thing is: It’s up to you to have common sense about what church you choose to go to. I recommend: Non-denominational Christianity.

      • Jason in Phx

        Well said. Unfortunately, most people will never get it. Ignorance is bliss to them, and until they’ve lived it, they’ll never know.

      • Margot707

        T “it [separation of church and state] is a term that the liberal left has brainwashed everybody into thinking is actually in there.” I guess you must think Thomas Jefferson is a member of the brainwashed liberal left since he first used that expression in 1802 in his letter to the First Baptist Church explaining the meaning of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. While the words are not literally in the 1st Amendment, their meaning is. Or do you doubt Thomas Jefferson?

    • RL

      i think it’s fine that ron wants to keep the scene — i’m sure within the context of the movie, it won’t seem quite so offensive (and even if it is, it’s HIS movie). but i can also see why GLAAD would complain… i don’t think anyone really wants to use the word “gay” in a negative way anymore, no matter what the context. same with “retarded.” but it’s kind of like what they talked about in “glee” this week — art’s supposed to push boundaries, even offend sometimes. you kind of have to look at the larger message and the intentions…

      • Mark

        i agree with you on gay and retarded! people say those too much, but is using those words as jokes really art. no, it isn’t.

      • RL

        well… i think it can be. i’ll probably get reamed for using this as an example of “art” but i like katy perry’s song “ur so gay.” it totally uses the word “gay” in a way that makes me cringe… but also laugh… ’cause she’s using it take down some pomopous jerk. and in my opinion, she isn’t being anti-gay in the song…

      • Ules

        Please don’t confuse art with anything that Vince Vaughn is in… throw in Ron Howard with that crowd as far as I’m concerned.

      • Mike

        and that big time loser Ben Stiller! Bet he calls Ron Howard to tell him to use the satire argument. works every time.

      • Lila

        Two points: 1. Unfortunately for you, you don’t get to decide what art is for the rest of the country. I find it amazing that people are so willing to cast aside freedom of speech and expression in this country. Who gets to decide the rules about what you can and can’t say? Why is it ok for you to decide what’s acceptable and not other people? Believe it or not, Ron Howard can do whatever he wants. And that’s a good thing. The sense of moral and intellectual superiority on the part of many in the liberal community is frightening – they seem to think that some really are more equal than others. It what other ways should we whitewash movies? There are a lot of bad things that go on – violence, smoking, drug use, racism – should these elements be removed so that nobody gets any ideas? Should we pretend that these things don’t exist?
        2. It’s inappropriate to equate gay jokes with the repulsive behavior of the college students who tormented Tyler Clementi. For one thing, jokes about individual groups are part of the fabric of our incredibly diverse culture. People like to pretend that white males are immune to that kind of treatment, but take a look at the commercials nowadays – they’re almost uniformly portrayed as morons compared to other characters. Christians are an easy target and are lambasted in movies like Easy A. Being able to take a joke is part of life. Getting rid of all gay jokes will merely serve to alienate gay Americans from the rest of the country.

      • Mike A

        I agree with RL. Also, Well said, Lila! I respect Ron Howard. Sometimes I enjoy sophomoric movies, and in order for those kinds of characters to be portrayed, their dialogue/ language needs to be allowed to reflect their way of thinking. Didn’t any of you who were offended by the “That’s so gay!” line stop to think that, just perhaps, gay people were not the target of the joke; rather, it might just be the straight male’s insecurity about sexuality that is the point of the joke? words do hurt, and sensitivity is important. So is a sense of humor. I love the series, Modern Family, which is being hailed as a gay-positive thing. But the gay characters on the show are allowed to be just as flawed, neurotic, and wrong in their thinking at times as the rest of the characters are. In short, they’re portrayed as just people, no more or less perfect than any other demographic group. And guess what, one of the characters on that show the other week said: …..drum roll please…..”That’s so Gay!” I haven’t heard any outcry over that. Self-appointed Political Correctness Police can get so hung up on the disapproval of specific words and phrases, that they forget that the context and intent behind them actually matters.

        As for the people here complaining that Christians are somehow just as persecuted as gays, nice try. It always seems to be the over-zealous Bible-thumping judgmental ones who are to first to want to shout they are martyrs for Christ. Poor babies! The U.S.A. continues to be the most overtly religeous nation in the developed world, yet some Chrisians insist on claiming persecution any time an ACTUAL minority group confronts them on their condemnation of that group. In the movie, Saved!, they would claim that Christians are being unfairly maligned. But having grown up devoutly Pentacostal, I have seen real life examples of everything that was portrayed in that film. I thought it was pretty darned accurate for a comedy. Plus, those complainers forget that the main character herself maintained her Christian faith by the end of the film. And she was portrayed pretty sympathetically. It was never Christianity that was lambasted in the film; it was self-righteous misuse of Christianity as a weapon against other people that was being condemned. Big difference.

      • Tarc

        @Lila – mischaracterizing the issue calmly doesn’t make it any less problematic. People have had a problem with people saying ‘that’s so gay’ since it started – no doubt because it’s wildly homophobic. It’s not the thought police, or PC, or censorship (etc) to demand that any minority group be casually and incessantly denigrated ALL THE TIME. 24-7-365… casually, obviously, virulently, however. It’s been proven over and that gay teens in accepting societies don’t have an increased rate of suicide. So, all the kids are picking up is the overt and externalized homophobia that homosexuals have to deal with on a regular basis and they do not have the tools to deal with it like most adults. (And recognizing that you’re going to be harshly, hyprocritially, and often randomly punished in many imaginative ways for the entire length of your life because of your biology is a pretty daunting and depressing thing. So, get a clue and stop the BS. Be a moral and decent human being and do your part.

      • Radek

        I think it actually is a lot tetber being gay.Being gay in a way forces you into subculture to even a small extent.And I know for one that if i was straight, i would be a COMPLETELY different person an infinite of times over.Plus bearded guys are way hotter than any girl in a bikini, so i’m not complaining hahahahah

    • Kathryn

      I agree with Colleen. Not solely about the religious aspect, but every culture group is mocked at some point in film. This isn’t that big of a deal.

      • Jan

        I’d say being “mocked” for being gay is a pretty big deal to the numerous young people it’s recently led to commit suicide. Their family and friends probably think it’s a big deal too. My point is that even when “mocking” is done in the name of “art” (in case it’s not obvious, I’m dubious about the accuracy of both quoted terms) and is protected as free speech, a bit more sensibility might be in order with regard to to the timing here.

      • Kathryn

        It’s not only young gay people who are committing suicide. In fact, I’d reckon that the majority are straight. Many of which have been mocked for other reasons besides being gay. Don’t get me wrong- the loss of any young life is awful. And you know what the sad part about all this is? By this time next year, the media will have moved on, and few will still care about this issue. Public interest is disgustingly fleeting.

        Removing a homophobic joke from a film that most will never see is not going to change that.

      • Tarc

        Gay teens are 4-6 times as likely to commit suicide, and the reason is purely societal. Casual homophobia quite literally kills, and it’s entirely unnecessary.

      • Daryl

        In my opinion, gay or straight, if you have suicidal tendencies you than you have suicidal tendencies. We need to all be nice to any individual. I am no meaner or nicer to a gay person than I straight person. But if someone is weak enough to commit suicide than whether or not they like boys really doesn’t matter. The only connection i’m aware of between the people who would commit suicide and the people who are gay is that THEY ARE BOTH VERY VERY VERY CONFUSED MORALLY. You don’t have to be Christian to understand that if enough people ended their own life or if enough people became gay, the human race would cease to exist. NOW WHO IS STUPID?

      • Tarc

        Daryl – then explain why gay teens are no more likely than straight teens when raised in an environment where being gay is normalized. It blows that rather hideously bigoted idea of yours right out of the water, doesn’t it?

    • RL

      Btw, in reference to Easy A and Saved… I do think there’s a big distinction in what they were doing. The movies were mocking people who use religion as a weapon against other people — as a way of putting them down, judging them, etc. I don’t believe they were mocking people who truly believed in their faith.

      • hey

        Thank you for actually being smart.

      • Ramona

        But you rarely see any other depiction of Christians. Think about it. You might infer that many protagonists or sympathetic characters in movies are Christian based on their names or whatever, but almost any character that explicitly mentions or discusses their Christianity – they’re usually either a judgmental villain or comic relief. Don’t you think that’s a little hurtful?

      • Tarc

        Ramona – get real. You see depictions of everyday Christians, 24-7-365, in your face, in the movies, on TV, *everywhere* all the time. Kinda like heterosexuals – it’s a massive barrage. The occasional, rare ‘Christian’ on TV or in the movies that is mocked is not *anything* like what we are talking about. In the US, I’d easily say that there are a million times higher (likely more) of instance of homophobic action and speech than any anti-Christian sentiment. To equate them is nonsense.

      • Mike A

        What RL said!

    • Tarc

      To answer simply: it’s not only acceptible but *good* to point out the flaws and foibles in the social sysyems of the mass majority because that’s how (usually very minor) change for the better happens. It’s not destructive, but self-evaluative: christians children, for example, are not being subjected to an overtly hostile social atmosphere to the level that they are *killing themsleves* in despair. The same cannot be held true for gay teens, who are being HEAVILY beseiged by bigotry over their natural BIOLOGY (no different than skin color, for example). Gay teens are comitting suicide at rated 4-6 times that of other teens – and the increase is essentialy exclusively die to negative social pressure (often by the so-called religious groups that you are defending). Asking for consideration to avoid the needless death of children is NOT much to ask.

      • Ellen

        This is an absurd argument. So the flaws and foibles of gay Americans are to be ignored or embraced? Why should minorities be exempt from “self-evaluation” simply because they’re in fewer numbers? Why are you trying so hard to make gays seem like an endangered species in this country? Should we put them in zoos so nothing upsetting can ever happen to them? Think about what happens when you try to release animals who grow up in protected environments into the wild. You’re doing more harm than good.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        Tarc, get off your high horse! You sure like to puff yourself up to pretend to be important! How about gaining self-confidence from accomplishments, and not self-righeousness.

      • Tarc

        Ellen, it’s the foundation of prejudice, so, no, not so much absurd. And if you look at the statistics, there is a great cause for alarm. If it were any other subject, supposedly moral people people would be outraged.
        Amanda – I’m not much for idiots in my life, so dial back on the unfounded assumptions and the pointless jabbering.

      • Jared

        I appreciate wanting to stop children from committing suicide, but honestly I’d guess that the majority of children committing suicide are actually straight. I would really like to hear where you found your “statistics”. Saying that you looked at the statistics, or coming up with a number like a suicide rate of 4-6 times that of straight children really weakens your argument if I don’t know where you found these illusive suicide studies.

      • Tarc

        Actually, the statistics are national statistics (avaliable via the CDC), and this week you can you can hear the President, the Speaker of the House, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Secretary of Education address the same issue (with the same statistics) far better than I can.

      • Pete

        Stop calling it biology. Find me the gay gene? Not arguing that being gay is a “choice” or any other nonsense. But stop calling it biology. That would pretty literally mean there is a gene for every aspect in our lives and personality… Which would mean that the use of the word “gay” in a movie shouldn’t change anything as everything is already preordained.

      • remzod


      • rita

        tarc…really get a life — you have responded ad nauseum to these posts. everyone is entitled to an opinion – whether they agree w/ you or not.

    • hobokendave

      But isn’t Christianity a choice?

      • fish eye no miko

        LOL! No kidding, It’s amazing when people justify prejudice and discrimination against gays based on the belief that “it’s a choice,” but you know those same people would throw a fit if you discriminated against Christians and pointed out that is most definitely a choice.

    • KWise

      Colleen: it’s one thing to mock a group that sits firmly in the majority in this country and hold a TON of power (i.e. Christians), it’s another thing to mock a minority group that holds almost no power, hence their inability to marry, adopt children in some states, visit each other in the hospital, etc (i.e. gays). You’re right: teasing and making fun of people based on group membership is wrong, overall, and should cease. Still, why do you choose to feel sorry for people who run this country, rather than the powerless?

      • Kathryn

        I bet gay people would love you referring to them as “powerless.” You talk about them like they are abused kittens or something. It’s degrading.

      • Tarc

        Not degrading, just (semi-)accurate. the minority is often at the mercy of the majority. As an example, the Church uses homosexuals at their favored whipping boy du jour (apparently blacks and Muslims were passe). The cost for that unbased hate is staggering.

      • whatever KWise

        This argument makes no sense. Not all Christians have enormous power. So because someone is of a group that “runs the country”, even though they are 14 years old and from a poor family, you can mock them?

      • Jose

        foulettoCant get married live in South Dakota . but we have been toeehtgr for 6 years, and move though 3 states, and are hopefully moving to hawaii soon marriage for us is in the heart, and not on paper, nor in a ring (although we have one. and NOT in a church . Marriage is within ourselves and no matter WHAT the issue, we resolve it trust me, we have been though ALOT, have been toeehtgr fo 6 years now, and are still learning about each other and although not always positive, relationship (marriage) is about compromise, and forgiveness. Forgiveness of yourself, and others. I have gone from 135 (super-skinny for 6 feet tall) to almost 200 lbs. he has had infidelity issues. BUT we have moved on, and our relationship has NEVER been stronger than it is now . COMMUNICATION . Don’t let politics, laws, and prerequisites hold down the person you love, or the love you have for another person . LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE otherwise you have NOTHING to LIVE for.

    • Diana

      Thank you Colleen! You are so right! Anyone can bash Christians and make fun of Jesus, but don’t you dare say anything about Muslims, Allah or Homo’s. This PC world is so F-d up! I say way to go Ronnie! Stick to your guns and don’t cave under pressure from these stupid groups like glaad!!!!

      • Joe

        Colleen, Christians are the ones who make fun of Muslims, homos and Allah. When that is threatened, Christians claim the world is too PC. What church do you go to? I want to stay away because when the Lord comes again, yours is the first he’s gonna send to Hell. Using His teachings to justify intolerance.

      • Joe

        Meant to say Diana, not Colleen. Colleen made a valid point worth discussing, Diana just commented to use the word Homos. Apologies.

      • jules

        Diana, you’re kind of a douchebag.

    • Jon

      Colleen, religion is a choice. Being gay is not.

      • Azia

        What a joke!
        There is no proof of a “Gay Gene”. So spare us the no choice crap.

      • Joe

        Azia, you’re dead wrong. I have a picture of my Uncle Gene with another man. So there is proof of a Gay Gene. Also, using your own rationale, there is no proof of God, so spare us the Christian crap.

      • m1

        By far the most stupidest comment I’ve ever read.

      • Margot707

        Azia – You obviously don’t know anyone is gay. Otherwise you wouldn’t be coughing up that crap about gay being a choice.

    • Veritas

      “Saved” is a VERY accurate portrail of SOME FORMS of Christianity, but Christianity not a monolith. For instance, I am a Christian and am a member of a denomination that ordains openly gay clergy and performs same-sex unions. Also, T, the term “Separation of Church and State” was first coined by that famous left-wing liberal Thomas Jefferson as a description of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, which is part of the Constitution. Furthermore, if the Founders did not believe in the concept then why do the words, “God, Jesus, Christianity, Bible, Trinity,” etc not appear one time in the Constitution? Why does is specifically prohibit religious tests as a criterion to run for office? Why does the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment appear in the FIRST Amendment? Why does the Treaty of Tripoli signed in 1797 by President John Adams and ratified unamimously by the Senate specifically state in Article 11, “The United States is not a Christian nation” ? The Founding Fathers were Diests and Humanists and products of the Englightenment. They had seen the results of the religious wars of Europe and wanted to establish a system that allowed freedom of worship and a governmnet devoid of religious influence.

  • Mike

    If you are upset for the personification of a car as gay you are stretching. Is there nothing else to spend your time on? Is this the most pressing issue for GLAAD? How many more states must you convince to allow gay marriage? Please, do us all a favor and stop pretending this is an issue.

    • Please, go kill yourself. The world needs less close minded bigots.

      • Mike N.

        Ahhh, the classy, “non-bigoted” crowd.

      • Dave

        If you think you are in any way helping your cause by making comments like that, then I pity you.

      • Tarc

        The needless death of children is a pretty important issue to most sane people. Charles Mansion much?

      • Patrick


        Please tell me how gay cars cause the needless death of children. Also, who’s Charles Mansion? Btw a puppy dies every time a moron posts a reply so please, please show some restraint.

      • Veritas

        Let’s see, you want someone to go kill him/herself because he/she is a “closed minded bigot.” Isn’t that a bit self-contradictory? Really, you are no different from someone who says “go kill yourself because you are gay.” You’ve changed the criterion, but the end result is the same. You are encouraging/advocating suicide for some person or group with whom you disagree. Think about what you just said and see if you aren’t just a tinsy bit hypocritical.

      • Tarc

        Oh, grow a brain cell, Patrick. Institutionalized and socially accepted homophobia (hey, the current pope loves it!) kills. It’s not hard to figure it out. It makes a real lost argument when all you have left is typo envy. The puppies of the world are safe as along as I’m posting; too bad I can’t say the same for gay teens.

      • Mike

        Yeah I’m closed minded. I’m bringing a silly issue into the national spotlight. This shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Its a joke in a movie. We can’t exactly stop the word gay from being used. Just like any racial slur, or ever swear words. This situation has been blown out of proportion.

    • RL

      Mike, the issue GLAAD has is that the movie’s using the word “gay” in a negative manner. Are there bigger issues? Yeah. But I don’t think it hurts to try convincing people to stop using that word that way… right?

      • Mike

        Also Mike N and Mike are 2 different people.

    • Bo

      I always chuckle when bigots reply “you’re the bigot” to those who call them out (or, as here, attempt to come off as sarcastically clever by saying something ridiculous like “the classy, ‘non-bigoted’ crowd.” Thanks for the chuckle, Bigot . . . I mean, Mike.

      • @Bo

        I don’t think Mike and Mike N. are the same person. But even if they are, Mike N.’s sarcastic comment is fair. I support the gay community, but even I can see the pot-kettle situation with “…”‘s comment. Bigots and bullies have made the exact “go kill yourself” comment. It is hard to call someone hateful while being hateful. To People like …; “You’re not helping”

      • Tarc

        It’s reflective of the new Republican Newspeak (a la 1984). If you turn any comment on it’s head and repeat it enough, apparently someone believes that it changes something. *shrugs* It makes no more sense than anything else they do – like spending 30 years crashing the ecomomy and then asking the public to re-elect them so they can do it again.

      • oile

        Stereotyping it drives me nuts.We get a lot of rtnjualisos who just aren’t interested in anything other than confirming their preconceived ideas with some evidence’ even when the evidence doesn’t exist or contradicts what they want to say. Five years after the fact, there are still articles claiming that the number of egg and sperm donors dropped through the floor when the law on anonymity was changed. It didn’t the numbers actually went up. If they’d bothered to check the publicly available stats on the HFEA website they’d know this is a non-story but no, bad news is so much more entertaining.Then, and I hate to say it, there are the articles in women’s mags who want a very specific story about a grieving infertile couple given hope by a donor and how they had suffered for so long but look there was a happy ending. I know this is what they DO and it’s also the kind of story that helps recruit donors, but y’know, it’s not the whole picture.

    • Matthieu

      The issue here, for the upteenth time, is that “gay” is being used as a synonym for lame or stupid. While I agree GLAAD is often too quick to insist on censorship, I’m glad they brought attention to how harmful “that’s so gay”. Good for you Ron for not censoring the movie, but allowing the line to be in the trailer was a mistake. It’s not funny, and does not make me want to see the movie.

      • Tarc

        It’s not censorship. Period. Asking Howard to conform with community standards is anything BUT censorship (in fact, the reverse). The MPAA board, which had to approve (rate) the movie comes much closer to censoring (often demanding cuts to attain a specific rating) but that’s still voluntary. Christians have ZERO problem with playing the ‘community standards’ card – and they are screaming when someone else expects the same.

      • Joop

        I think the problem is that most shrtigat people believe in monogamy, even if they don’t practice it. In the gay world, being selfish and non-monogamous is often considered a good thing. My ex- and I had friends who encouraged him to be non-monogamous as the right way to live. They say they’re married but have multiple partners every month. But I’m a bit raw on the subject. My ex is 15 years younger and he found someone new. And its not someone younger, its someone 16 years older than me. In order to get what he wanted he broke up a decades old marriage and cost his new squeeze his grandchildren etc. But my ex- is happy.

  • Mike N.

    Bravo, Mr. Howard.

  • nodnarb

    Did anyone think to ask Ron Howard what’s really important here: How’d he go from directing Oscar winners like Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind to Vince Vaughn movies?

    • RL

      i had the same reaction when i saw the trailer… this does NOT seem like a ron howard movie (in terms of quality).

    • Ules

      AMEN! And I say that in Saved and Easy A kinda way.

  • Mark

    ron howard is the new mel gibson

    • Dave

      And the award for stupidest comment goes to Mark!

    • Tarc

      Exactly – he’s off my list of acceptables.

      • Doug

        You know who also made lists of unacceptables? Hitler.

      • Jenna

        Good point, Doug!

      • Tarc

        Hitler didn’t mind gay kids committing suicide either, so yeah.

      • Daryl

        hahahahaha so Tarc actually AGREES that she/he sounds like Adolf Hitler and she doesn’t seem to mind it?! Well I think we all know what that means about her opinions!

      • Tarc

        Read much, Daryl? I merely agreed that Hitler was also on my list of unacceptable people. Also, I’m male, and I didn’t say I was gay. That’s three strikes.

    • m1

      I didn’t know Ron Howard plans to be a wife-beater.

    • AB

      Oh Mark come one, lighten up. Have you seen the movie?

      • Nafees

        MattI definitely think that it is hreadr for two gay people to stay together for as long as a straight couple might be together. Because we can’t marry, there isn’t anything bonding us together, but I’m not actually sure if marriage is really even right. I mean, many people in Europe feel no need to get married to show that they love each other. Does that make sense? I guess that there are many ways that it is hreadr for us to stay together for the same amount of years as a straight couple, but if it is really the right person, I’m not sure that it should matter.

  • SPJava

    The key thing is that with or with out using the word gay as a general insult and to note something as undesirable The Dilemma even based on the edited trailer looks to be one very UNFUNNY movie. The whole film looks lame so the joke and spotlighting doesn’t seem surprising.
    This is Ron Howard for some reason reverting back to his Night Shift directing days, except that movie was funny.
    I’m guessing an underwhelming response to the trailer in general, beyond the “joke”, is the reason it’s still in the movie; controversay may be the only hope of getting people into the theatres on opening weekend.
    No other reason makes sense for if Mr. Howard feels it was “appropriate” to take the joke out of the trailer then neither should it be in the finished movie. But if it’s good enough for the movie then have the guts to keep it in the trailer. At least this way people who see the trailer will know what kind of junk the film is likely to be.

    • Just Jules

      I disagree. Trailers are wide release and are shown to people who did not buy a ticket for the specific movie. If you pay to see this (or any) film, you take what is shown to you.. Bad lines and all. But can’t control who is exposed to the trailer, so it makes sense how Universal handled it.

  • Dan

    I don’t know why my gay brothers and sisters have such a hard time with this, the majority of us do fit at least some aspects of the stereotype. lets save our anger for something worthy of it…

    • Ules

      So it is true. Even the gays have village idiots! Oh Dan, I’d exchange you for Tyler Clementi anyway.

      • Ramona

        That’s an awful thing to say.

    • Tarc

      The death of gay children at rates 4-6 times that of non-gay teens IS very, very, very worthy of ALL moral, upstanding Americans.

      • Jared

        The guy that wrote that death rate had absolutely no backing. While I appreciate morality as much as the next guy, give me a real piece of information from a real source before you start throwing numbers like that around.

      • Tarc

        Feel free to READ – any time. The statistics are very well studied, and can be found on the CDC website. So, no, not throwing the numbers around. And you can find both the President and the Secretary of Education mention the same statistics in their ‘It’s Gets Better’ campaign videos – which address the same issues of anti-gay bullying and homophobia.

  • Chusban Theoronicles

    The Daily Show does it all the time and they don’t get any heat for it. I’m confused.

  • Scar2

    I’m gay & I hope Ron Howard is right that the joke says more about the character than the movie. I think it was wrong to put on the trailer to get attention. On the other hand, the joke is now in danger in overshadowing the whole movie (& Winona Ryder’s comeback) so they really are in a dilemma now.

    • Ules

      she’s still alive?

  • Paul

    Way too much whining about gay this and gay that. As a gay guy, I laughed. I have a sense of humor and I don’t find offense in every little joke. This is not a bullying issue it’s censorship and I don’t condone that. If you don’t like it don’t see the movie. Hello did you see JACKASS 3D. That whole movie is offensive on many levels to many people. Go wave your flags in that direction GLAAD. We don’t need you to fight every little fight there is to be had. It belittles things and makes us seems well kinda gay!

    • Ules

      wait, so there is a fight to be had? hmmm. what would that be?–please explain

    • Tarc

      That’s SO not written my anyone that is actually gay.

      • Mona

        Oh, so now you get to decide who’s gay and who’s not? Why do you get all the power to determine what’s right and what isn’t?

      • Tarc

        LOL! Because anyone that’s walked in the shoes wouldn’t say that. Besides, I can say anything I like – just like you Mona. I’m just calling BS where is see it.

      • Craig

        And Tarc, you are saying all gays have to fit your stereotyping? That is so much bs, you are doing a disservice to the gay community.

  • Deeds

    Soo gay!

  • Ules

    wait, so there is a fight to be had? hmmm. what would that be–please explain.

  • Kyle

    I’m Gay. GLAAD is over-reacting. When gays can’t take a joke then we’re all doomed.

    • Tarc

      Of course gays can take a joke: the practically invented self-depricating humor with camp. There is a big difference in joking and creating an atmosphere of casual (and incessant) homophobia. The use of ‘that’s gay’ to mean something deficient or lame IS HOMOPHOBIC. Period. It’s not a joke – it’s an attempt to institutionalize (or repurpose) language in a bigoted and derogatory way. It’s not funny – it’s hatespeech, insidious and meanspirited.

      • Jared

        You’re so right! Language is being repurposed! Remember back in the day when gay’s took the word gay, which actually means happy, and then defined it as homosexual. Then remember the other time they took queer, which means weird (really bad call by whichever gay rights group used it) and then also repurposed it to mean homosexual. Still, if I use the word gay, I’m not attempting to be homophobic, I just mean that something is lame or unfair.

      • Margot707

        Jared – The word “gay” has had a double meaning since the early 17th century. At first is meant dissipated or immoral behavior. By the 19th century, it morphed into “gay blade” or “gay cat” meaning male prostitute. By the 1960s, it meant homosexual male. The word, BTW, “homosexual” was not coined until the late 1880s and not commonly used until the 1950s. There really was no common expression for homosexual until the mid 20th century. “Invert” was used by psychiatrists in the early 20th century.

      • Tarc

        Thanks for the sanity, Margot. It’s always refreshing to see someone that actually reads.

      • Daryl

        Hahaha Tarc and Margot, stop getting all of your information from the internet. I college education would provide you with proof that you are very wrong about your knowledge of the word “gay” and common sense would provide you with the knowledge that your wrong with your gay lifestyle

      • Tarc

        Actually, three degrees provide plenty of education… certainly enough of one to point out that what both Margot and I are available online and in peer-reviewed journals all over the world.

      • Daryl

        Tarc, do you think just because you say something it makes it so? You are not in any kind of accredited “peer reviewed journals” and you know it. You should know that “lifestyles of the gay and confused” is not a credible source. You need to realize that the more you say the less educated you sound. You’re probably a 7 year old girl using her daddys lap top and dictionary.

    • Flip

      You’re a bad gay. GLAAD is not overreacting. I for one will not be seeing this movie, which is sad because I was looking forward to seeing Winona Ryder’s comeback. Oh well—I’m not giving my money to homophobes, thanks very much.

      • spider

        “your a bad gay” – that is hilarious. I can not comment since I have not seen the film. But I do feel this is censorship. Let people decide on their own. Regardless of the fact that Ron Howard makes ultra safe dullard films and I can’t even recall this supposed “comedians” name, but he is incredibly not funny. His funniest roll was as Norman Bates in the remake of Psycho. One thing is certain: people are born gay, not christian. And still this is censorship. I believe in picking ones battles as one would pick their own nose, wisely and at the appropriate time.
        Can I get an Ohman!

      • Jason

        How can you POSSIBLY think that just because they say “that’s gay” that they are homophobic? Your leap in logic is a little over the top. If GLAAD hadn’t said anything in the first place nobody would’ve even noticed.

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