Peruvians upset over 'Modern Family' joke

ABC’s Modern Family has angered some Peruvians who felt slighted by a joke on last week’s episode, according to the AP. After Jay (Ed O’Neill) makes a remark about Colombia, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) says, “Ah, here we go. Because, in Colombia, we trip over goats and we kill people in the street. Do you know how offensive that is? Like we’re Peruvians!” Milagros Lizarraga, founder of the online group Peru USA Southern Ca, told the AP, “It’s incredible that in a country where everything is politically correct, ABC would have a line of this sort.” As of press time, ABC had not responded to EW’s request for comment.

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  • Tibby

    I thought it was hilarious. If Peru is so great, move your A back….

    • Thom

      The joke wasn’t about Peru being awful, it was about Gloria’s double standard, as Jim points out below. Take your bile elsewhere.

      • Jen

        Thank God someone else understands that! Why can’t people just laugh at a joke?

      • Agustin


      • yop

        I totally got the joke , I laugh about it; nevertheless it was very offensive.

        Is like saying that Americans are economy is based on killing innocents, in a joke… Its might or might not be true but is offensive anyhow.

      • Sebastian Burgos

        any of u guys realize she’s (Sofia) is peruvian and by portraying a colombian who denigrates peru is making an oxymoron and an ass of herself?
        i do get u can’t grasp the concept because u don’t live here.
        but let’s put it this way:
        is like a canadian dude saying to the other:
        ”…aw come on ! u r callin me an american? what do u c me fat? killing animals for fun? founding my economy on producing only boobies and horrible movies? making war to an oil producing country without geting any oil at all? stoping the mass production of alternative energy?…”
        shall i keep going?
        peruvians don’t kill people, read the stats.
        peruvian don’t have goats, watch our pictures and vids.
        in fact, we now have more american citizens living here than any other south american country.
        read the stats dudes, ignorance befriends xenophobe.
        by the way, i personally consider americans only have 2 good things: rock (wich is dead with hendrix and morrison) and star wars (wich is dying by lucas’s hunger for more…)

      • Bill

        My thought exactly!!! Geez, some people just can’t take a joke!

      • @yop

        I strongly doubt you got the joke.

      • Sebastian Burgos

        ok, more graphically then, with crayons, and sugar on top mk?
        abc’s joke was about a comparison, not a denigration.
        abc’s joke was about pointing out some ppl see south america as a whole.
        abc’s joke was about stating only ppl withsome culture understand the demographic and anthropological diferences, regarding of their relevance.
        now u c? i, peruvian or not, got the entire contrast of the joke.
        the prob is we are so sick we’re always the bottom of those kind of jokes.
        u never hear about argentinians nor brazilians having the antagonist counterpart on a comparison.
        read dude, ffs read so u can c some ppl not only got ur jokes, but intertwine them with anthropological history.
        now, i got to go watch starwars while listening to hendrix…
        tis all good dude. the constance of the issue is the prob.

      • Kris

        I got the joke. It was very funny but if you’re from Peru it probably is offensive. Most people have the sense of humour to let it be but it’s not like it’s a harmless joke.

      • Sebastian Burgos

        abc’s joke was about a comparison, not a denigration.
        abc’s joke was about pointing out some ppl see south america as a whole.
        abc’s joke was about stating only ppl withsome culture understand the demographic and anthropological diferences, regarding of their relevance.
        tis all good dude. the constance of the issue is the prob…
        wich by the way, to me this looks more like a rating strategy/publicity stunt…

      • wino

        umm, isnt the whole premise of Modern Family about a bunch of lovable folks who are very un PC? thats what makes the show work. and as many pointed out, the joke was about Gloria’s double standard, not Peru. you must be quite dense if you didnt understand the joke. (or perhaps someone is looking for some cheap publicity??)

      • yop

        Absolutly, i got the joke she is douable standards by critizing her husband for stereotyping.
        Funny greta, but what the heel a colombian has to say bad things about Peru???
        proably you think is like pablo francisco Latin making jokes of latins (love that guy) this was just an innecesary offense. Actually is funny when she does it for colombia because she is colombian so you can imply she is not being racist, in this case is as if white people say afroamerican are kilers and thiefs….
        I felt discrimiated and for what so that american can laught??? We are very gentle people and we dont like people making fun of us. if you have a problem come and tell me I have had more than one fight for less than that

      • yop

        I get your point but if you want to solvea proble of stereotypes in the US do it witout offending someone that has nothing to do.


      • Thom

        No, double standard was the one she holds her own native country to (Colombia Shall Not Be Denigrated) while she willfully denigrates Peru (Peru May Be Denigrated) in exactly the same fashion Jay just made fun of Colombia. So no, yop, you didn’t get the joke, and you still don’t. To be offended by the joke is to be stupid. Now you’ve got something to be offended about: you’re stupid.

      • yop

        Hi Thom,
        Yes I am stupid and what??
        Thats why you should make fun of me??
        You just dont get it, I lagh at the joke but at the same time feel it very offensive.
        And by the way
        Glorias position about Colobia is one, so its imposible taht she is double standards about colombia in this line.
        The double standard is when she use the same adjectives for PEru..fine good joke of double standards…But again Why Peru, why not the Bronx?

      • D-man

        omg. so silly. the joke wasn’t about peru. it was about gloria doing to peru what jay was doing to her country. it was hilarious.

      • Chappel

        Exactly. The whole point was to point out a very common hypocrisy where people object to things they see as insulting to THEM but freely insult other people without even thinking about it. It was a well done gag and very funny.

      • E

        As a peruvian who loves MF, I get the writers trying to do a joke about Gloria and her doble standarts. But there are good jokes and bad jokes: some work because they can jump over the line nicely and return. This one didn’t do that. It ended in Peru being bad and not in seeing Gloria’s doble standarts. Also, both countries have shared a fair bunch of conflicts before, even a war. Sofia Vergara played her character with hate in that moment… or so I felt.

      • Jorge kcomt

        Americans are a very,very nice people and ok to killed half a million innocents people, including children!…relax is just a joke! do you like it?

      • Nathan

        Yeah Jorge, that’s kind of a good one. Lighten up you uptight greaser!

    • Mery

      A joke??? Stupid people.

      • Bill

        I’m Canadian and here jokes about Canada all the time… I just laugh because they are funny and NO I don’t get offended. C’mon lighten up.

      • Bill

        I meant “HEAR”… oops this dumb Canuck can’t type…. LOL

      • Bill

        OOPS! I meant to type “hear”… another dumb Canuck who can’t type… LOL

      • yop

        bill, really I love Canadans, you are such nice poeple.
        But being nice is not the same taht say that you are a bunch of killers….nevertheless I cant aregue with you the joke is funny and help society to correct stereotypes.
        Despite that I have answere to many post because in fact I felt a bad taste when I heard that joke.
        Despite that I am a big fan of the show, and Gloria is gorgeous

      • Blaaaake!

        Yop, the only reason you thought it was in bad taste is because you are Peruvian… would you be so actively involved had the joke been about any other country besides Peru? Probably not… lighten up, people are rude everywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter where they’re from and a joke is a joke, as long as the context is clear – Gloria’s double standard were extremely obvious, thus rendering the joke funny and not offensive.

    • Nathan

      It just wouldn’t be a news week if someone wasn’t getting offended by something, f**k Peru if they can’t take a joke!

      • yop

        Nathan, fu…k the US if they mess Peru

      • George

        Yeah, f*ck the USA and all it’s fat, uninformed, racist citizens. Fried white bread for all! See? I just joked about my own native land. It’s literally filled with idiots. I’m able to admit that. No biggie. Lighten up, yop.

    • yop

      I live there, I dont have to move.
      But I suggest you dont come here, As the H said we kill people on the streets ;)

      • Nathan

        I only go to Peru when I need to hire a truckload of cheap farmhands, and right now I’m full up ;)

      • buffybot

        YOP: That’s hysterical that you are upset that the show said that Peruvians kill people on the street and then you just threatened that. You’re pretty funny!

    • Tim

      A show that makes fun of everything made fun of something. Real shock. Get over it Peru USA. Like Jim said, the joke is about the double standard, not even really about mocking Peru.

    • yop

      tibby I should move my A where??I dont live in the US. You want me to go there and steal your job?No thankyou Peru is a nice place and prefer to leave here.
      If think that all peruvians live in the US you are probably wrong, we will move there but bit by bit…and we are not coming because its nice we are going because we like to take your job….not every American job,,,yours only

    • Ann

      Why isn’t there any uproar with the Indians over “Outsourced”?

      • yop

        cultural diferences?
        Peruvian dont criticise and dont like to be criticed.
        US or India might be different?

      • Emily

        I’ve heard some pushback against Outsourced from Americans, not sure if Indians have seen it. The difference, is, this joke was funny, Outsourced isn’t that funny to begin with.
        The other distinction is that this joke was designed to make Gloria look hypocritical and foolish, not Peru. And that’s what it did. Anyone who thinks the program was seriously criticizing Peru clearly doesn’t understand the subtleties of English language. Or you are just completely self-involved and over sensitive. Everyone gets made fun of on Modern Family, Americans most of all, and you are not special enough to be exempt.

      • Blaaaake!

        Peruvians suffer from a little something called “insecurity” – I know, I dated one and he would laugh at every single racist joke he’d hear, as long as it wasn’t about Peru.

    • Larry

      I love her cans so she can say whatever she wants. F**k the peruvians if they get in the way of seeing her cans!

    • Scott

      Peru can bite me

  • Jim

    I hate when jokes get misinterpreted like this. The joke isn’t ABOUT Peruvians. The line is funny because of Gloria ridiculous double standard. And I can’t imagine someone in the audience deciding that the people of Peru trip over goats and kill people in the street based on this line of dialogue from a TV sitcom.

    • yop

      agree with you,
      the problem is that there is a lot of people that has never heard about PEru, And for the this is the stronges way to creat a bad asociation. Read the psicological studies, if you something to be believed dont state it, let it be implicit.

      • Das Boot

        Wait Peruvians don’t trip over goats and kill people in the street? Dang…well that’s what I get for getting all my info from sitcoms.

      • Ron

        With all due respect yop, if you really think anyone will assume to understand a country based on one punch line of one joke on a show a small percentage of the world’s population watches, you have an overabundance of sensitivity. My bet is were it not for all this caterwauling the reference would have been forgotten within 20 minutes and everyone would have gone on with their business still oblivious to the concept that Peru exists. Just relax friend, it’ll go away and no one will be the wiser.

      • EW Reader

        I’m sure this little joke is going to keep tons of tourists away from visiting Machu Picchu because they are now afraid of goats and murder in the streets.

        Yop, plenty of people have heard of Peru, and it’s kind of insulting for you to assume that they haven’t and that they can’t tell the difference between a joke on a comedy show and the real world.

      • Tahnee

        I am a well-educated Peruvian in the TV industry and I constantly pick up on shows and movies referencing Peru in one line just to mention something exotic. Now I poke fun at my own culture all the time, but this joke doesn’t even make sense. What bothers me about the joke is that it takes a stab at a country’s culture without actually knowing anything about it. There are plenty of other things they can can make fun of about Peruvians that actually are true if they bothered to be well-informed writers. Make jokes about something you know about, not things you don’t know anything about because it’s just plain inaccurate.

      • Blaaaake!

        dear Tahnee, do you even know the character that uttered those words? My guess is you don’t.. if you did, you’d know that anyone and everyone who watches Modern Family knows that Gloria will exagerate anything, suffers from foot-in-mouth disease, is sometimes crude and uses a double standard to defend her country (Colombia) even if she offends another (Peru). You don’t see many Colombians complaining that Gloria’s character is insulting to all other Colombians, do you? Stop being so defensive already. The joke was funny and it makes a lot of sense, for those who aren’t being overly sensitive about their culture/country. If you’re that sensitive about how your country is perceived, then that says more about how YOU feel about your own people than how others view your countrymen.

      • @yop

        Did you get this twisted the week when Cam and Mitchell were beaten out at the private school by the lesbian couple, where one was in a wheelchair and their baby was African? I doubt it.

  • Danny

    I don’t always get complaints like this. Gloria was, to me, being just as ignorant as Jay–and that was sort of the point. It’s not like a news anchor said this. Gloria, the character, holds Colombia up on a bit of a pedestal, it’s her heritage, and part of her character’s charm. She’s not supposed to be a beacon of truth. I guess they could have added a line to cement the point, but still.

    • Amanda

      I thought the joke was hilarious because it reminded me of my father. He’s Honduran and spends a fair amount of time talking about the backwards people from El Salvador and Guatemala. The joke was so true to life.

      • yop

        true to life fully agree southamerican discrimiate among themselves….
        Nevertheless, I find it offensive just as people form el Salvador will feel offended if they hear your father

      • Desmo

        God yop could you be a little more clear in your opinion? It’s not like I have seen you reply to every single post or something…

      • Emily

        Desmo- I have to agree. The comment on the show did nothing to influence my opinion of Peruvians. Yops responses, on the other hand, make them seem to be sanctimonious and self-rightous people who claim to never criticize anyone and have no sense of humor. Maybe he should quit while he’s behind.

    • Mery

      Sofia Vergara is stupid as Gloria!!….she does not think!!

  • Brian

    South Americans can’t take a joke. Remember when the Rio de Janeiro Tourism Board got super upset about the show’s depiction of their city? Also, where is Lizzaraga living that she thinks “everything is politically correct”? That’s hardly the case, especially on Modern Family. Another case of much ado about nothing that will only serve to publicize the supposedly “offensive” show.

    • Brian

      Correction: Remember when the Rio de Janeiro Tourism Board got super upset about THE SIMPSONS’ depiction of their city?

    • Ana

      Saying South Americans can´t take a joke is as stupid as this lady complaining over that line. I am Colombian, I find that 90% of what Gloria says is ridiculous, based on American cliches, and yet I laugh my butt off with every single one of her lines. I think there are just some people (regardless of nationality) that can´t take a joke.

      • Diana

        Exactly! I am also colombian, everything Gloria says about the country is based on the percetion americans have about South America. In the same vein, I’ll bet the joke was about the fact that Peru and Colombia seem like the same thing to americans.
        Is just funny based on stereotypes, but if you take all the jokes literally, of course they are offensive. Take a chill pill people!

      • yop

        100% right
        Anyway I didnt like it when she said that. It might be like Borat for the people of kazakstan or israel…but if I were them I will be super offended.

      • Brian

        I stand corrected! What I should have said is that Milagros Lizarraga and the Rio de Janeiro Tourism Board can’t take a joke. Thanks for taking me to task.

      • AdAjd

        Joke is a joke but the thing is almost EVERY single episode has a racist joke about south america, sorry but I do think the writers and producers are Racist and don’t tell me well sofia is on the show, we both know why they put her on it. don’t get me wrong, I loved my name is earl that was funny cuz they joked w/ all groups and did not just single out one.

    • C

      So now the entire continent of South Americans can’t take a joke because one person took it offensively? @Brian what you just said was a ridiculous hyperbole. Don’t be so dramatic and ignorant dude, and think about what you say before you write it.

    • yop

      that might be true, so be polite and dont laugh about us. We dont do laught about you.
      And I agree dont generlize, all southAmerica, peru dont like jokes that imply that is a bad place,,,

      For us there are so many thing that we do taht you would consider terribly unpolite; therefore we are careful not to say it when you are there

      • Bea

        But I guess we all make fun of each other, I am Mexican and know about how we are represented, but at the same time we make fun of American and Spaniards and Argentinians,etc, and ourselves of course.
        Although sometimes I wonder if Vergara herself doesn’t get offended by the jokes she has to say, like when she said that she did not want Jay to go to Colombia.

      • Skip

        Yop, everything you say is pretty inane.

      • yop

        Great point Bea,
        I have always thought the same.
        She know she is making all colombian look very bad; however that is done for a propoer monetary compensation. So I dont pitty her.
        despite that If I were colombian I will be offended,,,,
        Colombian are ultra sweet people, and speak the best spanish in the world, the girls dance like anges and the country side is incredible…but for the show they are like the bronx?

  • Sarah

    Here we go…

  • who cares

    ‘…in a country where everything is politically correct…’ excuse me but what country would that be? stfu and take a joke

    • yop

      in fact for your cultural standards what you say might be politically correct.

      For us it is not, in fact I can remeber what other shows have talked bad about Peru. Sabrina(a place of punishment for one of the parents), Sienfield(Peruvian airlines),Indiana jhones(was not offensive but too similar to mexico to be Peru )

      So now you know dont do it, ;)

      • TheoJaxon

        Nobody gives a sh*t what Peru thinks of Modern Family’s dialogue.

      • yop

        You are wrong, I give a ….
        just wanted to point how ilogical is your point after 124 responses

      • Nathan

        Actually now that I know, I’ll do it more! Or at least until you greasy pills learn how to take a joke.

      • yop

        lol, Nathan why are you so upset, chillout. Its all a joke!!!
        I will contimnue replying everytime, I want. And if you dont like it sorry, I just wanted to piss you off to have a good laught.

  • Kiki

    Oh, for God’s sake. It’s a comedy, and it makes fun of everyone. I hope ABC doesn’t justify this with a response. I am a very “politically correct” person, and even I think this is ridiculous. If comedy couldn’t make fun of anything, there wouldn’t be comedy.

    • BG 17

      Exactly. I’m Canadian and laugh loudest at jokes about Canadians on show such as The Simpsons, South Park or How I Met Your Mother. I don’t care a bit aboot sensitivity…

      • yop

        That are the differences between countries, not everybody accept things in the same way.
        For us that was not polite at all…in fact for what i have read she is very unpopular overther now.

      • Bea

        That’s so true Americans are always making fun of Canadians.

      • Bill

        Another Canuck who agrees 100% with you

      • yop

        Just kidding you guys, I actually don’t care what people say about Peru, I’m from Jacksonville anyway ;)

    • Emily

      I doubt ABC is going to dignify this hissy fit with a response. The show makes fun of Americans and the stupid things we do more than it makes fun of any other country, and yet, miraculously, we still watch the show. The show won an Emmy, they aren’t going to start pretending to be politically correct now. Te family’s gaffe’s about Lilly’s heritage, Gloria and Manny’s heritage, Jay’s comments about his son’s lifestyle- they work because they always highlight the family’s foolishness, and are never malicious attacks on anyone else. If you don’t like it, there is a very easy way to deal with it- WATCH SOMETHING ELSE, POR FAVOR.

  • Rach

    I think Peru is a feeling a little ignored.

    • Government name

      The actor that plays her ex-husband, Benjamin Bratt, has Peruvian heritage.

    • Jen

      They should be happy someone mentioned them! How often do you here about Peru?

      • yop

        Thanks for mention us?. We only want your turism dollars, your memories keep it to yourself.

      • em

        I actually here about Peru hear in America quite a bit, Jen.

        So their you go.

      • Jace


      • ltchy

        Another joke that went over somebody’s head…

        Jace, did you not notice that the misspellings were placed in em’s post strategically..?

    • yop

      the other way around, mentioned in a bad way.

  • nodnarb

    Wow, I guess they’ve never watched this show before… it’s anything but politically correct! Still the best joke in all of Modern Family is when Phil is introduced to baby Lily, and he asks “Will she be able to pronounce it?”

    • CherieT

      If I need to find Peru on a map, I just squint my eyes and scan for the Humorless B1tch of a county. Ah, there it is!
      Never mind that they called Lily “yellow” and nobody cared.

      • Bea

        Or said during the Hawaii episode that she was going to think that she was in Vietnam again.

      • yop

        lol, there you go!!
        And mark the page so that you remember.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Or the gays took over Thanksgiving

      • Brian

        Hahaha, that was hilare. Tandoori turkey.

    • Nitpicker

      It was Cam, not Jay, who made the Lily joke.

      • Monty

        Phil said the line asking if it would be hard for Lili to pronounce her name. Not Cam. If you’re going to nitpick, be correct.

        Boom. Roasted.

      • nodnarb

        Huh? It was Phil. Just like I said it was

    • tvgirl48

      And there was the recent line about Mitchell and Cam raising the only underachieving Asian in America. Come on, it’s a joke, not a serious statement about Peruvians. And this seriously isn’t the first time Modern Family was un-PC

  • Helena

    ABC doesn’t even care.

  • stephen

    Your headline indicates that every single Peruvian is upset over the joke. I’m sure there is ONE or maybe even TWO Peruvians who aren’t upset by it. That’s what’s wrong with America… we generalize EVERYTHING.

    • parkR

      The headline should be “At least one Peruvian is upset over “Modern Family” joke

      • Kate

        Love this!

      • ltchy

        THANK YOU! l was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!

    • yop

      lol good point.
      I wasnt that mad actually, until I saw all the negative commentaries.

  • Elizabeth

    This is ridiculous…why is everyone so sensitive? It is a television show and character made the statement. The PC attitude has gotten out of hand.

    • yop

      Probably you are right.Not everybody is willing to receive feedback in on TV, despite it was done in a funny way.

      Anyway, I like jokes about blondes, now I figure if they like them too

  • Finkle

    To be honest, EW and countless other magazines and other media opened the floodgates for these arguments because of their endless debates over Vince Vaughn’s gay joke. You can’t declare gays to be off limits to be made fun of, and not expect every other group to want the same treatment.

    • chriskw

      Well, gay jokes clearly aren’t off limits. Almost every sitcom makes gay jokes…including Modern Family. The Dilemma trailer dealt with a different issues. Using the word “gay” as a substitute for “stupid.” The Peruvian line was in line with the character of Gloria.

      • parkR

        And Vince Vaughn’s character reference of “gay” was in line with Vaughn’s character

      • @parkR

        The difference between the two is that with modern family, it is clear that the writers were trying to make it seem like she was being a hypocrite which was the point while in Vince Vaughn’s character is using a common offensive statement like it is normal to talk that way. The way the writer used gay line makes it seem like it is okay to speak that way.

      • yop

        I dont know if gays like gays jokes. But I would not be such an animal of say a gay koke on TV,in fact I dont tell them alone because I think theu could be offensive..

        My double standard is that I do use weman jokes, however girls tend not to like them

      • Bill

        yop: I’m a gay man who laughs at gay jokes which are funny… just like I laugh at other jokes that are funny… I think we’ve gotten way to serious.. I love Modern Family because it gives me more actual belly laughs per episode than most sitcoms do in a season. I don’t get offended because I realize a joke is a joke is a joke…

      • Lois

        I had no idea how to aprpoach this before—now I’m locked and loaded.

  • Rat Anti-Defamation League

    Hey, Peru! What’s your beef with this show?

    Get in line!!!!

    • yop

      Honestly I love the show and many peruvians love it too thats why we are dissapointed and hurt about that line.

      • gleekfreak

        dude, stop. you are making your dear nation look REAL bad. use your efforts to advocate for the equal status of Quechua vs Spanish, or for people to drop gay slurs in Latin American communities, etc. Modern Family is not PC and that’s what makes it funny. The end.

      • yop

        I’m a tremendous chode!

  • Cris

    Hear that, everyone? No more jokes about Peru on TV. How will we ever get by?
    Just ridiculous. Grow a funny bone and learn how to take a joke.

    • yop

      I dont want a funny bone, thats something you may value, I dont.

      If you like to be offesive write me on private and I can also be offensive

    • yop

      and furthermore, I tend to enjoy the company of nice young goat on occasion! My wife has become far too fat and smelly over the years, and this coming from a Peruvian!!

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