Mel Gibson's 'Hangover 2' cameo axed

Hangover 2 helmer Todd Phillips has released a statement via Warner Bros., and Legendary Pictures that says Mel Gibson will not be appearing in the sequel to the 2009 hit comedy after all. “I thought Mel would have been great in the movie and I had the full backing of Jeff Robinov and his team,” Phillips says in the statement. “But I realize filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision did not ultimately have the full support of my entire cast and crew.”

Just last week, sources confirmed with EW that the controversial Gibson would appear in the film as “an outlandish character, à la Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder.” Gibson’s rep is not commenting on the actor being dropped from the film.

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  • Vic Vinegar

    Would have been awesome.

    • HD

      I agree LD, the Hangover was an unfunny, uninspired mess. I have no idea how it made so much money or why there would need to be a sequel.

    • Amber

      You are a re-TARD.

    • jeffeastwood15

      Perhaps the overwhelming response from people who would not be spending money and wasting time to see him had an influence.

    • wakeforce

      THIS Larry David needs to die! The real one should sue for using his name to make stupid comments.

    • SteveStrifeX

      Wow Larry David. In all your negative comments on this site, finally, FINALLY, you had something easily attackable, Mel Gibson. You could have finally made a sensible comment that many others would agree with. And yet, you decide to go with attacking the #1 comedy last year instead. It’s like you purposely think of what a reasonable person would say, then do the exact opposite

      • Muharrem

        owww sweet pea. Don’t be confused! 2010 is the year of clartiy and excitement! It’s going to be the best year in a long time!I hope things become clear for you sweet one.Love LoveHello Sando xxx

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Armond White, is that you?

    • D’s Advocate


      “And yet, you decide to go with attacking the #1 comedy last year instead. It’s like you purposely think of what a reasonable person would say, then do the exact opposite”

      That’s the very essence of a troll :)

    • shelly

      I could not agree more ! The most inane thing I have ever tried to watch !

    • doem

      I don’t care one way or another about the movie…

      But Larry David needs to choke on a d@ck and die.

    • Lori

      If it didn’t make you laugh once, you have no sense of humor at all. I had already watched it 5 times when I watched with someone who hadn’t seen it. I laughed just as much because they did too. If you didn’t like the movie why are you reading articles about the sequel. Shouldn’t you go back you the basement in your mom’s house?

    • BlackIrish4094

      I agree, I don’t understand why this movie was so highly thought of. But I do feel comedy and horror are the two genres most particular to the person watching the film.

  • Nick

    Well since I really wanted to see this cameo….maybe Phillips is lying and this cameo will surprise people unlike the cameo of Mike Tyson which was heavily advertised. Probably just wishful thinking though!

    • JPX

      Apparently you like wife batterers, Nick? Nice moral code you live by there.

      • jane

        Agreed, JPX. I was sickened to learn of Gibson’s cameo gimmick. I’m proud of the cast and crew for standing against it!

      • Nick

        Mike Tyson was convicted of rape and did far more worse then Mel Gibson yet he was inThe Hangover. I don’t condone what either has done but I honestly wouldn’t see the harm if Mel Gibson was in another film, let alone the hangover 2. People come back from far worse then what Mel Gibson has done.

      • Nick

        Perhaps I wouldn’t see the harm was a poor choice of words, but I should say I wouldn’t be surprised given how people get many different chances in todays society.

      • Blue Silver

        Everyone deserves a chance or two Nick! What if you were down and nearly out? You’d be reaching for any lifeline you could get!!!

      • Ryan


        What Mel has done, or allegedly done whatever the case is there, it does not change the fact that he is a hell of an actor. I try my best to not let someones personal life dictate whether they can or can not entertain me on screen.

      • ST

        But yet it was okay for them to include Mike Tyson in the original Hangover even though he is a convicted rapist? Double standard much Hangover crew?

  • Slezak


    • Lar

      , can’t wait to see and hold your little bdulne.The photos are a great addition to the family albums. You kids look terrific.Love to the three of you,Jane & Pierre

  • JPX

    “filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision did not ultimately have the full support of my entire cast and crew.” In other words, people with a sense of ethics refused to allow a racist, wife-beating, anti-semite participate in the film. Thankfully I will now be able to watch this sequel. I will never again watch anything Gibson is in ever again.

    • james


    • Blue Silver

      Hypocrites! You guys are the perfect beings we all wish we could be! :)

      • MM

        You don’t have to be perfect to not be an abusive jerk.

      • soulstryka

        Agreed Blue Silver

      • Jason

        Big difference between perfect and a wife-beating anti-Semite.

      • Blue Silver

        MM, I was referring to JPX and james’s comments. Like they are angelic! Jason, read the post again! Do you think it’s ok to be charged with rape, as well as, wife beating??? Apparently, many do. Mike Tyson was charged and yet he did his cameo!!

    • rws

      People are ok watching Tyson, who was not only charge with rape but convicted of rape. Whatever happen to sticks & stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!?!?

  • Keith

    So… Mel is an alcoholic with anger control issues. Everyone needs to get over it, especially the fragile elite of Hollywood.

    • LOL

      Mel was too drunk to work.

  • Frank

    Glad to see that “Hangover 2″ will be PC.

  • roderick

    I would loved to have seen Mel in this. I have no problem whatsoever separating the art from the artist.

    • Katja

      Same. And I’m sure Phillips was just trying to be a team player and not piss off his cast/crew, and that it was a well-intentioned change of mind…but it just gives me an impression that the cast/crew are incapable of behaving professionally with someone they don’t personally like. That’s probably not actually the case, but that’s what reneging on the Mel Gibson deal makes it look like to me.

  • Bridget

    Mel Gibson crossed the line into completely creepy. I just don’t think I could have watched his Mel persona. And honestly, thumbs up to Galifinakis for having standards.

    • Kay

      Mike Tyson is a Convicted Rapist, what standards are you talking about?????????????

  • Josh

    Zach Galifianakis was against Mel Gibson coming on and well so am I..

  • Douglas

    Rumor is Zack Galifinakis said no to having Mel in a movie he was in. If true, then good for Zack. He’s a funny man, and apparently not such a whore that he’ll work with any old ant-Semitic wife-abuser who stumbles in. Maybe Mel could be a technical adviser, as I’m sure no one knows more about being hungover than Mel.

    • Josh M

      Funny, he had no problem working with a convicted rapist in the first “Hangover.”

  • Catca

    Why applaud ethics when it comes to blackballing Mel Gibson – a man accused by his ex-girlfriend during a messy custody battle. A man who made anti-semetic remarks while drunk when all of jewish Hollywood was attacking him for making his movie “Passion of the Christ”. Yet be okay with working with Mike Tyson – a man who (1) physically abused 1st wife Robin Givens (2) was convicted and served time for raping another woman (3) cheated on his second wife (4) bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear (5) assaulted another driver during a traffic altercation and (6) was an abusive drunk and drug addict who used language at least as salty as Gibson’s, if not worse (not to mention put his trained fists behind it)…. I sympathize with the director’s position – but really, the people objecting need to lose the diva attitudes unless they’re going to be consistent in their criteria for blackballing.

    • CMC

      The charges against Gibson for physical abuse are unproven – and there is apparently evidence of blackmail on the accuser’s part. We don’t know what really happened. We do know Mike Tyson was convicted of raping a woman and of physically abusing his first wife as well as physically abusing other people. You attack Nick about his moral code yet you don’t recognize that it was okay for Tyson to be in the first movie. Don’t you think Mel Gibson, a guy with a known drinking problem, would be a rather funny cameo and perhaps give Gibson a little credit for being willing to do it?

    • Leslie

      Well put. Now that they don’t have to cast someone like Tyson or Gibson for shock value to help their movie get attention, like they did for the first one, they feel like they can use some hypocritical moralistic code now, when it’s easier & their movie doesn’t need the marketing buzz from a cameo like that.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      That is what I hate the most. The hypocrisy of it. You can condemn Gibson for his antics, but you need to condemn the rest of Hollywood too, not just pick and choose

    • Josh

      I have to say, that’s a really good point.

    • InTheBubble

      Right on, Catca. Mel’s Russian sweetie may have the tables turned on her soon, and his ALLEGED abuse may vaporize in the face of her ALLEGED extortion . . . the cops just got custody of her computer and expect to find proof of it there. As for The Hangover, except for Heather Graham, the cast was a bunch of nobodies who lucked into a big payday due to the hordes of degenerate and illiterate American youth who paid to see it. No doubt it’ll happen again. They’ll still be nobodies. Me? I’m sticking with Mel.

    • Kay

      Best responce yet!

    • Tmakedon

      Well said, I could not agree more and the hypocrisy is unbelievable, first of all I think Zack G, is overrated. Also lets really play the politically correct card, maybe its ok to overlook Mike Tyson because he is black? My last comment is to make a point so lets if the smart ones can get what I am trying to say!!

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Wow that didn’t take long!

  • Sam

    the ONLY REASON I’d go see the movie would be if Mel was in it

    Posted at 4:40 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by Goldie

    I would have watched Hangover II, now I won’t. To be honest, I never thought the 1st one was that good and I think the movie is beneath Mel.

    Posted at 4:40 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by gonesi

    I won’t watch it now, I would have watched it before even if Mel was not in it,the first one was funny, but with their baby attitudes they have lost a viewer. They will work with a convicted rapist and alleged wife beater, Mike Tyson, but they won’t work with Mel who would have brought people in droves to the movie. Well, to hell with them, and I was looking forward to see that other movie that Bradley Cooper and Renee, the scary one, but not now.

    I will boycott all movies with Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha, Ed Helms in them.

    Posted at 4:51 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by Danielle

    “Do U think Zach Galifianakis is pissed about Mel’s association with the new Hangover movie?”

    Methinks so. Pity, I was looking forward to Mel’s cameo, now, not so much.

    Did you see Zach’s picture in Vanity Fair this month…dressed up like a pea**** in white suit & wingtips on beach? All ready for his oblong slide “Between Two Ferns” I hope.

    Posted at 4:48 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by sugart*ts

    Why would anyone sign for a future project with any cast member of The Hangover? What, and be under the threat of these bullies finding a reason to black ball you?

    Posted at 4:59 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by Your Aunt Bea

    I will not consider viewing the film now. Hope cast and crew don’t starve.

    Posted at 5:04 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by Gsharon 710

    Zach Galifianakis is 41 years old he has never been sober enough in his life to have a meaningful relationship with another person. Zach Galifianakis is barely capable of taking care of himself is passing judgement on Mel Gibson, married for 30 years.
    Not buying it. Zach Galifianakis did it to avoid bad press not to “protest” a moral issue. The guy is a junkie, what morals can he possibly have other than what he has to do to get high?

    Posted at 5:03 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by Stone

    Prima donna babies – I wanted to see this happen. They had Tyson in the first one – don’t remember anybody complaining about that . . . hope it fails now – dip****s.

    Posted at 4:54 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by cezanne

    Really poor judgment casting Mad Mel Jism in a film. Do women want to see him? No. Do blacks? No? Gays, Jews or Hispanics? Nope. Who’s left? Crackpots like Mel, I suppose, bu then again, he’s paying THEM to come here and support him so I doubt they’d spend their hard earned Mad Mel money at one of his crazyfests.

    Posted at 4:47 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by lou

    I’m a black female and I have no problem seeing a Mel Gibson movie.

    Posted at 4:54 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by Tammy

    • DN

      What if Givson said he hated n——? Would you feel the same? It’s all good when he’s offending someone else.

      • Johnjohn

        We already know what Gibson thinks of black people. He thinks they’re animals and travel in “packs”, or did Sam NOT hear the audio of him referring to Oksana dressing so lewdly that she would be “raped by a pack of n____rs”?

  • DN

    That’s good news. Mel Gibson is bad news. He obviously hasn’t offended everyone for he still has supporters.

  • Voodoo

    If we put all people who have been nasty in their personal lives out of work, where would this world be going to? Everybody’s has colleagues they don’t like, what makes these people so special? Suck it up.

    • Ganesh

      You are so not listening to your dtocor’s advice. But I too would have fallen victim to 12 lbs of fresh seafood! Your last posting with the squash blossoms in the hot fish pot looked delicious!

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