'Iron Man 3' to come to theaters in 2013; Disney picks up marketing rights

Disney, Paramount Pictures, and Marvel Studios have announced via press release that Iron Man 3 will be released in on May 3, 2013. Under a new deal, Disney will be responsible for the marketing and distribution of the film, and will also oversee The Avengers. (The studio paid Disney $115 million for the transfer of rights.) Paramount will be releasing Marvel’s Thor on May 6, 2011 and Captain America on July 22, 2011. “Five years ago, when Paramount and Marvel made our initial deal, both our businesses were in very different places,” Paramount CEO and Chairman Brad Grey said in the release. “We are grateful for the partnership we have had with the terrific Marvel team over these years and proud of the work we have done together. Today, this new agreement is the right deal for Paramount, for Marvel, and for Disney. We look forward to working together on Thor and Captain America, and we wish Disney and Marvel the utmost success, in what we know will be a very productive and wide-ranging partnership.”


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  • disappointed

    They should just reboot this series. The last one sucked.

    • Nathan

      Iron Man 2 did suck, not quite Spider Man 3 territory, but certainly approaching Transformers 2 territory.

      • Kyle

        you obviously know nothing about movies

      • cookie

        I beg to differ I loved Iron man 2, it made me laugh, ohh and awy, and pay attention not to miss anything. I also bought it on dvd for home thank you very much.

      • hannah

        are you trying to say that Transformers 2 is better than Spider Man 3??

      • andy

        both of those movies sucked equally…

      • Don

        Iron Man 2 was better than the 1st one.

      • john engle

        u sir r an idiot. u most likely can not comprehend complex movies

      • Mike

        Iron man 2 didn’t suck by any means. You people are too extreme. Get out of your rooms and go interact with human beings.

      • Art

        I really depends on how much you like ironman and marvel. I don’t really like to read Marvel Comics, but the movies are great. I’m sure Iron Man 3 will be decent. To be honast, I’m waiting for the dark knight rises. That will be be bad ass.

      • oscar

        Hey Iron man 2 suck because the movie needed to keep up with the Avenger’s.

    • disappointed

      I completely agree that the film was terrible like Transformers 2, while not as bad. I think people saw the talent involved and had to make excuses propping up the rating. Yes, the acting by Downey was good. Yes some of the dialogue was neat. However, the screenwriter kept on throwing every stupid idea into his screenplay and none of the plots stuck. Mickey Rourke’s Russian was hilariously awful. The problem with the Iron Man movies has always been for me, the lack of suspense. Iron Man 2 had less suspense than its predecessor with two villains. There seriously is nothing for Stark to lose, at least his enemies make you feel that way. And this series doesn’t have that sense of pathos that the first two spiderman had, Nolan’s Batman have, the first two Superman had, the first two X-Men had, or even Burton’s Batman movies. Also look above, there is not one good third super hero movie.

      • Garner

        Wow, anyone that thought Spiderman 2 or any of the Burton Batman movies (excluding the first) were decent movies, does not deserve to have an opinion on the matter. IM2 was a good movie. ‘Nuff said.

      • Greg

        Ok I’ll admit Micky Rourke’s Russian accent was bad But not as bad as Harrison Ford’s in K19

      • superherofan

        I don’t think IM2 sucked, but it wasn’t as zippy as the original. It did suffer from too many ideas with no unifying theme. And I think Spider-man 3 was actually decent… sprawling, and at times ridiculous [can we say Emo Spidey!] but not bad as a whole. And Garner, the Burton Batmans were excellent, poopoo on you for not liking Catwoman :p And let’s hope Nolan’s next Batman will break the “3rd time’s not the charm” rule.

      • yljester

        Mickey Rourke was supposed to be russian? I thought that was a jamaican accent???

      • Brett

        Garner: Everyone deserves to have an opinion. Even pompous jerks. And yes, “Spider-Man 2″ and the two Burton “Batman” movies were at least “decent.”

      • ries

        garner you are ignorant. spider-man 2 is widely considered the best super hero movie ever. im2 was good. i think overexposure and expectations ruined it for some.

      • wwhulk

        WOW see thats the diff between a kid that didnt collect comics and knows nothing about good movies and only knows how to text..o and also they must be dc fanboys haha..iron man and transformers 2 was great

      • Stentor

        My girlfriend is Ukrainian, and I asked her about Rourke’s Russian, and she said it was actually pretty good. I think she should know, since she speaks it fluently. So for those of you who thought his accent was horrible, you need to get out and listen to some actual Russians/Ukrainians/Belarussians because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Andrew

      How ADD are you? Reboot a 3-yr old series after 2 installments?

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I liked Iron Man 2, had some really funny moments, not as good as Iron Man but that might be because no one was expecting the first one to be that good. I think the expectations were higher with Iron Man 2.

    I’ll buy a ticket to see Iron Man 3

    • Katja

      Totally agree on all counts.

    • james d

      i agree with you too, but actually liked number 2 more.

    • harry

      hear hear!!!

      • Colter

        saw it in the theatre;watched it again last week and enjoyed it more….so how can it suck?

    • J.

      IM2 was a regular number two, if you get me. That being said, I’ll still probably see #3 on the strength of the first movie.

    • Garner

      Wow, anyone that thought Spiderman 2 or any of the Burton Batman movies (excluding the first) were decent movies, does not deserve to have an opinion on the matter. IM2 was a good movie. ‘Nuff said.

      • Chris Kevin


        Compared to Spiderman 3, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and some other superhero stinkers Tim Burton’s Batman films, Batman and Batman Returns were both, Academy Award Winning films just as Richard Donner received Academy Ward Winning awards for Superman and Superman II. How, dare you talk down to Tim Burton’s films he is a Hollywood directing legend man. He worked with Paul Reubens (PeeWee Herman), Michael Keaton the Beetlejuice and both, early Batman film star himself. Third, he got Johnny Depp’s film career started in “Edward Scissorhands” in 1990 and Johnny Depp’s career as a movie was legendary since, then. I recently saw Johnny Depp as 1930’s gangster John Dillinger in Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies” in 2009 last year. My crush Leelee Sobieski plays John Dillinger’s last girlfriend in the film Polly Hamilton before his tragic assassination. Johnny Depp is nominated for countless Oscar Awards and Leelee Sobieski Golden Globe for her role in Joan Of Arc and and Emmy Award for Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” film in 1999 as a Lolita female she played.

      • Brett

        Garner: So, since Burton only made 2 Batman movies, you’re saying you liked the first.

        Chris Klein: Johnny Depp hasn’t been nominated for “countless” Academy Awards. We CAN count them. It’s been 3 nominations. Two for lead actor, one for supporting actor. No wins.

    • mushtaque


  • JLC

    The first of many shoes has dropped. All it will take is the first Marvel film to truly tank and all the studios will sell back to Disney. Then Brad Bird can make the Fantastic Four movie at Pixar and not have to call it The Incredibles.

    • mage?!

      I would love to see a Brad Bird/Pixar Fantastic Four Movie. OMG!!

      • Yla

        THANKS folksI APPRECIATE YOUR responses ineemsmly and that I AM ALIVE to SEE/HEAR this today over 5 years Later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BON JOVI SUPERMAN THANKS/MIL GRACIAS FOR BEING SUPERMEN SAVING my LIFE with your MUSIC and those GREAT BIG TOURING and PROMO LEGS for me ****LOVE 4 EVER I’m Inspiered and Making MOre SONGS UP Again FYI Alleujah!!! XOXO ****stef

  • D

    Error alert — the article makes it look like someone paid Disney $115 million. But Disney paid Paramount $115 million to basically buy them out of Avengers and Iron Man 3. Remember that Disney already owns Marvel, so this is just Disney buying out Paramount to get full control of the franchise.

  • rebecca

    Disney is one amazingly large and rich corporation!! Don’t really care who markets Iron Man 3, I just hope it is amazing!!

  • jpratm

    and then a REBOOT !!!!

  • Bob

    This time with actual plot?

    • Will

      And some action as well. The first movie had a the race track scene, the fight with all the robots, and the ridiculously annoying “fight” scene in Tony’s kitchen. Oh, and Scarlett Johannsen posing a lot.

  • Walrus

    Marvel really needs to s-l-o-w it down. They are burning out their fanbase with too many movies and sequels and remakes. Isn’t there something like 8 Marvbel superhero flicks coming out before 2013?
    Captain America
    Spider Man remake (too soon!)
    Iron Man 3
    Wolverine 2
    X Men” First Class
    Fantastic Four remake
    …..and I think a Dr. Strange movie too.

    These characters have been around for decades, and will continue to be around – you don’t have to rush release all of these flicks.

    • D

      Unfortunately, Marvel doesn’t have complete control over all of that. That’s partly why Disney bought-out Paramount, so that they can start consolidate the Marvel properties under one roof and manage them more effectively. But Sony still has the rights to Spidey and Fox still has all of the X-Men characters (including Wolverine) and the Fantastic Four. Sony and Fox make their own decisions about what to do with those properties. Disney/Marvel can’t really do anything about it.

      • Lena


    • Your mom

      I don’t mind the saturation of Marvel properties as long as they are quality stories. Just attaching big names isn’t enough. I could do without a Spider Man reboot though…

      • Sherm

        I agree, there is no need for a Spider Man reboot, first two I thought was great, 3rd had too much, it would have worked better with two villains. Sam Raimi could have left it open for a 4th Spidey having Venom/Eddie Brock share a cell with Cletus Cassidy and have Carnage show up in the 4th Spidey flick as the main villain!!

    • Storm

      Word, Walrus! Word! Preach it!

    • Quirky

      No, overstaturation would be if they tried to make an Iron Man movie every year like the Twilight and Saw movies. There’s enough differences between the Marvel characters to have a good variety of superhero movies. It’s like saying last year there were too many science fiction movies what with District 9, Star Trek and Avatar coming out so close together yet there was enough differences in those 3 to give the sci-fi fan a completely different experience with each one.

      • Walrus

        Quirky –

        They are making the “Twilight” flicks in quick succession for the same reason that they cranked out the “Harry Potters” – the actors playing the characters can’t get too old. Plus, they know that “Twilight” is a “strike while the iron is hot” property.
        “Saw” is, and always has been, one of my least favorite horror franchises. Good horror is about what you DON’T see, something that the hack’s churning out the “Saw” movies don’t understand. “Hostel” luckily hit a dead end because audiences stayed away from the sequel. The last “Saw” movie really bombed, and this one is coming out because it was already in production when the last one tanked. So, if this new “Saw” masterpiece doesn’t make any money, I think we will not see Jigsaw for a while.
        What separate’s the Marvel characters from all of this is the fact that it has almost unlimited story potential thanks to the fantastic writers at Marvel through the years that have put these characters through fantastic, thoughtful and intelligent plots.
        Of course, you never get more than an unsatisfactory sampling of any real pathos or emotion in the films themselves.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        ITA Walrus. I think the premise of SAW is interesting but I’m not one for just watching blood spewing at me…it’s not scary just unrealistic

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      I disagree about the Superman Reboot. They should have done a reboot instead of Superman Returns.

      Superman Returns was meant to be a sequal to Superman II, a film that was made in 1980 and did very well. Unfortunately it has not aged well and a lot of my generation has never seen the original Superman films. We know about Superman of course but we haven’t seen the films.

      Doing a sequal to a film few of the new generation has seen is a bad idea.

      Doing a reboot (if done right!) would have/will bring new life to the franchise. Look at Star Trek, a franchise many considered old, geeky and dead suddenly has a new lease on life

      • Temp

        Marvel fans seem to be able to put up with dozens of new issues of these comics every month, Im sure a new movie every year wont tax them too greatly (especially since its a different property every year)

        Hell I spend 20 bucks on xmen comics in one month, I can spend 20 on a movie every year

      • Walrus


        The comic book reader is a very small demographic, especially compared to a movie going audience. Even though Marvel relies on a tiny demographic to keep their comics in print, they went bankrupt in 1996 and had to file for Chapter 11. Now that Disney owns Marvel, I’m willing to bet that we will see less and less focus on the comic publishing itself, if not a complete wipe out, as they jettison all of their resources on releasing more film versions of comic books that 95% of the ticket buyers have never bought a copy of of.

      • Brock

        Blockbuster has the DVD pal go rent it…

      • Chris Kevin

        Nerwen Alderion,

        Superman Returns was the completion of Superman and Superman II. Superman Returns was a 3 time Saturn Aweard nominated film, and a 10 time Golden Globe nominated film. Bryan Singer did a fantastic job capturing the essense of Richard Donner’s 1978 and 1980 work for Superman:The Movie and Superman II. Chris Nolan is going to be producing and writing the scripts for Superman:Man Of Steel in 2012. He has chosing Zack Snyder to direct, Snyder is famous for his work on “300” which, will be getting a sequel and “Watchmen” in 2009 last year. Chris Nolan’s wife will be helping out on SM:MOS along with Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer. Darren Aronofsky might be involved as well. He was rumored to direct but, that was denied. I heard Derwen that General Zod was going to be in the new Superman film, then I heard it was going to be Brainiac which, I am stocked and excited to see. Brainiac appeared in alot of Action Comics for Superman, he appeared in Superman 64, Superman: Man Of Steel for the original XBOX and Smallville. I think actor, William Fichtner who was in Chris Nolan’s “The Dark Knight in 2008 2 years ago, would make a great Brainiac villain character for Superman: Man Of Steel. If, you go to Youtube Derwen there is a made up trailer for Superman:Man Of Steel. They took scenes from Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” film, with Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey and put in scenes from “Dark City” with Kiefer Sutherland and created an EPIC idea for Brainiac. We, will all ultimate suffice because, we already have. William Fichtner/ Brainiac Superman: Man Of Steel (2012).

      • Stephen

        You’re absolutely bonkers if you think the comic publishing is going to be diminished or phased out altogether by Disney. There’s a reason Marvel went bankrupt in the 90’s: terrible stories and gimmicks, the industry as a whole sucked. DC and Marvel are both churning out great stories these days and sales are going strong with the movies helping get people into the comics themselves. Even were physical comics phased out, digital and motion comics would take their place. Disney will meddle with Marvel Comics publishing as much as WB meddles with DC, which is to say little to none.

      • Brett

        Chris Klein: You’re obviously enthusiastic for “Superman Returns,’ which was still a creative failure as a film. Also, your facts are wrong. Nolan’s not writing the script for the Superman reboot, David Goyer wrote a script that needs significant repolishing. Nolan didn’t choose Zack Snyder; the studio did, and only because the studio wanted to get the movie in theaters quickly to avoid legal problems with the heirs of the creators of Superman.

    • gary

      Don’t forget Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds

  • almost scared

    Since sony has the rights to spiderman i guess i can abandon my hopes that he will appear in the avengers movie.

    • Chris Kevin

      Almost Scared, Disney should still involve, Spiderman in the 2012 “Avengers” movie Spiderman is a member of “The Avengers” and taking him out of the group is not Marvelous. I was hoping that Ironman 3 was set to come out in 2012 not, 2013 but, since, Marvel sign a deal with Disney and they own rights to all of the projects that Marvel has filming rights over things are going to be totally different. Why, would Marvel sign their filming rights to Disney anyway. Disney is a Billion Dollar company with Theme Parks DisneyLand in Los Angeles, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Marvel should have full right with Sony/Columbia Pictures for Ironman. Ironman was originally, a Paramount Pictures superhero licensed film project and Disney has a contract to own Marvel’s Ironman’s film franchise. That isn’t right as a Marvel fan myself. Marvel should merge their company with Disney unless it was a desperate need to do that.

      • Brett

        They CAN’T involve Spider-Man in the “Avengers” movie. Also, Spider-Man has never been an integral part of any team during his history with Marvel. He’s only recently been added as a member of the Avengers. The main lineup has always been Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, with different characters rounding out a typical group of seven heroes (sometimes more).

      • Brett

        Oh, and Chris? Did you miss the news where Disney BOUGHT Marvel? That means Disney OWNS Marvel. There aren’t “deals” between the two.

    • FAnasog

      This is a well made fgruie, as are all of the Marvel Select line, but watch out. The War Machine fgruie’s mask goes on and comes off, but this one does not. You either get the mask on, or the mask slid up to reveal the face. I got the mask up because I thought it slid down, but it doesn’t. If that is a deal breaker, now you know.

  • suki

    I hope the 3rd one washes out the bad taste left from Iron Man 2.

  • Peter P

    Iron Man 2 may have been a step down from the first movie, but I wouldn’t call it a bad movie per say. Maybe uninspired? I have no problem with a third movie being greenlit, and anyone comparing Iron Man 2 with Spiderman 3 or either of the Transformers movies is smoking crack.

  • Beto

    Daredevil reboot please,with shades of Frank Miller, and yes Iron Man 1 was far beter than Iron 2

  • John

    Iron Man was one of the top 3 best comic movies of all time. There was no way Iron Man 2 could approach it. But I agree some more action would have been nice. But there is NO WAY it was as bad as Spider-man 3. Spidey 3 made me cringe. IM 2 had some great dialogue.

  • MIKE

    i dont know why everybody dogs movies some r stupid or dum dont dog transformers

  • Rae H

    Everyone is going to have different expectations. I am an X-Men fan and can tear apart piece by piece all the things they did wrong. But I never read the Spidey comics so I really have nothing to judge. Same with F4 and Iron Man but I fully enjoyed the Iron Man movies. Yes, both of them. I also still thouroughly enjoy watching the 3 X-Men movies and Origins. I will gladly go and watch IM3 and would love to see the next X movies, even if they are crap.

    Oh, and a side note; I agree with Walrus and Nerwen. Saw had a great idea but it was more gore than scare. I look forward to the next movie that makes me want to sleep with the lights on. ^_^

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