David Schwimmer tied the knot in June

David-Schwimmer-marriedImage Credit: Sonia Recchia/Getty ImagesDavid Schwimmer has married British photographer Zoe Buckman, his rep confirms exclusively to EW.com. The 43-year-old actor/director (Friends) and Buckman, 25, were wed in a small private ceremony in early June. This is the first marriage for both.

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  • Steven

    In early June? And we’re first hearing about this now? I find it ironic this comes out the same time Courteney Cox files for a trial seperation.

    • Liz

      That was my thought, one Friend breaks up and another marries. Too bad (for CC)

      • Dave

        I was just about to say the same thing. Now I’ll go listen to “Ironic” by Alanis Morisette.

    • Ben

      It’s not really what you would call ironic – more like an interesting coincidence.

      • Casey

        Thank you.

      • Wondering

        So are the examples in the actual song.

      • Kris

        What’s even more ironic is that there’s nothing ironic about the song ironic.

      • JWill

        Everyone complaining about the definition of ironic, I have two new words for you to look up:
        1) denotation
        2) connotation

        You are all talking about 1. But there are many 2’s, that through time will become 1’s.. And in 100 years only OED will remember that in the quant 2000’s, people used to complain.

      • fluff

        JWill: Please, Mr. Webster, tell me what is the denotation (or even connotation)of QUANT?

    • Preston

      But maybe he was staying low key until now to announce it. I don’t think he even knew about Courtney Cox’s separation.

  • Brenda Barrett

    I seriously doubt anyone cares about this news but Zoe, who obviously fattened her bank account.

    • Kate

      For someone who doesn’t care, you even took the time to comment.

  • Kristen

    So much irony.

    • Seth

      Why is it ironic? Do you even understand what irony is?

      • rebecca

        A bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.

        Sorry I had to say it!!

    • AmpMiiz

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  • Mehr

    Well, let’s hope he doesn’t get a divorce… If you catch my drift. If you don’t, you should watch Friends ;)

    • Meg


      • mel

        Was it really?

  • Steve

    Who cares. This guy is a loser.

    • Chandler

      You’re a loser. He is hilarious and a great director.

      • Steve

        Shut up Chandler he sucks..wasnt funny on Friends, and hes a jerk as a person. Never signs autographs..doesnt appreciate his fans at all.

      • SaraS

        Sooo… basically what you’re saying is once you waited behind a rope for 6 hours in the cold rain waiting for an autograph and he had to go inside so blew you off, and now you sit on a computer and write nasty comments about him on entertainment sites.
        Real cool Steve.

    • Ricky

      He’s a loser? He’s married to a pretty woman…and he’s rich. Doesn’t sound like a loser to me…not only that, but he has dated Carla Alaponte, too…she’s hot as hell AND is something like 10 years his junior…he likes ‘em young and pretty…can’t blame him, I’d do the same thing if I were him.

      • Carrie

        22 years, actually :)

  • jfms777

    He married a woman? Really?

    • Steve

      No Sara S, I would never wait behind a rope for 6 hours in the cold rain for that idiot. I have friends that have tried for years to get the entire Friends cast to sign a picture for them. They have gotten everyone to sign exept for David. They have went to numerous events where he has appeared, but he refuses to sign.

      • Ron

        Good for him, what kind of loser spends years trying to get signatures? Seriously, my opinion of this David Schwimmer guy just shot up a thousand percent. I might actually watch an episode of Friends now. Well, probably not, but I really respect the guy now.

      • Steve

        Ron.. maybe you and David can write a TV show together then, since his career is pretty much in the toilet.

      • Ron

        Or maybe I’ll spend years trying to get him to write his name on a piece of paper. No, wait, only pathetic losers do that.

      • Steve

        I never spent years trying to get his autograph.. I said my friends did.

      • hannah

        LMAO! so lame! I love “Friends”, but if David doesn’t sign then he is a jerk. I agree with you Steve.

      • Ron

        I know Steve, I was calling your friends pathetic losers.

      • Steve

        Calm down, Ron. All I was saying was that my friends tried to get an autograph for someone they admired. Millions of people try to get autographs of their favorite actors/athletes.. it doesnt make them pathetic losers.

      • Ron

        Yes, I’m afraid it does. The very act of asking for an autograph demeans the person asking for it. Spending years trying to get a complete stranger to sign a slip of paper makes one a pathetic loser. I wish all celebrities would refrain from encouraging this nonsense, when I hear of one that does, it brings a smile to my face. Way to go Mr. Schwimmer.

      • Steve

        Hes not a complete stranger though.. hes a celebrity. Signing autographs for fans is part of what being a celebrity is all about. If it wasnt for his fans he would be a nobody. The least he can do is show them some respect.

      • cdevene

        Here’s a little story for you young’ens… Over 20 years ago, we were enjoying a drink after seeing a play next door. Only one person was sitting at the bar with glass of red wine intently going over a lot of words on a napkin. It was Jack Lemmon prepping for the next play. I grabbed my program, turned to his pic with ad for next play, and approached him…against my friends wishes. I asked quietly and handed him program opened to his pic. He said nothing, pointed to his pic, smiled, & scribbled his name. POINT: To this day, I remember intruding on his privacy. For what? A scribbled autograph that ultimately was not as significant as my poor choice. You get the thumbs up, Ron, for good judgment.

      • Steve

        Pointless story, cdevene. You might look at it as intruding on someones privacy, but if someone wants to be a celebrity they have to expect that fans are going to want their autograph. Deal with it

  • Kat

    Holy age difference, Batman!

    • Wondering

      No kidding. She must have been in junior high when Friends came out.

      • Actually if my math is right . . .

        She would have been in 4th grade in 1994.

      • Actually if my math is right . . .

        Good for him.

  • Miss Talk

    Maybe he told his publicist to leak the news in order to distract the audience from his “sister”‘s divorce. If that’s true, how “Geller” of him !

    • E

      Good one.

      • Lusi

        I, for one, find it very difficult to beilvee that either Kerry or Gore would have been a better alternative to Bush, no what mistakes or evil agendas’ our current President has had. I just tire of all the slander that goes around, hence the reason I’ve almost completely withdrawn from the political scene. I just can’t take any more of the 3-year-olds fighting over candy.

  • TorontoTom

    Hope he got her name right during the ceremony. “I take thee Rachel…uh, I mean, um…Zoe!”

    • Is there any chaance her father . . .

      Is Bruce Willis?

    • Elizabeth

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  • partimelame-o

    I was sure he was gay!..

  • TorontoTom

    Maybe Jennifer Aniston’s agent could discreetly leak the news that she’s pregnant with Brad’s love child to further distract from the Cox-Arquette break-up?

    • Jtvbseb

      I went with 2. I’m not that confident. There have not been eougnh changes to the roster yet. Horton + Seguin will help, Seidenberg is an improvement over Wides though the sporadic offense of the latter could be missed. Unfortunately, too many players from the losing squad are returning as of now. I suppose the argument from some will be yeah but a healthy Krejci etc. But injuries happen every year and given what I still feel is a too-soft forward corps, they’re likely to occur again. I feel like we’re still an impact trade and a couple role players away from the ideal balance to this lineup.Right now, I don’t see any reason to expect significantly different results from the past couple years. Fans are always optimistic this time of year so I imagine I’m much in the minority. Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised. BTW until we see this group win the kind of games they have lost in the playoffs 3 years running, let’s not give extensions to Chara and Bergeron. If this turns out to be another disappointing year and I dearly hope it’s not then you can’t just keep bringing the same core back year after year. In other words, let these guys earn extensions, don’t give them away before the results are in.

  • Karl

    @Miss Talk I will bang my fists together in response to that publicist orchestration accusation!!

    And yes, how IRONIC that one Friend divorces, while another marries, especially when the on-screen character of CC is long-time married to Chandler while Ross is a complete divorce-happy neuronut.

    THAT’S irony. Thank you.

  • Karl

    How IRONIC that CC gets divorced while DS gets married, especially since Monica was long-time married to Chandler, and Ross was the divorce-happy nut.

    THAT’S irony. You’re welcome.

    • Karl

      Whoops double posted. Anyway this one is clearer regarding the use of “irony”.

      COrrection: *DS gets married for the FIRST time – that makes it more ironic.

      • Dgently

        It’s still not ironic.

  • TorontoTom

    As Chandler would say, “Could it BE any more moronic? Um, I mean – ironic?!?”

  • Leo

    But did he say the right name at the altar?

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