Miley Cyrus' new music video blasted by Parents Television Council

The president of the Parents Television Council has condemned the sexualized nature of Miley Cyrus’ latest music video for single “Who Owns My Heart,” according to a report by MTV. In the sultry video, Miley wakes up blindfolded in bed before she heads out to a dance club. “It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one,” the president of the organization, Tim Winter, said. “It sends messages to her fanbase that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point. Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fanbase so rapidly.”

Cyrus’ representatives have not returned emails seeking comment.

The Parents Television Council regularly objects to television content it feels may damage children. Recently, the organization went after CBS’ $#*! My Dad Says, Adam Lambert’s performance at last year’s American Music Awards, and Gossip Girl‘s threesome storyline.

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  • s


    • Miss Talk

      Nobody can tell me that one of Miley’s people didn’t reach to the PTC just to start this media craze so we all can go and watch her crap. Didn’t she say she wasn’t into pop music or something? Yet she’s ripping off “irreplaceable” and “tik tok” videos. Girl, PLZ.

    • Warren

      The CD did OK worldwide and this new single and video is not even for the US anyway. It is not on American TV, so why the beef?

    • Seddie Forever!!!!!!!!!

      The best young talent is Jennette McCurdy from iCarly – her song “Not That Far Away” is awesome

    • ausfan101

      I agree. Is it really necessary for a teenager who can’t act or sing to be making millions while so many americans are unemployed, homeless or facing foreclosure and they are worried about album sales.
      GET A CLUE!!! do something good. After all if it wasn’t for us taxpayers you’d be just like us!!!

    • betty

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    • Brent

      I love her new image, i wish all you fools would stop being so ridiculous.

    • Me Me and Me

      he problem was that she did this an album too early. She needed one more transition record, just push things a bit farther this time and save the full out sluttiness for when she was over 18. Tactical Fail, Team Cyrus.

  • Joe

    “Miley wakes up blindfolded in bed before heads out to a dance club”

    Um, grammar check?

    • Anne

      it is actually “miley wakes up blindfolded in bed before SHE neads out to the dance club”

      • Joe

        I copied and pasted the line as it was at 2:28 pm. Thanks, though.

      • UGH



      Um, read much????

      • jk

        EW often changes typos once readers point them out.

    • Sad

      I used to scoff at people who pointed out grammatical errors. Then I read Super Sad True Love Story. Now I point them out, too. We need to be vigilant about literacy.

  • Mike

    Don’t these morons have anything better to do? You’d think being offended was a virtue…

    • Melissa

      They are looking out for the well being of children. So of course they object. She made her fame off of kids and a kid show, so they are most of her fan base. That video is too sexual for a kid to watch.

      • Nathan

        What would these bible thumping turds do if they didn’t have anything to be offended by? Probably shrivel up and die with their 20 cats.

      • Mel

        Really? Then don’t let them watch her videos. She’s not going to be Hannah forever…when is an ok time for her to grow up or do something different?

      • Imma big kid now

        Those kids are probably growing up right along with her. It’s because of religion that women can’t feel quite right about being sexual, no matter how hard they fake it.

      • Warren

        Miley is a woman now and not just for kids. A lot of actors and singers do some stuff for kids and other things for older teens or adults. Madonna wrote children’s books and no one was more sleezy than she was/is.

      • @ Warren

        She is not yet 18 so she is not yet a woman.

      • Are you for Real?

        @Mel—maybe an ok time would be when she is actually 18?

      • @Imma

        Maybe the women you are with fake it…

      • Kelly

        To Immabigkidnow. Don’t blame religion for women and their sexuality. You cannot blame religion for everything you feel like.

      • susan D

        Parents shouldn’t be letting young children watch her video if they are worried that it is not suitable for them (and it isn’t). Let Miley grow up and move on.

    • Michael

      You seem to be just as offended as they are. Don’t you have anything better to do? At least they didnt call you a moron for speaking your opinion.

    • Linda

      I’m offended by Miley Cyrus because she can’t sing worth crap. The video? Who cares.

      • the laffer

        why lie. she certainly can sing. And she can act. Sure there are better singers and actors but most are years older than her. You may envy her but that doesn’t give you the right to demean her talents. If she couldn’t sing or act she would NOT be successful, let alone very popular, and Disney would have hired someone else for the role. I’m sure they had a lot of talented singers to choose from. Don’t let your envy rule over your decisions and opinions.

    • G

      Mike – everyone has a right to their opinion. And Miley is behaving sleazier every time we see her. I think it’s dull, just like her music.

  • Harrison

    She’s not blindfolded…she has one of those face masks on. They are just trying to making it sound worse! yes it is overtly sexual with the underwear and dancing but that one line is incorrect.

    • Craig

      Those masks are used to suppress your RAS (Reticular Activating System). Light activates your RAS. Using it for a “nap” in the middle of the night is illogical, which leads one to believe she is wearing it for it’s more common practice: being used in sexual acts.

      • Marcus

        Craig, I don’t know about anyone else, but I wear an eye mask to sleep at night because I have a window that faces the sunrise and I prefer not to be woken up prior to 8 AM. There are far sexier options to use for bondage and S&M than a cotton sleep mask.

      • Craig

        Did you even read my comment? I said what they’re intended for it how you are using it. She on the other hand did not get waken up at 8 am by sunlight. She was up in the middle of the night to go to a club.

      • randomx6

        Actually Craig, Looks like a sleep mask and that she is waking up the next day/afternoon etc. and remembering the night before…

      • Craig

        Yes because it’s always dark outside the next afternoon when we wake up with our lamps on. Sorry, I feel so embarrassed :)

      • katy

        I’m pretty sure she is laying on the bed, with her head hanging off the bed slightly and with the pillows at her feet, in the middle of the night wearing that mask. Doubtful she was sleeping. Maybe she was recovering from a bad trip.

      • the laffer

        its a video. its not supposed to resemble real life folks! it’s supposed to be art. Not that this video is. I haven’t seen it yet as my sound card is broken.

  • Ryan

    Is the video aimed at children? Was Adam Lambert’s AMA performance or the episode of Gossip Girl they complained about? Does anyone (aside from conservative “family” groups) think the most dangerous things out there for children to see are cliched “provocative” music videos and trashy tv dramas?

    • Are you for Real?

      Adam Lambert is in his late 20’s not 17. Adam Lambert never built his career on the backs of small children. Besides why is anyone surprised when she used an ice cream cart like a stripper stage a few years ago and wasn’t that on the Teen Choice awards or the Kids Nickelodeon awards or something?

      • Leah

        To hear you talk, she should be doing Disney fare for the rest of her career. I’m not a fan, but give the girl a break. She’s almost 18 (November I believe) and the doesn’t owe you or your kids anything. She’s growing up, and if I’m not mistaken, so are your kids. Or were you planning to keep them in diapers for the rest of their lives?

    • Chris

      You’re absolutely right, Ryan. It’s time we start standing up to these self-appointed morality cops who want to impose their own warped sense of right and wrong on everybody else.

      • G

        Chris – warped sense? No wonder this country is in the toilet, people act like ethics and morals are outdated and horrible.

  • Slezak

    That little harlot

    • Warren

      Miley is my sexy little dream girl! She even looks foxy as Hannah!

      • Alberto

        Pedo-Pervert alert…

      • Warren

        Miley is legally a woman in almost any place in the whole world including most US states, so UR the pervert Alberto 4 thinking like that. U MUST BE GAY! And a pervert.

  • Mary

    Videos with images such as this would not be a problem if parents would properly prepare their young girls for dealing with conflicting ideas about sex. When girls are given information that will prepare them for interpreting images, they can be critical of the way sexuality is presented and we won’t have to worry about “protecting children” by hiding controversy.

    • Rois, Ireland

      I was 10 when Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty came out and it was on ALL the time, my parents didn’t have a ‘talk’ with me, I just knew what it was and that’s all I thought of it, I didn’t go out grinding other 10 year olds. Most kids don’t turn out the way the media says they do…kids know these things are not for them.

      • katy

        I know, people think kids are stupid or something and always do whatever the TV tells them to do. Dirrty was much dirtier then this video, and I was 13 when that came out and a huge fan of Christina. I thought she looked cool but it sure didn’t make me want to go out and buy some a*sless chaps.

      • whatevs

        Actually, kids are stupid. That’s why society is in the shape that it’s in.

      • Warren

        Adults R MORE STUPID because look at the shape they left the world in and no jobs or hope 4 the future! At least Miley does her share to help others. Most old people in power R only, ME, ME ME!

    • Are you for Real?

      It’s not the girls I worry about it’s the boys. This sends a message that all young women are sex symbols and results in young boys treating women that way. Or worse.

      • Warren

        Old women like Madonna started this so what do U mean? It’s always older women that always want to be sexy even after popping babies! The media isn’t controlled by the young but by people like you! And all girls are NOT Sexy, but Miley is to me because she is a strong woman with an opinion and won’t be a pushover to control freaks like U!

    • Leah

      And maybe if parents said NO to their kids once in a while, I’ll bet that would help, too. If their kid is too young for the ‘new’ Miley, they still have her old stuff. My 8 year old likes her, but I would never let her watch her new stuff. She is quite content with watching Hannah Montana reruns! Parents need to stop expecting everyone else to do their job for them. Be parents! Stop expecting censorship to do your job for you! I DECIDE what is acceptable for my kids. I don’t expect Miley Cyrus, or MTV or the government to do my job for me, and no one else should be expecting it either. Cyrus doesn’t owe you or your kids a damn thing. SHE grew up, now it’s YOUR turn!

      • ST

        I completely agree Leah, I’m a 19 year old female and I think it’s ridiculous for parents to be so offended by every little thing that Miley does. It’s up to the parents to raise their children with the right values and if they think what she’s doing it’s so inappropriate they shouldn’t have their children watching it in the first place. Growing up I decided the type of person that I wanted to be because my parents raised me right, just because I love Christina Aguliera growing up didn’t mean that I was going to act or dress like her. It’s not up to the entertainers to censor themselves because children may or may not be watching. It’s up to the parents to set boundaries.

  • BJohnson

    The Parents Television Council still exist? Do they not know by coming out against this video, they have guaranteed it the exposure they didn’t want. I had no clue she even had a new video and not that they’ve complained about it, I wanna go see what it’s about.

    • wakeforce

      You do know that the Parent Television Council is actually a small group,like the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s not a huge group like the Tea Partiers. The press just gives them too much attention.

  • Poop


    • JD

      Someone who calls themselves “Poop” should think twice before calling someone else an idiot…

  • Andre

    Do we really need another reason not to listen to Miley’s music?

    • peter Asplundh

      there are reasons for listening to Miley’s cyrus’s music she happens to be famous for her hannah montana songs and her tv show hannah montana and hannah montana forever so let’s not judge her for that i thank you for your time

      • miley stewarts pony

        You gave me lots of reasons to listen to Hannah Montana’s music. No reasons to listen to Miley’s. I’m pretty sure Miley doesn’t want to be associated this Hannah anymore. Pretty sure that’s the overall point of this music video. And of the entire album Can’t be Tamed.

      • Warren

        Hannah is sexy too. I love when Miley becomes Hannah. I love Hannah and Miley songs and wish this wasn’t the last Hannah season. Miley is the best of both girls!

    • Linda

      Good one. You’d think The Climb, aka a Hallmark card in musical form with such bad vocals that even autotune couldn’t save them, would have done the trick.

  • Vickie

    Desperate attention HO whose time is over.

  • J.J.

    she is almost 18 that means she is growing up getting older and if people think that she is going to stay hannah montanna forever needs to grow up and she is getting a different fanbase because she is getting older

    • Sarah B.

      But why does “growing up” always seem to mean “skanking it up?” Shouldn’t it just mean “gaining maturity and accepting adult responsibility?” I don’t pretend to be promiscuous or flaunt my sexuality – does that make me childish?

      • Maureen

        100% agree.

      • Rois, Ireland

        I think Selena Gomez is the perfect example of a person respecting her younger fans while still trying to transition into older stuff.

      • Bekah

        I totally agree with Sarah B. those are exactly my thoughts.

      • Su

        I agree. That what troubles me. Ms. Cyrus is saying all the provocative actions being taken are results of growing up but growing up isn’t just about a maturing body, it’s also about a mature mind and heart.

        I think it would have been more mature if she could have just waited until she was 18 because like everybody is saying, it isn’t far away. It shows she has the patience.

      • Bonney

        I so agree. ‘Growing up’ doesnt mean ‘skanking it up.’ Miley Cyrus is going ‘sexy’ way too much, too fast. No one is really taking her seriously – sadly except for the tweens who watched her growing up. Sorry, but its not ‘religion’ that dictates that 13yr olds should not be idolizing sexual videos. And people wonder why 50% of the new HIV cases are in people under age 25 (source: gov stats on aids). Why? because of the over-sexualized media. And idiots who come against parents for trying to shield their kids from same.

      • John

        Agreed. More to growing up than what you wear and how you dance.

    • avenger

      Lets not get out of hand now with the whole “she’s getting a different fan base” stuff…what fanbase? Who in their right mind listens to her crap, plus the whole “growing up” bs is so 10 years ago.
      She’s an untalented hick who is trying to be the next Britney Spears but unlike Britney has literally Zero talent.
      A few more crappy videos and songs; and sayonara do*chbag, good riddance and welcome to a loser reality show about you and your cats

      • Warren

        Miley has millions of fans. That’s why she made 48 Million Dollars last year. And I am a longtime Miley fan and I love her as Hannah and Miley too. She is my beautiful dream girl and has more talent and great songs than Britney ever did. Miley actually sings live unlike Brit.

      • Samantha

        @Warren – I really hope you are under 18 (or maybe 19, i.e. right around Miley’s age). Otherwise you sound like a really creepy pedophile

      • the laffer

        that’s plain dumb. Her summer single was a fun well sung song with a good hook worthy of comparison to other fun summertime songs. It showed considerable singing talent, nothing like the way you describe her. Would you talk about your female relatives like that? I bet not! Just say you dislike her singing, that is fine, but don’t insult her for being successful.

      • Leah

        Yes, because Britney Spears is a PARAGON of how a young star should act, right? Please. I would take Miley Cyrus over that talentless bimbo any day. Miley is young and trying to find her place. Spears HAD her place, and blew it. She will never be what she once was, no matter how hard she tries. Too many people remember her shaving her head and attacking paparazzi with an unbrella. And if Cyrus is such a hack, why is she making so much money? Sold out concerts, tens of millions of $$ banked last year. Yep, sounds like a TOTAL FAILURE.

    • katy

      I hate to admit it but I think she was doing a pretty graceful job of growing up in front of the camera before the Can’t Be Tamed album came out. And she was gaining popularity. I’m not ashamed to admit I loved Party in the USA and The Climb is one of my favorite songs to yell/sing in the car with my friends. And I’m 21 and I haven’t seen Hannah Montana. But now, with this new music, I’m right back to having no reason to even halfway like her. What she’s doing is a terrible career move. To people my age it’s boring and been done several times before, but better. And for her younger fans, she’s completely alienating them.

      • Warren

        Miley has loads of great songs even as Hannah Montana. You should get Miley’s “Breakout” CD album too. I like the “Can’t Be Tamed” album as it has lots of meaningful songs too. Don’t just go by the videos.

    • Are you for Real?

      Growing up is fine. I don’t expect her to be Hannah forever but I also didn’t expect her to resort to a video like this before her 18th bday. But then again, I didn’t expect her to do a nude photo shoot at 16 either and she did. And, I didn’t expect her to use an ice cream stand as a stripper pole either but she did. Too bad. I really like Miley. I just don’t know why she has to slut it up so quickly. I have to say she does look beautiful though.

      • the laffer

        The famous dance in singing in the rain (the movie) had the lead dancer/singer of the title song dance around a light pole on the street in the rain. Miley sang while dancing around an umbrella base pole. I see no comparison in either case to stripper poles. Maybe it was because Miley was a female and the singer in the movie was a man? Neither dancer/singer was a stripper in their character. It said more about the people who thought of a stripper pole instead of an
        And her ‘nude’ pics were of her back, And plenty of women wear dresses with more of their back exposed. and also, it was a VERY famous photographer (an award-winning older woman) taking the pictures with her parents supervising, so blaming the outcome on a teenager is totally unfair. the adults should have known better, not that there was anything actually wrong or exposed in that picture that was truly shocking. “Oh my god, she has a back!”

      • the laffer

        oh and that dance was certainly rehearsed and choreographed ahead of time with dozens of imput from directors and others, but go ahead and blame the entire performance on a 16 yr old kid who probably never even heard of a stripper pole before.

      • mclovin

        I don’t think there is such thing as a 16 year old American who doesn’t know what a stripper pole is.

    • G

      J.J- I love how “growing up” means dressing provocatively. Is that all women are worth, really? I’m sick of seeing it.

  • O’Shady

    Normally, I’d totally disagree with these types of groups. But it is odd that the girl who so valiantly flaunted her purity ring in everyone’s faces just a couple months ago is now so eager to half-assedly rip off Britney Spears.

    • mclovin

      Not to mention Britney Spears already did the “I’m a virgin but not really.” thing a long time ago.

  • captainkona

    Tell these prude, puritan wannabes to keep their fat-assed kids away from the TV.

  • Marcus

    The prudes at the Parents Television Council hate everything. Why exactly does anybody care what they think? I don’t care about Miley either way, but these social groups should really get it through their heads that we don’t live in a theocracy and most normal people don’t see sex as evil.

    • captainkona

      Exactly. People like this call themselves “christians” (which they are not), then label our God-given natural beauty and biology as “evil”.

      Sexuality is not evil, that’s the way we were created. I’m sick of these zealots trying to commandeer God for their own purposes.

      Meanwhile they’re hiding in the bedroom spanking each other or some s*it.
      In every puritan there is a closet pervert.

      • Craig

        Not all Christians are hate mongers. The media just films the ones that are and fuels it. For example, the pastor that wanted to burn the Koran got so much news attention. There is a group of Christians knitting for poor Muslim families in Afghanistan. Does anyone know about them? Nope. Don’t judge the whole because of a minority.

      • Imma big kid now

        @Craig, you’re right. Not all Christians are hate mongers, but your are.

      • mclovin

        @Craig They didn’t say that all Christians were like that, they said ones like the Parents Television Counsil were.

      • Craig

        Thank you Imma big kid now. You definitely know all about me. Thank you for letting me know:)

      • petedogg1979

        Craig, every Christian I’ve ever met is hateful towards anything that goes against their personal religious beliefs. This is just another example of the ignorance and intolerance of the Christian Right in this country.

      • whatevs

        petedogg, you are wrong. A hateful Christian is not a Christian. Most people think they are, and that’s where the problem is. You obviously know nothing about Christianity either, so I wouldn’t talk about ignorance if I were you.

      • G

        Captainkona-What are you talking about? The Bible talks about modesty, not sleazing it up like Cyrus is doing. It has nothing to do with being “ashamed” of our bodies.

        And conservatives and Christians are entitled to their opinions, I’m sick of liberals like yourself saying otherwise.

      • hi

        @G, I agree! As Christians, we are guided by this little book called “THE BIBLE”, which does talk about modesty. However, Christians aside, there are pleanty of “liberal” parents who dislike this sexualized image. ANY PARENT who thinks it’s ok for their YOUNG DAUGHTER to parade around half-naked and sexualized is an IDIOT! Yes, we were created to be sexual creatures, but that sexuality should NEVER be explored as a child or even teenager! Their bodies are light years ahead of their emotional ability to handle the consequences that come with that sexuality! They are not meant to be exposed to those feelings and emotions at such a young age when they don’t have the wisdom to correctly guard and protect themselves!

        Some parents are IDIOTS these days!!

      • hi

        In addition, I teach a community class for sexual abused victims…it’s those VERY same exposed young ladies that end up in my lectures and at the other end of my desk w/ their lives in shambles!

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