Singer Mario arrested for allegedly assaulting mother

R&B singer and former Dancing With the Stars contestant Mario was arrested around 1 a.m. this morning for allegedly assaulting his mother in the apartment they share in Baltimore. According to a Baltimore police spokesperson, the performer’s mother told cops her son had physically shoved her and indicated that he had also assaulted her last week in a similar incident.

Mario — whose full name is Mario Dewar Barrett — was charged with destruction of property and second degree assault. He was later released on a $50,000 bond.

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  • chris

    That doesn’t sound like assault to me. It was wrong what he did but not assault.

    • Sarah

      Um, here is the definition of “Assault”
      1. a sudden, violent attack; onslaught: an assault on tradition.
      2. Law . an unlawful physical attack upon another; an attempt or offer to do violence to another, with or without battery, as by holding a stone or club in a threatening manner.

  • McCoy

    Chris? As in Chris Brown? Shoving is indeed “assault”.

  • Henry

    Touching someone can be considered assault. I don’t know the details of the situation but a good a**kicking generally shuts mom right up.

  • Jamie

    Yawn. Another R-n-B singer with anger issues. Shock.

    • Chance Calloway

      Wasn’t there some show on MTV about him trying to deal with her heroin addiction? Why the heck was he staying with her? Seems like and invitation to trouble.

  • Amandalynn

    I don’t condone men hitting women…but in his defense and what the media is leaving out is that is mother was NEVER known as a “recovering” addict, she was an addict. A few years ago, MTV did a reality show showing Mario trying to get his mother clean and how she stole and borrowed from him to support her habit. It also stopped running because of his mother’s inability to stop using drugs. This isn’t some “Chris Brown” incident, Mario is a good boy, who got a crappy parent and still turned out ok. There is more to this story and hopefully it all comes out, what I believed happened is that he caught his mother still using (because he did it so, so, sooo many times during the reality show) and got fed up. Again, I don’t condone men hitting women, but if one is getting high in the home that you provide, I have to give him a “bye” for it…Just sayin’

    • lefty

      I remember that show. It was very heartbreaking to watch him deal with his mom who could just never get clean.

    • Clt

      I thought the same thing initially, yet people are on here talking about Chris Brown. This man gives his mother money for clothes and personal items and she spends it on drugs. If I were him, I’d put her in a treatment facility and love her from a distance at this point.

    • Sandy

      Unless she was attempting to do him physical harm and he was trying to get away from her, he had no business shoving her — addict or not. Especially his mother . . . get her help if she needs it.

      • AmandaLynn

        Unless we know the full story, how do we know she isn’t lying? Someone as messed up as her, shouldn’t be assumed as the saint until all the facts are discovered. We don’t know, she may have went into a rage and was hitting on him, him shoved her to get her off of him…we don’t know. I just feel that this article doesn’t have enough facts in it and as we all see, he is being compared to Chris Brown which is far FAR from the truth,

  • Karen

    In Mario’s defense, his mother has a severe drug problem, I suspect this is the issue and probably where the altercation came about, he should be living alone not with her in Baltimore as she is very sick woman.

  • Amandalynn

    No..this story isn’t entirely true…

    First, Mario’s mother isn’t as innocent as this article makes her out to be. She is a dope head, who has a history (and a reality show on MTV) showing how she borrowed and stole from him to support her drug habit. The reality show also showed how he tried NUMEROUS times to get her clean and she refused. Secondly, this man has cried on TV to get his mother to stop using, he isn’t the run-of-the-mill R&B criminal as some are trying to label him. And lastly, anyone who understood what he went through can tell that there is a HUGE part of this story that isn’t being said. Doubt if he gets into any trouble for this. My best guess is that he caught her using in HIS PLACE and got upset.

    • Sandy

      So you get upset about something and you shove your mother? UH UH Sorry. No excuse. Crackhead or not.

    • Clt

      Probably tried to stop her from going to score as she goes into the worst areas to do so. He should kick her out. When she hits rock bottom if she lives, she’ll come back.

  • Elizabeth

    His mother is a drug addict that he soley financially supports and has tried to get her the helps she needs – so not that it’s right that he put his hands on her maybe we can save judgement since we don’t know the situation…

  • clandrith

    Mario’s mama is a straight up smackhead. This young man has spent countless dollars and countless hours trying to help her clean up her act. We don’t know the story so for some folks here to even try to equate Mario’s situation to Chris Brown is preposterous.

  • Jennie

    It saddens me to see some people comparing Mario to Chris Brown. Mario is a FAR better young man that Chris could ever dream of being. He has fought for his mother for years and now she is throwing HIM in jail, how many times do you think he could have thrown her in jail for stealing for him and buying illegal drugs? Sick. Take a listen to his track “Do Right” and maybe you’d feel different about this awesome kid.

    • Jennie

      Please allow me to fix some of my spelling errors..
      Mario is a FAR better young man than Chris could ever dream of being. He has fought for his mother for years and now she is throwing HIM in jail, how many times do you think he could have thrown her in jail for stealing from him and buying illegal drugs?

  • me

    I was sad to read this headline and now sadder still to here of his homelife. Step Up is a guilty pleasure of mine and I enjoyed watching him boogie on DWTS. Speaking as the recipient of many a punch, no one deserves to be hit but at the same time, this probably isn’t even close to a true domestic assault. Momma, get cleaned up. If not for yourself, your son.

    • me

      Oopsie, hear, not here. Nor their :), either, for that matter. Just a little spelling humor. Very little.

  • Bernice

    He definately shouldn’t be hitting his mom but I’m wondering if she is back on the crack pipe again.

    • Clt

      She’s not a crackhead. She’s been hooked on heroin since Mario was a baby.

  • wakeforce

    Mario, next time your mother shoots up or uses drug in your home, call the cops and have HER thrown in jail. Haven’t you watched Intervention?

  • Maureen

    He was probably just trying to take the damn needle out of her hand. >_<

  • aloncitabrookens

    as a recovering addict,most times in addiction you burn your bridges especially with family!People get fed up.No one knows the story yet but Baltimore is a grimey city wich is a big ghetto.If your and addict it’s a playground for disaster. I stand by Mario he’s a man with and agenda and he’s tired.Yeah rule of thumb “Don’t put your hands on your Mother” but is she his mother right now? or have she ever been a mother?Until you walk that mans shoes?Who are you to judge.

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