Greg Giraldo, comedian, dead at 44

Comedian Greg Giraldo — well-known for his work on such programs as Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil, several Comedy Central roasts, and NBC’s Last Comic Standing — has passed away. Both Comedy Central and NBC confirmed the comedian died Wednesday in a New Brunswick, N.J., hospital, just days after being hospitalized, reportedly for a prescription pill overdose.

This afternoon, Comedy Central released the following statement: “The tragic news of Greg’s passing hits us very, very hard. Greg has been a close member of the Comedy Central family for years, injecting his energy and wicked sense of humor into countless projects. The comedy community lost a brother today. Our thoughts are with his family.” Giraldo appeared as a judge during the seventh season of Last Comic Standing, and this afternoon, the producers of that program also released a statement: “Greg was one of the most talented comedians of our time. He was truly brilliant. His work will surely continue to influence and inspire us. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

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  • sam

    noooooooooooooooooooo he was my gooche

    • Joe

      I wasn’t familiar with the term “gooche”, so I looked it up on UrbanDictionary. Um… Sam, you are one sick fella.

      • joe

        Sam could be a female… I’m just sayin

      • Amber Fowler

        Joe…I have to totally agree with you on that one. I wasn’t familiar with that term as well so I had to look it up. SICK!!!! That is all I am saying!

      • sam

        thanks brah. and i am a dude

    • Michael Nathan


    • Sohail

      I’ve watched several Roasts on Comedy Central. I truly felt that he was easily the funniest with a natural wit. I always looked forward to seeing him in every Roast that he appeared in. Today, a great comedian has passed away who could’ve been bigger than the best out there today. p.s. wqqqqwe
      Wed 09/29/10 9:10 PM: You’re an Idiot. Don’t post this kind of desperate ads again until Larry Miller dies.

      • Joyce S


    • Marcus

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      • Jesus

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    • Mike

      Why take Greg Giraldo from us and let Dennis Miller stick around? It’s not fair!

      • Tanya

        Amen to that!

      • Joan

        ’cause Dennis Miller can handle his drugs and Greg apparently could not!!

      • Charles


      • Derplecross

        Who the hell is Dennis Miller?

      • camp168

        Because Dennis is funny….is it that difficult to understand?….oh, and Dennis is a drug addled loser….

      • camp168

        ….correction, Dennis is NOT a drug addled loser….my buzz must be wearing off…. lol

      • sally1018

        That is in poor taste. Dennis Miller is a fantastic actor so what’s your point?

      • Please, No!

        It’s all about political agenda. Even on Save me from my 20’s messiah so I don’t have to work anymore.

  • Mike

    Very sad

  • Michelle

    RIP Greg. I was truly shocked by this news.

    • Bill

      Comedy Central Roasts will not be the same. He will be remembered

    • The jackal

      Payback for cutting the funny comics and leaving the most boring ones :(

  • Jeremy DC

    Loved him on Tough Crowd.

  • A


    • Wilmer

      iPhoneSmiles97 on September 11, 2011 @StandardAlOh, just shut up you irumtmae idiot. If you want to be pro choice, than fine. I just hope you know yo are making a HUGE mistake. And watch your language. Don’t be saying that to me.

  • A

    RIP :)

  • A


  • Johnny

    Incredibly funny man. RIP

    • Mert

      wargdirl22 on April 17, 2011 @Kenzofeis sorry say again.I geuss i didn’t understand your comment as I was busy looking up specs to the motor of my new boat.Look-I am not pro dtr nor pro debt collector.All I’m saying is this industry is what it is and myself my wife and kids have a lifestyle that I am very happy with.I amke more in a month than some do in a year.I love that.I’m good at what I do and both yourself and the other hater that commented on what I wrote can hate collectors all you want

  • Vijay

    The world is a poorer place. Greg was simply brilliant and yet epitomized kindness

  • matt

    thank god

    • mark

      your an idiot matt!!!

      • Chuck


      • SirLizard

        mark, I think you mean “you’re an idiot,” as in “you are an idiot,” not “your”. You apparently haven’t gotten to this in school yet, but “your” means “belonging to you.”

      • yepyep

        another person thinks that what ever the problem was, it is sad to see this happening more and with such talented people.
        May God be with his family

      • yourrtheidiiot

        @SirLizard who cares how mark wrote your or you are. You must be old as f#ck to worry about stuff like that or a teacher reject. get over you are self, get it assw*pe!

      • Dylan

        @yourrtheidiiot, clearly YOU are the idiot. First of all, you can’t even spell “idiot”. And one caring about grammar and spelling is not necessarily more aged than you, just more educated. I am sorry to have to “school you” on the difference, but clearly it is necessary.

        Now, to the main point, he was a true comedian, and will be missed.

      • Chupacabra

        “your” an idiot? Your what is an idiot?

      • matt

        point is, you understood what mark was saying and that’s all language is supposed to do–provide symbols for meanings. stop being so pretentious, grammar is unimportant.

      • yourrtheidiiot

        @Dylan. Shut the f*ck up dude! I spelled wrong on purpose u little douche. obviously u r the biggest idiot because that dude meant to say you r like you are but shorter what kind of retard doesn’t get that

      • Jumping In

        I was ready to let this go until the comment that grammar is unimportant was thrown out there.
        For what it’s worth, if you have to write a grant asking for money from the Fed. Gov., there is a paragraph stating that you had better make sure that all your spelling, grammar, etc. is correct or else you will lose your request because casualness with grammar is considered representative of an inability to handle money responsibly. So, yeah, grammar and good writing skills, does matter – if you want money from others.

      • Jump in too

        I think the overall point Sir Lizard was making was that if you’re going to call someone else an idiot on the internet. Then that you should be smart enough to use the correct word, or else you will look like the “IDIOT”. The word idiot means “a foolish or stupid person”. It’s the whole pot calling the kettle black thing.

      • Who cares?

        Who cares about grammar on the internet? I used to point out fallacies in grammar, too, when I was 13 and I thought it made me look cool and smart, but it just makes you look like you’re desparate for people to acknowledge your basic comprehension of the english lamguage, despite the fact that you’re legally retarded.

        Greg, you’re the best comedian since mitch hedberg and the only reason I watched any roast was because of you. Rip

    • oreolemon

      yeah, shut up mark! or I’ll show toy what it looks like at the bottom of a deep hole.

    • JivinJazzyJ

      Matt, you are a cruel person. Maybe , maybe if this guy was some sort of mass murderer you could be thankful, but simply because you don’t like something about him. Really? You’re sick! Get help, now!

    • Sandra

      Nope, not “good”, but when a person like you dies, is is a very good thing.

    • Mike

      So sad to lose a man who shot venom from his mouth for a living. Good riddance.

      • Mike

        I totally take it back. I am a complete moron and if there was any justice in the world, God would come back and take me and return Greg Giraldo.

    • Tray


  • Will

    Darn, he was such a good roaster too.

    • Ashley

      He was almost invariably the best roaster, so sad.

  • Karl

    Wow. RIP, Greg… thoughts and prayers to his family and loved ones.

  • Cris

    He was always one of the true highlights of any Comedy Central Roast. Very sad.

  • John

    Man, I really hate it when truly funny people die. Meantime, of course, Dane Cook is healthy as a mule. Go figure.

    • Chris

      Couldn’t you just mourn Greg without wishing ill on someone else? Just sayin’.

      • Eric Helms

        Greg probably would have thought what John said was funny.

      • Joe

        John thought what Chris said was funny.

      • Silent Rage

        Craig thought what Eric said was funny.

      • Fixda Fernback

        I don’t think that was very funny.

      • Funnyman

        Fixda didn’t think what Craig, Chris, Eric, Joe or Slient said was funny.

      • Shaun

        Actually, Jim Norton liked it best, during the roast of Bob Saget: “Life sucks. Carlin’s dead, Pryor’s dead. Saget? Healthy as a mule.” Try your own material next time.

    • Mo

      I had to sit through a lot of lame Dane Cook routines (man, is he UNFUNNY) because someone I know was convinced that he had delivered the funniest line ever in one of those Comedy Central roasts, and was trying to find it in one of his shows. Turns out, it had been Greg Giraldo who delivered that line. Now, I would have gladly sat through Greg Giraldo’s routines, because the man was very very very funny. This is sad.

      • T Sill

        …and everybody who lines Dane Cook’s pockets with money so he can make them laugh are wrong…Cook’s laughing at your criticism all the way to the bank…wishing he could be doing open mics to make YOU laugh…

      • Theresa

        I don’t know which news is sadder…that Greg Giraldo is dead or that you had to sit through a Dane Cook Show. That guy sucks.

    • nafta

      i hope geraldo was your hero,and DANE COOK is wicked hilarious,try listening sometime

    • Chris

      Good try at ripping off one of Jim Norton’s lines. Go back to the kiddie pool junior!

    • mike c

      Its sad that Greg has died and the no talent David Spade lives! Wtf?

      • buford

        david spade is blacklisted by the industry since the death of farley.

      • BewdyCall

        “David Spade is blacklisted by the industry”? Since Farley’s death in 1997? Then explain his countless TV appearances on long-running shows like ‘Just Shoot Me’, ‘8 Simple Rules’, ‘Rules of Engagement’ (now in its 5th season), and the host of movies he has starred in. You need to re-check your Wikipedia, dude …

      • steve

        can’t believe david spades making comments on, AWESOME! but really lets not act like he’s done anything of value since farley’s death

      • steve

        Nice to see david spade took the time to comment on, but no really he hasn’t done anything since farley’s death

  • Cynthia

    This is so sad. He was so young! And he was such a good comedian. I really liked him. I feel so bad for his family

    • NinjaBoy

      I suggest they look at his doctor. OD on prescription drugs means someone had to prescribe that many to him.

      • hawklady

        Not really. It coudl just mean he took the whole month’s supply at one time or saved a few bottles and took them all at once. Not necessarily a doc’s fault

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