EW Exclusive: 'Paranormal State' star Ryan Buell comes out in new book

Ryan-BuellImage Credit: Charles Norfleet/PR PhotosRyan Buell, star of A&E’s docuseries Paranormal State, comes out as bisexual in his new book, Paranormal State: My Journey Into the Unknown. Buell, who identifies as a Roman Catholic, writes, “I’ve decided to share my sexuality and struggle over faith in hopes that others will no longer feel as though they are alone or that they can’t be religious.” His show returns for a fifth season later this year.

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  • jasper

    ooooooh i’m shocked

  • Steve


  • McProphet

    Bisexual = GAY. Dude, just because being “bi” is considered more socially acceptable, let’s call a spade a spade. Girls that are “bi” ultimately end up with men. Guys who are “bi”… also ultimately end up with men. Stop kidding yourself.

    • Woot

      You are beyond ignorant. Yes, sometimes gay men will say they are bi, because it’s easier. That does not mean you can’t be bisexual.

    • I actually agree with this.

    • jon

      bisexuality DOES exist.

      • Papa

        Yeah, just like ghosts and the Loch Ness Moster. Things that Buell also believes in.

        True Bisexuals are as common as true switch hitters in baseball. They exist but they are very rare.

      • Joel

        Sorry Papa, reality shows us sexuality is not as black and white as most people would be comfortable with.

      • kenny

        Absolutely it always saddens me to see from our own community ignorance about bisexuals and biphobia.I am gay and I have a boyfriend who is bisexual i also have many friends who are bi whom I love and care about deeply.

    • Andrew

      Just because something isn’t in your sexual expression doesn’t mean it does not exist. Bi DOES NOT equal gay. Maybe you should read less celeb gossip and perhaps something more educational.

    • Bill

      I’m bisexual. And male. And married to a woman, you moron. And honest and open about it. And monogamous with her for nearly 15 years now.

      Stay classy, McProphet. ALWAYS stay classy.

      • harper

        So very true, Bill. On the Kinsey scale we’re very very very few are a solid 0 or 6, most fall somewhere in between. Come on peeps, sexuality is more than black and white. and I was in a long term relationship with a bisexual, it was never an issue. But sadly, for many morons out there, ignorance clearly is.

        And, I’m just adding this for my own indulgence, I think Ryan is quite foxy. The more of him to spread around, the better!

    • Liz Peebles

      McProphet, you are a bone head. I would like to know where you get your “facts”. Absolutely Ridiculous! Way to go Ryan! Stand up and be proud of who you are. You are a great guy!

    • Zooey Rexie

      Are you kidding me? bi does not=gay and bi women do NOT always marry men, and even if a bi woman DOES marry a man, it does not make her any less bi! You can be bi and monogamous, you can be bi and poly, you CAN be bi! You do not get to be the sexuality police. Thank God there is finally a celebrity out there, and especially a man, that is coming out as bi, not ashamed of it, and showing the world that bi sexuality is not another word for fence sitting.

    • Joey

      McProphet is right. look at Elton John for Christ sake. Announced he’s “bi” in 70’s, is proud and out and 100% gay now. The problem is, wayyyyy too many gays hide behind the “bi” crap so they keep it on the safe side.

    • nikki

      uh… i’m bisexual and with a woman…. don’t pretend you know sexuality.. it’s different for everyone…

    • McProphet

      That is so wrong!!! Just because he is “bi” doesn’t mean that he is gay or will end up with a guy. It is so biased! He makes a huge mark on the paranormal world. If that is who he is then that is ok with me. My opinion. But DO Not say that Bi=gay cause it don’t. Kay. And do you know how many people are bullied and abused because of their orientation, it is sad, that is who they are and they are comfortable with who they are and we say they are different. If you hurt them do they not feel emotions like human beings?!?!? So my opinion is that, you are so so wrong. BTW if you knew anything about Bi, Gay, or Lesbian you would know better then to write something like that it is really hurtful to me and to people of that orientation.

      • SemraNK

        McProphet, pretty sure the “bi=gay” came out of your keyboard… just saying. Don’t change what you say just because you got bashed, its your opinion. A stupid ignorant nonsensical opionion, but your opinion none the less

      • Christie

        I was thinking the same exact way. McProphet did say “bi=gay”, “a spade is a spade”, & “stop kidding yourself”. If u can’t handle what u dish out, don’t dish it out..simple as that. Do u know how stupid this made u look. Don’t get me wrong, ppls beliefs can change…but damn! Make up ur mind!

    • billy

      Oh the black and white world you live in. Must be very dull.

  • SNAE

    yawn…slow news day?

    • yawn


      what’s your excuse – Slow d-bag day?

      • harper

        heh. i love this comeback!

  • Henry

    I long for the day when discovering someone’s sexuality is actually considered rather crude, low rent and desperate.

    • Matt

      Amen, Henry. That anyone still cares is amazing.

    • Turbo

      Same goes for religion

    • lauren

      Henry, no one “discovered” this…Ryan shared this info!

    • Brett

      That day is here already. I had no interest or desire to know this guy’s sexuality, and I consider that I had to “discover” it to be crude, low rent and desperate.

      • harper

        Well, on the other hand…in this time when LGBT teens are in crisis, it is important for public figures to come forward and discuss such matters: acceptance, spirituality, pride, etc. I find this comment of finding balance of faith and sexuality a positive affirmation, not a crass one.

  • redvector

    I get a gay vibe from Destination Truth’s Josh Gates.

    • Rattles

      LOL I FEEL THAT TOO!!! I think it’s the way he wears his shirt with a couple buttons undone…..

    • kelly

      Gates constantly references to breast n tities blah blah. Though hes always rockin those ascots on his neck like Fred from Scooby Doo, the gay vibe is probably actually the tool in him.He still has the best job on the planet and Ild trade to b the homo ascot wearing tool he is any day

  • Jay

    Glad you came out Ryan! The more that come out, the harder it is for boneheads to pretend we’re not people. Love the show too, btw.

    • Jay

      Thank you. you are sooooo right. also love the show. More people should be who they are not what we make them to be.

  • Kelly

    Why do actors continually feel the need to “come out”? Just be who you are and to heck with what everyone else says. Or maybe all the heteros should come out as well.

    • As a homo, I would be perfectly fine with heteros having to come out, just sayin’. I don’t think he really came out, per se. He was writing a book and his sexuality is a part of who he is (as it is with everybody), so it was included. It’s not as if this is a coming out memoir, y’know?

    • I’m Already Out

      heteros don’t need to come out, because in our heterosexist society, it’s already assumed that everyone is straight – except for Lance Bass.

    • Papa

      Heteros NEVER shut up about their sexuality. They constantly talk about the opposite sex sexually. They parade their girlfriends/boyfriends around, holding hands, kissing, dating and courting in public, putting pictures of their wives/husbands on their desks at work and wearing wedding bands.

      Why on earth would a straight person need to come out? They shove their sexuality down everyone’s throat on a daily basis.

      • Rianna

        totally on that… its completely true

      • heterophob

        that’s not all they shove down everyone’s throat… bahaha

      • Papa

        also agree with that that is who you are ok totally fine with me just don’t impose it on some that don’t want to see it. Get that point too

    • Megan

      Because we live in a heteronormative society so there is a need for clarification. You need to let people know somehow. That said, it makes me cringe when celebrities use the announcement as a publicity stunt.

  • Death

    Wow. I really am shocked. I had him pegged as a straight up hetero. Ehh…who cares though. Flame on flamer!!

  • Jean

    Over at the paranormalpopculture site, Aaron Sager is an entertainment writer and insider on the paranormal, and he says this was already well known

    • Z Thomas

      Wow Jean sounds like you or ParanormalPopCulture is trying to shamelessly piggyback on Buell’s news to get hits on your own site. Lame.

  • wakeforce

    If he’s bi, then I’ll say “bye” to his show. Tired of Hollywood constantly pushing their “alternative lifestyle” agenda on us.

    • Oh well

      If the existence of LGBT people is “pushing” their lifestyle on you, please also say “Bye” to this website, and television in general. We wouldn’t want the big gay alternative door to hit you on the way out.

      • Snap

        LOL! That should be the ONLY kind of door to hit people on the way out!

      • nikki

        agreed….. say bye to the website!

    • Ted

      He is sooooo NOT Hollywood so get over yourself and wake up and join the rest of us in the 21st century you idiot homophobe!!!

    • Joel

      Tired of ignorant people pushing their ignorance on others.

    • nzxc91

      Hope about you just say bye to world in general wakeforce? Do yourself and everyone else a favor you disgusting bigot.

    • Sarah

      I can’t believe you’d say bye to an amazing show just because Ryan Buell’s bi. Honestly…Tolerance, anyone? Please? For the sake of mankind and love?

      • Sarah

        I totally agree with you.

    • harper

      guess what? no one will miss another ignorant bigot. can’t we send the homophobes INTO the closet? because the way the homophobic/racist/intolerant/bigoted push their offensive agenda really grosses me out.

      • Kat

        I agree!

      • Harper

        you guys P.S (Harper & Kat) really must wake up and stay where you are!!! in the closet. How dare you call these people names like that!!!! They are, BTW people you know. Maybe you should get your words straight, because you really should be on another planet then the one you already are on, kay maybe mars???? So um be quiet and stay the HELL!!! out of other peoples lives and keep your closet CLOSED. ok Harper and Kat. I say BYE to you.

    • Hello anyone there???

      Um, why the #*%^ would you do that? it is his show yea so??? the show is about the paranormal not about Bi, gay, or lesbian, so you know what one more off his show is another well earned. That is who he is soooo??

    • JCSAtx71


      What causes you to discount another human (whose show you apparently enjoyed prior to his deciding to do be honest enough to just finally be honest about his sexuality)?

      While I won’t claim to speak for anyone other than myself, I consider his decision to be rather courageous. For whatever reason, it seems that when compared to many cultures around the world, Americans appear to constantly have no problem with the constant onslaught of graphic violence and gratuitous sex shown in the vast number of cinemas, yet claim to be offended by someone’s merely speaking about their LOVE for someone (even if that object of their affection is of the same gender.

      If that mindset remains the status quo, we really need to ask ourselves why violence and graphic sex scenes are more acceptable than simple love.

      • Susu

        AMEN!! So well said and spot on! The priorities of what “wakefart” (and the many ignorant the share these beliefs) finds offensive is really outta whack.

  • rory

    Show me a 65-year-old bisexual. You can’t. Because at some point you choose. Bisexuality is a staging ground for cowards.

    • WOW

      rory, you have interviewed every 65 year old man in america? I am impressed!!! I will tell my 67 year old bi sexual friend he is a liar because you said so!

    • Rob Barton

      Actually I had two uncle growing up who were partnered for over 30 years and who were both bi. They are both dead now but actually one of them was married to a woman the last five years of his life. He was bi and well over 65. I also had an adoptive grandparent who was bi all of his life even after he turned 65. You should should consider reading a broad spectrum of academic stuff on the subject.

    • harper

      rory, you are a boob. I happen to know a 73 year old bisexual. He has a rockin’ social life. I also know a 61 year old bi female. Does she count? Or is she still a “coward”?

    • sarahm

      Now, not cowards, just too frisky to risk reducing our options. ;)

  • SteveNYC

    Awesome…another reason to love this man.

    • Joel

      I wouldn’t mind going on a one-on-one ghosthunt with him.

  • kyle

    Why do people care so much about other people’s sexuality? And why hate anything?

  • ,,,

    As a homo… I….

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