Jenny Slate to leave 'Saturday Night Live' has confirmed reports that Jenny Slate, who joined Saturday Night Live in 2009, will not be returning this season. Slate made a name for herself in her very first show by accidentally using the f-word in a sketch, and recently created a viral video hit called “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.” Saturday Night Live premieres Sept. 25 with host Amy Poehler.

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  • Jake

    Oh no! No more door bell sketches. Always a good last sketch of the night.

    • Dan

      Those doorbell sketches stunk. That voice she used was so annoying.

      • Randy

        Kinda the point. ;)

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        That’s why I didn’t buy a TV with smellovision.

      • will

        wow, I’m actually surprised you wrote something on topic before you started to spam.

      • derek

        Yeah, she was my favorite cast member too.
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    • Hiro protagonist

      Good! She was terrible.

    • Kylie

      I loved those sketches!

    • forrest

      who? wow. I guess I won’t miss her at all then……

      • Dan

        That was my first thought. I didn’t know there were females on the show besides Kristen Wiig.

    • WHO?

      WHO? Is She?

      • KRibbons


  • Mary

    Say what you will, but the Marcel the Shell thing was ADORABLE.

    • Mole

      Marcel was AMAZING, and it seemed like very un-SNL humor, almost more like a Wes Anderson style. I hope whatever platform she takes next will hilight her offbeat talent.

      • flappity

        marcel the shell with shoes on is largely plagarized from The Best Show on WFMU’s “Timmy von Trimble the two inch racist” character.

      • KRibbons


    • blargh

      LOVED Marcel. Still don’t like Jenny though.

  • Mr. Holloway

    That’s too bad.

    Other than the skit where she slipped up and said the f-word (which helped distract people from how brutally unfunny that skit was), I thought she ended up being a pretty decent addition.

  • Erin

    She was my favorite cast member. ARG!!!

  • Frank Anderson

    Thank God! She seemed like a nice, but unfunny person.

    • Brian

      Go see her stand-up and you’ll see how funny she is. SNL wasn’t really a great platform for her.

  • Matty

    I really liked what she added to the show. Too bad.

  • Michael

    They can hire and fire all the people in the world. Bad writing will still plague the show. They should start in the writers’ room…yeah, I’m talkin’ to you Seth Meyers.

    • Mina

      AGREED! The actors can only take crappy skits so far. Its been years but i’m still shocked that Seth Meyers is HEAD WRITER. He cannot possibly be the funniest person there.

      • jason.

        Yeah, but they’re all responsible for contributing to the week’s writing. Seth probably gets say on what stays and what goes (to a degree), which either says a lot about him, or a lot about how bad the stuff that doesn’t make it is.

    • sam

      I agree. They can get as many funny people in the cast as they like, but without good writing they will have nothing to do. Seth Meyers has no talent that I can see-how did he get to be head writer and why isn’t he already gone?

  • Jon

    If only they’d get rid of Kristen Wiig. I don’t watch SNL live, so that I can fast forward to any sketch that she’s in.

    • DTour

      Then youre missing good stuff

      • d

        No, you are really not. She is terrible.

      • Justin K

        she’s not terrible- she’s a strong female lead

    • Ian

      If you want her gone, why are you fastforwarding TO the sketches she’s in?

  • MiaRW

    Great, one less female. Now Kristen Wiig can be in every sketch.

    • MiaRW

      And that is sarcasm, not happiness.

    • TJ

      More Gilly! More Target Lady! Ugh….

      • CPK

        So True about Gilly and the Target lady. It seem as if Gilly was scaled back as soon as the sketch became so popular on youtube!Need some more of those!

      • @CPK

        um, sarcasm. No one (but you) likes Gilly.

    • Andrew

      A new female is supposedly joining the cast.

      • Betty

        Her name is Vanessa Bayer.

    • Duh

      Wiig is already in every sketch, now there will be one less chick to fill space without Slate.
      I think the reason other females castmembers leave after one season is because it’s all about unfunny Wiig. Talk about unfunny, Wiig is the unfunnyiest! Gilly is so G0DDAMN ANNYOING!!!!

  • Sean D

    As long as Nasim Pedrad stays, that’s all I care about. She’s the first legitimate new female cast member in what feels like a really long time. And she helps Kirsten Wiig carry the load.

    • ebc

      Agreed! I’d much rather see Slate go than Nasim Pedrad. Really hope she gets some more air time this season.

    • Cira

      I totally agree. She is my favorite performer on the show. So glad they finally got a girl who is funny. Not that the other girls weren’t, but Nasim can outshine the crappy writing. I used to love Kristin Whig before they put her in every skit.

  • me

    Why don’t they bring back Michaela Watkins? And use less Whig? Man, I’d be happy for just less of her.

    • DTour

      Oh my god…Watkins is nowhere near the comedic level of wiig.

      • no kidding

        she’s above it.

  • steve

    Aaaw! I love Jenny Slate! :( Good luck Jenny!

  • M

    SNL never really gave her a chance– she did the best she could with the awful material she was given.

  • jennifer

    i am so bummed! jenny was my favorite cast member in quite some time. she got a slow start (i think they underutilized her at first b/c of the f-bomb debacle) but towards the end of the season she really started to shine. meanwhile totally useless other cast members get to stay? ughh!

    • jennifer

      i’m looking at you, boys. let the show build up a bigger female cast. three women is just not enough. that’s why it became the amy show for so many years, and that’s why it’s the kristen show now.

      • chris

        How about they hire a black female so that Kenan won’t have to play every black female.

    • Zoe

      Absolutely right. There have NEVER been enough women on SNL, which is ironic, considering how far many of the women who WERE on have gone in their careers (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler). Why, exactly, is not roughly half the cast female? Then Wiig would not have to be in every sketch (much as Amy used to be).

  • kay

    Krisin Whig is hands down the worst leads SNL has ever had. I HATE HER

    • DTour

      ..Shes my favorite

      • CPK

        mine too! very talented

      • Fe

        Kristin Wiig’s problem is that she’s extremely talented at playing characters who are repulsive and annoying.

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