Lindsay Lohan released early from rehab

Lindsay Lohan was released Tuesday from her court-ordered rehabilitation at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Los Angeles, People reports. The 24-year-old actress signed her discharge papers on the 23rd day of her 90-day treatment program and, according to RadarOnline, was whisked out of the back door and into a chauffeur-driven car. A court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning in Beverly Hills in front of a new judge, Elden Fox, who could order additional outpatient care for Lohan.

Lohan checked into the rehab facility on Aug. 2 after her 90-day jail sentence was cut short. The actress was sentenced to jail and rehab for violating her probation in connection to a 2007 DUI conviction.

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  • Pink Lemonade

    Yeah. That’s a great idea. Not.

    • Mea

      You can’t fix stupid. Re: court system.

      • Doubt

        what she has is a PATHOLOGICAL NEED FOR ATTENTION, and since she is but encouraged to it by media, family and ‘friends’, i doubt LiLo is ever going to change

    • LiLo

      Seriously? She has been to rehab 4 times now, she is obviously never going to learn. I see no point in her staying in rehab. It’s like she is forever stuck in her stupid teenage rebellion period.

      • TQB

        It’s true, why waste the professionals’ time and the bed space on her – I’m sure there are plenty of troubled people in LA that would appreciate the help.

    • jen

      I give her 3 months. then the blame game begins. Every one of these judges killed this girl.

      • Celimene

        I think the most recent judge tried to save her. It seems that the jail and rehab are the ones who failed her.


      Blame the evil criminal One-Termer. He put in a word to release this waste of space. WE MUST WIN 2012 and imprison the One-Termer for his crimes against our Gulf Coast, our troops and our nation! FACT!

      • @ Impeach Obama

        You really need to get a life.

      • mojo

        How did that escape from beneath the head protection gear? Go post your completely unrelated-to-subject venom at a more appropriate venue.


        Can’t handle the truth, mojo? You and your criminal One-Termer have already lost. Admit it.

      • Mikel Paule

        I bet you voted for Bush…Twice! shut up if you don’t know what your tlking aboout, Bush is the war criminal, Obama is cleaning his mess and doing a good job of it while racists and retards like you oppose hime just to oppose him. do your homework or shut your ignorant mouth.

  • Al

    That was fast…here’s hoping for the best.

  • suckit

    why am i not surprised

  • BJohnson

    This stuff happens out there with criminals all day, they go to court appointed rehab, claim they’re okay to leave and then end up right back in again. She can only get help when she’s ready, not because the judge ordered her too. I would be more convinced if she was told she could go and she decided to stay.

  • JRWolfe

    Who does the math in the California criminal system ? She gets 90 days in jail,serves 12,gets 80 days in rehab,serves 23? What the F ?

    • Al Manfree

      Seriously, if this is the math they’re teaching in CA schools,(Haha) no wonder the stets in such a mess.

      But, all jokes aside, this is another reason why criminals have no respect for the law in CA, they know they’ll do minmimal time and be back on the streets.

  • Bruno Brunelli

    Who cares.

  • kathy60

    Another celebrity with just a slap on the wrist. They are NEVER and will NEVER be held accountable for their actions. The judges are SO afraid of treating them like ordinary folk.

    • Tee

      I’m sorry it’s not just celebrities that get off lightly. Get a decent lawyer and the right judge (and helps if you aren’t a minority) and welcome to our legal system.

      • Kylie

        Exactly. But to be fair, it’s not like she murdered someone. She may be messed up but OJ she is not.

      • THNX

        THANK YOU. I am so sick of the media claiming that celebs get special treatment and “they wouldn’t have done that if she was a normal person”. Yeah right. They let “normal” people out all the time because of overcrowding and other issues that plague California’s jail systems…

  • Barb

    How can this happen? I am the mother of a biracial son; do you think this would happen in the REAL WORLD???????

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Barb, I hate to tell you this, but your son is most likely gonna grow up to be a violent criminal, so, no, I hope they don’t let him off easy. Lohan, however, just drank too much and deserves some leniency.

      • Steven D.

        How dare you tell this women her con will be a violent criminal because he is biracial your ignorance is beyond saddening and hope you take the time out to educate yourself and end your racial views. You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking, let alone posting, such filth. Just when you think things are getting better in the world there are people like you would sets America back.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Sorry fake Rusty, just going to change my name to something else. You do realize it’s a fake name so it’s not like people actually know who I am.

      • Chazz Winterbottom

        No Real Rusty! If you change your name the terrorists win!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Her con? Freudian slip?

    • joey

      no he knows that her son will be serving time in prison and be somebody’s new fish

    • Sam J

      Thats funny Rusty Fuedian slip, but you still a racist prick even if I can or can’t spell.

  • TorontoTom

    WOW, that’s EXCELLENT NEWS! Now, she can be on Dancing With The Stars! Seriously, I want to go live on a new planet (but NOT the one Rusty is from…)

    • Shurly


  • Maureen

    Is anyone really surprised by this? ;)

  • Kylie

    From what I’ve read, she was released because the people there didn’t think she was an addict. Not everyone who likes to drink is an alcoholic, she needs a lifestyle change. Maybe rehab just wasn’t necessary.

    • Mea

      She needs to get a divorce from her mother.

  • tom cruz

    Who cares. Why is this sub human partying skank so important? I hate the media and journalists who are going to make her a forune. Ooooooo 13 days of jail of a 90. Plus she got lolipops at night time and tucked into bed. You idiots still sure you wanna give her a book deal for a boring 13 days? I love it how jail is a financiaaly rewarding experience when famous. I would be in jail as much as possible if I was famous. Stupid judges. That should be part of sentencing. Thou shalt not make millions of dollars off being an idiot and driving drunk many times. I hate this world.

    • Mea

      You ARE welcome to leave, you know?

  • jt

    Why does no one want to help her? She can’t get better until she is surrounded by people who want her to get better and will insist she get some real help. Sad.

  • Wink DiMone

    ok will this post be ok?

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