Rocker Ted Nugent pleads no contest to deer-baiting charge

Rock star and noted hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent was fined $1,750 in Yuba County Superior Court Friday after pleading no contest to charges of baiting deer and not having a properly signed hunting tag, according to the Los Angeles Times. The charges arose following an incident last year in which Nugent was filmed killing an immature buck on an episode of his hunting show, Spirit of the Wild, which airs on the Outdoor Channel. An investigation found that Nugent and his co-defendants, Mitchell Moore and Ross Patterson, had baited the area using a wildlife attractant called “C’Mere Deer,” in violation of California law.

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  • cspnat

    Say it ain’t so! Not the Republican lovin Elephant azz kisser with superior morals to all, how can it be? Oh yeah he’s just another republican……

    • MU

      He’s just another casulty of another dumb, usless California law designed to phase out hunting. Any other state & it wouldn’t have happened.

      • Mea

        There should be a law to phase out Nugent.

      • Alyssa

        Um yeah it would I am hundreds of miles away from California and it would happen in my state ( North Dakota). You can get big fines, obviously even up here for no tags, property invasion, hunting within a certain radius of houses, no license, wrong sex of deer on your license. Trust me I go hunting with my dad every November. OH and contrary to belief Democrats do like to hunt. Im an example.

      • jules

        Alyssa, I’m not a fan of hunting at all, but hopefully your hunting style isn’t cowardly and cruel, like this disgusting knuckle-dragger.

    • Deedee

      Ted Nugent may be a Republican but I guarantee you Michael Vick is a Democrat.

  • ks


    • tnt

      is that all, ted stood up like the man he is and plead guilty not cower or double talk

      • deerpark243

        Pleading no contest is the same thing as pleading guilty.

      • rhybeckah

        He shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

      • jules

        But he has no problem shooting a baby animal. What a big, strong man.

    • rod


      • rhybeckah


  • Clay Aiken

    What a loser.

  • George W. Bush

    He makes a good case for late term abortion.



    • Mea

      Right behind your English teacher?

    • jp

      What the hell did you just write there, Al? English isn’t your strongest suit, is it?

  • Randy Stricklen

    Mr “lets arm every person in America” not illegals of course caught violating the law. What’s next Ted? a democrat in your band Shame Shame Shame

  • Old Nimrod

    He always has been clueless to what real hunting edicate is.
    Big mouth Ted is a legend in his own mind.
    Sportsmen and women have called him a slob hunter for years now so it doesn’t surprise anyone.

    • randy


  • Randy Stricklen

    Oh he is one of my favorites in music,It’s his politics that want to make me puke! Thank You

  • Scott

    Ted, you can take all your platitudes about gun ownership and hunting and shove it!

  • Frank

    He illegaly baited deer? WOW. Scintillating stuff. This is news?

    • rod

      hes an idiot thats how he rolls big game hunters azz!

  • rod

    hes a punk i used to work for his beef jerky company in canton hes a joke. i meet him too at the shop big bozo he was filming there,its about time he got caught loser

    • vwhat

      awwwwww….im a wittle nobody and my boss that fired me for being a stupid ahole got girly slapped so now i can stand and have everybody see me as i raise my hand and say….ohhh…ohhh…ohhhh… my name is arnold horshach…hehehe….loza

  • jason baca

    If CA is so dumb it outlawed Cmere Deer for baiting they should outlaw cologne that women like in bars on men.

  • ger

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  • vwhat

    so wtf..thats ALL you got?!??? hahahahaha…blah,blah,blah…anyone who hands on this little crap is nothing but a ewww look…you gat caught picking your nose so this proves EVERYTHING anti-bama isde devil!!???…hahahah

    • vwhat

      sorry =))

      • rhybeckah

        Too busy hating to learn how to spell?

    • Alyssa

      nothing personal, but seek help. You do know that most people view republicans such as Ted scary right?

  • Walt

    Cali’s DNR should understand that baiting deer is the very best way to insure a clean kill with out the suffering of the animal. Of course the agenda is to stop all hunting in Cali and what a better way to go about doing that but to make sure shots are difficult and animales are wounded and die a slow death or become crippled. Hunting has been a part of this country before it was a country. Unless you are a vegitarian being anti hunting is silly. Hunting connects familys in a way that a lib would not understand but I challenge anyone to find a gangbanger or a drug user with a hunting permit in his pocket. Of course in Cali both are more excepted than the hunter.By the way I think I herd something about Texas DNR donating about $1,750 to Teds favorite charity(whackem and Stackem)

    • Mea

      Anyone who goes out and kills something for fun/sport deserves to be hunted and killed themselves.

      • dee

        I agree. Wouldn’t that be something for the tables to be turned and have the animals hunt those who do it for “fun” and see how it feels. Ted Nugent, what a disappointment.

    • Alyssa

      Really Walt? you sure. Im a ” Lib” and I go hunting every year with my father. And we are both ” Liberal Dems”. Fickle Republicans. I feel sorry your gullible heads.

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