Dr. Laura Schlessinger to end show

Dr. Laura Schlessinger told CNN’s Larry King on Tuesday night that she will end her radio show following outrage over her use of the N-word last week. She told King her contract is up after this year and that she will not renew it. She said she wants to “regain my First Amendment rights” and that she is not ending her career, just her radio show.

After using the racial epithet several times with a caller last Tuesday, Schlessinger posted an apology to her website and repeated it during a subsequent broadcast. She told King that after doing radio for more than 30 years, “I want to be able to say what’s on my mind and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry or some special-interest group deciding this is a time to silence a voice of dissent.”

Schlessinger went on to say that radio has changed and that any kind of  back and forth has “been usurped by angry, hateful groups who don’t want to debate — they want to eliminate…. I decided it was time to move on to other venues where I could say my peace and not have to live in fear anymore.”

Schlessinger is syndicated by Talk Radio Network, which refers to her as “the most listened-to women in radio broadcasting history.” According to Talkers Magazine, the Dr. Laura program is tied as the third-most-popular radio show in the nation (along with Glenn Beck and Michael Savage), with over 9 million weekly listeners. In August, she was nominated for the Marconi Award for network/syndicated personality of the year, which she received back in 1997.

Her flagship station is KFWB in Los Angeles.

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  • Ben

    If only she had committed a negligible offense, like say, being a member of the Klan, the militantly politically correct would have given her a life appointment in the US Senate instead as long as she had a ‘D’ next to her name! Too bad she’s not a liberal, though.

    • Carrie

      get all the morons off air… bring with her o’reilly, limbaugh, and those conservative, rabble-rouser morons.. quick!

      • Christie

        Thank you, Carrie, for demonstrating liberal tolerance.

      • Annoyed

        !t’s not about liberal tolerance; I’m so tired of that excuse. It’s about getting fear-mongering, bigoted, lying, small-minded people off the airwaves. Sorry, but those people do nothing but lie to Americans and appeal to their baser, simplistic, idiotic instincts. The drive intellectual discourse underground.

      • Annoyed


      • theBigE

        Yes, Annoyed, let’s get rid of “those people” who annoy you! Since they “do nothing but lie.” You’re being honest and non-bigoted, right?

      • alan of montreal

        @theBigE–you’re only proving Annoyed’s point

      • Mark

        When you make up your own facts about the world, you’re lying. Conservative or Liberal has nothing to do with it, but all those people do is spew hateful, intolerant, and false ideas.

      • UGH

        Are they going to retire her Nazi outfit number?

      • Al Sharpton-6

        Carrie…when you grow up, you will learn to appreciate those conservatives. Maybe if you start going to church, you will also become conservative and maybe even make it to heaven.

    • Testosterone

      Everyone is missing her point. I have a Lil Jon CD that uses the N word over 500 times. So that’s OK huh??? But for Dr. Laura to use the word to ask a caller what people are saying to her that is racist, she CAN’T use it? She should’ve been smart enough to know NOT to use it, but her point was very clear. So is saying “White men can’t jump” which was the TITLE OF A MOVIE….Is that racist???? Answer my points ONLY and don’t go on and on about other stuff. ANSWER MY POINTS.

      • Ap

        The White Men Can’t Jump movie reference shouldn’t be commented on since that’s pretty irrelevant. But, as a Black person, I personally don’t have a problem with hearing other Blacks say the n-word because it’s all in the context. Now hearing an older White woman say that word? It’s a problem. She should know better. All she had to say was n-word. But she said the word? I’m not saying she’s racist but that surely doesn’t help.

      • Pete

        @Testosterone Maybe you should listen to the clips because Dr. Laura admitted she was wrong, so your comment is pointless, STFU!

      • cg

        Exactly!!!!!!!!!!Pete, you are not so bright. She admitted she was wrong because she was pressured to. Thus she quit so she could have the same free speech and conversations that others can.

      • Chuck

        Hey Testy, I’ll answer your points very simply and using the same sort of rhetoric you use. YOU ARE AN IDIOT WHO SHOUTS OVER OTHER PEOPLE AND PRETENDS TO USE LOGIC TO DISGUISE WHAT IS ESSENTIALLY INTOLERANT HATEMONGERING.


      • becca

        i don’t understand why so many people use the excuse of “they use the word we should be able to”. In THEIR culture its ok, unless you are black its not YOUR culture. if the black community says its not ok. then its not ok. end of story. i also dont understand why people are refusing to stop saying something that is offensive. “Well, they say it”. so what thousands of people agreed with hitler. didn’t make him right. it all boils down to cultural ignorance and the refusal to just let it go and stop trying to use a bad excuse for even worse behavior.

      • wakeforce

        Here we go again, Testy. BLACK FOLKS CAN USE THE N- WORD> YOU CAN NOT. End of story. Other things that aren’t fair: Men cannot carry a child and a 90 pound woman cannot drink a 200-pound man under the table.

      • Al Sharpton-6

        YES!!! That is absolutely racist…but remember.. if it is anti-black it’s racist and if it’s anti-white then of course it’s “civil Rights” HA HA HA HA Ha

    • cg

      Your column did not really explain honestly what happened. You are giving the impression that she just threw these invectives out there. She was having a conversation with a woman in an inter racial marriage having problems with family. She was making the point that rappers and HBO etc throw these words around. Out of context you make her sound like a racist when she was raising valid points. I don’t know if she is a racist or not but your story is slanted and incomplete.

      • Anna Mossity

        Pete: You can’t, in all honesty, point to her “apology” as evidence that she “admitted she was wrong,” because her comments later, on The Larry King Live Show, pretty much lay waste to the theory that she feels she did ANYTHING at all wrong! And where in the First Amendment does it say that, having exercized your Freedom of Speech, you are Constitutionally protected from any criticism?!

      • Maria

        cg: My female friends joke around and frequently toss out terms like b*tch and c**t. My Jewish friends might even add the adjective k*ke in front of one the terms. Does that give someone else the right to go on air, use the terms, and then get outraged when people get offended about their ‘1st amendment’ rights being tampered with?

        Somehow I do not think so.

      • Jenn

        Thank you, Anna! First Amendment gives you the right to say what you want, but it doesn’t give you the right to say it on a radio or TV show. PLUS, just because we have the right to say what we want doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences!

      • Felicia

        @Anna Mossity–Agreed. She said what she wanted to and people complained, it’s not like they arrested her for it or took her away never to be seen again.

      • ME

        FINALLY!!!! cg is the ONLY genious that gets it besides ME…..she did NOTHING wrong here Morons….BOO Fu$%^%ing HOO!! I have been called all kinds of pissy little slang names all my life by others….Whaaaa!!! I am still alive and could care less….I LOVE DR> LAURA and her right to the point..factual ways of stating them….get off of your f’ing lazy asses and wake up ….this is 2010 NOT 1910….NO ONE out there is a slave or cotton picker today …OH unless you are Fu*&^ing WHITE…..then you are the MOST descriminated person on the face of this EARTH!!!!

    • Donna

      I’m thrilled her racist, bigoted a** will go off the air. She’s been hateful for decades and I’m glad she’s being silenced. Good riddance!

      • dpinmd


      • ME

        Donna….hmmm thats a weird name for a BLACK woman…..another baby that cant handle life…oh poor is me…..

    • BFD

      She’s a bigoted, close minded, reactionary and it’s been a long time coming. Get this harridan off the air already.

  • ella

    It’s hard to believe anyone was still listening to this shrew’s radio show anyway…

    • e4ia

      It’s hard to believe that a house still hasn’t fallen on top of that shriveled up, hate-spewing c–t.

    • Lucy


  • MsDaisy

    Didn’t know she still had a show until this brouhaha.

  • joan

    Good riddance. She was mean and condescending to her listeners. I doubt she’ll be missed!

  • Heather

    She’s knows that they won’t ask her back that’s why. She’s a racist b!tch.

  • Brooke

    I will never forget the one time I heard her. She told a grown woman who had moved across the country for a relationship to “go back to [her] mother.” Absolutely gross. Plus, obviously the racism.

    Ugh, good riddance.

  • Uncle Arthur

    One down, many more to go. Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh… yes, I put her in their company. What a horrible woman. This latest fracas isn’t even the beginning of the hatred this woman has spewed over the years. GOOD RIDDANCE.

    • Alan

      She’s worse than them in my opinion, because they are conservative political hosts, but she’s a rude, bitter woman who deeply and personally insults and berates callers who come to her seeking professional advice on personal psychological matters. She’s disgusting and her callers are pathetic.

  • Jesse

    How absurd. Dr. Laura has lost it. “You’re too sensitive.” If a gay person called in and said that the f-word was offensive, would she have been like, “Well, you obviously don’t watch QUEER AS FOLK”? She had no right to say what she did to that caller; I’d have been offended too.

    • Bridges


    • Hey Zeus

      Yes she DOES have the right…
      It’s in the Bill of RIGHTS.

      • Nate

        She may have the right – but people also have the right to say they disagree with her. Sounds like she’s bothered when people exercise their own freedom of speech since it impacts her….ahh, the hypocrisy.

      • shaye

        I believe freedom of speech protects your right to voice your opinion without being arrested (especially opinions against the government). It does not guarantee the right to say whatever you want and not be fired or cause people to be insulted.

      • Jamie

        Yay Shaye!!! I am so sick of idiots who state stupid opinions and then when people are upset they hide behind their “1st Amendment Rights”. The 1st Amendment protects you from the government, not from public opinion. It was the same with that horrid Carrie Prejean woman – she went on and on about how her “1st Amendment Rights” were being taken away when in reality she wasn’t being arrested and so far as I know she wasn’t thrown in jail for being stupid. People just blasted her for being a dolt – same with Dr. Laura – and “Hey Zeus” that is not something that is protected by the “Bill of Rights” you moron.

      • Erin

        She’s an a**whole. Good riddens. Goodbye. Next topic please!

    • A-K87

      agreed, that’s a very good point.

    • Stef

      She is awful to most of her callers, but this one in particular was horrible even BEFORE she started spewing off the n-word. The second she said her husband’s friends were racist, she’s like “some people are hypersensitive” and what they were saying WAS racist – she should look up the meaning of the word.

  • TorontoTom

    Maybe she could run for mayor against Levi in Alaska?

  • Bibi

    Hope she finds that rock she crawled out from under and never sees the light of day again. Horrid woman.

  • fsj

    I hope she finds a sharp knife and cuts her own throat with it.

    • theBigE

      Yes, you’re obviously a much better person than she is! I never heard her suggest to someone they kill themselves.

  • Frank Anderson

    It is funny how many Americans seem to have no idea what having rights means. Dr. Laura did not lose her 1st Amendment Rights, she suffered the consequence for using it. There is a big difference between the two. Just because there is freedom of religion and freedom of speech, that does not free you from the results of the actions you take and the things you say. That is also why I am not quaking in my boots over the NY Mosque. In the end they will get the rights they deserve, but they will have to fight tooth and nail to do so. It is just as much people’s right to protest and try to impede as it is their right to build a Mosque. I guess the main difference from me and most people is that I believe right will win in the end.

    • James S.

      Frank, thank you. This woman spent her entire career saying hateful, hurtful things–and giving dubious advice–all under the veil of moral superiority. And she said it all well within her Constitutional rights. Now that her relentless dogma has caught up with her, she’s claiming she never had those rights. She’s playing the wounded, misunderstood victim, and I think she actually believes people are going to have sympathy for her.

      • SnowConan

        as tmz pointed out, she was in talks with CBS back in the 90’s to do a tv show. At that time she wanted CBS to quash Howard Stern from making fun of her. Freedom of Speech, huh? Hateful hypocrite.

    • Stef

      So true. She’s not getting arrested! Other people are using their first amendment rights to refute her!

  • Fluffer

    Huh, that’s a surprise. I always thought the way we would see her eventually disappear would be more like one day she’d burst into dust and the ground would gleefully suck her down.
    Oh, well. This works too. Buh bye beeech!

  • Juneau

    Too bad that she thinks the outrage is about her using the N-word. That was the least disturbing thing about that call. True colors shown through.

    • Kim

      Agreed! She’s supposed to be “helping” people? Yeah, right.

  • JayK

    Even without this whole business, she makes me ill. I can’t understand why people listen to her hate. Hope she crawls under a rock and disappears.

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