Neil Patrick Harris and partner expecting twins

Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka, are expecting twins this fall. Harris tweeted the news earlier today. “So, get this: David and I are expecting twins this fall,”  his update reads. “We’re super excited/nervous/thrilled. Hoping the press can respect our privacy…” E! Online reports that the couple will become parents in October with the help of a surrogate.

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  • Slezak

    I,m gladd you added the surrogate part

    • TheCriticizer

      I think I speak for everyone when I say “EWW”

      • Mike

        You don’t. At least not for those who have progressed past the mentality of a 12 year old.

      • rees

        Maybe he was looking at his mirror when he wrote that…

      • Bianca

        @ The Criticizer: May we kindly ask you to do some mental yoga in your little Neandertal cave until you, too, have progressed to the 21st century? Thank you. Very much appreciated. Once you have reached adulthood, send us a racing pigeon.

      • Amy

        Wow, grow up. It’s the 21st century, not 1840. You most certainly do NOT speak for me.

      • jords

        You most certainly may not speak for me as the mentally sane generally celebrate the concept of two loving people welcoming children into their home.

        I cannot wait until the day small-minded opinions such as yours are eradicated from this country.

      • Summer

        Oh, sweetie. You so, so don’t.

        Meanwhile, if you have the pressing need to criticize something, as your name implies that you do…

        Look in the mirror and fire away.

      • Heather P

        Nope, you don’t speak for me.

      • Lynda


      • Jeff

        Wow, you have a really bloated and delusional ego if you think you speak for “everyone”. Why do you think you have that kind of authority, bud?

      • SagaDevotee

        you don’t speak for everyone else. I’m really happy for them. mazel tov

      • Ryan

        You speak for me. I feel so sorry for those children. It’s a sick world we live in.

      • Mondia

        You don’t speak for me. Grow up.

      • Chris

        I think I speak for everyone, when i say that you certainly dont speak for everyone. hmm. no really, just screw you.

      • Niix Starkyller

        You’re right, Andrea Shaw. Not to mention all those single Dad’s out there. The law should state that any child with an absent or deceased mother should be taken away from those corrupting single fathers and gay couples, and placed in foster care. It’s the way of the animal kingdom.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Also, who needs law in the first place? The bigger people should rule the smaller people. Oh, don’t forget to mark your territory by strategically emptying your bladder. And what’s up with this whole ‘clothing’ thing?

      • Niix Starkyller

        Andrea, obviously you have a problem with logic. Perhaps sarcasm is too subtle a communication device for you? To be clear:
        Your assertion that this is wrong because it breaches basic animal laws is hollow at best. Human behavior, while influenced, is no longer governed by animal behavior. Read a book sometime. They’re fun!

      • Jim

        Hey “Criticizer”…You and Hot were made for each other. She just broke up with her boyfriend, you could actually score!

      • ladyhwk1

        I am with criticizer, you can speak for me anytime!!!- hey people read the bible!!! Even if you don’t read the bible- it is straight against nature!! Kids need a MOTHER- there are certain things a Dad can’t do that a mother can do!!

      • Rick

        Yeah,”EWWW” and “SICK” and “DISGUSTING”. God made Adam & Eve; not Adam & Steve.

      • T.J.

        You certainly don’t speak for me. I think this is a wonderful story and I am happy for all involved!

      • hooiskellie

        you and everyone else who agrees with you make me sick. YOU are what is wrong with the world today. and you ABSOLUTELY 100% DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. STFU loser.

      • Michelle The Social Worker

        I love how everyone is so quick to criticize single or gay parents if they decide to have a child, yet no one says anything about those dead-beat dads who abandon their wives and families….people stay quiet when that subject comes up, huh?

      • commonsense

        yes you do………………….it’s sick and disgusting…………………a man (and I use the term VERY loosely) putting his organ into another mans mouth or rectum, or a woman lying with another woman as a man does……….is not and NEVER will be normal………to say otherwise is sheer nonsense………..a tree does not pretend to be a rock………..a rock does not pretend to be a fish………only a VERY small percentage of mankind thinks that they can change the laws of nature……ignore the entire history of mankind……..or redefine the terminology used in any dictionary in the history of the world……….all to suite their own perversions……….such arrogance………no amount of screaming, rainbow flag waving, or political correctness will EVER make it normal

      • luigi

        Well, you speak for me. EWW.

      • flo

        I agree with the eww.. its sad.. and Harris is an idiot. He tweets about it, then ask media to respect his privacy. Dude like really, after u just tweeted?

      • RyanK

        Regardless of opinion, I think we’ve all learned something here. Never think you speak for everyone when posting to the internet!

      • Lori

        I agree with Mike. I don’t say “Eww.” either. I say good for them. I say ,”Aww.”

    • Jeff

      I love the “respect our privacy” while he tweets the news to the world. Ha ha ha.

      • Alex

        Yeah loved that oxymoron!

      • Kathryn

        He probably meant to be ironic. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • D

    So which one of them is the biological father?

    • Heather P

      I was wondering that myself. Not that it matters.

      • Ashley

        @andrea I worry for your kids as I know you will be a terrible and awful mom because you are a terrible awful human being… awful… this is a beautiful thing… two people who love one another are bringing life into the world who they will shower with love… that’s all you need to make family. You on the other hand are a sick,sad and bigoted human being.

      • Kelly

        Andrea, I think you need to look up what a surrogate mother is. They are not ripping these kids from the mother, she chose to carry these babies for them. And another thing, who are you people to judge anyone?

      • Jimmy

        We judge child abusers, and Niel Patrick Harris, who is intentionally robbing a child of its mother, is a child abuser. It’s just wrong, and Mr. Harris and his ‘partner’ should be put in jail.

      • Chris

        Jimmy: And parents who compare loving fathers of any sexuality to child abusers should have their kids taken away. i pray that you dont have any.

      • Jimmy

        Chris… you call a father who pays an unloving mother to intentionally abandon her newborn and hand it over to sicko perverts a loving father do you? I don’t.

        The kid has a right to its mother. The freaks can go and play house with some pet dogs, don’t bring innocent little babies into this perversion.

      • googliezoo

        People…a surrogate in this day and age is not usually biologically related to the child she carries. She was most likely impregnated with a fertilized donor egg. She is not abandoning anyone, but performing a service to enable a loving couple to have a child. The ignorant hatred that still exists in this country towards homosexuals is truly sad.

      • Eve

        Yeah, what’s with all this “ripping a child from it’s mother” nonsense? The surrogate volunteered to carry the child! So… I’m pretty sure that no ripping will be involved…
        Thanks for proving yet again that all homophobes are complete idiots.
        Go argue about something you actually know something about.

      • Jesus

        Ask the child in 18 years if it felt ripped away from its mother. It’s not about the surrogate volunterring to abandon her child like a callous cruel hearted C word. It’s about the net effect on the child. Abandoned intentionally. Denied a mother.

        Keep these filthy perverts away from innocent kids.

      • Kvivik

        WTF!!!! So drug addict mothers who intentionally abandon their children are higher on your moral code than women who choose to give other people a chance to have a family?
        Give me a break!
        I’d rather the children be loved and not abused in a gay family than left to rot in an orphange or on the streets.
        Also, in many cases, the surrogate is actually brought in as part of the family. An honorary Aunt (or Uncle) that loves the child, but isn’t the primary caregiver.
        My objection is the obsession with babies. There are thousands of older children needing adoption, but everyone insists on bringing more humans into the world without caring for those that are already here.
        To that I say GROW UP!

      • RyanK

        Andrea, you’re not really familiar with the term “surrogate” are you? What if she was being a surrogate for a woman who for some reason or another couldn’t have children of her own? I bet you’d have a different opinion of surrogate mothers then. Being a surrogate is a purely selfless act, and I admire and respect the woman who chose to do something so wonderful for her friends.

  • Dumbledore Fluffernutter

    Jimmy has 2 daddies

    • plushpuppy

      actually the book is, One Dad, Two Dad, Blue Dad, Brown Dad

  • MCS

    Sometimes this world can be really nice to live in when I hear great stories like this. Inequality is certainly on it’s way out.

    • Jon

      It will be an even better world to live in when there aren’t any hateful comments left about great stories like this.

    • MCS

      Andrea, refer to Jon’s comment above.

    • MCS

      If they loved me I wouldnt care. I would much prefer to be with “fruity jokers” than some of the mothers I know who are alcoholics or abusers. Love is love, no matter who it comes from. Do you also oppose heterosexual adoption?

    • Chris

      @ Andrea: I guess it all depends on the mother. Personally, between having you as a mom, and NPH + partner as dads, well… its not really a difficult choice…

    • Jimmy

      These disgusting sickos should not be allowed to steal a child from its mother. The mother is a sicko for abandoning her twins and handing them over to these freaks.

    • Lola

      @Andrea… I think I’d like you a whole lot better if you were raised by Neil Patrick Harris.
      Also, your comments are getting a little repetative.

    • mike

      A child’s right to not be ripped away from its mother … um the mother clearly does not want her child in this case. As for the rest of you freaks with your negative comments … what kind of losers raised you?

    • Sam

      I have a cousin who was being molested by her step father and the mother decided to stay with the step father instead of keeping her own daughter. I wish someone would have ripped my cousin from her mothers arms the moment she was born so she would have never had that happen to her. Good parenting doesn’t come with a sexuality attached.

    • Jessica

      What about single dads? They didn’t rip the child away from its mother, the mother chose to leave? Is that mother then condemned to a life of eternal damnation or something equally as ridiculous as your argument?

    • Eve

      You know what, I’m done with all you idiotic know-nothings who clearly don’t understand love.
      Those two could be great parents, or they could be not so great parents. But the fact that they are homosexuals and decided to have a baby through a surrogate is not going to decide that. Their love of the child is.

    • MCS

      I would rather be raised by a “pervert” than ANY of you hateful people who have written here. Your views are archaic.

    • momster13

      again, refer to eve’s comment about the “ripping”…you are truly misunderstanding the whold surrogacy issue. whether you support gay couples having children or not, surrogacy is not “Ripping” the child away from the mother. Why can’t all the haters just worry more about their own issues and lives than condemn others of different persuasions?

    • Qualko McFuzzington

      What’s with this whole, “ripping a child from its mother” thing? It makes no sense!

    • melanie

      @andrea. Many people use surrogates. Many people choose to put their kid up for adoption. These kids grow up just fine when they have supportive and healthy adoptive and biological parents. I don’t think you have to worry about them at all. I can give you a whole mess of things to worry about, if you’d like, such as human trafficking. Talk about kids being ripped from their parents.

    • JayNYC

      Andrea – with a55holes in the world like you, who needs mothers?

  • kelsey

    amazing! he’s going to be a great father.

    • Miss Manners

      How do you know he will be a great father? He could be a control freak, meanie, absentee dad etc…. He could also be good but who knows…. just saying

      • rees

        xp neither of them are emotionally retarded/alcoholic/pedophiles, so one can at least assume he’ll be a better father than my own.

      • Karl

        PLUS: NPH is awesome.


        How can he not be an AWESOMENESS father?

  • Dumbledore Fluffernutter

    How does that work? Is the pitcher the father, and the catcher the mother?

    • Eric

      According to NPH on Howard Stern, neither is strictly catcher or pitcher. Hopefully NPH’s stuff was used, and the kids inherit his luck and not David’s.

      • Heidi

        In most similar instances, both DNA is in one dish with the egg so that they can fight it out :)
        They’ve been together awhile so I hope this brings them much joy

    • tommy

      no they are both the father… they are a gay couple so there is no mother.. grow up

      • Mobama

        Is EW a deviate hangout or something???

      • Pete

        @Mobama EW wouldn’t be a deviate hangout if you would go away, you sicko!!

    • Aaron

      It’s not SUPPOSED to work. Biologically, they CANNOT procreate between the 2 of them, so why should they be granted the priveledge? Makes me sick.

      • Dude

        Biologically they can both procreate (perhaps not with eachother), and they can both raise children. There’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing.

      • Gretchen

        Just b/c some people can reproduce doesn’t mean they should – take yourself for example. If morons like you are allowed to reproduce, one can only hope that open-minded and talented individuals like NPH, gay or straight, can have the same opportunities.

      • me

        andrea, WE KNOW WHERE YOU STAND!! now stop saying the same thing over and over again.

      • SB

        I was surprised by the amount of ignorant, hatefull comments at first. Then I realized its just the same morons commenting over and over.

      • Kit

        By this logic, infertile STRAIGHT couples shouldn’t be able to adopt children. Seriously. If you’re a homophobe, just say so; don’t use this BS logic.

      • Ian

        Will someone please tell this moron Andrea how surrogacy works, so that she will comprehend that the woman carrying the babies is NOT the mother and is NOT biologically connected to the kids. Seriously Andrea, you need to be sterilized ASAP. I know several people raised by gay couples, and all of them are happier, smarter, and better adjusted than your loony ass is…

      • Brett

        Ian – not that I side with Andrea, but it seems you’re the one with a misunderstanding of how surrogacy works. We haven’t been given the details of the arrangement Mr. Harris and his partner have with the surrogate, but the arrangement could just as easily have been that she was impregnated with sperm and she provided the eggs. Therefore, she would be the biological mother and she would have a biological connection to the kids.

      • tennisfan

        So did you have a problem with Matthew Broderik and Sarah Jessica Parker using a surrogate when they were not able to biologically procreate on their own????

  • happy for them, but i haaaaate when celebrities announce news and then say “but respect our privacy”. if you wanted true privacy, you wouldn’t make a press release about it.

    • Gravity

      Twitter isn’t exactly a press release.

      • mcfly

        pretty much is.

      • Donna

        These days it totally is.

    • tiebaojin

      This is all over the ET site, so it’s not just a twitter. And I agree – if you don’t want someone to bother you about it, why make a big deal of it?

      • rees

        Twitter’s not a big deal. It’s twitter.

      • rees

        But if he goes on a magazine cover with the babies as soon as they’re out of the hospital, feel free to call him a hypocrite. By the way, they’re both gorgeous, so whoever the biological daddy is the kids are going to be super pretty. <3

      • sam

        Sometimes people go on the magazine cover with their kids so that they won’t be chased around by people trying to get the “first picture.” And NPH has always been matter of fact about his life. Why not announce that the kids are expected and ask that people not intrude into their lives? Nothing wrong with it.

      • ryoon

        Can you immagine the flock of photographers trying to get a shot of the babies if they tried to keep it a “secret!” Nothing is more exciting that releasing the secret – scooping all the other “news”papers. They did the right thing releasing it to their fans over Twitter and asking for privacy. this is the best way, letting the people know that love you and still wanting some time alone with your new family.

      • Heidi

        I love that Sandra Bullock managed to keep the adoption of her son Louis a secret but honestly it only happened because she was able to cover up her hiding out with the sad news of Jesse’s infidelity. Otherwise i’m sure the paparazzi would have been all over it and sniffed out the truth in no time. In fact I would go so far as to say that the news about Jesse was released at the time it was because it gave her the reason to go into hiding/mourning and have people not clue into why ELSE she was holed up.

        I think celebs have to announce it now (and these guys did wait until the lady was what, six months along?) so there is a sense of control over when and how we know things about them. And hey if they can get paid millions for a few pictures when they are so proud of their new arrivals, great for them! My mother in law shows pictures of her grandkids to everyone she meets – celebs should have that right too! Create a lovely nest egg for the kiddos, or give it to charity – lucky them.

      • Bob

        Where did Sandra Bullock adopt her child from?

    • Dude

      I can’t help but agree. I still wish them luck, though.

    • WhitneyD

      The only reason NPH even tweeted was because “a source” already informed several entertainment sites. It was confirm via Twitter or make it a bigger deal by actually talking to everyone. This was more of a confirmation so that people would stop prying, IMO.

    • Janie

      finally someone hit on a topic for me to comment on.
      I also wondered why he would say “respect our privacy” after just announcing about the twins.DUH!

    • Mom


    • Erin

      That’s what someone else in the media commented on and I totally agree.

      Have no problem with the two of them becoming parents. But announcing it on twitter, and then asking for privacy? You can’t have best of both worlds there! You put it out there like that, you’re going to get interest. If they start complaining – it’ll be highly hypocritical.

  • steve

    That’s beautiful. It’s great! I’m sure Patrick and his partner will be a fabulous parents.

  • K

    That’s great! I’m sure he’ll make a great dad! I think his partner already has a couple of children from a previous relationship.
    Nothing wrong with asking for privacy. As in – please don’t break into our surrogate’s house looking for information.

    • Heidi

      exactly. I still think about that poor woman who had SJP’s twins for them. On a totally weird tangent – NPH, SJP…. I don’t really know where I’m going with that, it just struck me funny :)
      Back to topic – the celebs kindof have to deal with paparazzi. The surrogate or birth mothers who carry their children should NOT have to give up one ounce of privacy for their help.

  • rees

    LUCKY KIDS! Who wouldn’t want Neil Patric Harris as a poppa? Anyway, I’m so happy for them both. They’ll make awesome daddies.

    • Lioness

      Too bad those kids aren’t getting an awesome mommy.

    • Emily

      Will you please stop posting the same spiteful comments over and over? Perhaps you should look up what being a surrogate actually entails. Then you would realise that the woman will have chosen to carry these babies not for herself, but for another couple to raise as their own.
      Personally, I would much rather have two gay fathers such as NPH and his partner, than be stuck with a psycho like you for a mum.

    • Ashley

      They are lucky – instead of having one parent who doesn’t love them but only wants to exploit them, they get two loving parents who will be able to provide for them and take care of them. That beats negligent single parenting any day, regardless of what sex the parents are. With two daddies, these two tykes are going to be better taken care of than 98.5% of the kids in our country today. Let them do what they want.

    • Niix Starkyller

      I’d argue that attitudes which are self-centered, close-minded, arrogant, unyielding, and driven by an inability to see beyond your nose are much more contributing factors in the cultural turbulence of the world. The idea that what is right for you is right for everyone is ugly.

    • Mel

      Is it okay for women to place a baby for adoption?
      If a surrogate were carrying babies for a heterosexual couple would you still persist in this talk about ripping the child from it’s mother?
      It seems to me that in 2010 there are all kinds of families and if those families are full of love and respect, than who are we to argue with them?
      We should spend more time focused on our own lives and our own growth and less time being judgmental of others.

    • Denver

      @ Andrea – first, no one said the egg involved in this is the surrogates. Typically, the surrogate’s womb is used as a vessel to carry an already fertilized egg from 2 other individuals. So please get off your high horse about that. We are all sick to death of your antiquated opinion. Second, there are plenty of women today that choose to be single mothers. Please step into the 21st century. If I were to take a guess, you either come from a fatherless home or are raising kids on your own. Please do not take your specific situation and cram your opinion down everyone’s throat. If there is anyone on here that has ‘sicko behavior’, I’d say it’s you, sweetie. Please consider therapy. You are in desperate need of it…

    • Niix Starkyller

      Oh, sweetie, I DO think it’s ugly to rip kids from their mothers and hand them to perverted sickos. I just don’t think there is any ripping going on, nor any perverted sickos in the situation. Apparently, our opinions differ. Who knew?!

    • jk

      First of all, if you’re going to keep making the same argument over and over again, could you at least use some new words other than “sicko” and “fruity joker?” Your stunted vocabulary and limited knowledge of how the surrogate process works makes me think that you are an uneducated and uniformed individual, which invalidates even further your, yes, antiquated ideas.
      Do you truly think that every child who is raised in any family that is not composed of a mother and a father is doomed to fail in life? That’s just completely unfounded. How about all of the children whose mothers and fathers stay married to each other and are terrible parents? How are they better off?
      Can I ask you, if a straight, single man were to adopt a child or to use a surrogate to have a child of his own, would you still be spewing this vitriolic hate at him? Or do you just reserve it for gay parents? As much as you like to protest, I think that all your complaining about “ripping children from their mothers” – and again, surrogates are usually women who HAVE CHOSEN TO BE vessels for the sperm and egg of two people, not the actual biological mother of said child – is only because the parents the child are being “ripped away” by are gay. What about heterosexual couples who cannot conceive a child for one reason or another? Should they also be denied the right to have a child? If they choose to use a surrogate, are they also ripping their child away from its mother?
      These men are giving a loving, two-parent home to their BIOLOGICAL children (a fact that you probably failed to comprehend). I really can’t find fault in that. I worry more about the children born to two scared, broke 17-teen-year-olds.
      One more thing Andrea – just curious, how old are you?

    • jk

      Oh, and P.S. Andrea – some single mothers DO intend to “end up that way.” Now, do you irrationally hate them as much as you hate Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka?

    • Jess

      Andrea, I suppose you have the same stance on Octo Mom then? She isn’t gay which in your definition makes people Sicko’s. But she used a donor to have her clan of children. Where is there Father? Or doesn’t that matter as she is not gay so may be considered “Normal”

      Those children aren’t being ripped from anyone. NPH and his partner aren’t child snatchers. The woman is giving those children to a loving home. It is no different from a woman giving her babies up for adoption. Except that one of those men is actually the father.

      I am happy that two lives are being brought into the world and will be raised by two people that love them unconditionally. There isn’t enough love in the world.

      Perhaps you should go watch “Three men and a little baby” and see how three fathers can raise a great kid.

    • Sophie

      OH MY GOD. Andrea, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a nastier, more close-minded individual as yourself. You’re just unbelievable. Does the fact they’re gay and using a surrogate really matter? They want children to love and care for and raise; how they came about getting those children isn’t the issue at all, it’s their intentions which will indoubtedly be to become doting parents.

      ‘Filthy homosexual perverts…far left liberals’, LOL, wuht? Are you even aware of current politics – I assume you’re stuck in 500BC, you narrow-hearted bigot.

    • Qualko McFuzzington

      Shut up already!!!

  • UsedTOLikeHIM

    I used to like NPH — until I started reading his tweets and his overly stuck-up rants about travels all over the world. Like OH — LOOK AT ME– I AM BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU attitude.

    • K

      Sorry, but that sounds like a personal issue, not a problem with NPH.

    • Amy

      Wow, you sound really jealous and bitter.

    • Christian

      Ummm … NPH is better than all of us

    • Vicki

      Seriously, @UsedtoLikeHim? That’s what everyone does on Twitter and Facebook, whether it’s celebrities or not. Grow up.

    • Alexi

      Grow up Andrea. This is the 21st century. This lovely woman is helping a couple with their dreams of having children together. The mother isn’t intentionally orphaning the child — she has agreed to carry a child for this couple and is sure they will provide for them. And why do people think two men can’t be parents? I think having people who love you is more important than labels. I’m sure the children will have equal love from men and women in NPH and his partner’s life. Perhaps you should research surrogacy more and see that it’s a wonderful opportunity (just like adoption is) for those who might not have children, whether because they are infertile or in a stable, same sex relationshp, to experience parenthood together.

    • Jimmy

      Wrong! The abandoning mother IS the mother and she IS abandoning her children on purpose. That is sick! It’s awful and cruel. Children aren’t just some product to be manufactured. Perhaps you should research whether you’re glad you were not taken from your mother at birth.

    • Big Dave

      Actually, Jimmy, you don’t know who supplied the egg. It may or may not be the surrogate.

    • Niix Starkyller

      NPH + hubby are going to kill the mother after she gives birth? OMG, that is just so wrong! I mean, adopting from a surrogate is one thing, but intentionally orphaning the kid is … well, it’s so (Doctor) Horrible!

    • Denver

      @ Jimmy – are you sure the surrogate is the biological mother? typically, a surrogate carries an already fertilized egg from 2 other individuals. Do you think it’s possible that maybe, just maybe there is a 4th person, another woman, involved in all this that they just might be protecting from the invasive eyes of the world? Ignorant people and their black and white perceptions of how the world should be is what’s truly wrong with this country. Gay’s are here to stay people! Get used to it. If you don’t like it, please feel free to leave my country…

    • Brett

      Denver, there is no “typically” when it comes to surrogacy. And in the case of two men hiring a surrogate, the likelihood is that the surrogate is providing the egg. This isn’t a situation where a heterosexual couple are hiring a surrogate because the mother can’t carry the baby to term.

  • dohrayme

    So which one of them is pregnant?

    • rees


      • Eric

        At least he/she didn’t respond with all caps.

      • Ian

        At least they’re not Andrew Shaw.

    • Lynda

      jackass you, I mean, not them

  • Lynn

    I love NPH! I’m sure he and David are going to be adorable daddies. Hope they have one of each!

  • JaySin420

    “Expecting twins this fall”?

    It’s more like, “they’re expecting twins whenever they find a cute enough pair and the paperwork goes through”.

    • blythe

      did you not read the part where it says that they will be parents with the help of a surrogate?

    • rees

      WTF?! Do you ANYTHING about the adoption process? Or even what a surrogate is?! Ignorant people make me want to sin.

  • GorillaWits

    Since when can a man give birth to a baby ? Which of the two males are with child ?

    • rees

      ugh, please go away.

    • stephen

      At least they will not abort them and will give them an amazing and loving home.

      • Lioness

        Oh, brother. Those poor kids. They’ll never know what it’s like to have a mother. Every kid deserves that. Those two selfish men…two children are being sacrificed so that a Big Shot Actor and his “partner” can play house…how tragic. And that horrible woman…how can she give up her birth child to homosexuals to raise? I can hear the screaming now. 1. I’m not religious. I’m agnostic. 2. Anyone who possesses a brain not clouded by political correctness knows that the best household to bring up a child in consists of a male father and a female mother who love each other and are married to each other. That’s the ideal. And surely every child deserves the ideal. Screw this gay marriage crap. Children are being used as guinea pigs for a social experiment, just so unnatural couples can pretend to be normal. Once again, children are the victims of dumb decisions made by adults. Disgusting.

      • Lioness

        “Amazing and loving”? And you’re certain of that how, Stephen? What a stomach-turning pile of saccharine.

      • Gretchen

        Really Lioness? Really?! Have you even seen the numbers for children growing up in single parent households? Hell, even in some two parent households, one parent is often absentee. Heaven forbid a loving, committed and happy couple want to have children! The horror!

      • teresa

        Lioness: You are delusional. There is no such thing as the ideal family. A family is one where the people in it are valued, safe, and loved. And it doesn’t matter if the grown ups in charge are grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, moms, or dads. Children do not care who their parents are. What they want are people who look after their best interests and take care of them.

      • me

        lioness is actually bill o’reilly

      • yep

        and andrea is dr laura

      • Ron Austin

        I’m not against gay marriage. It’s two consenting adults and a word “marriage” that people can debate. However, a different issue exists when a third person is placed into the mix. Leaving the whole gay issue out of it, is it morally correct for a single man to have a child to raise on his own intentionally without the mother? If not, this can’t be much better.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I don’t know, Ron Austin. Let’s ask Eddie’s Father…

      • Diane

        Have you seen the studies where children raised by 2 gay parents turn out better than children raised by a man and woman?

        Your comments are disgusting.

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