Jennifer Lopez's 'American Idol' deal falls through: Report

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly out of the running to be part of American Idol‘s season 10 judges’ panel, a well-placed source tells People. With Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres both having exited Fox’s ratings juggernaut, the network has been looking for suitable celebrity replacements. J. Lo had been widely rumored to be in the final stages of inking a deal, but it reportedly fell apart due to her demands. A Fox spokesperson declined to comment on the story.

In an interview with EW last week, newly returned exec producer Nigel Lythgoe stressed the importance of chemistry between the judges, as opposed to their individual star wattage. Stay tuned to for more Idol updates.

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  • Sarah

    Really, J.Lo a demanding diva? I had no idea. Seriously, just cancel this show already.

    • Andy

      You have to think before you post… It is a ratings giant. It won’t be canelled until it’s on its last leg.

      • Rumplestiltskin

        Now if the next bulletin says no Bret Michaels and no Steven Tyler the world can spin smoothly again.

      • Mea

        Can we now put Cher into consideration? Not a diva, has had hits in every decade since the 60s, consummate professional, articulate and honest.

      • Bebe

        Cher would be AWESOME! She’s got a great sense of humor, too, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Honestly, I think this is the best idea I’ve heard yet!

      • Topher

        Cher for Idol? THAT is BRILLIANCE! Someone get a twitter trend started for this STAT!

      • jw

        I have been saying for years Cher should be a judge. She would be fantastic. I would have loved to see her and Simon go at it.

      • Erin

        I’m sorry did you see this past season with all the horrible singers? It pretty much is on its last leg.

      • Rush

        Sonny Bono would have been a good judge, if it weren’t for that whole being dead thing.

      • Marci

        Cher! I think she would be a totally fair and helpful judge.

      • Jason

        CHER! Why hasn’t this been suggested before??!! People LOVE her! She’s mega-talented (a whole new league beyond atrocious Paula), and this is right in her wheelhouse.

        Please, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mea

        @ Jason: I’ve been suggesting Cher on most of these blogs for weeks if not months. With her new film coming out co-starring Christina A. the kids will know exactly who she is and the rest of us know and love her already.

      • calistoga

        LONG LIVE C H E R ! ! !

    • Ash

      Im agree with sarah. cancel the show already, that dead horse has been beaten enough already.

      • susan

        They’re not going to cancel a show that is the #1 show on television in the ratings. Get real.

      • calistoga

        JLo’s demands got out of hand!!?? Imagine that! (lol) She’s no more demanding than Abdul, and Abdul is very, very demanding! (lol) IMO, Nigel is on the right track…if he just stays away from Abdul. I agree, CHER would be an outstanding choice!! If only she would step up!

        Thanks to the PTB that Sarah and Ash will not see the end of Idol anytime soon! Since they are so anti-Idol, why do they waste their time getting into AI threads? Do they honestly think that their negativity is going to change us? Dream on! We are always hopeful and positive about new talent being discovered.

  • Austin

    WHOA! Of all the talk going on last week, I thought this was the one that was going to stick. Now hopefully Kara can stay!

    • Stormy


      • TD

        I agree Idol starting going down when Kara showed up!

      • Tatar69x

        Kara won’t be back. Her advice was confusing and contradictory. You’d think you knew what she was talking about, then she would do a 180 on a contestant the next week or praise one performer for doing eaxactly what she condemned 3 performers later.

        Kara lacked chemistry, was ratings poison, and had the highest “disliked” ratings of anyone on the show.

        She’s dead meat.

    • davey

      I think this is a really good sign that Kara will be back! She seems to be the only one able to give :)

      • davey

        …constructive feedback (my sentence got cutoff for some reason)

  • allie

    no great loss.

    • Heidi

      I liked the idea of her far more than Steven Tyler. Oh well. Is Shania completely out of the running? Cher could work if they then hire a sweetheart of a guy but otherwise she’s too ‘tough’ a critic. I still love the idea of David Foster.

      • calistoga

        So many of us have liked the idea of DAVID FOSTER. Is he one of the ones that was ruled out last week?
        Another thought, he is so active with all of his protege’s and friends in the music business, can’t imagine he would have the time for Idol.

  • Bill

    “apposed”? Seriously? I know these blog posts are written and posted quickly, but you people don’t even have spellcheck?

  • Whoopi

    Pick me!

  • Sarcastic Pr*ck

    Obviously Joe Simpson is behind all this.

  • Jeff

    Randy, Paula, Nigel.

    • Jamie

      God I hope you are wrong. Paula leaving was the BEST thing to happen to the show and sorry, but I could care less what “yo dog” Randy or Nigel think about ANYTHING.

    • calistoga

      I would like to think I KNOW you are wrong. I do have the highest regard for Lythgoe, so I have to hope that his “nice words” for Paula last week were just Hollywood niceties. During her salary DEMANDS, and during the aftermath, she handled herself in her usual sleazy ways. I’ll bet a weeks pay that Cowell won’t hire her either! Paula and Mia have given women a bad name as judges!

  • Adam

    They are overthinking this. Just choose somebody and get it over with… the auditions are already underway! J Lo would have been good but she’s very high-maintenance, so maybe it’s better she didn’t come aboard. But no matter who they choose, Simon Cowell’s new show will be the main deal anyway, especially if Paula Abdul joins him. “Idol” had its moment; it had a great run for several years, but it’s fading now, and it really doesn’t matter what celebrity ends up joining the judges.


      I doubt if CBS will let Paula out of her contract.

  • Jeanie

    Good! I can’t stand her! As much as I like this show, without Simon it won’t be the same. They need someone who will be brutally honest, to take his place. Not another person who will try to be nice. If they don’t find someone who who’s not afraid to tell someone that they suck, I won’t be watching.

    • Stormy

      Like Gene Simmons!

      • Rush

        That rug of his might eat one of the contestants.

      • Stormy

        Yeah, well, it’s a rug eat contestant world out there.

      • calistoga


  • Briana

    Bring back Paula!

  • WTF?

    Bad deal for JLo. This could have saved her career from the brink of non-existance, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Jessica Simpson seems to need this break more anyway.

    • D

      I know that I’m the only person who has been mentioning this, but the person to choose is Pappa Simpson. He made stars out of both his daughters-including one that can’t sing, can’t act and has no comic timing. He’s the one who should be judging new talent.

    • flicketyflack

      I for one don’t care if Jessica Simpson needs the break more. She’d be terrible for AI. Jessica’s too desperate to prove to the world that she’s not a insecure and dumb failure and she’d make being a judge about herself not the contestants. Plus nothing she’s done lately has been successful. Even her VH1 show tanked in the ratings. She’d just bring AI down more.

      Not that JLo would necessarily have been better but at least she doesn’t have the raging insecurities Jessica Simpson does.

  • Garrett

    She can’t seem to get it through her head that her Diva attitude works against her – she still believes the world revolves around her. Good riddance. Bring back Paula!!!

  • \m/

    Obviously the choice should be Gene Simmons. He knows everything about everything.

    • darclyte


      • cdevene

        @darclyte – \m/ is not kidding or being sarcastic. Don’t you watch his show Family Jewels on A&E. Simmons is a great businessman, he remembers everything he’s ever read, and he has help raise to of the greatest kids you’d ever know. He can’t sing, but we already know that’s not a prerequisite.

      • cdevene

        “…he helped raise two of the greatest kids…”

    • UGH

      That’s Gene $immon$ of Ki$$ to you.

    • silverrose

      and hes a docter

      • jury’s out

        and he used to be Cher’s lover. The two of them would be great.

  • Get A Q

    Puff Daddy is really the best possible option.

    • Stormy

      Actually Kenny Babyface Edmonds would be better than Diddy. Less ego, more charm.

      • Victoria

        I agree! Kenny would be awesome!

      • Get A Q

        Babyface could be decent, but I am not sure he has the right personality to connect to millions of veiwers weekly.
        Diddy would be able to be the face of the show, much like Simon was.

    • Kevin

      the last thing any show on television needs is puff daddy, p diddy or another butt wipe loser. he is a thug and totally against what Idol stands for.

      • Kevin

        they could put Ray Lewis, Puff Daddy and OJ Simpson on the show as judges.Those who dont make the cut, get cut or shot. Sing for your lives, or run for them.

  • Rob

    HOWARD STERN!!!!!!

    • Ap

      Pretty funny. It’ll definitely bring controversy. I haven’t seen AI in years and bringing him in would’ve gotten me to tune in.

      • UGH

        Howard Stern would be the only reasonable choice that would actually bring controversy and ratings to this dying ship. Love him or hate him, his honesty is badly needed for it.
        I would prefer to see him stay on Sirius though.

      • UGH

        oh, and a Bababooey to you all.

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