Portia de Rossi files request to change her last name to DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres’ wife, actress Portia de Rossi, filed a request with the Los Angeles County Superior Court last Friday to legally change her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres, E! Online reports. De Rossi previously changed her name when she was 15 from Amanda Lee Rogers to its current form. DeGeneres and De Rossi married in August 2008, when same-sex marriage licenses were being granted in California. De Rossi filed the name change petition two days after a California federal judge ruled that Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages, was unconstitutional.

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  • Uncle Arthur

    Portia rocks! (So does Ellen)

    Say bye-bye to Prop H8!!!

    • hannah

      so does this ellen is the man? or was that already obvious?

      • dctoronto

        Idiot and homophobe. There does not need to be a “man” in a lesbian relationship. Go see Kids are all right and educate/sensitze yourself.

      • whatevs

        No offense dctoronto, but I don’t think you can use a Hollywood movie as your source and tell someone to go educate themselves.

      • Joe

        Lol dctoronto, did you believe aliens exist after Independance Day the movie?

        And yes, Ellen is the man in a relationship, have you ever seen her wear any feminine clothing? nope, she always wear mens style clothes.

        Prop 8 is not going anywhere and it will be an insanely long time before it reaches the supreme court after all the appeals. The supreme court is very conservative so I guarantee the ruling will be over ruled and you all are back to square one! Don’t get your hopes up, marital equality is not going to change any time soon :P

      • hannah

        how did you construe that I’m a homophobe from my comment? you gays are so desperate for attention it’s not funny.

      • dctoronto

        Hey Joe. So if you were to wear a pink shirt would that make you the “woman” in your relationship? BTW I live in Canada where gay marriage has been legal for over 2 years now so don’t go spewing your prop 8 hate on mne.

      • nancy

        haha hannah is 4 REAL. and I AM A GAY!

    • Alan

      First of all, Porti di Rossi isn’t even her real name to begin with. Is it really a legal name change when you are changing your STAGE NAME from one thing to another? Secondly, I hate how she purposely removed her Australian accent. Ashamed of your heritage much?

      • dcmom

        I thought when I had seen her on talk shows recently she did have her Australian accent, though it is mostly definitely not very strong. Am I misremembering?

      • Alan

        Or mishearing. She doesn’t have any Australian accent at all or maybe the odd word possibly. Rather than losing it naturally she “de-accented” herself through agressive vocal training. Charlize Theron and Anthony LaPaglia both also did this. It’s a known fact.

      • WhitneyD

        While Di Rossi was her stage name, she did legally change her name to that. As she was married, she’s entitled to change her name to Degeneres as well.

        Honestly, there are plenty of people who lose accents to be more marketable. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t identify with being Australian- it just means she really wanted to be believable playing Americans. There are plenty of American actors that lose regional dialects to be more marketable- it doesn’t mean that they’re all ashamed of where they’re from, either.

  • Adam

    Which show was she better on: ALLY MCBEAL or ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT? And which of those shows was best? Discuss!

    • ElisaQ

      She’s always great, but her best work was in Better Off Ted. It was the role of a lifetime for her.

      As for which show was better, Arrested Development was genius. Aly McBeal was fine, but the two just don’t compare.

      • SHERRY


    • Daniel

      Wow. Tough choice. She was epic in both.

    • Mark

      Absolutely “Better Off Ted”. Destined to become a lost classic like “Arrested Development”. Portia de Rossi shows should stay on the air forever, regardless of their ratings!

    • Andi

      Neither, she was better in Better of Ted!

  • poii

    I dunno why but i almost read “files for divorce” O.o Good for portia

    • MCS

      I panicked and thought that’s what it said. I freaked. They are my favorite celebrity couple.

  • Ceballos

    What a shame.

    And not because of any political reasons or whatever…”Portia De Rossi” is just one of the most fun names to say.

    • u

      I think “Portia DeGeneres” translates really well, considering that we’re already used to her surname starting with a “De”.

    • MCS

      I second this, I love both of them, but Portia de Rossi is pretty much the best name in the world

      • Melanie

        She could always continue to use Portia de Rossi (love saying it!) as her artistic name, and have her passport name be Portia DeGeneres :))))

    • Ange

      Ditto for Portia de Rossi being the coolest name in the world!

  • e4ia

    I love her name! I totally understand why she is doing it and am happy for her and Ellen. But it is such a cool name to lose….

  • Michelle

    I’m sure that professionally she’ll still be Portia De Rossi. That’s how everyone knows her. But legally her name can be whatever she wants, so I say good for her. :)

    • kerri

      wouldnt she have to change her SAG membership too? that might mean keeping de Rossi for stage name…

  • genial

    Both of these women should change their last names to Licki-Split.

    • plushpuppy

      Obvious troll is obvious. Remember don`t feed the troll.

      1 out of 10 too obvious

      • TriciaA

        Isn’t there anyway to report these ignorant entries like the one from genial?

    • SHERRY


    • Cheribomb

      Ha Ha Humanoid! You make joke! Not soooo funny. Please hang up and try again……..

      • Karl

        WOW! Sex joke. How wonderfully mature!

  • Kirby

    God made ADAM and Eve, not MADAME and Eve.

    • eliott256

      If God made Adam and Eve, Eve or Adam must have slept with their kids or their kids must have slept with each other to populate the world. Therefore if you believe the bible verbatim, you support incest.

      • Brent D

        So true…thank you for saying that. Also, let’s not forget that Jesus’s girlfriend was supposedly a prostitute, and thirteen guys hanging out together all the time with no mention of either women or celibacy? What do you think goes on when the lights go out?

    • Christian

      Well, yeah, Madame is a puppet. Probably made in a factory somewhere.

    • Aga Saga Woman

      God made lesbians because he loves them.

    • hooiskellie

      you suck at life.

  • ThouArtWrong

    So. God also made the plague. Are we suppose to just sit back and die from disease because God made it? I’ll tell you something else God did…he gave humans free will. Why would he give it to us if he didn’t want us to use it!

    • Christian

      God gave us the illusion of free will. He’s quite the mean person if you ask me.

  • Jesika

    I think that this is another step that they are taking to continue to show their love and affection for each other. Last week my wife and I were able to take this step in Ohio courts fearing that they would reject the name change as we currently have no legal rights here even though we hold a legal marriage certificate through Canada. We need more positive celebrity role models for this and many other issues. Fight prop 8!

  • manish

    they are pioneers for the gay cause

    • Christian

      Let’s not go nuts here.

  • Kelly

    Portia should hyphenate it then she could be Portia de Rossi-DeGeneres. That was way funnier to me than it should have been.

  • lee

    @jesika. Don’t be here if you have no legal rights. Good for ellen

    • Jesika

      Wow Lee. I really don’t believe that comment deserved such a rude reply. I was just trying to inform people that it’s wonderful for them to have the privilege to change their names in CA, but it’s still not guaranteed for all people everywhere.

  • Andre

    Is it a public matter in California when someone does a legal name change? How would this be news unless the parties involved told the media?

    • chelsea

      legal name changes require a notice to be filed in local media so anyone who wants to contest the change can.

    • May

      Yes, legal name changes are public.

  • anonymous

    Kids need a father and mother, not two mommies. Any boy raised by two mommies is bound to be messed up.

    • Christian

      The biggest indicator for childhood success is economic security. Considering we’re talking about Ellen here, I don’t think any kids have anything to worry about.

    • tolerance

      Studies have actually shown that children raised by 2 women(lesbians)are happier and more well-adjusted than children raised by any other parenting dynamic. Check your facts before making ignorant, prejudice statements.

      • anonymous

        Garbage, pure unadulterated garbage, studies huh? Those studies are total bunk. Boys need father figures not a couple of females. Any boy raised by 2 lesbians will grow up being a total wimp. He will be picked on all the time. Get a clue, clueless.

      • anonymous

        yeah I’m sure any boy with two mommies will be ecstatic defending his mommies, what are you smoking? you’re just so dumb it’s not funny, you must be another lesbian who hates men.

    • Elle

      Kids need a loving stable family. Wonderful men are raised by single mothers all the time. Having two loving mothers isn’t going to hurt them.

      • anonymous

        Boys need a father figure, not two mommies, any boy who grows up with two moms will be a total wimp and get picked on relentlessly in school, you can count on it.

      • anonymous

        just think how messed up Melissa Etheridge’s kids will be after a divorce.

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