Prop. 8 overturned in California

Proposition 8 — which ruled same-sex couples could not marry in California — was overturned in the state today by a judge claiming the proposition was unconstitutional. Judge Vaughn R. Walker ruled that due-process and equal-protection clauses conflicted with the proposition.

The overturning of the 2008 proposition was fueled by several Hollywood figures, like Bruce Cohen, Rob Reiner, and Dustin Lance Black, who all encouraged attorneys Theodore Olson and David Boies to head the case, The Hollywood Reporter reports. “It was a great moment,” Cohen said. “We were hoping that Judge Walker, when he heard all the evidence which we heard in court, would come to the conclusion that there is no doubt that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional, but to have it be official and to see it…is incredibly thrilling and exciting.”

Several other celebs went to Twitter to celebrate the announcement. Ellen DeGeneres Tweeted, “Equality won!” while wife Portia de Rossi wrote, “I am ecstatic that proposition 8 has been overturned in the state of California. This is an incredibly exciting and historical day and a big step towards equal rights for all.” Even Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger took to his Twitter: “This decision affirms the full legal protections and safeguards I believe everyone deserves.”

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  • David

    Thank the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • arrr

      No, thank Judge Walker. The Lord and his flock of lunatics is what got us into this mess.

      • Ed

        I don’t think the Lord got us into this mess but the people who interpret His message the wrong way.

      • Elaine

        Oh my gosh, shut up both of you. >:(

      • Zee

        LOL hahaha isn’t that the truth..
        stupid conservatives and their skewed perception of equality -_-

      • Jess


      • CaliProud

        haha! thank you for this observation.

      • Jessica

        Well put Ed.

        Thank the Lord that Judge Walker saw through the cloud that obstructs so many people’s vision.

      • Billie


    • Netty

      The Lord does not approve this message!

      • Strepsi

        Jesus was ALWAYS on the side of the oppressed minority, not the bullying majority. He would approve it. And he would go to the hypoctritical “National Organization for Marriage” and flip over their tables. He would refrain from punching Maggie Gallagher in the ear, because he’s Jesus.

  • turbo

    The Lord? Let’s not bring imaginary Beings into this conversation


      Thank Harry Potter!

      • asdf

        Praise Bilbo!

      • paige

        You Shall NOT PAASSS!

    • Netty

      The lord is not fictional in fact he is true so get over it!

      • Michael

        Whether he is or isn’t fictional is irrelevant. It’s not your place to make judgments in the name of God. If there is one, he’ll speak when it comes time. You aren’t his mouthpiece. You are his subservient, so shut the eff up.

  • drew

    We here in Canada are soooooo happy for you. Stand tall, stay strong. Equality will rule.

  • JayK


  • JASON T.

    Prop 8 may be something that these people will live to regret ever going on the ballet…Now it will likely go to the Supreme Court who’s ruling will likely be imposed on all states…Hopefully then we can say Equality to ALL States!

    • edd

      Fingers crossed. Let’s just hope Justice Kennedy swings in our favor.

    • Billie

      Let’s hope!

  • Jeff

    A smashing victory for equal rights for all. Now onto the Supreme Court where it’s extremely likely to be nationally legalized! I also find it hilarious how butthurt and helpless Conservatives are right now.

  • Disappointed


    • grossness


    • Sara

      You know, I don’t see why someone must detest homosexuality. It is like detesting the rain, no? If you hate homosexuals, two words.
      Get lost.

  • sly

    I live in Canada where gay marriage has been legal for a while … we haven’t been struck by lightning or fallen into the ocean … I don’t understand what opponents think is going to happen …

    • Not Moby

      I lived in Boston when it was legalized in Massachusetts. As far as I know, that state has not fallen into the ocean.

      • bamabunny

        Ah, but did every heterosexual couple spontaneously divorce all at once?

      • Woot

        I read an article that that happened.

    • Dave

      I assumed that when gay marriages became legal in those places, all heterosexuals also made the choice to become gay, and gay orgies took place on public streets for everyone to see. Isn’t that why people are opposed to the legalization of same sex marriages?

      • Michael

        Yes. We are very contagious.

      • Phil

        Nah, that was just Kylie Minogue filming her “All The Lovers” video.

      • tom in Canada

        Yep, that’s pretty much what happened here. And that was only the beginning. My kids now routinely call my wife ‘aunt daddy’, our prime minister has replaced press conferences with video of him reading aloud from his large collection of Top-Gun inspired gay fan fiction, and last week my buddy married a moose. True story. Brace yourselves, neighbours…

      • BenG

        Well, I was in my igloo when the law passed in Canada. I hopped on my dog sled to see whether anything had changed outside. I’ll tell you, it was snowing rainbow coloured snow flakes and disco balls. Prime Minister Harper finally came out of the closet and issued a decree that no man, woman or child should go without poppers, ectasy, and the complete works of Cher and Barbra Streisand. It was truly a gay old time. I’m looking forward to seeing similar changes in California.

  • Julz

    This is amazing news!

  • MCS

    Finally common sense has prevailed.

  • amelia

    yes, I agree, no “LORD” here please. Live and let live- don’t be such hateful Christians!

    • Stormy

      It’s difficult for the poor dears to overcome brainwashing that began in the cradle.

  • Equal Under The Law

    Rather than turn this board into a religious debate, can’t we all celebrate that equality triumphed today?

    • CaliProud

      thank you. i’m not religious, but at the core, this victory isn’t about religion.

    • Karate Pants

      Totally. Proposition 8 was born out of hateful ignorance and neither its birth nor death actually has anything to do with ‘religion’.
      Cheers, gays! Go nuts. :)

    • tvgirl48

      Thank you. I’m not religious and I’m thrilled about this decision. I have many friends who are religious and are thrilled about this decision. This headline made my day!

      • Kat

        Count me as comfortably Catholic and thrilled for gay folks!! But I agree, there’s zero point in all the silly back-and-forth about religion here.

    • aleksa

      Indeed. I’m NO fan of religion, but this is an equal rights issue.

  • nodnarb

    Hooray! Now I can finally fulfill my dream of marrying Matthew Fox.

    • noish

      my mom tells me i look like matthew fox, the guy from lost, right? i’m not gay, but i can mow your lawn with my shirt off for $100…

      • Karate Pants


      • john t.

        what’s worse: the fact that your mom told you that or you selling yourself short with only $100? heh, i kid :)

      • jodipo

        you totally made my night

      • miss k


  • Lauren

    Thanks to the authors and contributors to Prop 8 Gay People in every state may soon have the right to Marry!!! Well done!!! We knew you SECRETLY Loved us!

  • Lynna


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