Lindsay Lohan released from jail

Lindsay Lohan was released from a Lynwood, Calif. jail early Monday morning and immediately checked into a treatment center, according to People. Lohan served 13 days of a 90-day sentence for violating terms of her probation in a DUI case. Her early release was due to good behavior and overcrowding.

Lohan has been ordered by the court to spend three months at the treatment facility. She is required to remain clean and sober until August 2011, when her probation term ends, and is subject to a year of random drug testing. Violation of the terms of her probation could have her sent back to jail.

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  • Buffy Freak

    Those were the 13 longest, darkest days of my life…Hallelujah!!! Lindays is FINALLY free!! ;-)

    • Garry

      Get a life.

      • Tom Brazelton

        I take it sarcasm is not your strong suit?…

      • wakeforce

        Don’t use words like sarcasm, Garry doesn’t know what that means.

      • Buffy Freak

        I guess the winking emoticon wasn’t enough of a clue for mom’s-basement-dwelling Garry.

    • Jacko

      check that at the door buffy – she is in rehab and will not get freedom until November – go back into the darkness

  • Love Lindsay

    She should never had to go to jail. The judge should have to serve 90 days.

    • Kara

      She should have been sentenced to 90 years, that way she would have spend few more days haha.. serves her right, she will keep failing till she reaches rock bottom

    • Jacko

      yeah – would have been better if she just flamed out – what a waste of taxpayer money to jail that piece of meat

  • Pinkey

    She’s out already! Crap, now we have to endure the endless media coverage of her “come back”

    • SLB

      Must be nice to be a spoiled little privileged b*tch. If that was any joe blow on the streets they would have been given six months. Rot in hell Lindsay.

      • wakeforce

        Must be nice to be a bitter hag, huh SLB.

      • Jacko

        actually if she was any joe blow on the street – the powers of the universe would have left her on the street….

        @wakeforce – wake up on the wrong side of liho …. you are more than your usual crabby self today

  • darclyte

    She got what she deserved. She didn’t take her probation seriously and didn’t follow the guidelines. Hopefully her 2 weeks in jail will be what she needs to straighten her out and show her that she was not on a good path. Rehab is what she really needs and 90 solid days in rehab after jail might just make the fix “set.” Once she’s done her time and paid her dues, the American public should be more open to her “comeback” as evidenced by Robert Downey Jr.

    • wakeforce

      Finally, someone with intelligence, thank you.

      • Garry

        Oh, wakeforce, whatever would we all do without you to bring your superior analytical skills and brilliant mind to these message boards! How clever you are to be able to immediately distinguish between those of us who can write intelligent posts, and those who simply lack your talents and perspective. You are invaluable! You are a savior! We don’t need to hear anyone else’s opinion, just yours!

        Hey, maybe I know what “sarcasm” means after all.

      • wakeforce

        Oh, yes Garry your first post was so intelligent and perceptive, telling someone to get a life! Well, maybe that would work if you are in high school! You get a gold star for knowing what sarcasm means, so I guess you get to go to the ball with your boyfriend in tow! I’m glad I could be an inspiration to you, Garry. Have a nice day. I know I will!

  • kerri

    Um yes she SHOULD have had to go to jail. My sister did almost the same thing and was sent to jail for a FULL 90 days a year later (court postponments)well she was 6 months pregnant at time time….So Lindsay shouldnt be allowed screw off because she is on tv….

    • p.c.

      your sister sounds like a hot mess

      • jp

        Your sister was PREGNANT while doing all that crap???? Wow. Hope the baby ended up with someone responsible.

      • etm

        @p.c LOL!!!!!

  • Glam

    Kerri, your sister was in jail in California and there were no overcrowded jails? Did you even care to read the article?

    Or are you thinking that a pregnant woman has a free ride and does not belong to a jail?

    By the way: Lindsay was when she drove while doing drugs and alcohol at least NOT pregnant.

    So your sister did not the same thing, she is even worse.

    • jp

      Yeah, suddenly Lindsay doesn’t seem so bad…

      • wakeforce

        My, the education system in America needs work! Way to miss the point! Kerri is NOT saying her sister didn’t deserve jail time, and people aren’t pregnant for a whole year. Try remedial reading comprehension, people!

  • Glam

    kerry: In case I confused the time when you sister was sentenced, if your sister got conveniently pregnant after the sentence it’s even more bad.

  • Lucas

    Lindsay was inosent from the beging

    • Jeannie

      What is exactly is “inosent from the beging?” Or do you mean “innocent from the beginning?” Either way, she violated her probation and deserved what she got. It is a shame that she didn’t have to serve the full 90 days like any other non-celebrity would have. She has no respect for the law and I have no respect for the legal system in this country anymore.

    • Sila

      it perfectly I too alywas cry at the father/daughter dances they are so moving. It’s one of my favourite moments during a wedding. What an amazing gift you gave this bride and her father! What a memorable moment for the guests to have witnessed. Fantastic job Patrick! I love the passion you have for your work. Thanks for sharing this unique DJ moment.

  • Lucy

    “good behavior”?? wasn’t she isolated for her own protection…unbelievable!

  • Lindsey

    Total BS. This girl has been given more chances than anyone anywhere else would have been given. Great criminal justice system they have in LA. Ludicrous.

  • Picu

    I wish her well. She has a long hard road to climb and very few helpful people around her. It can be done.

    • Stormy

      Her dysfunctional parents should be in jail. They’re the ones who screwed her up in the first place. Yes, she needed a really loud wake-up call and hopefully this will do the trick. But if her hard partying mother is back in her life when she gets out of rehab, I doubt her problems will go away.

      • NoChance

        I disagree. Yes her parents have their own issues but at 24 (an adult) Lindsay is responsible for herself.
        I grew up with an alcoholic mom who also abused prescription drugs (hers and those she could “borrow” from friends drug cabinets) and I am not messed up despite that.
        I hope she has checked into a reputable rehab and not one that has horseback riding, shopping trips, allows cell phones and anytime visitors.
        She needs to focus on herself and learn that she can lead a drug free life.

      • john stamos

        While it’s true that her parents may both suck at being parents, she is the one who is choosing unhealthy ways of dealing with it. She’s the one who has decided to drink, use drugs, and be irresponsible about her probation. And until she realizes that there will be no help for her.

  • jeff lynn

    #1. Lindsay Lohan is a pampered, coddled celebrity that is given endless chances because there are still a handful of rich old men that are convinced they can still make money off her.
    #2. Someone mentioned “comeback” and Robert Downey Jr. RDjr. made many BAD mistakes, paid his fines, did his jailtime, took his bad press, then acutally changed himself and his lifestyle. THAT is a comeback, not LH, who’s a half step above Nicole Ritchie and Kim Kardasian. Robert Downey Jr. is a REAL celebrity, with REAL intelligence and talent. Fact, end of story.

    • tvgirl48

      Great comparison. ITA

  • JRWolfe

    California can’t add ??? She didn’t serve her entire 90 days. LA justice is now a world famous joke. The judge should order her back in and fire whoever released Lohan.

  • Jacko

    LA justice – is best served to celebrities with money

  • Bunny

    She is a junky and the court and jail system is pathetic-If the judge knew that there was over crowding and that she would have gotten out early then if the Judge really cared she would have sentenced her to a year-18 months and maybe she would have done 2 or 3 months-THis makes the court system a laughing stock and does not set good examples.I am curious…ARE THE NON CELEBRITIES TREATED THE SAME WAY? Do they get out early or just celebritites????

    • Stormy

      In California, there’s pretty much a revolving door for anyone serving a sentence for a non violent felony or misdemeanor.

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