Jennifer Lopez signs deal to become new 'American Idol' judge: Report

j-loImage Credit: Kyle Rover/ Jennifer Lopez has inked a deal to join American Idol‘s judging panel for its upcoming 10th season, an industry source tells People. The news dropped just hours after Ellen DeGeneres confirmed her exit from the show, despite having only served one year of a reported multi-season deal.

Lopez served as an Idol mentor on Latin night during the show’s sixth season, garnering generally positive reviews for her warm, candid style, and her ability to extract a not entirely terrible performance of “Bésame Mucho” from widely maligned contestant Sanjaya Malakar.

A Fox spokesperson declined to comment on the reported deal with Lopez. Calls and emails to Fremantle Media, American Idol spokespersons, and Lopez’s reps were not immediately returned.

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  • MsDaisy

    Oh. Dear.

    • MovieMan


      BYE BYE IDOl. I will NEVER watch you again!

      • Brianna

        Yeeeees!!!! Jennifer-one of my favorite entertainers ever is going to be on the show-great news!!!! This is going to be great. Now they just have to get Bret Michaels to replace Simon and then it’s all good.

      • rylie seaworth

        If this is true, I will say goodbye to AI. SEAWORTH OUT!

      • Steph

        Pretty sure I just vomited in my mouth a little. Goodbye JLo & American Idol… Hello X-Factor :)

      • Christina

        Finally they get an actual star as a judge. Now they have someone who can relate more to the contestants. Now they have a singer as a judge who knows what it takes to be in the business because she went through the process OF BEING AN ACTUAL SURVIVING SINGER IN THE BUSINESS.

      • James

        Jennifer Lopez can sing?

      • ^

        Christina =J-Lo’s mother

      • YouHatersSuck

        LOL, to all you haters out there, this ones for you:
        Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block, Used to have a little now I have a lot, No matter where I go, I know where I came from, From the Bronx!, Nothin phony, don’t hate on me, What you get is what you see, Put god first, and can’t forget to stay real. Love that song….I couldn’t resist! You go girl! Jenny from the block!

      • Jackie

        Having Jenny from the Block as a judge is better than Jessica Simpson being one. At least J-Lo is a fun choice.

      • ^

        YouHatersSuck = paid by J-Lo

      • jj

        dude I do not hate her, …but HOW cAN SOME WHO CAN’T SING GIVE ADVICE 2 THOSE WHO CAN?
        I’ll wait and see, tho

      • David

        @jj She can sing better than Paula Plus X-Factor in the UK has two singers that aren’t great vocalists. Pop stars and former pop stars make great judges as long as they are not as inarticulate as Paula Abdul.

      • Ann

        Christina, there is a difference between being a “star” and actually having talent. Kara may not be a “star” but she has talent. However, many people learned to like Paula as a judge despite her limited ability. Simon couldn’t sing either but he could spot real talent. Maybe Ms. Lopez can do the same. She better leave the diva attitude at home or that show is a goner.

      • MDS

        J-Lo is responsible for some of the worst pop songs of the last decade

      • Yes!!!!

        @Ann Kara has been fired!!! Get over her already!!!

      • Yes!!!!

        So glad that they are getting Jennifer and Steven Tyler!!! Yes!!! Fun and charming judges!!!

      • Michael

        JJ…How can someone who can’t sing give advice? Just ask Randy, Ellen, Paula and Simon.

      • Jenna

        Stevens tour with his band Aerosmith is gonna rock! They are going to be in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand for one of their concerts. That would be fun going to that one! I love Steven!!! Great performer!!!

      • VERY GREAT!!

        Steven Tyler will rock this show!! He has been around for forever. He has a ton of music knowledge about being a singer in the music business. These contestants better know how lucky they are!! If I was a singer I would love to get advice from him.

      • wakeforce

        Great! So you will no longer watch Idol, but somehow I think it will survive. This reminds me of when Kate Gosselin (who I hate)came on DWTS. People said they would no longer watch. Guess what, ratings went through the roof, and when she got voted off, tratings declined! Tv execs know what they’re doing when they put controversial people on their shows. It generates buzz, like when Oprah had on Sarah Palin and Jay Leno. People hate, but they still watch.

      • ^urs

        wakeforce — Get real. Idol has been sucking for years now, and the ratings have been terrible. Just because they go out and get someone like J.LO, doesn’t mean the ratings will improve. She serves no point to the show. How long has she been around? Not very long. Idol needs someone with some backing. Someone with some real creditability in the MUSIC industry. Not some hack that can’t sing nor put out good music. Paula didn’t have great qualifications either, but she was likeable and a sweetheart.

      • Akane

        I didn’t watch AI this past season not because Paula left but because of scheduling conflicts, anyway I saw the point of Ellen being a judge, she was kind of giving the fan POV, but Jennifer Lopez, really? Has anyone heard her sing live, I don’t think anyone has, besides AI = Simon, so no Simon, goodbye AI, something tells me this might be the last season.

    • Rosalie

      I guess this is better than Jessica Simpson. I mean, I know that Paula, Simon, Randy and Kara are not Kelly Clarkson material when it comes to vocals, so I am not going to judge Jennifer based on her singin. The thing about Jennifer is that to me she is just an image who is famous for a dress and a big butt. She is more of a gossip celebrity in my opinion. But oh well. It’s not like I watched Idol with Ellen. The show did not feel right without Paula, that’s where the problem was for me.

      • Anna

        No, she used to be a great all-around entertainer (I’m think in her earlier Selena-era years). But slowly her career morphed into one that WAS just based on her celebrity. Once Ben Affleck and Gigi happened, her career just never recovered.

      • Christina

        She still is a fantastic entertainer. Have you been in a cave these years?

      • ^

        Christina = J-Lo’s mother (and she’s pissed).

    • Erin

      How J-Lo can you go?

      • JR

        That’s rich.

      • SDTim

        LOL! Love it, Erin

    • SMH

      Ew. She’s not a good musician herself. Why?

      • Christina

        Neither was Paula. They’re both good dancers with mediocre singing skills

      • Christina

        Christina I’m ashamed that you have the same name as me. Jennifer has great singing skills. She is not mediocre!

      • ^

        Christina #2 = J-Lo’s mother

      • selena

        J-Lo CANNOT sing!

      • wino

        she’s a performer. randy, simon nor paula could sing. you need good ears to judge this show, not a great vocal range.

    • jessica

      Yeah…remarkably, I’m less inclined to tune into Idol with Jo Lo on board.

      • oh really

        I can tell by your maturity level that you are around 16. Who cares if you and other immature people don’t watch the show?! Now there will be less teens voting! Yes!

      • Stormy

        Super! It’s like sweet Paula minus the ditzyness. A really good choice.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Wow! That’s interesting. Should be interesting. I hope she got paid BIG TIME….but is it still going to be 4 judges? I thought Nigel was against the 4 judge table?
      I like the choice, but wonder if they’re going to replace EVERYBODY or keep the 4 judges?

      • kellybelly

        They’re going back to a 3-judge panel. Randy, Jennifer and Steven Tyler. Kara was fired today Friday. Ellen quit yesterday – Thurs.
        I personally think Steven should NOT do it, for his own sake. Are both he and Jennifer really going to be able to be actually critical. They are still currently performing, and they don’t want to alienate fans. If Steven does do it for sure (and from all the news outlets, it looks pretty good), I bet he just does it for a year. And Jennifer, probably the next Paula minus the ditz. I personally prefer Jennifer as an actress.

    • nikkido

      I will not be back.

    • JR

      Between this and Nigel’s return VFTW may spontaneously combust.

    • Brenda Barrett

      Can’t stand her so I won’t be watching. I would have started viewing again if Shania joined the show.

    • Frank Anderson

      THIS is supposed to keep people watching Idol? I doubt it. This last season was horrible and my faith in next season couldn’t be lower.

    • Rich

      “Just follow my tips, contestants, and you too can get dropped from your Sony contract without your last album even getting released!”

      • tat4tat

        LOL, and that is what Sony did. She doesn’t have it anymore. She became Ben Affleck and that awful movie, “Gigi” or whatever it was called. She was celebutized and then her career ended. So she makes a few movies inbetween that bombed, married her skeletor husband, popped out 2 babies, and now has made a movie that bombed again, and inbetween all that she got dropped from her record label because her last album bombed, and her current one set to release was dropped. Yeah, she’s so qualified for the music world.

  • Leann

    If it stops her from putting out anymore music, I’m all for it.

    Oh, wait. I stopped watching Idol eons ago!!!

    • Tyrell

      lol.. I agree!

    • PJ

      And yet, here you are commenting on an Idol story.

      • ??

        Oh snap. that comment is so old. Grow up. And eff you.

      • @PJ

        Promise me you won’t go into observational humor.

  • delli

    I guess she has to do something. Noone buys her music, her movies suck. Her clothes are whorrible (yes I spelled that way on purpose). She has to pay the bills!

    • Miss Talk

      She has to pay her (divalicious) bills but she’s also a mother of twins. She needed that kind of job to pause herself a little bit.
      Looks like those people or their people read this blog since I suggested thise idea at the time her label dropped her. Yay me!
      And Thank God, Ellen confirms what we knew already: she has common sense.

      • ???

        Yeah right.. They took your advice. Please give us your address so we call all send you hate mail cause she stinks.

      • ^

        Miss Talk = J-Lo’s doctor, MD-Lo

  • mscisluv

    I was really excited when I heard Ellen left (I like her, but not on Idol), but this is a tad disappointing. J-Lo was a decent mentor, but clearly doesn’t have the vocal chops to critique other people (unless she’s going at from the A&R standpoint?).

    • Sean Mann

      This is the thing…Did Paula Abdul? NO! She was a has been who also was a dancer (granted choreographer too but similar drift) with experience as a performer and dancer. I’m not thrilled to death about this but think it’s a progressive turn with the way the show is headed. She’s a star who has proven enough in the business as other popular judges to have a shot.

    • Sally in Chicago

      I agree with Sean Mann; how did they choose Paula, who had a mediocre voice and wasn’t really a GREAT choreographer….IMO….but had a great personality.

    • kahuna

      So what? Simon can’t sing either. Yet, everybody hangs on his every word (except me).

    • Cindy

      She has way more vocal chops than Paula ever did. Did you not see her super sexy perf on New Year’s Rockin Eve?! Plus she has a well grounded honesty that should serve well for some real advise.

      • rylie seaworth

        Was that the same perf where she fell flat on her inflated derrierre??

      • @Cindy

        She has more pork chops than Paula, too.

      • exactly

        Jennifer is an amazing entertainer! Ya I loved her performance on Dick Clark’s rockin New Year’s eve show. Her upbeat music is great-girl has got major music skills.

      • Amy

        I like Jennifer a lot more than Paula.

  • Austin

    What?! Even Kara is better than J-Lo!

    • Brianna

      Oh-don’t go there! Jennifer Lopez is 100% star gold! Kara does not have the performing skills that Jennifer has. Jennifer may not have the best voice, but she does great on rhythm, and her dancing performances are amazing. She rocks at doing fast beat amazing songs. She has too much charm for you to compare her to Kara!!!!

      • Andrea

        Kara would never be able to entertain a huge audience. After a couple seconds of her performance, I would be like, ok restroom break.

      • Petra

        Great read on J-Lo, Brianna! J-Lo is one of those “full package” types and I’m not talking about what’s around back.
        Sings, dances, very good fast dance performer on stage. A very good actress and she has personality and charisma.
        I’d hate to see an “All Celeb Superstar!!” cast of judges as that would detract from performances and performers being the proper focus – the judges should exist to be good and entertaining to ENHANCE the show’s total presentation of performances to the audience.

        If there are only 3 judges, and I pray that is the case, I’d like only one celeb.

        I had some that I would have preferred to J-Lo, like Harry Connick, but she if rumors are true, will be light years ahead of the likes of Howard Stern, Laura Bush, a living fossil like Elton John or Carole King.

      • ^

        Petra = J-Lo

      • jerzeegirl

        Thing is… Idol is a sinking ship & JLo does not have the fan base to save it. Ellen is very likeable but sucked horribly…thank goodness for her she still has day job, JLo does not have that cushion.

      • @Petra

        A living fossil like Elton John? What a complete dufus you are. Please stop writing your huge missives and taking up space with your assinine rantings.

      • Anon

        Petra is just Chris Ford in disguise. AKA Selena etc. Hi Chris. Will you pop up as yourself if someone mentions Siobhan? Oops, I just did.

    • Sally in Chicago

      This should be interesting, esp. if Kara is still at the table.

      • great news!

        Kara better not spend forever talking. I just wanna here J-Lo do most of the talking. I’m a huge fan of Jen! Great girl!

      • Marci

        Actually, this would be great news if she were REPLACING Kara!

    • kahuna

      The problem with kara is that although she has talent, she has a stank personality. She needs to get over herself.

      • she sucks!

        Exactly! She is crazy! Very full of herself! But thats what money does to people….maybe she is just so blinded about getting more rich.

      • kellybelly

        Kara was fired today! Only 3 judges – Randy, Jennifer and Steven Tyler

  • Joelle

    What. Is. Wrong. With. These. People? A celebrity on the judges panel makes no sense. They’ll never be objective because they have a public persona to maintain… they cannot risk coming across as unlikable. Sigh. Besides, isn’t an established fact that JLo cannot sing?

    • rylie seaworth

      Yes, that is definitely an established fact.

    • David


      Paula is a celbrity too, as are the two singers (Dannii Minogue & Cheryl Colw) that judge on The X-Factor on the UK.

      • Nathan Sokalski

        Yes, Paula was a celebrity, but when did she ever give any criticism that didn’t sound like she was sucking up to the contestants? I don’t know if that’s because she was trying to maintain her public image, but she certainly doesn’t qualify as an example of a celebrity being objective.

  • jenn

    Sorry but this is just a horrible idea…

  • Dave-O

    Horribly and shrewd choice all at the same time. The viewers they are losing (because of the suckitude AI has become and I’ve been a card carrying member of the AI fan club for years) will be replaced by an increase in the latino vote. J-Lo is polarizing.

    Dave-O out!

    • kahuna

      That was kind of racist. No. It WAS racist.

      • ^

        other shoe dropped.

  • simon

    Ugh, the other part of the rumor is Steven Tyler is also a new judge in additional to JLo. Man, this is bad…really bad….Ellen would be better than this. At least Kara has talent. JLo is a “studio” performer. They started with lowering the age to 15 and now this??? b’bye idol….

    • Javabooknut

      Steven Tyler is actually an interesting idea but Jlo. I won’t watch. She is annoying except in romcoms occasionally

      • Andrea

        Steven Tyler rocks!

      • Sally in Chicago

        Oh no not Steven Tyler! He’s like ancient! and not pleasing to look at.

    • justin

      Do you HAVE to complain about idol’s every move? Its no different than having Paula.

      • Nathan Sokalski

        Exactly what we’re complaining about. Paula was the most annoying ever to be on Idol. She was good in her music career, but she sucked as a judge.

    • whatevs

      Kara isn’t talented. I could write songs that suck too.

      • bass

        Hmmmph, I HAVE written songs that sucked, so there!!

  • Ben

    So, her advice is going to be about creating an entire “career” out of having a seven-foot wide ass?

    I literally read about 30 seconds ago that Ellen is going and was excited and then I read this. I am literally never watching the show again.

    • etm

      “seven-foot wide ass?”

      Hilarious!!!! LOL

      • Fiona

        Is it really only 7 feet wide?

        If they really want to make this show interesting, they should force Ryan to co-host with his nemesis, Kathy Griffin.

        I’d tune in for that.

    • justin

      You probably said the same thing last season when Paula left. I’m sure you will still watch the show. Its about the CONTESTANTS, NOT the judges. Sheesh.

      • Ben

        Um, actually no I did not say the same thing last season. And if it has nothing to do with the judges, can you please kindly explain WHY THE SHOW FEATURES JUDGES?

      • Nick Nack

        Justin?????………..are you there??????………………

  • Michael

    Um…why are people complaining that Jennifer Lopez cannot sing? Can Simon? Could Paula as good as the contestants? No. She has industry experience and I think she’d be an awesome addition. I am not a big fan of her movies or her music, but I think she always seems pretty cool in interviews.

    • yep

      i agree, she must be doing something right that she is still around when so many others have come and gone.
      People have jumped on the Paula wagon, she hasn’t had a record in years, wasn’t even in the lime light when she came back.
      by the way I only liked one of Jlo movies, Selena.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Totally agree. Jennifer has made many movies, she tours, she records, she’s 40 y.o. and probably wants to sit down for a while and not climb that stardom ladder…makes good sense. So, is Kara still on board?

      • Cindy

        I’ve always found J Lo to be a very appealing performer. Enjoy her Rom-Com’s, very natural/honest actress and again I say, did none of you catch her sexy perf on New Year’s Rockin Eve? She’s still got it goin on.

      • BlackIrish4094

        JLo was actually good in the movie Blood and Wine with Jack Nicholson and Stephen Dorf surprisingly enough.

      • teekay

        You didn’t like Out of Sight?

    • Ricky8713


      • Marc A.

        In her defense, I have to say that J-Lo is the best fading Latino pop star with a barn-sized booty who makes crappy movies that American Idol could have chosen.

      • Blessa


    • Naylock

      Well if she seems pretty cool in interviews, that certainly qualifies her to be a judge, doesnt it? She is a “singer” who can’t sing. To say Simon couldn’t sing either is a ridiculous comparison because his area of expertise in music is as one of the most successful producers. J-Lo’s area of expertise in music is singing, in which she is horrible.

  • JayK

    Do not want.

  • ew-bot

    I think she might be good.

    • moi

      I agree. People are such haters. I think she is a hundred gabagillion times better then ellen/randy/kara combined. once they clean house, it can only go up.

      • @moi

        Just because people don’t validate your celebrity crush doesn’t make them ‘haters’.

        Being better than ellen/randy/kara combined does not a judge make.

        Of course AI can only go up. But it needs to go up more than a millimeter in order to stop hemorrhaging viewers.

      • great news!

        I agree with moi. Exactly-She is a lot better than Ellen/Kara/Randy. So I’m just gonna be grateful for the great news.

      • ^

        great news! = J-Lo’s cousin, G-Lo

  • seattle maggie

    Can’t J-Lo stick to making crappy movies and mediocre albums (where I can easily ignore her)?

    • Sassy

      LOL Her perfume’s not bad compared to the rest of the selection at Walmart ;)

      • marc

        J-Lo has a perfume? Is it named ‘Stank’?

  • Sam

    Am I the only one who doesn’t hate this? As if Paula and Randy have any more power of judgement than J-Lo does? It’s not about whether the person has vocal chops, it’s about whether they can recognize vocal talent.

    • Anthony

      I actually like this. She was on the best mentors the show has had. And lets face it she and Paula are pretty much the same vocally.

      • CJ

        True but at least Paula is likable…which J Lo is not.

      • David


        That is bull. Paula is a nutjob and Jennifer is articulate and delightful.

      • ^

        David = J-Lo’s daddy, D-Lo

      • Duru

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    • Jana

      I really liked her when she was a mentor, so I’m also ok with her beign a judge. It would also be great to have three judges that could form actual intelligent critiques, but for that they’d have to get rid of Randy. And half of Kara.

    • AE

      You’re not alone. Especially when the other rumor was Jessica Simpson.

      • Anon

        Exactly. Jessica Simpson guiding contestants would be the blind leading the one-eyed.

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