Oliver Stone apologizes for comments on the Holocaust and Jewish media conspiracy

Director Oliver Stone has issued a statement apologizing for comments he made to the Sunday Times of London regarding the Holocaust and what he called “Jewish domination of the media.”

“In trying to make a broader historical point about the range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret,” Stone said in a statement released by his publicist. “Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry.  The fact that the Holocaust is still a very important, vivid and current matter today is, in fact, a great credit to the very hard work of a broad coalition of people committed to the remembrance of this atrocity — and it was an atrocity.”

In the Sunday Times interview promoting his new documentary South of the Border, Stone veered into discussion of the Holocaust, saying, “Hitler was a Frankenstein, but there was also a Dr. Frankenstein. German Industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support…. Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people.”

Stone also referred to “Jewish domination of the media,” saying Israel “f***** up United States foreign policy for years.”

The American Jewish Committee released a statement condemning Stone’s remarks. “By invoking this grotesque, toxic stereotype, Oliver Stone has outed himself as an anti-Semite,” the group’s executive director, David Harris, said in a statement. “For all of Stone’s progressive pretensions, his remark is no different from one of the drunken, Jew-hating rants of his fellow Hollywood celebrity, Mel Gibson.”

Following Stone’s apology, issued Monday night, the New York-based American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants said in a statement: “His apology was necessary and we accept it. But whether he acted out of sincerity or as a desperate response to the moral outcry at his comments is an open question. He must be judged by his future words and deeds.”

This latest event follows statements Stone made in January when he said Hitler is “an easy scapegoat throughout history” in a presentation to TV critics supporting his miniseries Oliver Stone’s Secret History of America.

Also: Oliver Stone says Hitler is an ‘easy scapegoat’

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  • gail

    I’m part Jewish n I will tell you the Jewish group is far too touchy! Some things are true, some are not, get off the pitty pot!

    • Desmo

      Yeah gosh those Jews are so touchy. Come on guys the Holocaust was like… ages ago! Get over it.

      • Alan

        It’s hard to “get over” something that caused me to lose an entire branch of my family whom I will never know. How would you feel if someone came along and took out half of your blood relatives?

      • Marcus

        I’m pretty sure Desmo was kidding. gail, on the other hand, was not.

      • Ruby

        Desmo was being sarcastic…

      • Desmo

        Thank you Marcus and Ruby for being intelligent. I was being sarcastic.

      • Nathan

        Alan, could I pick which half?

      • mian

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      • diane

        You too are an idiot. It was 70 years ago, if you have any grandparents let them tell you about the war and the Holocaust..I lost a part of my family in Europe..Learn something about history repeating it’s self…You are Moron…..

      • Hannah Shachar

        You are being ignorant, rude and anti-Semitic.

      • Desmo

        diane and Hannah Shachar… if you can’t figure out sarcasm, it is a sad statement on our educational system. To make things blatantly clear to you: I was making wildly over the top statements to show the idiocy of people who actually believe these things. You can tell this by looking at the way I mirror gail’s statement.

      • James Detweiler

        It is true what happened to Jewish People in Germany during the second world war. Unfortunatly the Jewish People seldom acknowledge that it was men and women like my father and uncles who freed them from those camps at the cost of their own lives.

      • John

        Alan, could I pick which half?


      • kalaam

        yes i know how it feels to have part of your family wiped out. my family is from Lydda (Lod) Palestine. always lived there. go check what atrocities took place there in 1948 at the hand of the jewish Haganah.

      • Josh Goldstein

        Yet another HATER just outed himself as an anti-Semite! You owe the world an apology.

      • Josh Goldstein

        James Detweiler: Your father and uncles only freed the few surviving Jews after YEARS of deliberately avoiding their moral duty to stop the atrocities that killed MILLIONS of Jews. America turned a blind eye to the Holocaust for YEARS before taking action, and because of that, millions of Jews died unneccessarily. Jews will NEVER forget that!

      • Andy Daniel

        To James Detweiler,

        I think you’re in part mistaken that the Jews didn’t appreciate their liberators. What’s not well known to most Americans is that many parts of Europe were liberated by Russian soldiers, which was the case in Hungary where my parents lived. The bombing of Hungary, while not intended to harm Jews, was being done by the Americans. Needless to say, the Hungarian Jews adored the Russians right after WW2, and many of them became active communists. Of course, the appreciation for the Russians waned after Russia sent tanks into Budapest in 1956. Jews are well aware that WW2 could not have been won without the sacrifices of American soldiers, but many Americans aren’t aware that the war could not have been won without the sacrifices of the Russians.

      • Mike

        Mr. Goldstein: I guess my questions would be : Why didn’t the Jews do something to stop the atrocities done to them? Why was it Americas “moral duty”? Is it Americas “moral duty” to stop the Jewish settlements in occupied territories? Weren’t Lehi, Irgun and the Stern Gang “terrorist” organizations just as you would say Hezbollah is today? Why is it that if someone says something negative about Israel, even when it’s true, they are an anti-Semite?

      • Bob

        That’s a good point Mike. By Mr. Goldtein’s logic we should’ve invaded all Palestinian lands and liberated them, because it’s our moral duty to stop the Israel blockades and containment which has destroyed their economy, infrastructure and thousands of lives. It would be our duty to give them self-determination, even if it’s against our interests, and against Israels. But that would be the immediate moral thing to do, right? And then put in U.N. peacemakers. (no, they’re not just peace keepers any more. The UN does have armed, tactical peace MAKER forces now).

      • Ted

        Desmo, your a fool!

      • Nix

        I got that you’re sarcastic, Demo. But as you can see, it doesn’t work with a lot of people online.

      • The Other Guy

        That sounds exactly like something Eric Cartman from South Park would say. Even though that was completely wrong, they should put it in a South Park episode. And by the way, bud, screw you, because I’m Jewish.

      • Tonic

        Yeah, it only killed 2 million people…it’s time to move on. Eye roll. American idiots.

      • Ibad

        She did say *some* things are true, *some* things aren’t. Anyone who denies the impact of the Holocaust is an idiot, but I’d say that the US backing Israel no matter what human atrocities they commit against the Middle Eastern people is just as idiotic. The Western World had NO right whatsoever to allocate those lands, occupied by the Palestinians for centuries, to a completely separate group of people who would end up kicking them out and sucking the resources out of them. The whole “avoiding another Holocaust” argument is completely BS since the allied powers, the winners of WW2, obviously would have (and did) taken precautions as to make sure something like that never happened in Europe again. Funny thing, it never did happen again and it’s obviously never going to. The only other explanation I can think of is wanting biblical prophecy to be carried out which is an absurd basis for international diplomacy in any case.

      • terry

        Wow, Hannah, Diane, the other guy, Josh, Tonic.

        You people are idiots and totally irony-deficient. Wow. Go to school or read a book.

        dumb, dumb, dumb

    • führer

      Certain groups of People get annihilated, put into slavery or get thrown out of countries for a reason…

      • REally?

        Now get off you’re computer and go say that to an ACTUAL human in person, on the street. But then again, you probably wouldn’t say that to someone else in person, which is why you hide behind the anonymity of the internet….like a coward. Have a nice day.

      • asrael

        Your perceptive analysis so very welcome; perhaps next time it will be your turn, and others can ponder the “reason”…

      • Francisco

        I wonder what jewish peoplethink of the way Israel has treated the Palestinians for the past hmmm 60 years…like dogs and animals.Now you come and ask for pity???good frickin’ grief!!

      • Naomi

        Francisco – remind me again about those Jews that bombed Germen cities, and exploded on buses, killing women and children? Oh, wait, it didn’t happen. The difference is that Jews were part of the German nation, served in German army and loved the country, while The Hamas wants to kill all Jews and bomb away all of Israel.

      • Corey

        Exactly. Francisco cant seperate fact from hateful fiction because of his bia againts anything morally right. Just imagine if someone like him and Stone’s were in a position of power. Oh wait they were during the holocaust. Pathetic.

      • rae

        @fuhrer, writing simple minded sh*t like that just shows how ridiculous and foolish you really are. Get off your computer and go seek out someone that is jewish or have slaves for ancestors and tell them how you feel, then come back (if you can) and tell us what happened.

    • Elanor

      Wow Gail…. there is nothing worse than a self hating Jew. They were fantastic Nazi sympathizers as well…. My grandmother’s family (on both sides) was BUTCHERED by the Nazi’s…. their neighbors sold them out and watched as ALL of them, – including the little children were gunned down and thrown into a ditch… Thanks Gail, I will get off the “pitty pot” now… you are so right.

      • Adam

        All Oliver Stone was trying to say is that Hitler could not do it alone. He acknowledged the atrocity but also wanted to remind us that he was supported financially, and politically by some of the very cultures that denounce him today. We all know the Holocaust was terrible, but it’s not the only genocide that has ever happened and in order to prevent future genocides we have to try and understand them all, not just the ones affecting Jewish Europeans. More Russians were killed in 2 (I repeat 2) battles during WWII than in all American wars combined. I personally believe there is no such thing as evil, just skewed points of view. When we look back in history, we seem to feel that one team is are the good guys, and one team are the bad guys. 100 years from now I have a feeling the rest of the world will look back on the last 10 years of American foreign policy and will see us as the greedy, bad guys we all are. It’s a shame too, because I really do love this country.

      • Zeemann

        I don’t believe a single thing that you’re saying.

        OTOH, should Slavs hate the Jews because Jewish commissars killed millions of them?

      • Lee


      • veronica

        @Adam – word to your entire post.

      • The Other Guy

        Well Adam kind of has a point there. Yeah, it wasn’t JUST Hitler that caused the Holocaust, but it was BECAUSE of Hitler that it even happened.

      • Tom

        It appears that Adam got the point.

    • the great american poo

      Really? so should they let o.j. be too then? or maybe let charles manson go too… you moron.

      • LBW

        I wonder if not believing in evil protected anyone from what Hitler and his system did to the Jews, gypsies, mentally or physically handicapped, homosexuals, Russians or anyone else this evil creature with delusions of world domination targeted?

    • diane

      what part Jew are you are your nut sack, Your part of the problem ass…Be part of the solution instead

      • Turd Furg

        Nice grammer…..

    • Jack

      Oliver Stone’s movies are filled with fiction and revisionist history and he wants his films to be shown in schools! The man by his own admission in this latest film tries to portray dictators from an alternative viewpoint. He leaves out the fact that you cannot speak your mind in any of these countries without the fear of being sentenced to death for it. I wish morons like Stone would just go live under one of these dictators for the rest of his life since he has loves them so much! Please go! Live under their rule! The man is so foolish!

      • Concerned

        well I am Black and I feel very funny to Celebrate all of these holidays and the men some of them ex presidents owned slaves , mated with then and even raped some, and also sold offspring many their own children and let us not talk about the child molestation of boys and girls slaves, when will hollywood and whoever controls it when will they allow some real slavery movies to be made with big budgets , I sympathize and emphathize with the holocaust yet slavery happen here in this country, I will tell you something I remember clear as day , after 911 about 2 weeks later President Bush had a news conference and Sumner Redstone and all the Bigshots from Hollywood was behind the President and he Said “Hollywood is going to help us fight the War on Terror” Now the Arab has been a Bad guy in so many movies since , I have to admit I can understand it more , because I dont know what a Commie or COmmunist is so that sounded outdated in movies and I was tired of street gangs that only killed poor and often got the weapon from ex soldiers

      • Caroll

        Oliver Stones movies need a black box warning that they are dangerous to our mental health. Revising history is a twisted way to, well,”twist” the minds of kids in school. He should put a notice on his movies ” This is a work of total fiction. Do not believe it has anything to do with history.”

      • Laughing

        You should be more “concerned” with your lack of intelligence.

    • moondoggie

      And the part of you that is not Jewish? What is that? How can you be part Jewish?

      • bob

        My penis is Jewish, as it has no foreskin.

    • eli

      Part Jewish, certainly not the head.

    • Knightly

      Your opinion has been noted. Should we happen to find a “full” Jew who disagrees with you, does that bring the tally to a flat 0 or 0.5+ in favor of being offended? You know, just in the off-hand chance that you don’t speak for an entire people with who you’re only vaguely connected.

    • rickpp

      Gail, the only part of you that is jewish is your ass, as you are a dumbass

    • Lila

      “Pity pot” … !!!! Perhaps you’ve had too much pot! An atrocity like the holocaust NEEDS to be remembered for the horror it was. And, yes, antisemitism never disappears … And, you are not anything Jewish!

  • Joseph

    Goes to show that Oliver Stone lost all credibility since he started going on about JFK conspiracies. If you’re so paranoid, live in a rubber room where you belong, Oliver.

    • Brooke

      When Oliver is good, he’s very, very good, and when Oliver is bad….well, he starts spewing nonsense.

    • tim

      if you actually did some research, you would know that what oliver stone filmed has been chronicled in more than half of the books about JFK and is actually pretty plausible.

      • David

        Just because something is plausible, doesn’t make it true. For instance, thinking that Oliver Stone is a smart person who spews facts, is plausible; still not true.

      • Gene

        Oh, for God’s sake, he based the film on the Garrison prosecution/persecution of Clay Shaw, which is an acute embarassment to even hardened conspiracy theorists.

  • Christian

    “For all of Stone’s progressive pretensions, his remark is no different from one of the drunken, Jew-hating rants of his fellow Hollywood celebrity, Mel Gibson.”

    Ouch, that was low.

    • jodipo

      yet accurate

  • Josh

    There is actually a lot of language like this in the progressive movement today. For whatever reason, people just aren’t paying attention.

    • Devin Faraci

      Liberals hate Israel and love Palestine.

      • Zombie Jesus

        Maybe because they have unsecured nuclear weapons….. or could be the fact we provide them with about $5 billion a year in taxpayer money. But hey, the nerve of Libs spending taxpayer money on…..taxpayers? (gasp!)

      • blackman

        My people heartbreaks for Palestine, because we understand what slavery is like.

      • Alan

        I’m a liberal and I support Israel. If the Arab world really cared about the Palestinians they would have resettled them from the refugee camps decades ago. It’s unfortunate, but the Palestinians are a chip in a regional political game.

      • Josh

        It’s evolving into something more than that though. If you go to a site mostly filled with progressives like Reddit or Digg, there is a lot of just plain ol’ blaming Jews for everything dialogue (for example, the financial crisis).

      • Brett

        It’s so much more complicated than that, Alan, with more than enough blame to be shared with Israel and the US.

      • @Devin

        Since so many Jews are liberals, how can this be?

      • ??????????

        my people? I’m black so you can’t be meaning me. Sorry my heart does not break for them.

      • diane

        You too are an ass….and Know zip about what you talk about, Most Jewish people are Liberals so, now who is spewing sh.t?

      • Dave

        Liberals are lie-berals nowadays and progressive are now p-regressive as they like evil dark forces in the name of anti whatever (west, America, self, you name it). Clowns against anything normal!

    • Courtney

      I agree. If you don’t believe it, go read the article on this on the Huffington Post and read exactly what they are saying….it goes way beyond the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

  • tricky

    Jews are kinda off-putting….just sayin.

    • Z

      You are kinda bigoted… just sayin

      • Brett

        Zealous Jews ARE off-putting; just like zealous members of any group. So many people have tunnel vision when it comes to issues involving Israel, the Jewish faith, the treatment of Jews historically. It’s sometimes difficult to have rational discourse about these subjects with people who don’t want to hear any other opinions.

      • The Other Guy

        Brett, that applies to every religion. Christians do it, Muslims do it, every religion has a bunch of idiots in it doing stupid things. So, yeah there are zealous Jews, but don’t say that only the Jews have that problem.

    • diane

      All of the bigots in here, are you related to Mel Gibson…damn stupid people

      • Seth

        diane I’ll pay you 20 bucks to go away. what do you think?

    • JDS

      Your comment was at best ignorant at worst a very poor attempt at sarcasm.

      Just sayin!

  • OliverStone Sux

    Stone is a total deuche

  • Rusty Shackleford

    What did he say that was so offensive?

    • Steve

      Sounds like he trotted out the tired old “Jews control the media” cliché. As a Jewish person with an unfortunate lack of control over the media (as evidenced by the continued existence of Jersey Shore), I do find that offensive.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        So what, everybody says that, is it really that offensive saying Jews control the media? That kind of sounds like a good thing, there are worse things to be accused of.

      • LSB

        I don’t believe it was intended as a compliment! If it sounds like a slur…it’s a slur. I guess in the opinion of Mr Stone, Hitler is just misunderstood.

      • Desmo

        Because Rusty it doesn’t just stop with Jew’s control the media. It includes such damaging rumors as Jews were told in advance to leave the World Trade Center, which sadly the Arab world fervently believes. It becomes an issue of Arab governments not being responsible for their oppressive regimes. Instead the blame is shifted to the Jews who secretly run the world.

      • asrael

        You’re a funny guy Steve – thanks…

      • Steph

        @Steve: Lol.
        I think categorizing any entire group of people as anything is silly. Also, I highly doubt many of the people commenting here understand the history of the Palestine/Israel conflict enough to say much.

  • Ringwalk

    Someone might note that Stone is Jewish

    • LSB


      • Ringwalk

        So it shouldn’t be presented as another example of Anglo anti-Semetism, which is what people would assume reading this article. Calling him “anti-Semetic” is quite different in light of the fact that he is Jewish. Unless you think Jewish anti-Semetism is so common it’s self explanatory.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where the dentist thought he could tell Jewish jokes because he became Jewish, so it’s ok.

      • LSB

        Jews come in all degrees of identification with Judaism….just because you’re Catholic doesn’t mean you love the Pope. Just because he’s born to a Jewish mother doesn’t mean he identifies as being Jewish. Mel Gibson represents himself as a Chistian but does anyone recognize Christian values in what he espouses? What does ‘Anglo’ even mean? Oliver Stone represents himself and no other..his views are anti-semetic whether he is Jewish or not.

      • Ringwalk

        Please. The story is presented as another titillating bit of Jew hatred. Of course it’s relevant that Stone is Jewish. Anglo means people of northern European descent, traditionally identified with much of the institutionalized anti-Semitism and racism in this country.

      • Ruby


        Love that episode.

        Kramer: “You’re an anti-Dentite!
        Jerry: I am not an anti-Dentite!
        K: Pretty soon, you’ll be saying they should have their own schools!
        J: They do have their own schools!”


    • Mimi

      Wrong. According to Stone, his father was Jewish, his mother was Catholic and he was raised Protestant. That might explain why he is easily confused, but what’s your excuse? In any case, it is totally irrelevant to Stone’s comments.

      • steve

        He was raised Episcopalian; but has since turned to Buddhism.

      • Ringwalk

        It’s not irrelevant because readers assume it’s more “European American” anti-Semitism, when in fact it’s not.

    • Ben

      Half-Jewish. There are quite a few self-hating Jews around..he is just another one of them.

    • A

      His mother was Catholic and father Jewish, he was raised Episcopalian. He does not identify as a Jew.

  • Tony Flood

    Why isn’t there a “blacks control the media” cliche? Was Stone’s predictably quick apology addressed to all the non-Jewish anti-anti-Semites on whom his livelihood depends?

    • maka

      Because blacks don’t control media, dumbass.

      • Brett

        Not since the UPN network was disbanded, anyway.

      • ZInger


      • Adam

        Ha! Yeah, they’re too busy whooping everyone’s butts in sports ;-P

  • Ringwalk

    Also he is statistically correct about the Russians suffering more. I see what he’s saying…people in the US think WWII and immediatey think “Holocaust,” but I think that’s more out of ignorance than anything else. Also obviously even though more Russians died the genocide against the Jews was more sensational so it’s not that surprising that it’s what people remember more.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      The Jewish people just have better PR people, you know why, they control the media.

      • Ringwalk

        No they don’t. They don’t even control Hollywood. All the studios are owned by goy run conglomerates. It’s not Jews fault people don’t care to open a history book. Further when you try to annihilate a race of people and come close, people are going to remember it.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Are you sure they don’t run Hollywood? Disney is a conglomerate that owns various companies and the CEO is Bob Iger, who is Jewish (just an example)

      • Ringwalk

        GE Fox and Sony own the biggest studios I think. Anyway who cares. I’m not politically correct by any means but the Holocaust was unprecedented and only happened 50 years ago. Of course it’s exceptional.

      • Tony Flood

        Holodomor, the man-made famine/genocide which killed at least six million people in Ukraine was also unprecedented and historically recent (1932-33) but, compared to THE Holocaust, neglected. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Hollywood’s version of “Harvest of Sorrows.”

      • Concerned

        You Guys are on to something because The African Americans were sold into slavery forced to change their names , stripped of there religion and languages lost , forced to mate and have sex with the slave owners his friends and children and be realistic forced child molestation , and homosexuality cause it didnt just start and if you will rape a woman slave and no on cares why not rape a boy slave , so I think Slavery in america was just as great yet it is not even talked about in depth in school books

      • wow

        “annihilate a race of people and come close” ?? 50% isn’t close. Horrible sure. But don’t ignore the homosexuals, gypsies, homeless, disabled, etc that were killed.
        History is full of bad people and bad things. The world has plenty of problems to fix right now.

      • The Other Guy

        Concerned, it’s because people don’t want to remember slavery, the same way no one wants to remember the Holocaust. So I’m with you there, but when bad things happen, people think forgetting about it will make it better.

    • Ben

      Half of all the worlds Jews were rounded up and killed. Millions of Russians were killed in WWII. Both horrible…but not really comparable.

      • Blacksheep

        Millions of Poles died as well, but I’m sure that’s also not comparable…

    • Kate

      I take his point about American and British interests – there were many people in the states anyway (I’m not sure about Britain) who wanted to remain isolationist because they thought Hitler had the right idea, or believed he would win and wanted to be on the side of the victors. Not just Joe Blo everyman, but people in real positions of power. He was Time’s man of the year for pete’s sake (although pre-genocide, still)! I think it is too easy to blame all of the holocaust on Hitler and ignore the uglier side of our own history, although note that I don’t think Hitler should be absolved in any way of his primary and integral role. None of this however excuses anti-semitism, or ridiculous sweeping generalizations about any people. I just understand where he’s coming from on the one point.

      • John

        The Bush family made a fortune of the NAZI party. They were so profitable because they had a pool of slave labor (Jews). Look up Prescott Bush and his ties to the Nazis. Even after FDR passed a law to say American corporations could not do business with them. The Bush family went right around and set up a dummy corporation and broke the law…profiting off the slave labor(dead Jews).

      • levelheaded

        Kate, it’s people like you who make really intelligent observations that give me hope for our future.

        Okay, a little melodramatic, but still, you articulated that perfectly.

    • lupa402

      It’s strange to see a sentence trying to put “statistically speaking” and “suffering” together.

    • diane

      Hey Ringwalk, do you know anything about anything, if the mother is Jewish than that’s when the child “could” be raised Jewish and oh by the way a lot of Russians are Jews you dumb ass….stop breaching start learning…go back to Middle School and read a History book…and stop repeating lies your momma told you…

    • Andy Daniel

      The Russians and the Chinese lost more PEOPLE to the war than did the Jews, (and the Germans lost about the same number as the Jews) but the Jews lost A THIRD of their entire population at the time, more than any other group. So either statement can be technically true. Poland is a special case as it lost about the same total number but about half of them were Jewish – ie. about half of Jews lost were Polish, and about half of Poles lost were Jewish.

    • Violet

      I don’t understand why people on here are arguing about which group had it worse. All of the genocide in WWII was atrocious, irrespective of which group had more members killed.

      BTWm all 4 of my grandparents and both parents were imprisoned in the Holocaust, and my mom is still with us, and clearly, it’s not something you are going to forget. Stone is a jerk!

  • Al

    “For all of Stone’s progressive pretensions”

    Actually, today anti-semitism is more prevalent among the left than the right.

    • mscisluv

      Way too much of a generalization. The right strongly supports Israel, while the left is a bit more complicated. However, the right doesn’t support Israel because they love Jews; they do it because they think they believe that Jerusalem needs to be protected for when Christ returns.

      • Brett

        Sadly, you probably actually believe that.

      • May

        why wouldn’t he believe it? It’s essentially true.

      • Hooch

        This is the truth, as far as I can tell. Why would it be sad to believe it?

    • Kate

      There’s a difference between anti-semitic feelings and anti-Islraeli sentiment. I personally have some problems with the political stance of Israel right now and disagree with some of their actions. That has zero impact on my feelings regarding Jewish people. The idea that Israel represents all Jewish people is a generalization too, and an inaccurate one. I know Jewish people who are opposed to Israel’s actions too. Taking these problems from political issues to racist issues is a problem. That’s like saying because I support racial equality, I have to support every action Obama takes. I can support Jewish people while disagreeing with some of Israel’s policies.

  • Roxie

    Stone is only half Jewish. Maybe it was his Christian side that made the Jewish slur?

    • Jewasp


  • marshall[Maher-shalal-hash-baz]

    As a Baptised Jew I can tell with all sincerity that the Jewish controlled media is out to destroy Christianity in the United States.The victimhood of the Jews is merely a cover to rule the planet.WAKE UP CHRISTIANS!!!!

    • Melanie

      Baptised Jew? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? If you believe in Jesus, you’re a Christian.

    • Say what?

      And pray tell which media outlets are Jewish controlled? Fox News? Hey, is Rupert Murdoch Jewish? ABC? I didn’t know Disney was a Jew. The only Jewish controlled media is found in Israel.

      • Jackal

        You know the real Disney is dead, right? The CEO is Jewish. See Rusty Shackleford’s posts below. All verifiable.

    • Damien

      Yes, you are right, Marshall. Christians need to stop coddling these enemies of the faith and world peace, and stop their terrorist Zionist agenda. They are monopolizing and destroying the world.

      • Ben

        OK..you knew it was coming…we finally get the perspective from the Neo-Nazi contigent.

    • Monti

      I despise this knee-jerk hate. Just because someone is Jewish doesn’t put them in a big club of ruling the world. There are a number of socio-economic reasons that many Jewish people have become successful in the media, and many of those reasons come from the turn of the last century when anti-semitism kept many Jewish people from other forms of work. I married into an Asian family and some of the more stupid members would say things about “white people” that I found astonishingly stupid. Trust me, there is no big white people club where we learn how to behave and who to pick on next. Granted, there are some groups that pretend to be the big club for “white people”, but it’s just not so. This also applies to every possible group of human beings that exists. Some bozo will speak for all Catholics, all African-Americans, all whatevers. It’s easier to stick people into slots than deal with the reality of situations. The world is filled with people doing horrible and wonderful things, and thoughtless, ignorance will not help us see what’s truly happening.

      • Kate

        You’re far too rational and reasonable to be on this site. Come on, insult Robert Pattison or something!

      • B

        Anglo, Jewish, Italian, European… it’s all white to me!!

      • Lee

        I agree, wow, is there someone out there like you who is a rational human being. Nice post Monti.

      • Lee2

        I’m not sure OS comments were about hate.

      • Nix

        You have both sense and thoughtfulness. Run! Run far away from this comment thread! Save yourself!

    • lupa402


    • diane

      Another moron..My Goodness do any of you understand anything..Yes there is a big difference between Jews and Israel, notwithstanding Politics are the problem with this world right side. left side it should all be one side…..And there really is no such thing as being half Jewish, it is a religion that is not like you can be half, just say say for arguments sake half Italian that can happen, your either Jewish or your another religion, no halves…sorry I am Jewish…you ever heard of someone being half Catholic? No….

      • opinion

        You’re the moron Diane (sheeeesh)

    • The Other Guy

      what the Hell? We don’t get baptized, dumbass. And there’s no cover up to rule the world, I promise.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    As of 2010, the three of world’s largest media conglomerate are run by Jewish people:

    The Walt Disney Company
    News Corporation

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Also Jewish:
      CEO of NBC Universal
      President of ABC News
      CEO of the Washington Post
      Editor-In-Chief of U.S.News & World Report

      Publisher of The New York Times

      • steve

        Isn’t Obama Jewish too? Didn’t they make a big hoopla over him being first Jewish president?

      • Kate

        Wait, so if we were to take ALL media throughout the world and list CEOs and Presidents, are you REALLY saying that this huge list of 8 people would be larger? Wow good for you, 8 Jewish people in positions of power in media. Now let’s list the Christians, shall we? Douche.

      • B

        I don’t know, Kate… those 8 are pretty big.

      • MoronCorrector

        In terms of 2009 revenue, the three biggest are (1) Disney, (2)Time Warner, and (3) News Corp.

        It makes no sense to say that any ethnic group “controls” most of these companies. Most of these companies are owned by thousands or millions of shareholders. The shareholders voted for boards of directors and the boards choose executives. No single individual has “control.” That being said…
        The chairman of Disney’s board is not Jewish. The President of Disney-ABC Television group is Anne Sweeney; I don’t know for sure if she’s Jewish, but it’s not a Jewish name.
        Time Warner’s Chairman & CEO is not Jewish. Ted Turner, incidentally, is not either.
        Rupert Murdoch, the individual with the greatest control over any of these companies, is not Jewish.
        I believe no one on News Corp.’s board is either.
        I’m not wasting my time looking at newspaper company Presidents, CEOs, and Editors-in-chief partially because there are countless newspapers so it’s impossible for any small group to control them all or even most.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        @Kate, that is just a partial list

      • The Other Guy

        steve…Obama isn’t Jewish.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    So don’t try to tell me that a majority of the news isn’t controlled by Jewish people, it’s fact. My point is, so what if it is, but don’t deny it and play the sympathy, poor us card.

    • Ringwalk

      Murdoch is not Jewish you buffoon. I’m sure your other information is equally illl informed

      • Damien

        Murdock IS Jewish, you idiot.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        While there is some controversy whether he is or not, it has been reported that he has Jewish ancestors. Of course I assume you are too lazy to do any research and can’t disprove any of the others.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Rupert’s father Sir Keith Murdoch attained his prominent position in Australian society through a fortuitous marriage to the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, née Elisabeth Joy Greene. Through his wife’s connections, Keith Murdoch was subsequently promoted from reporter to chairman of the British-owned newspaper where he worked. There was enough money to buy himself a knighthood of the British realm, two newspapers in Adelaide, South Australia, and a radio station in a faraway mining town. For some reason, Murdoch has always tried to hide the fact that his pious mother brought him up as a Jew.

      • Jackal

        @Ringwalk, you got burned.

      • mscisluv

        …and a quick Google search will tell you that Rusty Shackleford just copied that paragraph from Jew Watch, and unquestionably anti-semitic website. The site is all about compiling “facts” on Jewish conspiracies. I think someone just lost any right to chime in on this conversation.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Was his mother Jewish or not?

      • Uncle Gabby

        @mscisluv, it’s still a fact though, just because where it came from doesn’t make it less true. He didn’t mention anything anti-semitic, just his backgroud, so how is stating a fact anti-semitic?

      • Rusty Shackleford

        @mscisluv, I did not get it from Jew Watch. I got it from fpp.co.uk

      • mscisluv

        This is not a statement of fact: “For some reason, Murdoch has always tried to hide the fact that his pious mother brought him up as a Jew.” This sentence implies that Murdoch is hiding his heritage, and that Judaism is something to be hidden. Also, since Murdoch has received honors from the Catholic Church and is certainly not active in the Jewish community, once can surmise that he does not identify as Jewish.

      • mscisluv

        Oh, and Focal Point (the website you say you got this from) comes from a guy who is clearly fascinated with Hitler. Your sources do actually say a lot about your perspective here.

      • MoronCorrector

        Rupert Murdoch’s mother was not Jewish. She was half-Irish, half-English and neither half was Jewish. Anti-semites just make up that she was to try to support their argument that Jews control the media.
        Even if she were Jewish – which she’s not – Rupert isn’t so who cares?

      • MoronMoronCorrector

        She was Jewish.

      • MoronCorrector

        Not “was,” “is” or rather “is not.” Rupert Murdoch’s mother is still alive. Shows what you know about it MoronMoronCorrector.

    • Alan

      You sound like a Nazi. The Jews control the media? Are you serious? For that to be true (or even relevant), the media would have to be a monolithic entity that covers the same stories in the same way. Watch MSNBC, FOX and CNN and tell me whether that’s true.

      • B

        hmmmm.. which one of those 3 doesn’t fit, i wonder.

      • Concerned

        Well I dont know who controls the Media , yet in NYC where I am at if a black person gets Shot or killed the first thing printed is if he had a criminal record or an arrest , they love to call people ex-cons so who ever controls it please lets clean it up we all are human

      • boo-duh

        they do cover the same stories, just because they spin right or left is irelevant; none of them have a uniqe take on the world

    • anonymous

      No but wait, you’re wrong! The jews don’t control the media! Your facts are anti-semitic!

      PS- You rock, good sir.

    • LBW

      Being identified as Jewish by culture or ethnic heritage does not mean your practicing. When was the last time they went to temple?

    • Andy Daniel

      Let’s discuss the phrase “control the media” with an example. The Democratic and Republican parties each clearly control their own publications. And, surprise, surprise, President Obama is portrayed in a positive light in all Democrat literature and in a negative light in all Republican literature. That’s what “control” is.

      If Jews “control” the world media, why do I read so much anti-Israeli press every day? Why would I ever even see any?

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