Mel Gibson's ex-wife supporting actor in court battle

Robyn Gibson, Mel Gibson’s ex-wife, issued a declaration in support of the actor to the judge tasked with overseeing the custody battle between Gibson and ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, People reports. Said Robyn to the judge, “Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during, or after our marriage…Mel was a wonderful and loving father.” The actor and his former wife split in early 2009. Also present at the hearing were detectives from various divisions — Commercial Crimes, Special Victims Unit, etc. — as well as a rep from the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services. Steve Whitmore, the spokesperson for the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, told People that officials are eager to speak with Gibson about the allegations: “We want to interview him just like everyone else involved in this investigation…the tapes will be analyzed by our detectives. But they are not the central focus of the investigation, they’re just part and parcel of it.”

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  • Amy

    Of course she does. There divorce hasn’t been finalized yet, but she’s supposed to get $500 million from the settlement. Whether or not the tapes are true or fabricated, she’s not going to mess up the settlement.
    It may be cynical, but it’s true.

    • Amy

      *Their divorce. Please excuse my incorrect use of grammar.

    • OMGq

      Isn’t it sad you have to correct yourself before the grammar police show up?

      • Amy

        Isn’t it sad that your comment has nothing to do with the article’s topic.

      • Kris

        I could be wrong but I think OMGq was on your side with the comment. Meaning that it’s sad people can’t make a simple grammar error without people jumping all over them – which you turned around and did anyway. Nice.

      • Bette

        I think he was trying to be nice, settle down.

      • anon

        OMGq had your back, I think.

      • Max

        Amy, OMGq was sympathizing with you and now I see he probably shouldn’t have.

      • Amy

        Wow…sorry everyone. I misinterpreted what he/she said. I take back my snarky comment. When one posts on a message board and then there is a comment regarding grammar, it’s a knee-jerk reaction to think it’s negative. OMGq, thanks for being on my side.

    • musica1

      He shouldn’t have said what he did to the girlfriend, but I think she knew how to make him say those things and goaded him into it. I would have to hear an entire conversation,not just the part Oksana wants us to hear, before I believe her side of it. I mean, if a boyfriend of mine said certain things to me, I would probably end up screaming at him on the phone as well. Say he said, “Women are stupid and don’t know how to take care of kids” and then turned on a recorder, he could probably get a recording of me saying some nasty things to him. I just don’t trust the girlfriend at all. She’s the one who’s wanting the millions.

      • Quincy Mass

        Are you for real? I suppose you could be “goaded” into ranting about “packs of *******” and “world controlling jews” too? You were probably one of those drooling idiots posting on here that Rihanna asked for it too. Please go away.

    • BC

      There was no prenup, so she’ll be getting more money than she knows what to do with anyway.

  • Kit

    That my exact first thought, Amy. She’ll get plenty regardless, though. They’ve been married for so long, she’s entitled to her half of the marital assets no matter what. But would you want to piss off someone who’s clearly unstable, and who has unlimited resources to make your life a living hell? She knows which side her bread is buttered on – and it’s the side where she keeps her mouth SHUT.


      Hulk Hogan was pronounced dead at 8:53 PM EST.

  • LL

    no physical abuse… I noticed there was no comment about about verbal/emotional/psychological abuse?

    • Michael

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      And what does it matter how he treated her anyway? We all heard the tapes. He’s a monster, regardless.

      • Kit

        Plus, who’s to say she’s not nursing some serious animosity toward Grigorieva, seeing as how she’s the “other woman” and all.

    • musica1

      She talked about physical abuse because that’s what the gold-digging girlfriend is alleging.

    • Macauley C.

      Mel abused me physically. He used to come over to the Neverland ranch and run around in his tighty whities and touch me while he yelled about how Michael “wasn’t white enough yet.”

  • Zebra6

    Thank you, Robyn. You are the truly brave one.

  • Kelli

    What, exactly, makes her brave?

    • Zebra6

      Answer your own question.

      • Abby

        How? Your viewpoint was sought.

      • Kelli

        Well, I happen to think the woman who stood up to this vicious bully and finally showed the world in no uncertain terms what a vile piece of trash he really is, is the brave one. Gibson didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to be an out-of-control misogynist/racist jackhole; he’s been this way for years, and the woman who was married to him for 20-plus years full well knows it. There has been loads of press over the years about how her friends and family never could understand why she put up with his drinking and abuse. Robyn Gibson, brave? Nah, she was always just a good little Catholic wife. Defending him now (notice her quote only references “physical” abuse) is just pathetic.

      • Jamison

        Oh spare me. There’s nothing ‘brave’ about putting up with this man’s abusive crap for 30 years and then defending him when he acts like an ass. Guess what? If he were innocent, when she asks him on the tape about hitting her, does he say he didn’t do it? No. He answered “you bleeping deserved it.” Sure sounds innocent to me.

      • NoChance

        If I remember correctly, Robyn was not/is not Catholic.

      • Darien

        She may not have converted to catholicism but she co-founded and worships at Gibson’s creepy culty hyper-catholic church. But the way he drank and cheated and humiliated her for so long, I think I believe her.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    The tapes were edited. They will be inadmissable.

    • jake

      They were never admissable anyway. This was the court of public opinion. He lost.

    • NoChance

      Because some “expert” who appeared on TV and did not have access to the original tapes said they were “edited”?
      I think I’ll wait for an official court ruling.

    • Seamus

      Jake is right, they were never admissable in a court proceeding. California is a two party consent state, which means you can’t record someone without their knowledge for the purpose of using what they say against them. But it can – and likely will – be considered by a custody judge to establish Gibson’s state of mind, past behaviour, and fitness as a parent. What I find rather telling is that, at no point during this whole ordeal, has Gibson or his people said “I/He never said these things.” And let’s be careful here: “editing” does not equal “tampering.” Shortening or consolidating hours of recorded conversation does not change what was said. My guess is that the assault charges will either be dismissed or pleaded down. Then she’ll go after Gibson civilly. But I don’t think he’s getting shared custody of that baby girl anytime soon.

      • Mary

        The whole situation saddens me. I’ve admired his talent as an actor for years, but I don’t see how any of the rants on the tapes could ever be defended. Sure I think that she’s a gold digger, and I agree that she probably provoked him, at least verbally, but for whatever reasons, he did leave his family for her. I think that in order for those thoughts to be screamed, even if he was in an alcoholic rage,show that he has to have the sentiments, on some level, in his heart.I wonder what Danny Glover is thinking right now…all of those “buddy” Lethal Weapon movies…the grown-ups will certainly take care of themselves…only concern is the baby.

  • Zebra6


    • Mo

      Oh, shut up, Mel.

      • Zebra6

        Invasion of privacy with malicious intent is never funny. Taking a person’s words out of context and deliberately causing them harm – not funny.

    • P

      WTF is wrong with you?

  • danny glover

    “I wonder what Danny Glover is thinking right now…”

    i’m too old for this sh*t…

  • Quibbler

    The tapes were doctored. His “you deserved it” was probably spliced in. She’s sounds like she’s in a recording booth reading from a script. Oxana’s emotions don’t fit the conversation – almost like listening to the robotic voice on my credit card #’s menu. The other mistress said that Mel often talked about his kids and family, that he was a “wonderful father”. I think Mel just went through a late mid-life crisis, will come to his senses and get back with his wife. Oxana will be deported for her crimes and Mel will rebound with a masterpiece. Go Mel!

  • Auntie Nette

    OMG there’s a life out there outside email and internet – go and meet some people face to face….why would you ever want to be this involved in someones’s life that you don’t know and who is so open to the media. Live life without interference!

  • glynise

    Whatever,just remember that where their is smoke,their is a bloody big fire.

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