Fifth purported Mel Gibson rant leaked online

A fifth audio recording of Mel Gibson allegedly berating his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was released today on The recorded call purportedly catches Gibson calling Grigorieva — the mother of the actor’s nine month-old daughter, Lucia — a “gold digger,” and declaring, “I don’t have any f—ing money!” Gibson has yet to comment on the authenticity of the recordings.

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  • AW

    The gift that keeps on giving!

    • Sarah

      What is herpes?

    • fgh

      This is not fair! Why can’t Mel be treated as well as Roman Palanski? He also won a best director oscar.

      • Roofie-O

        Because Gibson is a violent bigot. Polanski’s crime is extremely dubious, don’t get me wrong. But a young girl getting wasted off of god-knows-what at a Hollywood party in the early 70’s? There is a certain level of contributory action on her part.

        But mainly, I (and many others, apparently)think Polanski was cut some slack by the general public because of the Manson murders.

      • PNK

        Roofie-O, you are wrong. A 13-yr old is a MINOR and is NEVER to be considered contributory to an act in which he/she is victimized. That being said, looking back in time, Jerry Lee Lewis married a 13-yr old, and Loretta Lynn pretty much was a 13-yr old when she married an older, somewhat gruff man. The reason Polanski is “off” is because Switzerland is not accusing him of a crime, the US is, and when the US requested his extradition, then was asked by Switzerland to provide certain evidence, the US did not do so. Thus, Switzerland, who again has no beef with him and in fact regards him (as Europe does) as a strongly contributing artist, economically as well as artistically, did not extradite him. So the US failed in its attempt. That is why he is a free man, outside the US.
        Gibson, on the other hand, may be guilty of abuse, we do not know yet, and it would be (if true) of an adult, not a minor. Free speech is allowed here, not, of course, slander, libel, harrassment, or abuse. Yo.

    • OMGq

      Yawn. It’s crossed over into over-kill. We get it – he’s a freak and she’s a victim.

      • wino

        yup, im tired of the news covering this psycho’s breakdown. whatever, give her some cash, keep him away from the baby, and send him to a clinic. case closed.

    • Scott

      Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop! Look, I am not defending Mel Gibson’s actions or words, far from it, but we have all done stupid and questionable things when going through ugly periods in our lives. We may even have said things we didn’t mean or regretted later (and I realize not all of Mel’s words are innocuous or easily fogiven, but they weren’t meant for us!) Whether going through a divorce, breakup or any other stressful situation in life, we have all been there! How would you feel if one those moments in your life were broadcast to everyone you know; at home, at work, at your place of worship? Better yet, how would you feel if complete strangers thought they were due an opinion! Let this die already, it is not our business by any stretch of the imagination! And don’t give me that crap about Mel being in the public eye! His work is, his personal life is not! Please God, make it stop!!!

      • Lis

        People who aren’t racists don’t scream the n-word even in private.

      • Canon Inc Fvvcking Sucks

        LIS so people who use the n word are racist? How about the NAACP ya do know they have Colored People in their right? Your Racist You Pig Bigot. And Black Yipers are always calling one another N166ER. So all of you get over your own (_!_)’es. OK? Nuff said.

    • Faye

      In a world where violence rules
      Women are slaves and men are conquers
      One man attempts to squash his reputation for 1000 years in less than 30 minutes
      One woman attempts to set the gold digging record by cashing in faster than Tigers Woods can yell “FOUR”
      Starring Mel Gibson, his baby momma, and in their screen debut, Radar On-Line
      “The Tapes” this summer in theatres everywhere

  • The Man

    Tomorrow’s tape will have Mel Gibson declaring, “I AM GOD!!!” and “You want the truth?!? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!”

    • Kirra

      LOL. I was thinking the same thing.

    • JJ

      You are too funny! Good one!

  • BeBe

    Geez! How many of these are they?

    • moi

      There’s just one. mel went on a 30 minute rant that she recorded one day. radar online is milking this for everything they got by releasing these tapes bit by bit.

  • Carrie Mae

    I think this is all really sad. Not just the couple involved, but the way the media (and everyone watching) keep picking over this carcass like so many vultures.

  • Ed

    If they weren’t authentic, you could bet your last dollar that Mel Gibson would’ve said so by now.

    • wendy


  • Jon

    Oh, my God, enough already. We get it — Mel likes to rant over the phone at his ex and she recorded him. If she wanted to paint him as a monster, she did it. Putting these out one per day is going to have the perverse effect of making his rants seem less powerful. She made her point. She should just move on.

    • Kitty

      All I can say is that someone paid a buttload of money for these tapes and the seller is living high on the hog

    • Zap Rowsdower

      Jon, they make more $$$ and get more eyeballs to their website if they release the tapes day by day. Duh.

    • SLB

      She doesn’t seem like much of a prize either.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Like I said, Mel is going to have as many ranting tapes as Tiger does mistresses

    • harry

      my thought exactly!!!

  • Hi Times

    Wow the quality of these are going downhill fast. The most scandalous part is Mel telling the truth and call her a “gold digger”. What happened to the epic quality of all the hate and rage. Perhaps we have hit a saturation point. Who else misses Mel dropping the “n” bomb and demanding a genital mouth bath before committing an act of arson and burning down his holy temple of a home?

  • nodnarb

    This is like a horror franchise way past its prime. Tomorrow’s tape will probably be in 3D.

    • M

      HAHAHA! This situation is not at all funny. But that 3-D joke did deserve a laugh!

    • CandaceTX


  • benten

    These tapes are inadmissable in court because he didn’t consent to being recorded, right? So while he’s getting punished by public opinion, they can’t impact his criminal or civil cases, right?

    • Sarah

      Apparently, in California, if you fear for your safety you can record someone without consent. That may apply in this case.

      • topazbean

        Even if they’re inadmissable in court, try telling any jury to forget that they’ve heard them when making a decision.

      • Yes

        Especially in a child custody case. The guy admitted (basically) to hitting her while she was holding their baby.
        I hope he’s hiding out somewhere getting back on his meds, since he has admitted he is bi-polar. Don’t make a statement, don’t try to defend it, don’t try to paint her as the monster – go directly to therapy!

      • TJ

        He’s not hiding, he’s still making his latest movie “Beaver”. Yeah, “Beaver.”

    • Levente

      In the great state of Texas only ONE party has to know the conversation is being recorded. So I’m sure the laws vary.

  • Matt

    Even if these aren’t applicable for court evidence he’s movie career is over. At least for yet another few years.

    • Matt

      ‘his’ movie career

  • nodnarb

    I am excited for a new Judy_Dinch FREAKOUT.

    • Dee

      ahahaha yes me too

    • bootsycolumbia

      Same here!

  • jan

    whoa. if gibson is really broke after having made a billion dollars, now i finally understand why he’s hyperventilating.

  • Woody Allen

    I prefer Gibson’s earlier, funnier tapes.

    • Dee

      lolz i love reading these comment boards

    • CandaceTX

      yeah… in the earlier ones, you could see so much promise…

  • Sad

    Radaronline is pathetic. Just put out the whole damn tape already. This bit by bit crap is getting tired.

    • Zap Rowsdower

      They make more $$$ and get more eyeballs to their website if they release the tapes day by day. Duh.

      • Sad

        Dumbass – I know why they do it. It’s just boring. I’ve listened to the first 3, but will be waiting til the rest are all out before I head back over to their site.

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