Lindsay Lohan tweets that 'f*** u' manicure 'had nothing to do w/court'

Lindsay Lohan pleaded with a fed-up judge in Los Angeles after she sentenced the 24-year-old actress to 90 days in jail for violation of probation and other offenses. But her fingers told a different story. An AP photographer captured Lohan as she broke in to tears, revealing that her middle-fingernail was decorated with the message, “f— u.” Lohan’s attorney has not yet responded to a request for comment.

UPDATE: Lohan posted on her Twitter account today that the profane manicure was “a joke” that “had noting to do w/court,” explaining further that “it’s an airbrush design from a stencil.”

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  • Frank Anderson

    Well, looks like she will just keep digging herself deeper while trying to proclaim that she is innocent. I would feel sorry for her if she seemed in the least bit believable.

    • Cat Tea

      Typical Lindsay trying yet again to get attention at any cost. She knows exactly what she’s doing and I hope she has a lovely time behind bars while the rest of us have a good hearty laugh at her demise.

      • Digby

        I bet the British Lindsay Lohan never has these problems.

      • BossGalaga

        lol @ Digby

      • DgDgDg

        Nice one Digby!

    • kinda funny…

      Not a Lindsay supporter, but I kinda love this and may have to copy cat next time i’m stuck in front of a judge. Our justice system is BS, really. She should’ve served mandatory time in jail or rehab YEARS ago and had this over with instead of dragging it out over years. And the law shouldn’t care about if she’s an addict or not unless she’s giving it to minors or getting in a car and being a danger on the roads. She seems to have learned her lesson about driving, at least. And that’s all I care about. If she wants to be self destructive, that’s her (and her loved ones) problem. Stop the nanny state! Only dangerous people should be in prison/jail and i don’t see her as being dangerous (anymore- again, as long as she stays out of the driver’s seat!)

      • Bob

        You’re an idiot. SHE’s the one dragging it out.

        And YOU’RE the nanny trying to coddle Lindsey.

        Thank god she’s not doing dangerous things, like DRIVING DRUNK. I hope that the next time this addict decides to drive drunk, she plows into one of your loved ones. Maybe then you will realize that she’s UNBALANCED, UNSTABLE and DANGEROUS.

        Man, people like you will forgive ANYTHING…

      • KFed

        Where was the coddling or forgiveness? I’m sure kinda funny’s point is that if Lindsay is self destructive but not putting anyone else in danger it is her business. This is wasting court time and jail space on someone with a “LOOK AT ME!” complex.

      • Ashley

        Time for a dead pool.. I say this lost cause will not make it to july 20th. I say she will OD or die in a horrible accident before that date

      • thin

        In addition to what KFed said, I’d also add that kinda funny’s third sentence said she should have served time already. I don’t see the coddling, either.

      • Cathy

        I concur! MAKE her stay in rehab. Jail isn’t gonna work in my opinion.

      • Bob

        KFED (awesome handle!):

        kindafunny IS coddling Lindsey by giving her the keys to the car without doing ANYTHING to prove that she is responsible enough to avoid drinking and driving.

        Dude: she can’t even stop drinking when she’s on probation and has a monitor strapped to her leg! She has problems that could KILL someone and you people want to treat her like one of Ayn Rand’s rugged individualists!

        (The coddling has nothing to do with things being dragged on for years. Lindsey forced that, not the courts)

        “As long as she stays out of the driver’s seat”??? Oh yeah. I feel REAL safe now… cause THAT will never happen…

      • Jen E.

        I just pray the next time you’re “stuck in front of a judge” it doesn’t have anything to do with child support. (In other words, sterilization. Look into it.)

      • kinda funny

        Bob, any idea how many people go through court mandated programs and pass them and still commit crimes? Any idea how many people go through anger management and still are abusive? How exactly could she (or anyone) prove to YOU that they are capable of making good decisions? Truth is, there is no way. I look at the fact that she is actually NOT DRIVING (or did i miss the sure to be taken pap pics) as a sign that she is not driving. Not rocket science. Does it prove she’ll never do it again in her lifetime? No. But I have no proof of anyone not doing something stupid or dangerous in their lifetime. There’s only so much that society and the legal system can do. And as I stated, I’m not a fan of the girl, but I’m not a fan of wasting time, money, and energy on stupid crap like this either. Frankly, I’m more assured that LL will drive drunk (at least in the near future while there is still all this attention on her) than I am the regular person is. Regular people do not have the means for taxis and drivers for their personal cars every time they get drunk. And I’ve met lots of repeat offenders for DUIs. I’ve also met lots of people who get busted for driving on suspended licenses bc the legislature thinks it makes sense to take away people’s licenses in areas where there is no public transportation and still expect them to be working, functioning parts of society. “Real” people mess up just as much as this chick does. You have to deal with each situation as it arises. But don’t think just because you believe that the system works and people miraculously change because they aren’t in hollywood, that they do. Because that’s complete BS. One more thing- being a drunk does not mean you necessarily DRIVE drunk. Two separate issues. One is personal, and one potentially affects other members of society.

      • kinda funny

        I should have started with that last statement, btw. My only real point is that there is a difference between being a drunk and a drunk driver. I could care less what your personal vice is. Everyone has different evil monkeys on their back. What i care about is when it affects society at large. Sometimes they overlap, but it’s not necessarily so and we shouldn’t presume otherwise.

      • jinq2

        I respectfully find your opinion puzzling at best and horrifying at worst. When our courts stop caring about the citizens of their communities and, by extension, our nation, then we are truly doomed. First of all, there are plenty of ways Ms. Lohan can harm others through her actions without driving drunk. Second of all, I would hate to stand in front of a judge someday who cares nothing for me and my rights under the US Constitution. Contrary to popular belief, the goal of our justice system is to dole out appropriate penalties to those who break the law, but also to rehabilitate. We can like that or not like it, but that’s the truth of the matter. It’s not that I am a champion of Lindsay Lohan’s behavior – quite to the contrary – but I do find her self-destruction sad. If it were one of your loved ones who had lost his/her way and become addicted to drugs or an alcoholic, you would hope for nothing more than that they receive the help they need to become a productive citizen. I still feel the judge was lenient; had it been my son or your son standing up there,I dare say he would have gotten a lot more than 90 days (which will probably wind up 23) and 90 days in rehab. Our actions *never* just affect ourselves; they ripple out in ways we can’t even see and touch so many. To claim that someone’s self-destruction is no one’s business but their own is a naive and somewhat entitled mind set. The law exists for everyone. And maybe that’s a tad idealistic, but it’s easy to generalize. There are a lot of dedicated professionals in our courts – and no, I am not one of them.

    • L.T.

      And we thought she would not stoop lower than Paris……..

    • Jason

      Ohhhhh…thanks for clearing that up, LiLo. THAT makes it alright, then. Classy stuff. HOW old are you, again? Chickie, you have no respect for anyone or anything, much less yourself, and you’re heading down a path of death that so many troubled celebs have forged prior to you. Wake up while there’s still time.

      • mike

        She is not on a path for death. She is on a path for greatness. Going to jail will give her a kick ass personality and I’m sure when she gets out she will want to come right over to your neck of the woods and disrespect you. I can wait for her to win a Oscar. She is going to rule the world one day. GO LINDS. YOU ROCK. Lay off the drugs tho, you are better than that. I read that you are allowed to bring your perscriptions with you to jail, but I reccomment LEAVE THEM AT HOME> taking the Trasadone will be fine, it is a non-narcotic sleep aid, but everything else is Addicitive. NO Oxy, no ZOlOLFT, no Adderol. YOU NEED TO GET BETTER> This will be a chance to live Drug FREE, and get a clear head. Maybe you will get some really good thinking and alone time. You might even deciede to leave the public eye and move to bumble-Fu** but I reccommend to get clean, they will make you stop taking everything except the trazadone when you enter ReHab, so better to stop sooner than later. I love Linds. I was collecting your Pictures from magazines all night last night. I’m going to collage them and put them in a BIG frame. LOVE

    • Anna

      You know what would be REALLY shocking? If Lindsay actually took ownership for her own actions. THAT would make me sit up and notice.

  • Tom Brazelton

    Classy, as always.

    • LOL

      Lohan ain’t got no pancake mix!

      • thin

        I love most internet memes, but this one is just dumb.

  • CiCi

    typical behavior for a washed up piece of white trash. I bet she won’t learn a single lesson and will be back at it all in 180 days

    • Derrick

      Totally agree. Typical behavior from a narcissistic, self-important, spoiled brat who has never had to take personal responsiblity for anything. Too bad she got only 90 days. What excuses will her piece-of-trash mother have for her this time?

      • Gabby

        Her “piece-of-trash” mother has nothing on the monster that is her father.

      • Brian

        Both of her fame-whore parents are to blame. This is what happens to people who never hear the word the “No.”

      • Sue1

        Let’s put some blame where it belongs then, shall we? Her parents never gave her support, guidance or any stability, seeking only to leech off her fame. Yes she’s an adult now but one with no sense of how to live her life. I was never a fan, but I do have some sympathy for someone who might now finally get the wake-up call she needs. Britney was a lost cause too, but she seems to have turned the corner. Rather than making bets on her death, I’d rather see Lindsay do the same.

  • Q

    This is not surprising. What is refreshing is that finally, the state of CA said it right back to her. Three cheers for a judge standing up to her, and to the prosecutor for working her butt off to do everything in her power to get this girl’s attention.

    • jackie

      although she deserves alot more, she won’t spend more than 1 week in jail. wait and see.

      • Q

        I agree with you, but it’s still good to see the court TRY to enforce the law – sadly the judge can’t do anything about the state’s answer to overcrowding. It’s the 90 days in patient rehab that she can’t avoid that might make a difference.

      • kinda funny…

        really, what is the point of prison/jail? that’s the real question. Is it society’s vindictive need to punish? Or is it actually supposed to lead to the betterment of society. Self destructive addicts in jail doesn’t really help society at all. Frankly, most people in jail don’t help society at all. Jail is NOT rehabilitation. It’s straight up punishment. Period. Don’t pretend it’s anything else. And frankly, jail tends to create more criminals than it protects us from. People who start out as making one mistake learn how to become career criminals in jail. And feel they have no other choice cuz they can’t get a job when they get out. This isn’t really relative to LL and she did need to realize that she has to respect the law as much as the rest of us, no doubt. But let’s stop the BSing about how jail saves people’s lives. It doesn’t. It’s punishment and it ruins people’s lives. And the majority of people don’t care until they or someone they care about make an error in judgment and get caught.

      • Anna

        This post is beyond idiotic and ignorant.
        And what if “LL” had hit someone while she was drinking and coked out and then driving? What if it was someone you loved? THEN it would be okay to punish her, right? People need boundaries, especially if they are a known danger to society.

  • Kim

    This might have been a harsh decision by the judge but obviously, with this behavior along with everything else she’s been up to the past couple years, some jail time might be the only way to get through to her. It’s obvious that she thinks this is all just a big joke. I watched the video on CNN last night and got the distinct impression that her “apology” was all a big act too. “Oh, poor me, I have a job and I was just doing what I was told….” It ticks me off because there are a lot of people out there who would kill to be in her shoes and she (and so many other young stars/athletes/celebs) just throw it away because they can’t grow up.

    • LNC

      I agree with you. There are so many talented, educated, outstanding young citizens in this nation who do the right thing: don’t take drugs; don’t drink and drive; and work hard in school or at their jobs. Yet, these young folks do not get as much coddling and material rewards as Lindsay Lohan. It’s pretty simply Lindsey Lohan: Do the right thing. I know of so many other twenty-four-year-olds who can keep out trouble but who have it far worse than you; why do you think you deserve a free hand in life?

      • Q

        I also know many 24-year-olds that make mistakes like this and have their lives torn apart by the consequences. Try and explain your DUI in a job interview or a grad school application. A drug bust disqualifies you from federal student loans. Can you imagine explaining it to the parents of your girlfriend/boyfriend? One mistake costs the average kid tremendously.

      • Nobody

        If one mistake has such a tremendous cost, then maybe some kids should pull their head out of their butt and make better decisions. Never once do they consider how bad choices today will affect their lives in the future. Dumb as$es…

      • tomm

        But Lohan made many ‘mistakes’ and thinks she can ‘party’ her way through show biz and life.

      • actually

        really, nobody? have you never made an error in judgment? it has nothing to do with your age and everything to do with the fact that not everyone is as perfect as you feel you are. do you realize that not everyone who gets a DUI is weaving on the road and driving into storefronts? You can have JUST one or two drinks and be over the legal limit in some states! Do you think most people have designated drivers every time they have ONE beer? No. The truth is that most people break the law every day but they don’t get caught. You ever gone over the speed limit? Talked on your cell while driving? You are just as much of a danger on the road as someone who has had that one or two drinks. But if you cause an accident, you don’t have to pay the same price. I’m not saying it’s right to drink and drive. But I am saying that a lot of you aren’t able to see nuance because all you hear is black and white. LL’s case is pretty obvious because she did cause a danger on the road to other’s. because she didnt take responsibility from the start as she should. If she’d gone straight to rehab like most celebs in the situation do, kept her nose clean, and thrown herself on the mercy of the court, she’d not be in this situation. But every case is not this sensational. Many DUIs are from people who don’t necessarily cause damage and just got caught during a normal traffic violation. And the subsequent arrest/court fees are more about generating revenue for the state like all tickets are. The protecting the public is just placating BS sold to MADD et al.

      • sbwm

        What til your life is saved from someone arrested with a DUI. She wasn’t pulled over in a normal traffic violation. MADD sells BS? That seems to be reaching. They educate.

      • brixie

        @actually – obviously you don’t know anything about Lohan’s case. So you think it’s ok to be arrested for TWO DUI’s, both times with cocaine in your pocket? You don’t think that she was probably over the legal limit? They have limits because studies have shown that any amount of alcohol in your blood can impair you.

  • Ceballos

    Reading stuff like this makes it that much more difficult for people to root for a comeback. Ugh.

  • Em

    Boo hoo, indeed.

  • Celimene

    Um, could that be considered contempt of court?

    • Lorie

      I would guess “yes” only if it can be proven that she wrote this specifically for the judge.

      She could say she wrote it b/c she was bored or that it was for the paparazzi.

      • Ben

        True, but it is completely inappropriate (not to mention moronic) to come into a courtroom that way – especially when you’re about to be sentenced.

      • Remerdre

        Exactly. She knew she was going to court and had those words printed on her nails anyway. She’s an idiot.

  • Constance

    I don’t feel sorry or sad for her -I do feel that she needs to go away. . . far, far away. Hopefully she can enjoy her stay in jail – it won’t be the last

    • Nobody

      Its amazing she isn’t already 6 feet under. You would think she would look in a mirror at some point and ask herself “WTF are you doing?” She obviously hasn’t reached that point yet.

  • Cate

    Any sympathy the public might have had because of her tears in court is completely gone now. Nice job, idiot.

    • joe

      yes because clearly someone couldn’t have PHOTO SHOPPED that in there…

      • Sarah

        There’s video footage of it. So I’m pretty sure it wasn’t ‘photo-shopped.’ (Who would do that, anyway? Do you really think someone’s out there trying to sabotage her? She does a good enough job of that herself).

      • Tom

        It wasn’t photo shopped, even I saw it on the live feeds.

      • HR

        Joe, are you really that stupid?

      • HR

        I guess they PHOTO SHOPPED in those lines of coke she was photographed partying about 2 feet away from too. Golly gosh, this poor girl can’t catch a break!

      • mary q contrary

        By Joe, he means Dina.

      • Fudge

        umm, Joe, the whole point is that she admitted on her Twitter account that she did indeed have it on her nail, so it’s not photoshopped.

      • Yma

        Yes, the live video feed had it photoshopped in there, but rather than stating that on Twitter, Lindsey just decided to go with it and claim it was a joke. Even though it was really photoshopped. Darwin woulda loved you, Joe.

  • Rob Grizzly

    She’ll bounce back with an Oscar nomination in a few years time.

    • petuniafromhell

      Are you snorting what Lidsay’s snorting?

    • Monty

      More likely another young actress that actually has a work ethic will win an oscar playing her in a biopic released in the next 10 years. After all, if she keeps going at this rate she will go the way of other wasted young hollywood talent like River Phoenix. (not to say she’s an actress at River’s level, but to say she will literally party herself to death)

    • tomm

      She will have to work back to the top, and I’d say it won’t be until she’s 49 y/o to get any good roles.

      • Cat Tea

        Judging by her recent pictures Lindsay isn’t too far from 49 now.

  • molly

    that finger was just to remind her of what will happen to her in the general population of jail —- you suck lilo

  • UncleWalty

    who cares? She’s a run-of-the-mill talent who was lucky enough to get the breaks she got. Outside of “Mean Girls” (which was carried not by her but by the excellent writing and a great supporting cast), what has she ever done worth remembering?

    • Zach

      Well, Freaky Friday was amazing, but that was Jamie Lee Curtis’s movie all the way.

      • mary q contrary

        Why does everyone keep saying Freaky Friday was so amazing? I thought it was mediocre at best, and when I took my little sister-in-law to see it, I had to keep pinching my wrist to stay awake. The Jodie Foster original was way better. Water skis anyone?

      • Zach

        Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris were terrific too. Lindsay is no Jodie. But the remake is hilarious. Again, it’s all Jamie Lee Curtis.

  • KWise

    I’m a little disappointed ew is covering this Lohan mess so heavily. I thought this was an entertainment website, not a gossip rag. When Lindsay does something related to entertainment (e.g., she actually stars in a movie, or writes a book, or SOMETHING), then cover her. Otherwise, leave this trainwreck to the US Weeklies and People magazines of the world.

    • The Truth

      I am glad they are. This coverage is helping to send a message to those who embrace and celebrate her lifestyle, I am NOT talking about her sexual lifestyle, there are consequences for your actions. Having fun is one thing but over doing it especially when it involves drugs and alcohol never ends well. She had it all, fame, money, power and respect and she threw it all away because the way she has and is acting. This finger thing is just showing how childish and beyond hope she really is.

    • tomm

      I agree, getting drunk and high, and staying out til dawn every night, and living off others is a dead end.

      She expected ‘good acting jobs’ to just be handed to her. Then on set, expected to sleep til 3pm and work ‘when she feels like it’.

      Always had something big ‘coming soon’ and the whole ‘Oscar at 25′ was a big delusion.

    • BlackIrish4094

      So you think entertainment magazines should only cover positive stories about movie / tv personalities? If they did the magazines would be thin indeed.

    • molly

      she is entertaining and entertainment – how much more entertaining do you want the drunken beeatch to be

  • Stephen

    I do hope I will be eating popcorn while watching her funeral in the very near future.

    • Really…

      What’s sad here is that you think you’re better than her.

      • molly

        Really…seriously — anyone here is better than her

    • wakeforce

      You’re as classy as Lindsay!

      • molly

        wakeforce – thanks – I try… so glad that she has a defender on this site

    • BlackIrish4094

      Now that’s f**ked up. She is a bone head and deserves to have the weight of the law come down on her but she’s a messed up “kid” (20’s are now your extended teenage years for most americans) who, if she straightened herself out could have many years of productive life (not even talking about movies). It almost sounds like you are wishing it on her. You should examine your own soul instead.

      • Źżžzżźž


    • actually

      that’s pretty damn evil, stephen. how would you like all the rest of us to eat popcorn at your funeral? i think you probably think you’re being funny, but all you are being is an insensitive a-hole. i’m sick of hearing about the trainwreck too, but you can turn off your tv, computer and then never have to hear of her again! Only sociopaths and evil m f-ers wish death on people they don’t know who have done nothing to them personally. you fail as a human being. epic fail.

    • Dr. Taint

      Stephen you are right, I hope that c u nt dies real soon! Save me some popcorn, and some weed and some gin and coke also in honor of that strawberry tw at. We be partying up at her funeral.

    • Marsaili

      You’re an ass to wish anyone dead.

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