Megan Fox marries Brian Austin Green

People has confirmed that Transformers actress Megan Fox wed her longtime boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, in a small ceremony last week in Hawaii. Fox, 24, met Green, 36, in 2004 on the set of Hope & Faith. The couple was previously engaged in 2004 before splitting in 2009. The news was first reported by TMZ.

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  • Just me

    Good luck. She will get bored of the old pervy dude soon enough. BTW, even at 18 on Hope and Faith she looked 30. (Not that there is anything wrong with that).

    • Strepsi

      I think it sounds like a CLASSY and ELEGANT wedding!

      I wonder if she wore a lace thong with her white hotpants?

    • Joe Schmo

      She really needs to stop getting her face redone. She’s looking less-hot by the hour…

      • Celia

        I really could care less about her, but you’re correct. She’s clearly messing with her face and it’s not turning out well.

      • Billy

        You “could care less”? Meaning, you actually care a lot about her? I’m confused, because usually people say “I couldn’t care less”.

    • Mellissa

      She hasn’t gotten sick of him yet.

  • JLC

    Kids, a cautionary tale about the bad things that can happen to you when your movie career goes off the rails. You could end up married to a 90210 second-stringer.

    • Lisa

      … who happens to be very hot-looking. She could do worse (although he could do better).

      • Gabby

        Meh. You don’t know anything about who they could or couldn’t do better than since…you don’t know how either of them are in private. They’re both hot. Even if you don’t like Fox’s “persona” or how she applies her makeup or blahblahblah, you have to admit girl’s a knockout. Unless, of course, you’re insecurity and jealousy are blinding you (“She’s not all that! She’s fake!! I see prettier girls than her all the time!!!” lol, right, whatever you want to tell yourself)
        Ugh. Women are still cripplingly insecure about their looks. It’s okay to admit that an actress who can come off obnoxious is sexy.

      • Rob

        Brian Austin Green could do better than Megan Fox? Hahaha. Ah, women can be so catty. Let’s see on a hotness scale, Megan Fox was, for at least a year, considered one of the hottest women alive. Brian Austin Green, has never made the top 30 of anyone’s list. Career wise, Megan Fox is clearly in a tailspin that is unlikely to end. Having said that she starred in actual movies. Brian Austin Green was, at his height, what, the 5th supporting actor on a popular show. Any way you look at it, in any relationship there’s one reacher and one settler. Hint: Brian Austin Green ain’t the settler here. He’s clearly the reacher.

      • Momo

        Gotta’ go with Gabby, here. People tend to be too catty. I’m a woman and have no qualms admitting that Megan Fox is beautiful. Well, except recently at the Jonah Hex premeire. I don’t know what the heck she injected into her face…but she needs to stop that pronto.

      • Mellissa

        Agree with most of the chain here. Megan Fox is hot, and I’m a very straight woman. I just happened to rewatch the first season of 90210. To see “David Silver” then, and know that he would end up with Megan Fox in real life…who would’ve believed it.

    • Andrew

      He wasn’t a second stringer, he was a featured cast member since the very first episode.

      • Rob

        The 5th featured cast member. And that was in the 90s. Megan Fox is quickly becoming a joke. At his height Brian Austin Green was never a joke, because no one bothered to even CARE about him then. He was as much of a star as the fifth lead on 21 Jump Street, the Asian guy, was.

      • Mellissa

        @Rob, apparantly you forgot about BAG’s rap career, because it was quite a huge joke in the 90’s. Especially the relentless pimping on 90210.

    • J.

      BAG is a good T.V. actor. Probably won’t get into movies, but he’s undeserving of being bad mouthed.

      • valdar

        indeed!! he had a great turn on “smallville,” and a co-starring role on “Terminator: TSCC.” he’s actually a very good actor.

    • Zach

      JLC, she’s been with him since she met him on the TV show Hope and Faith — since she was on her way up, not any time lately.

  • Rush

    A Fox and a BAG.

    • Carla

      Maybe they’ll have kids with wonky club-thumbs!

  • mlb

    Why’s he gotta be a perv? He’s 36 not 50! She’s probably pregnant. Why else would they get back together, then get engaged and married all within a month after being broken up for years???

    • Sarah

      Rumor is his ex-wife, Vanessa Marcil, who does not get along with Fox, will be getting married soon. Someone wanted to steal some attention.

      • John

        I think Vanessa beat them to it because when she was at The Daytime Emmys Sunday night, she was billed as Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo, so she must have married Carmine Giovinazzo

      • Mia

        Vanessa was never his wife. They only had a child together. A son named Cassius. Brian defintely loves his brunettes (he is the anti Rod Stewart). Tiffani Thiessen, Vanessa and Megan. Also he dated Tori who is technically a natural brunette

      • m.

        Vanessa Marcil looks better (and she is 41!) than Megan Fox.

      • Jen

        what was she doing at the daytime emmy’s? Is Brenda back on GH????

      • John

        Vanessa will be back on GH as Brenda beginning Aug 11th. She has signed a 2 year contract.

      • SusanS

        …and that Vanessa doesn’t like Fox being around her child. Given some of her antics, I can understand why. I wonder if MF thought she was “beyond” BAG before her career started hitting a wall. Hmm, all of a sudden the old boyfriend doesn’t look so bad.

      • Zach

        SusanS, that’s pretty low. If she had dumped him for Robert Pattinson, you’d be saying how awful she was for upgrading from the one man who’s been with her since the beginning. She can’t win.

    • Just me

      She was 17 when they started dating.

  • Johnification

    “Yeah, I mean, you gotta lock that down.” It’s EW; it must always come back to Arrested Development.

    • Kat

      I agree. It’s as Ann as the nose on plain’s face!

      • Madd

        You couldn’t pick her out in a lineup of one.

      • Jeff C.

        Goerge Michael, why don’t you take Plant and wait in the car?

  • John

    Vanessa Marcil still 10 times sexier at age 40 than Megan Fox could ever hope to be.

    • Zoe

      And with far better hair!

      • gigi

        Ooooh! I love Vanessa’s hair! (Does that read weird?)

    • Boof

      And she doesn’t have toe thumbs!

  • Andrew

    Someone should hire Brian Austin Green to play Spider-Man because he is a living Peter Parker, proving that in the end, the high school nerd rises and does good; even gets the model/movie star wife. Someone should give Disney a dollar so they can buy a clue: Marvel Comics was once the called the House of Ideas for a reason. But Joe Quesada’s mess in the mouse house has sunk Marvel to the lowest of all lows: The Basement of Bad Ideas.

    • kat


    • aves

      She may be a sexy model/movie star but from what I’ve read of her interviews, shes also a total crazy person. So I don’t know if that’s actually a win. Hotness can only get people so far.

  • twilightmom

    Wow. Guess time flies, huh (since she said it would be years before they’d marry)?

  • cameobrooch

    And the countdown to the announcement of their separation begins…NOW!

  • Johnothan Pedak

    If marrying Brian Austin Green doesn’t get her cred, nothing will.

  • me

    Best of luck to you, B.A.G.

  • Chimmy

    Shouldn’t this site stick with news about people who are in the entertainment business?

    • Uh

      what kind of dumb comment is this? Megan Fox is one of the most talked about celebrities

      • Chimmy

        It’s called “sarcasm”. Look it up. BTW – she’s talked about because she is box office poison, unless her costars are cgi robots.

      • Strepsi

        @ CHIMMY — and, after Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, his are ratings poison even WITH cgi robot costars!

      • @ Chimmy

        It’s only sarcasm if it actually works. Swing and a miss!

      • Zach

        @ Chimmy – agree with above, and at least she’s beautiful to look at and trying to be an actor. I’d take her over Jon & Kate or Snooki any day, and the sad thing is that this year, they are probably more popular! They’re ALL overexposed, though, LEAST of them being Fox.

  • Brandy

    Well good for Megan & Brian. I wish them all the best!!

  • NYL A Princess

    Brian and Megan are really very down-to-earth people in real life. Don’t feed into the hype. It is all just hype. And as far as Vanesssa goes – hopefully she finds her happiness. But using their son, Cassius, as a way of manipulating Brian is really low. I have seen Megan be with Cassius and he is lucky to have her as a step-mom. Yes, somehow the nerds and geeks are better in bed. And the gorgeous girls do like that in the end.

    • Lisa

      How do you happen to know all of this personal information about ‘Brian and Megan’?

    • ouch

      She could have done a lot better. Just because you have seen someone doesn’t mean you know them princess.

    • Zach

      He was never really a nerd, though. He was just the smallest, youngest guy on the show. And then when cut his hair and grew up, suddenly all the girls (Megan included, apparently) started loving him, probably more so than at least Ian Ziering, who really was the bodybuilder on that show.

  • Kate

    I feel badly about myself for knowing who both of these people are.

    • Boof

      Hmmm, well, unfortunately, you make a really good point.

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