Val Kilmer apologizes to New Mexico neighbors for disparaging remarks

Actor Val Kilmer apologized to his neighbors in New Mexico Wednesday at a San Miguel County Commission meeting in Las Vegas, seven years after making disparaging remarks about his San Miguel, N.M. hometown in an interview in Rolling Stone. (The actor claimed his area was “the homicide capital of the Southwest,” among other insults.) “I hope that you can recognize my deep regret for the impact my comments have had on you, my neighbors, as well as our state,” he read from a prepared statement, according to the Wall Street Journal. “I am, and wish to remain, a contributing member of our community.”

A five-member commission granted Kilmer the permit needed to open his Pecos River Ranch as a bed and breakfast inn to paying guests. (He previously had no community support behind his desire to transform the ranch, thanks to the interview.) It was an unanimous decision. “The county accepted the apology. We hope this is now behind us and we can all live as good neighbors,” said County Attorney Jesus Lopez, who once called Kilmer’s comments “incendiary.”

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  • Eshia

    I think we’ve all learned an important lesson here (and in other news)… Rolling Stone interviews get you into trouble.

    • mr. rosewater

      is Rolling Stone even still relevant? Apparently so for reasons unknown.

      • ficheye

        Rolling stone has a completely relevant political section. In fact, one of the best sources for up to date commentary. I mean, get with it… they’re not writing articles about Dylan and Joni Mitchell….

      • PaulMatthew

        I agree 100%. Rolling Stone is not relevant at all. And it’s political section is really a big joke.

      • steve

        Hey idiot rosewater,

        I hope you know that the comments made by Gen. Stanley Mcchrystal that led him to resign from his post as Commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan was printed in you guessed it! Rolling Stone, yeah nitwit

      • commonsense

        Why are people asking if Rolling Stone is relevant or not? Just like the McChrystal firing, the problem is WHAT came out of these peoples’ mouths, not to WHOM they said it! Blaming RS is akin to boycotting the New York Times for reprinting a garbage filled, hate quote from Glenn Beck. Grow up people.

      • amml

        @ Steve- Mcchrystal was FIRED- he didn’t resign.
        @”Commonsense”…and why was he fired??? For speaking the truth! I’m not sure how it is a “problem” for someone to speak the truth. (And from what I have seen of NM, Val could be as well). Politically correct or not- I think he knows more about what is needed over there than the candy stripper “in charge”. And if Val grew up there- I’m quite certain he’s as much of an “expert” as the next guy on the area.

    • Mark

      yeah, totally. steer clear of RS. LOL!

    • evoc

      Val’s comment was in all likelihood true.

    • Ed

      Well, yeah… didn’t you see Almost Famous??

    • bobby waldrop

      i wouldnt talk to rollingstone reporter they just want to make people look bad so they can sell there paper

      • SAT

        You made yourself look bad. Maybe if you read more you would know the difference between there and their.

      • Bill

        maybe if YOU read more, you’d realize that you should be putting a comma after the word more. Ever hear of a run on sentence? Perhaps you should educate yourself prior to educating others?

  • Bob Abuee

    New Mexico rocks!…especially Hobbs

    • mistermak

      I lived in Hobbs as a kid ’77-78. Long time ago. I wouldn’t mind checking it out again. I went to a catholic school there. I don’t remember the name. Boy did I get into a lot of trouble there.

  • Brent

    Who cares? Val Kilmer and New Mexico deserve one another. They are both disgusting and neither has ever produced anything of true value.

    • Brent

      hmmmm….The Bomb?….green chile?….Demi Moore?….Beavis and Butthead?….Bill Richardson?…Harrison Schmitt (astronaut)…Georgia Okeefe?….Conrad Hilton?…Robert Chrichton?…John Denver…Jim Morrison?….shall I stop now?

      • wilson

        You fell into the TROLL trap. Bob is a major D-bag.

      • Mark

        I liked Val Kilmer in ‘Heat.’ He was great.

      • Former NMexican

        And Neil Patrick Harris!

      • Marceebee

        Anyone remember Val Kilmer in Willow? How about Tombstone? He is the only actor in the world who could deliver the line, “I’m your huckleberry.” (not once, but numerous times) and get away with it!

      • thin

        How could anyone *not* remember Val Kilmer in Willow?

    • drew

      Brent you should open your eyes on NM we do have a lot that comes out of the state! take a look at the credits just about every movies being made at this time has some part filmed in the state, Sorry CA but we are taking over! So keep going to the movies and supporting the state of NM!

  • GirlCrush

    Oh for funk’s sake! It was SEVEN years ago!!! Nobody raised a stink about it back then? Why bother now?

  • Jen

    Okay, NM native. Born and raised close to the area Val is talking about…and you know what?! He’s right! Seriously. Sorry Mr. County Attorney, the truth hurts. The land can be beautiful but so many of its residents are not. This story made me LMAO.

    • levelheaded

      Well, now I totally want to go to a Bed and Breakfast there. Hmmm, maybe Val Kilmer’s?

  • ll


  • Liz

    I have one word for you, Mr. Kilmer: “Thunderheart.”

  • Gsan

    Val should loose some weight before anyone can take him serious.

    • dirk

      you should learn to spell before anyone can take you serious.

      • amml

        Hahahahaha….love it.

      • SAT

        Before anyone takes you seriously-learn grammar. Unfortunately, American education is a failure at all levels-ever watch Jay Leno do his street interviews? College grads cannot compete with a good basic third grade student.

    • SAT

      lose weight and seriously-back to school.

  • SpellCheck

    It was a unanimous decision. How did you get this job, Brad?

    • Chris

      Actually, “a” is gramatically correct here since “unanimous” begins with a hard “y” sound. Love it when know-it-alls are wrong.

      • SpellCheck2

        And yet the writer changed it to “an” anyway w/o checking the grammar rules. Hmmmmm

  • Rhett Muse

    I’ve lived in New Mexico for over 10 years now and everything Mr. Kilmer has said is true. New Mexicans are a group of uneducated drunk criminals that resort to violence (which is why every gringo I know carries a gun) because they don’t have the requisite linguistic skills to speak in a reasonable measured tone. This is what a hispanic member of the community said during the court hearing; “I want to remind Mr. Kilmer my people, the Hispanic people, have lived her for 400 years and we’ve treated you gringos all good,” Tapia said to applause from the spectators.
    They are are ignorant morons pure and simple.

    • rioperrosf

      I grew up in Northern New Mexico. It can have the most wonderful, generous and sharing people in the world. And then there are racists like Abran Tapia who trace their “geneology” back to Europe who will scream about anglos all day long. It is people like him who HATE everyone, from Native Americans to Mexicans to Anglos. They even hate each other which is an everyday way of life in these parts as is evidenced by the local crime on crime.

    • ivnprt

      I am willing to bet that your comments would be more measured if everyone was allowed to carry a gun not just the “Gringos”

    • Lisa

      So why do you still live there?

  • Paul

    “I think we’ve all learned an important lesson here (and in other news)… Rolling Stone interviews get you into trouble.”

    Very Funny…and true :)

  • steve

    who really cares what this has been says. he’s an idiot!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly

    Val is allright, he should not have apoligised for the truth.
    it is what it is! GET OVER IT!

  • Joe Dough

    So ‘lemme get this right… Val is disparaging his home state (and to be honest he’s not the first to give me sad accountings of the area) and when he tried to open a business there they wouldn’t do his permits over a 7 year old story.

    Wow… honestly I would have “adopted” a new home state and done my business elseware. If some bureaucrat is going to raise a stink for someone’s OPINION of an area they grew up in… they can have it.

  • Gary W

    Val was nominated for an Oscar for his role in REAL GENIUS and he did yeoman’s work as Elvis Presley (AKA-“The King”) in True Romance. His bed and breakfast may be a rat trap, but his acting resume is beyond reproach.

    • Mr. Know-It-All

      No he wasn’t. Kilmer has never been nominated for an Oscar.

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