'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi break up

bachelor-jake-viennaImage Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic.comA rep for last season’s Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, and the woman he proposed to in the show’s final rose ceremony last March, Vienna Girardi, released a statement saying the two have ended their relationship. “Jake and Vienna have split,” the couple’s rep says. “They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time.” No reason was given.

Pavelka chose Girardi over fellow Bachelor finalist Tenley Molzahn. He was recently a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, and is currently taping a guest spot on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva.

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  • Lu

    What a shocker. Could it be she wasn’t getting the attention that a princess deserves. Go back to Florida Vienna, no one cares.

    • Nobody

      Swamp thing can head back to the swamp now….. well, right after the bikini contest. She has her priorities to tend to. Beer soaked wet t-shirt contest to follow.

      • Jessica

        From that photo I say lucky Vienna. Fake Jake can now run to the live recording of Ali’s final rose session and beg her to marry him.

    • darclyte

      I’m shocked, shocked I tell you…that it lasted this long.

      • yuhaten

        Why so mean? Is Jake perfect?

      • MB


      • Mikka

        Gasp! Stop the presses! Another fake relationship, created in a fake environment bites the dust. Imagine that.

    • queue55

      Shocking!! How WILL I go on…if these two crazy kids can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?!

    • judge judy

      I’m shocked that anyone gives a c r a p. Can we have articles about real people like Kathy Griffin?

      • KN

        I’m shocked that you think that Kathy Griffin is a real person…blech! She is more sickening than Jake & Vienna put together.

      • nancy

        KN, you have no taste and should rot in hell

      • @KN

        A shame you feel that way. Her show is pretty funny and all my friends who try it, like it. I guess you just like “reality” shows about group dates and real feelings.

      • Anna

        In my eyes Kathy and Vienna are equally as vile; but for different reasons. Hopefully we’re done with Vienna though.

    • JillS

      I guess the mandatory, 3-month contracted public-outtings are filled.

      • gigi


    • Kevcogator

      I find it amusing that almost every comment starts with the word “shock”! That is exactly what I sarcastically muttered when I read the headline. I am not much of a bachelor fan, but what little I did see it appeared obvious that there was something not right about Vienna.

      • SuzyQ22

        Why is everyone putting this on Vienna? It’s clear that Jake is just a fame wh*re himself. He’s a “pilot” who hasn’t worked in about two years now because he’s been so busy appearing on back-to-back Bachelor programs, DWTS, and now these other shows. He’s just like Vienna and every other contestant on The Bachelor: he wants TV exposure and fame, not love.

    • me

      What’s even more shocking (and sad) is that these 2 people have a “rep” who releases press notices about them.

  • Jojo

    Wow, I am filled with shock and amazement that the great romance of our to=ime has come to an end. Will my belief in true love ever be restored. /Sarcasm

    • Nobody

      If Jake were Romeo and Vienna Juliet, Shakespeare would have never wasted his time. Fake romances don’t make good love stories.

  • Denise

    Shocker! I guess the sex wore off. You should have picked Tenley!!!

    • ??

      How does sex wear off? Did his weiner go bye bye.

      • Nobody

        He never had one in the first place.

      • nancy


      • Cupid’s victim

        No, I’m pretty sure s e x with Vienna takes a long time to wear off and a lot of antibiotics.

      • Nobody

        I need some of the nasty stuff Vienna has inside her snatch. I have some hard water deposits to clean from my pool and that will do the trick.

      • !!

        I’m pretty sure that Vienna has a bigger wiener than Jake.

  • mags

    What took them so long??

  • Julie

    I knew it! Everytime you saw Jake on DWTS or anywhere with Vienna, he always seemed to have that forced smile, never looked really HAPPY. Seems like whenever they pick the underdog/outlaw, it usually ends once the ‘fantasy’ of it all wears off, imo.

    • wanda

      under dog is right-emphasis on THE DOG part
      Good,now can we see more of him and less of *her*?

    • Mike

      See, but the problem is, Jake ALWAYS has a fake smile. He is constantly thinking about appearances. The guy wouldn’t know sincerity if it plopped down on top of him.

      • MB


    • BA

      Well, Jason went with the one who he thought better “fit” his idea of a wife, and look where that got him. He is now married to the “wildcard” as Deanna put it (who also chose the wildcard and it went wrong). I mean, many of us go after a certain “type” and then realize that its not our type at all. My guess is there was no sexual chemistry with Tenley, so he went with Vienna, and then after that, there was nothing there. I think Jake wanted so badly to fall in love… I am sure he will learn a lot from this. I don’t believe he was just there to forward his career. No way.

      • SLB

        And the fact that they went on a tv show with a crappy track record to “find love” had nothing to do with it.

  • BA

    I have to admit I am a little sad by this (if not surprised). With all the negative press, I had really hoped they would prove everyone wrong…that’s too bad.

  • Naysayer

    Or it could be because the show is a farce? How many of these ‘romances’ have lasted?

    • tina

      It’s about time they pulled the plug on this show. It’s pointless. O.M.G. Don’t tell me he’s going to show up on Ali’s seasons now.If he does this show will reach a new low.

      • SEL

        Uh…just to let you know, Ali’s show was taped 2 months ago – not really possible for him to show up although I would have rooted for it.

      • SLB

        No way! This show is hilarious!

      • tina

        There’s always the After the Rose ceremony, or reunion to bring on the drama!

      • Ray

        Maybe the breakup was taped 2 months ago too – it’s so hard to tell what’s reality and what’s not these days.

  • Christine Chaos

    What a surprise, Dumb and Dumber break up!

  • Liz

    I’m shocked…that it lasted this long.

    • ??

      I’m shocked that anyone watches these shows. The only reason I know about this is that they are plastered all over the place. Is that where you should go looking for a lifemate? Do you watch all your friends look for lifemates?? Why does anyone watch this garbage. The sooner you stop the sooner if will disappear.

      • Me

        Because it’s hilariously bad?

      • Sydney

        I watch it so I can laugh my a s s off on Monday nights. Wow, it’s sooo bad you can’t not enjoy it!

  • RK


  • del

    Jake had already picked Vienna when all the bad press about her broke. But he had to “save face” and insist he’d made the right decision.

    Not that I’m a fan of his either. He’s working hard to extend his 15 minutes, and Vienna was definitely a liability to that.

    • RaRa

      You hit the nail on the head. Their days were numbered, from the time all the bad press came out about her. But they had to stay together at least until his contractual obligations were fulfilled. He never realized he picked an albatross that would be hanging around his neck. What an idiot.

  • Jack M

    The least surprising news story of 2010.

  • Nobody

    At least she now has time to do a “girls gone wild” video. Whats next, nude spreads in adult maagazines?

    • bridget

      Did’nt she already do the spread ? I think Jake P finally faced the reality-He would have to wake to her butter face-Every friggin day..UGH
      He is sexy,a fame lover but so what? He has the looks and body-and knows his agenda.She was just a hindrence

  • Nobody

    Vienna can always turn to porn. She seems more suited for a career in that field.

    • RK

      “One night in Vienna”

      • Ambient Lite


      • Cupid’s victim

        One Night in Vienna that will last you a lifetime…just like the lifetime supply of “special” creams you’ll need afterwards.

      • RaRa

        Okay, that was the gem of the day.

    • me

      except she is ugly

      • Nobody

        You just do it from behind (doggie style) so you don’t have to look at her face.

      • OK

        but if you could do anyone from behind why not choose someone with real tittties and doesn’t have a horse face.

      • Nobody

        I don’t have a problem with Vienna’s tata’s. Its her face I don’t want to see. Having to look at it while doing the nasty would cause the little soldier to go soft.

  • Victoria

    Tenley was the better choice, but bonehead was too wrapped up in lust to see it. He is such a dork.

    • Nobody

      Bonehead knew Swamp Thing would be eaiser to dump when the time came.

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