Amanda Bynes tweets her plans to retire from acting

Amanda Bynes is retiring from acting, according to a series of posts on her Twitter account. “Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem,” the 24-year-old star wrote on June 19 around 3 a.m., following with a series of similarly themed tweets: “If I don’t love something anymore, I stop doing it. I don’t love acting anymore, so I’ve stopped doing it. I know 24 is a young age to retire, but you heard it here first.” Bynes previously starred in the Nickelodeon series The Amanda Show (1999-2002) and The WB sitcom What I Like About You (2002-06), as well movies such as 2006’s She’s the Man and 2007’s Hairspray. The actress’ supposed last film will be the upcoming high school comedy Easy A, in which Bynes costars with Emma Stone and Penn Badgley. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on Sept. 17. Her rep could not be reached for comment.


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  • Sydney

    I saw this coming…I have loved all of her movies and I have grown up with her since she was on All That. I still quote She’s the Man and I can’t wait to see Easy A. This is sad that she can’t find joy in her work anymore, because I certainly still do.

    • GeeMoney

      She’s obviously retiring because she can’t get any good work. Give a few years… she’ll be out of retirement by then when her money either runs out or when she decides she’s ready to work to keep on living her current lifestyle.

      • Ellen

        Her current lifestyle? She seems pretty normal by celebrity standards. She’s not exactly tossing money away. And she’s had a nice little career.

      • Zee

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  • LOL

    Her tweets on EW’s Twitter Ticker are beyond stupid. Please stop featuring them.

    • Kristen

      I wasn’t aware she was still acting. And I agree, her tweets are someone else.

    • Taylor

      I have also always wondered why her tweets are featured. I mean, why? Should we care what she says?

    • Christopher

      I’ve been telling people for weeks to check out her tweets. I thought she was pushing a role as Michael Scott’s illegitimate daughter on The Office. They’re not so much stupid as they are oblivious. I would much rather see her as a career actress than continue to be a career celebrity, but if that’s what she wants, God-speed. (As for why her tweets are featured, anyone remotely considered ‘celebrity’ is added to the queue– how come I almost never see Peter Facinelli’s?)

    • etm

      Totally agree, LOL. I cringe every time I see them. I can’t stand twitter anyway.

  • Milly

    lol, didn’t know she was still active.

  • brandinb

    I enjoy her work and am sad we will not be able to see her grow as an actress. But I completely agree with the above comments about her tweets! I used to follow her but I had to unfollow because my timeline was full of her tweets and they were all pointless and rather annoying :(

  • Chris

    She should join the cast of SNL.

  • player87

    Go ahead – retire. No ones cares. Do something else – I’ll have relish with that burger.

  • UGH

    See ya in Playboy in a couple of years when all of your attention dries out!

    • esquirrel


    • Lee

      She already did Maxim this year; Playboy’s just a few pieces of clothing away!

    • Larry

      I’d tap dat and I’d buy the Playboy she’s in (as long as it features some clam).

      • mary q contrary

        Where’s your leisure suit, Larry?

  • Glory

    I completely appreciate Amanda for never becoming another Lindsey or Britney. Apparently (and sadly) that’s what it takes to be relevent in Hollywood these days. Thanks, Amanda, for entertaining us.

  • MsDaisy


    • Eric

      Try real hard not to be an idiot, MsDaisy.

      • MsDaisy

        It’s called sarcasm. I don’t appreciate being called an idiot when I’m not the one who can’t appreciate a sarcastic comment. But whatever. I hope you enjoy calling people idiots on the Internet all day. It HAS to be fulfilling.

      • Linda

        Well, the “who?” comment isn’t sarcasm for me. I really have never heard of this girl. How can I miss her if I never knew who she was? Oh well, I get the feeling I wasn’t missing out on much.

      • KC


        it must be fulfilling being sarcastic on the internet…?

      • LOL

        Am I the only one who finds it funny that MsDaisy’s sarcastic ‘Who?’ was clearly an insult but when called an idiot is all, “OMG, don’t insult me!” Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

        Oh, and just because it was sarcasm doesn’t make your “Who?” comment any less idiotic.

      • jack

        I don’t see how the “who” comment was idiotic. Some obscure bubblegum actress tweets that she’s retiring at 24, it seems like it’s the only rational response upon hearing the news. Frankly, the yahoos calling MsDaisy an idiot are the ones that come off really looking stupid.

    • Itwasn’tme

      exactly, who? girl hasn’t been relevant since hairspray years ago

      • Aly

        relevant enough for people to comment

  • Dan

    That sound you here is Meryl Streep breathing a sigh of relief.

    • stephanie

      Way to rip off Michael K from Dlisted

      • TomQ

        agreed stephanie, you suck Dan.

      • Ellen

        But thanks for reminding me about Dlisted…I haven’t been on there in ages.

      • Dan

        What is Dlisted?

      • mary q contrary

        You took the words right out of my mouth. One should never recycle on these types of sites. Someone is bound to call you out on it.

      • mary q contrary

        Oh, and Dan? Don’t be a choad. We know you ripped it straight from Dlisted, and asking what Dlisted is only makes you look worse.

    • jon

      Now that’s funny Dan!!!!

    • Khalid

      That is hilarious Dan! its quite sad though, where will producers find cheap mediocre actresses now?

  • blinkone


  • dee123

    It is too mean to say when did she START acting???

    • troy


      • jmo

        I liked her movies (the one based on Twelfth Night and Snow White). They were more than kid-friendly, they harken back to the movie styles of the 1930’s and 1940’s. I always confused her with Mandy Moore, but overall I thought she was a sweet, expressive actress. Best of luck to her.

  • John C.

    I loved her in….um….and….um….Wasn’t she on….wait that wasn’t her. Anyway, have a nice retirement. I’ve never seen you in anything but I heard you were in Hairspray or something. I don’t know I didn’t see it.

  • Adriana

    Wow, some people really are haters of her, for no valid reason. I happen to think Amanda is a great actress, with a very down to earth persona and great comedic timing. Watching her has been wonderful, and I will miss her. It’s always been nice to see a clean cut actress thrive.

    • Jordan

      Agreed, Adriana. Kind of surprised at all the random hate for this girl. I’ve always liked her and found her totally charming. I hope she has a change of heart down the road because I really enjoy her work, and, like you said, I think she seems like a genuinely nice, down to earth person.

      • jmo

        Glad I’m not the only one who finds the hating weird. I didn’t think she was a polarizing character. Is it just because of her tweets?

      • Angelo

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    • Grace

      I don’t understand the hate either. Not all of her movies were great but they aren’t unwatchable. They are light and fun and perfect for teenagers. I really loved her in What I Like About You though. Its a shame it wasn’t more popular that was her best work, very sharp and funny.

  • Eddie

    the reason why she is retiring is because she can’t get a gig.

    • KEVIN

      And that is kind of sad, she is a cute and funny girl who isn’t out drinking and bumping and grinding every night, it is a shame she never got the recognition, or at least the opportunity for recognition, she deserved.

    • RP

      Sounds like a good reason to retire.

    • Nicole

      Not to mention, she is not very attractive. Saw her in that movie with Colin Firth, she is one ugly mug. Especially when she was standing next to the attractive British actress.

      • eve

        Now thats not a nice thing to say about others . I think she is pretty and cool and i kind of like her a lot

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