ABC pulls ads from Perez Hilton over Miley Cyrus scandal

Perez Hilton is losing advertisers two days after posting a revealing photo of 17-year-old pop star Miley Cyrus on his blog, reports MSNBC. A banner for ABC’s The View has been pulled from the blogger’s site over the scandal, which began when Hilton posted a photo that depicted Cyrus getting out of a car without underwear. (Hilton later said that the picture was a fake.) Cyrus has not yet issued a statement on the matter.


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  • Lucy

    good, it’s about time some bad karma comes his way…long overdue

    • fgh

      I like fish sticks but I do not like him. To think he can bring the Hilton name to a lower level.

      • Me

        I really don’t believe the “Hilton” name can be brought any lower than it already is. With that said, I’m so very happy Perez is reaping what he has sown!!! :)

      • Jeff Eastwood

        Unlike Paris, Hilton is not his real last name. Try Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr.

    • m

      agreed! this douche makes his living spewing hate and degrading people. this has been a long time coming.

    • susan

      Agree. I don’t know why any legitimate advertisers would advertise with him anyways. It should be only adult porn sites that advertise with this pedophile.

    • Mike

      Hilton earned whatever misfortune comes his way. Yes, he’s made a very good living providing dreck to those who, like him, prefer to wallow in negativity. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s just a old bitter person who has never gotten over the fact that he was never one of the cool kids in Junior High. So he may have his clan of bitter devotees. But it still doesn’t change the fact that he’s got an ugly, unhappy soul on the inside and ugly attitude on the outside.

      • Jojo

        Don’t forget he looks pretty ugly on the outside too!

    • Natalie

      We can’t forget that ABC is affiliated with Disney, though. Not that Perez doesn’t deserve it, but there’s no way Disney is going to let him exploit one of their kids, so this isn’t really the most scandalous news.

  • Linda K

    ABC and other advertisers that PAY for Perez’s lifestyle should be embarrassed. I vote. . . BOYCOTT ABC and all other advertisers that voluntarily add to the abuse!!!

    • nancy

      so, you hate gays? i hate perez, but you saying you are against his lifestyle puts you up there with him on my hate scale.

      • Jeneripy

        Please Nancy, not once did Linda say anything about being gay! Lifestyle could mean his desperation to be famous paired with his unnecessary abuse of celebrities, including their weight, sexual orientation, and kids. He’s a self-promoting jerk, homosexual or not.

      • Sarah

        um, i think she means that his “lifestyle” is exploiting celebrities, and that he is just a straight up douche, but whatever.

      • OMG

        @nancy you say “i hate perez” then you get insulted cause someone else “hates” him too and then you say you have a “hate scale” girl you are confused… haha

      • nancy

        OMG: I hate you now too. your on my list.

      • nancy

        and before you get high a mighty…i realize i spelled you’re wrong above.

      • molly

        nancy – you must be reading a different post than the rest of us – lifestyle can mean he is a stupid, money grubbing pseudo celebrity who takes pleasure from exploitation of others. LIFESTYLE defined: the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group ( I think the only person here that has a “lifestyle” issue is NANCY!!!

      • Constance

        OMG . . Perez is Gay??? Nancy why did you bring that up. Love can save you. Hate no more my child!!!

      • Donald Polansky

        Back off of Nancy people.. I read Linda the same way she did and almost reacted the same way. I’m gay, I hate Perez, but I hate people who type without phrasing their comments better the most. Correct grammer and use of the english language may be lost on many of you (Myself included at times), but saying lifestyle as was done in the original comment signifies the person directed to: A gay male. Don’t like that take on it? Too bad.. go back to school and get a better degree than ITT Tech.

      • molly

        @Donald – did you not read my definition of lifestyle – you are getting defensive for no reason – it’s not the gay thing – it’s the he has no reason to be famous thing – you need to chill and stop playing “the card” when you get pissy

      • Dumbie

        pissy and card? so you use anti gay terms and insults to prove to another human being you intended no ill will? right. So are you PMSing and playing that card?

      • molly

        Dearest Dumbie – why yes I am PMS-ing – does this make you feel better..

      • @Dumbie

        How, exactly, is ‘pissy’ an anti-gay term? I use it frequently about people of various sexual orientations, and fail to see that I’m being anti-gay when I do.

      • Dumbie

        @@Dumbie maybe you need to educate yourself on terms like prissy and how they are used against gay males. That right there is the problem. You use it all the time therefore the history doesn’t matter right?. And I suppose her using ‘card’ always wasn’t meant as an insult?. She had an intelligent point until she showed her agenda card. I am not gay but I at least educated myself

      • OMG

        @Nancy… well I don’t hate you, you’re just a bit ignorant thats all. And maybe all you need is a cupcake… and a hug… what do you say Nancy?

      • Aly

        Dumbie, your “PMS” statement could be read as anti-woman. Incidentally, you need to reread the original post since it’s clear that Linda did mean his profiting off celebrity scandals when she referred to his lifestyle because a) Perez doesn’t need to be paid by advertisers in order to maintain a gay lifestyle (I believe that can be done for free, unless you think he needs to pay for sex), and b) the second half of her statement condemned the advertisers for “adding to the abuse.” When people criticize his best friend’s Paris’s lifestyle, it’s obviously not the gay thing since she isn’t, so why does it automatically have to be the gay thing in his case?

    • Sean S.

      I am a gay man who has boycotted many things associated with Hilton and written those involved in advance to let them know why I am no longer a customer or potential viewer. That we would make anybody rich for spreading cruelty or ugliness and making up lies is silly. Hilton actually has pretty great taste in music and if he had chosen to just work hard, he would have been great in radio or at a label, but instead chose the sleazy way to “the top” and now that he ended up with a record label anyway, I must boycott it because of his “day job”. What a waste.

      • KC

        There’s a million reasons to detest the guy and not one of them is that he happens to be homosexual.

      • Dumbie

        Agreed but also ‘prissy’ insulting words like ‘card’ didn’t belong in this discussion. Just because someone felt they didn’t like the use of the lifetstyle and given how it is use in society I can see why it bothered some. There was no need to go insulting people with words like ‘playing the card’ because of their sincere concerns. But bottom line is Perez is slime as a human being it has nothing to do with who he sleeps with. And this slime needed to go away along time ago.

      • dragon74

        I hate everyone. Its easier that way lol. But anyway that man sould be in jail for child porn. Dont get me wrong I love porn but underage is just sick!!!!!

  • Jack

    To the guy that thinks he’s someone important, it’s about time you get some bad news that is long overdue for you;.

  • Brandi

    Karma is a b**ch!

  • OCC

    I have nothing against the guy because of his sexual orientation (I’m gay) but hes the biggest piece of trash out there. In my opinion hes just a bad person and deserves whatever comes his way due to his stupid behavior.

  • Mike

    So, THIS is what it took. He’s stolen material from other people, he’s spoken badly about others for NO reason, he’s been simply nasty and vile – and ALL OF THAT was apparently A-OK with ABC. Throw in a fake naked 17 year old and then ABC gets some standards.

    • Gigi

      I agree, hypocrites

  • paul t

    you can tell that paris hilton might be on nbc’s to catch a predator does he know that even if its a fake its considered child pornography you cannot be doing this disgusting thing and think its funny

  • thomas

    Whats even funnier is this….PEREZ actually has staff now (his mother and others)…he is probably so pissed as he probably did not even post it…but…you should proof-read douche…because they also cannot spell….his site got boring a LONG TIME AGO! And what the hell is COCO PEREZ…oh I will say this to…HOW’s YOUR RECORD LABEL and BOY BAND SEARCH…non-existent…thought so!

    • freckles

      agree Thomas – while everyone above is freaking over the gay comment (really?), i was thinking, about time. His site sucks now. he just posts random celeb pics and thats it. He’s trying to make himself this big producer and its not happening. yawn! glad to hear some advertisers are dropping him. still swear by or

  • franklovesfl

    Lock him up

  • PHD

    he should be held accountable fake or not…

    abusing children is never funny

  • me

    finally this makes me happy. Perez is the worst thing to happen American society in ages. He hates children. He hates gays and uses his site to trash any gay man in Hollywood. Maybe because none of them want to date him. He hates women yet these self hating hags read his column and defend him. Good finally this nonsense is starting to get a backlash. No celebrity could get away with the crap he does and yet oddly he is a celebrity not for his talent which he does not have but because to may women in this society have no self respect and need gossip to live. Now that is sad lifestyle. And he can’t even get his gossip right to save his sad life apparently. Now lets see if EW has any standards and will stop covering the idiot

  • dctoronto

    Good! 1 down and aillion more of these low life gossip mongers to go. Now ABC probably only did this because they are owned by Disney but wouldn’t it be nice if people started recognizing that advertising on a low life site like PH just looks bad for you?
    Studies are showing that the belief in everything can be said wihtout repercussions is affecting how people perceive the site and/or the companies who choose to advertise on their sites. Next up I suggest moderated comment section on EW so we can get rid of the trolls and hate mongers who disrupt smart dialogues/debates on here with their asinine comments.

    • me

      Agreed. This nonsense about the Internet shaping public opinion in business politics and culture is pathetic given how much trash is online LOL. Clean it up and maybe then the Internet can respresent real opinions and changes. Pandering to lowest in society that those Perez appeals to and respresents doesn’t serve any company well.

      • molly

        ABC is trying to protect it’s image – family friendly and porn do not go together….

      • me

        I agree and it sickens me it took them this long to do this. And the LA times will still put this trash on their frontpage and EW will still promote him. Sad to say. But just maybe this is the first crack in the wall and the beginning of the end of sad little untalented unfunny man.

      • breckster82

        @molly – would be curious to know whether ABC was a sponsor back when he released the pictures of the Milk screenwriter having unprotected sex. that wasn’t just “pornography”, but downright hardcore porno

      • molly

        breckster82 – call ABC and ask them…can’t read their minds – don’t really want to …

      • Nia

        I love this school and to see it close is sad ineded. Its true that a lot of this country is in financial ruin. My question is, why is it that the School board officials got raises in the middle of this deficit? What is it they do to justify receiving such ridiculous salaries? Is it better to destroy tradition,community, and children education in order for them to buy their 3rd home or a yacht? Let me be the superintendent and I would fix our deficit starting by cutting my salary in half. this is the issue with this country. People are only concerned with their own well being and too uneducated or blind to see the bigger picture. Your wallet is full but it is making our country soo empty. Without the little school that makes a big difference I would not be who I am today. I can only hope that my own kids can attend a school just like it.

  • JPX

    All this faux outrage is ridiculous. Miley has been increasingly provocative over the past few months and all this has done nothing but bring her even more attention. She will be 18 this November, who really cares about the Perez pic?

    • Dumbie

      you care and replied to defend and justify the slime Perez so you care with your faux excusing him. She and others like her do their crap to get attention due to HIM and people like you, and the fact that he has created an industry that will get them that attention. Blaming her for being sick and excusing him for being the cancer is dumb

    • Tonya

      A teenage girl being provocative does not automatically give people the right to exploit her further. (and fyi, that’s the same excuse people give when they date rape someone…so great argument there!) The outrage isn’t “faux”, the outrage over Perez Hilton’s antics is LONG overdue. He is vile.

    • breckster82

      i don’t think it’s geared directly toward the miley incident. it’s an unleashing of pent up frustrations considering perez has done much worse in the past and gotten away without a scratch. his loss of advertisers is long overdue and hopefully is the beginning of the end for this vile, disgusting excuse for a human being.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      So along that line of reasoning, it’s ok for bars and liquor stores to serve alcohol to those that are almost 21. JPX are you one of those who think women deserve to be rape because they dress a certain way?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      So along that line of reasoning, it’s ok for bars and liquor stores to serve alcohol to those that are almost 21. JPX are you one of those who think women deserve to be raped because they dress a certain way?

      • JPX

        Please. The fact is that she wnet out without panites on and climbed out of a car with tons of people taking photos. Given that Britney, Lindsay, Paris, etc, have all had pictures of their genitals taken because they “forgot” to wear underwear, it would appear that Miley’s behavior was very calculating. There’s an easy solution if you don’t want the world to see your crotch, wear some f’ing underwear. I agree with the other poster who noted that this “outrage” is really just pent up anger of Perez.

      • aves

        You’re right, this wouldn’t be as big of a deal if the pics weren’t fake and created by the website. That makes this whole thing even more gross and creepy.

      • swing time

        JPX, the difference between Paris, Lindsay and Britney and Miley is that Miley is a minor. Posting a picture of an underwear-less minor, real or fake, is straight up wrong and ILLEGAL.

      • Elieusa

        Looking at this again just made me giddy. I’m really excetid about New Moon. I have high hopes for the movie, and I am not quite sure why. When I read New Moon for the first time I HATED it.. it was the least of my favs in the series… but I just started reading it again, and its starting to grow on me. Maybe b/c I know what will happen? and I can actually enjoy it? without wanting to turn the page and see if Edward comes back yet?? Anyway… I feel myself getting excetid again! and this makes me happy!

  • Cathryn

    Ah ,, folks , this is about Perez and what he what he did.. His life style is feeing off of people.. That is it ,that is all.. Looks like a few are now after others on here, instead of sticking to the topic.. Happens all the time.

    • molly

      oh dear Cathryn – be careful of how you use lifestyle – nancy and donald are still here…

  • bigfish

    I hope he gets “Yanked” from any reference from all websites – it’s about time he got what he deserves.

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