'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' will release in two parts

As expected, Summit Entertainment confirmed last night that it will release Breaking Dawn, the final installment of The Twilight Saga, in two parts. Production will start this fall with the first movie set to release Nov. 18, 2011; no date was announced for the second film. Bill Condon will direct both movies, and Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, and Kellan Lutz will all reprise their roles. Breaking Dawn is a movie adaptation of the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. The third movie, Eclipse, releases June 30.

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  • Miss talk

    And here we go AGAIN…Twilight fever is back.
    Maybe I should take a break and return on EW.com by the very end of the summer…

    • Moe

      One question which is on EVERYONE’S minds:

      • Greg

        The one question on my mind is: why is Bryce Dallas Howard reprising her role? Spoilers, people! I’m totally kidding.

      • Liz Lemon

        Exactly. Why? What’s the point? I was hoping they wouldn’t eve make one film and now there will be two.

      • P D Yerf

        Why??? So we can all see just how they figure out to show Edward knocking Bella unconscious and covering her with bruises during bed-breaking sex and the C-section he gives her with her teeth while still keeping their tween fanbase. It’s going to be freaking hilarious

    • liveitup

      Here we go again with the haters. Go F^(@ yourselves!!

      • Marty

        Yay! The haters of the Twilight haters may now start saying how much hate they have for people expressing how much they hate Twilight. I hate people who hate the hate of those that hate!

      • miss k

        I know! Why doesn’t everyone just drop and leave it alone? That way people can’t hate the haters of twilight haters as they hate on twilgiht. Because in retrospect, it’s all ridiculous this has been going on for the last 2 years.

      • benjamin

        I hate things that go on for 2 years.

      • Jules

        I hate people that hate people that hate.

      • @liveitup

        Haters will hate as long as the subject matter requires it.

      • Jules

        I hate that you said that.

      • Ari

        I know I mean all these pople who hate the movie and book’s so bad why waste time and put in so much effort itno hate comments…Really? Grow up I think these question’s are aimed more at the fan’s then the hater’s.

      • E3Q

        THANK YOU!! I second that Go F^(@ yourselves!! Why do you haters bother to comment on something you do not understand or like. Just to show how hateful you can be? Show us something else instead. Your absence.

      • Jane

        why doesn’t the fans just get over the fact that haters will always be there to rain on their parade?

    • Mrs. Frisby

      What do you mean, back? It never left.

    • ShannonW

      Dude, why would you click on a Twilight story and you obviously did not want to hear it. Makes no sense.

      • Jules

        So we can make fun of you.

      • @Jules

        Wow, if your life has so litte in it that all you have to do with your time is search stories about a series you don’t like in order to make nasty comments about it, that’s really sad.
        You should really try reading something or take up a hobby so that you can find something that you can positively and constructively comment on.

      • Jules

        This is my hobby. I love it when you all get your panties in a bunch because someone doesn’t like the crap that you do.

      • Quisha

        thanks you said what was needed 2 be said

  • Lindsey

    I still think this is a horrible idea. Not enough happens in that last book for it to warrant two movies.

    • niki

      I think there’s a very clear half-way story point where I’m guessing they’ll make the split.. I think they could find enough to add minutes to the 2nd half.. Jacob imprinting, baby’s growth, fight scenes, etc..

      • sharlin

        yeah they are def going to atop the film after bella gives birth. however, what fight scene? the hold second half of the book was this whole buildup and then they all talked themselves out of it lol.

      • Karen

        I think there’s plenty of material for two. I don’t think one movie would do the story justice. I have a pretty good idea where part one will end (at least where I’d like it to end).

      • Jules

        Maybe it’s because the attention span of the average Twilight fan is about 40 minutes.

      • Heather2

        Jules, I resent that remark. I could so stare at Rob’s hair for a hale of a lot longer than 40 minutes.

      • Jules

        You do know that he’s a bald, 53 year old with a hairpiece, don’t you?

      • @Karen

        Why don’t tell us why you think it deserves two films? All the people who oppose have GOOD arguments that make a hell of a lot of sense. All the people who like this idea, say there’s enough material for two films, but they don’t support that claim.
        The book is big enough for two films if they were word-for-word, but the actual subject matter in the book can’t even support one film. It’s a whole lot of nothing.

      • Jelly

        What fight? There was no fight. Hope they and one though, otherrwise the last part of the second movie will suck on screen.

    • Mrs. Frisby

      Not enough happens? You must be joking.

    • ShannonW

      I agree that not enough happens for two full-length movies, enough substantial stuff that is. I think the only plot points worth mentioning is the marriage, isle esme, Jacob’s rift with the pact, Bella’s transformation, meeting the other vampires, the “battle”, resolution, and that’s it. It can be a decent 2-3 hour movie, but if they’re going to pull a New Moon and included every single detail, then of course 1 movie won’t do it.
      But I hope they do slim down because I was reading the last book thinking, “Now some of this could’ve been left out”. The two movie bit is just making me think they’re in it for the money, and not the quality of it.

    • Trey

      Exactly! Plus the last book was poorly written, it was rushed. It was a big let down compared to the other 3.

    • barbara

      I totally agree. This feels like a scam. Nothing happens in breaking dawn. The studio knows that fans will pay the money to see two crappy movies if they make them and so they are. It’s business but it’s crappy.

    • @Lindsey

      Nothing happens in that book!! It’s the most useless book I’ve ever had the misfortune to read. I just started to scan it after awhile, because NOTHING happens! It’s so pointless. I can’t even see how they’re going to make it into one film let alone two!
      A two-part film works with books with enough material to support two films (e.g. Harry Potter, The Hobbit), but NOT twilight.

  • KC

    I can’t wait for this!!!!
    That means it will all be finally over and EW will have this garbage live on in Guilty Pleasure articles!

    • liveitup

      Last time I checked, they don’t force your finger to click on the article! Again, go F yourself!

      • Jane

        Did you ask your mom and dad for permission to use the internet and to use the F word?

      • Izzie’s Mom

        I don’t understand why people who clearly do not like the series bother reading about it. I want to read comments from actual fans and share the excitment not read a bunch of negative comments. Go somewhere else haters. GEEEEZ!!

      • Jules

        If you all would stop loving this crap, then we would stop busting your chops about it.

      • KC

        We’re trying to educate you lost sheep who flock to see this garbage.

      • liveitup

        No Jane. Actually I am old enough and quite capable of making decisions for myself. I pity those of you that have nothing better to do than waste your time on something you dislike so much!

      • liveitup

        And to Izzie’s Mom… it would be nice if this could be a place of discussion for those of us that did enjoy the books. Doensn’t look like that can happen.

      • Heather2

        KC, thanks but no thanks. I do not need to be educated. I don’t need to regurgitate other people’s opinions. I can form my own.

      • KC

        liveitup and Heather2 both need to have their id’s checked before being allowed to post on here.

      • Ari

        THEY Really need to put more of the neg. attitude towrds simthing postive they enjoy…Really grow up

  • Shannon

    Why is the first movie not coming out on 11-11-11?

    • Jules

      Because the average Twilight fan can’t count past ten without taking off their shoes.

      • Celia


  • Michelle

    They’re really going to make two movies out that heaping pile of dung?! Breaking Dawn is a terrible book. After the action of Eclipse no one’s gonna want to watch the uber lame ending to Breaking Dawn. I’m calling the split now: when Bella gives birth to that…thing. The second film will open with her awakening as a vampire.

    • Jenn

      If this was facebook, I would “like” this.

    • mk

      Breaking Dawn really is terrible. I’m a huge fan of the series, but I absolutely hated how it ended. I tore through the first 3 books, and when I sat down to read the last one, I got continuously more horrified as I read. I can’t believe how she ended it.

      One movie would be quite enough.

      • Heather2

        BD was definitely my least favorite book of the series. I really don’t know what SM was thinking when she wrote it. I am hoping that they add an epic battle at the end like there was in Eclipse. And I don’t even know where to begin on superhuman teeth baby. Can they just do the wedding and the honeymoon and then be done?

    • Jennifer

      Agreed. There is absolutely no way they can make this book a movie (let alone two movies) without the movie being incredibly campy, tasteless and laughable.

      It’s going to be like Rocky Horror Picture Show, just not on purpose.

      • Sparkly

        “Breaking Dawn” is a musical comedy?
        I hope there is an “Edward is a transvestite” reveal!

      • Heather2

        Already been done. Have you seen Edward in Eclipse?

    • mscisluv

      Is there really enough to make an entire movie out of the wedding and honeymoon? Especially given that (like the book), there won’t actually be a “sex scene”.

    • Heather P

      Yes. I enjoyed reading Twilight 1-3 and look forward to seeing my favorite entry from the series, Eclipse, on film.
      Breaking Dawn was an extremely disappointing novel and the only thing spliting it into two movies will accomplish is to prolong the pain of the experience. I was planning on renting it out of morbid curiousity, but I don’t think I’ll do that if I have to sit through 4 hours of that crap.

  • arnold

    The only way this could have been tolerable is if they cut out/vagued up A LOT of the book. Trying to remain true to the details is just going to remind people how bad that book truly is.

    • mk

      I agree. I think they should nix the whole second part. It’s horrifying.

    • Michelle

      This is the one book that I hope they change when they make the movie…add a battle at the end, leave out Book 2 (I don’t care about Jacob’s perspective.) She totally wussed out on the ending.

      • ShannonW

        THANK YOU!!! I thought I was the only one who really couldn’t give a rat’s behind about Jacob’s issues. It definitely wasn’t necessary. I hate that SM is trying to make us care about the other characters so much, I just don’t.

      • @Michelle

        I didn’t like any of the books, but the fourth one was seriously some of the worst so-called literature I’ve ever encountered. Terrible from start to finish. None of the characters are remotely similar to the ones in books 1-3. Edward is a crybaby, Bella is driving a bulletproof car and using Edward’s credit card, and suddenly Jacob is the main character. The whole book was like some bad fan fiction that Meyer got off the internet had them publish. I mean…did the editors even READ it???!

  • Heather2

    I’m so shocked.

  • William

    Good lord, between this AWFUL twilight garbage on EW and the equally awful World Cup crap on ESPN I may boycott the internet for a while.

    • Laur

      I’m sorry are you people who hate Twilight forced to comment on a post that pertains to it? NO!!. I don’t care for Harry Potter, so I stay away from there posts. Common sense.

      • Heather2

        Oh Laur, don’t you know that it is the cool thing to hate Twilight, especially if you are a diehard HP fan? Because they have the far superior series than Twilight does. Their books are better, their movies are better, their fans are better, they have better actors. Therefore, Twilight fans should bow in their mere presence. Oh and the two movie thing? Yeah, we so stole that from them too. *rolls eyes*

      • fireflystare221

        This is pretty much all correct (and I am a Twilight 1-3 fan).

      • liveitup

        Seriously Laur!! It drives me nuts!

      • katie

        “Because they have the far superior series than Twilight does. Their books are better, their movies are better, their fans are better, they have better actors. Therefore, Twilight fans should bow in their mere presence. Oh and the two movie thing? Yeah, we so stole that from them too.”
        I’m sure this is sarcasm, but what makes it funny is the fact that it’s all true. And I love the Twilight books up to Eclipse, but Breaking Dawn was absolutely atrocious and in no way worthy of a split.

      • TBFan

        @Heather 2: The actors in HP are better than in Twilight? You do know that Robert Pattinson played Cedric Diggory, don’t you?

      • Heather2

        OK, do the HP fans not understand sarcasm?

      • @Heather2

        It’s nice to know that the twilight fans are aware of that too. And no honey, it’s not sarcasm…it’s the truth. Anyone with a brain will tell you that. Oh and it’s not only HP fans that hate twilight. There are HP fans who are also twilight fans (for whatever reason).
        People from all walks of life who have some kind of intelligence or common sense loathe twilight.
        And if the producers of twilight didn’t get the idea to split this garbage into two films from Harry Potter, where the heck did they get it from then? Harry Potter was the first to do it. The Hobbit is also owned by WB, because WB owns New Line.

    • Maureen

      @William: Sir, please don’t equate the nonsense of Twilight to the amazingness of FIFA. ;)

      • William

        FIFA is about as exciting as watching my grass grow in my back yard. As for the comments about “hating” twilight, well..it really just sucks unless you are under the age of 21!

  • EV

    I agree – there is a very clear point in BD where they can make two films and I hope that they follow that! If not, I don’t know how it will all work…

  • Jose

    So, we’ll be receiving two 90 minute movies then?

    • @Jose

      If that’s the case, why not make one 3-hour movie? Oh, I know why. Summit knows fans will shell out money for two 90-minute films. I swear, these people deserve the crappy movies they get.

      • @Jose


  • Johnification

    Would this movie have been split if HP weren’t doing it? The answer is no.

    • Akane

      I agree, the difference with the HP book is that a lot of very important things happened so one movie wouldn’t make justice it justice. Breaking Dawn in my opinion (I know I am not alone) doesn’t have enough material for one movie, the book is really bad, I smell a disaster.

    • @Johnification

      They’ve been talking about splitting the HP films for years (starting with GOF), so clearly this is where Summit got the idea. The Hobbit also followed suit, but at least The Hobbit and Harry Potter can support two films.

    • Silas

      If they cut out all the parts of the main characters whining about…everything…and the parts not good for little kids, there wouldn’t be anything left to even call it a vampire movie. Marriage. Baby. Happily Ever After.

      (And then the end we’ve all been waiting for)

  • Boof

    They should call this movie “Breaking Wind” instead.

    • Jules

      Kristen Steward looks like she’s always breaking wind. LOL!

    • Kim


    • ObiHave

      I might actually go see that. Why can’t that Bella chick like fall for a normal guy. All the girls in the world and she falls for two freaks and they start a war over HER?????? Talk about breaking wind…

  • Sarah

    Damn, I was hoping this franchise would be over sooner rather than later.

  • Tracey



  • Tracey

    On a slightly less hyperbolic note, how are they even going to do this? Breaking Dawn was a long book, but pretty light on plot.

    The most natural break point between the movies would probably be Renesmee’s birth, but that means the first movie consists of the wedding, the honeymoon, and the pregnancy… which would be unbelievably dull as a film. And an unappealing first half will seriously reduce the potential audience for the second half.

    Can’t help but feel they’re shooting themselves in the foot here.

    • Lili

      as long as they make money, they will be the ones laughing! Sad to take advantage of the youth like that. They know they are an easy market and it will work. If only the book had been filled with action and storylines I would have seen the point, but it’s just not the case.

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