Sandra Bullock surprises fans at 'Guys Choice' awards

sandra-bullockImage Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Sandra Bullock made a surprise appearance at Spike TV’s “Guys Choice” awards on Saturday night — her first public appearance since her split from husband Jesse James and the adoption of son Louis. The 45-year-old actress was there to accept the “Troops Choice” Award for Entertainer of the Year, chosen by members of the military. Looking radiant in a sleek black leather dress, Bullock was presented the award by Robert Downey, Jr. and received a standing ovation from the audience at Sony Pictures Studios.

“Let’s be honest here, just for a moment. We’re all going to be honest, right?” Bullock joked. “Did I win this for being entertainer of the year, or did I win this because of the spectacular I.E.D. [improvised explosive device] explosion that became my personal life?!”

Bullock is also expected to show at tonight’s MTV Movie Awards where she is to receive the Generation Award. Her appearance at “Guys Choice,” which will eventually air on June 20, was especially noteworthy because Spike aired her ex’s short-lived reality show Jesse James is a Dead Man.

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  • Andrea

    Love her.

    • avenger

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I love love love her.

      • Kat

        Love love love her too. A class act all the way.

      • darclyte

        Sandy is the best!

    • SallyinChicago

      Love you Sandy. I’ve seen almost all your movies from the first one, Speed to the last one. Keep it up. and choose better next time you deserve it.

      • Dntbstpd1

        You know Speed was not her first movie right? Wow…

      • C Men

        Love Potion #9?

    • LOL

      Sandra FTW! The most beloved person in America right now.

    • jared4ever

      LOVE HER!

    • rmb

      totally love her.

  • cookie

    Sandra, anything you win is with much merit, because people admire you very very much, I know am just one of millions. You are gracious and funny and because your able to love the way you do. You are truly a woman to be admired in every aspect and every sense of the word. May God be with you and your little angel Louie.

    • Whatever

      “anything you win is with much merit” Does that include the Razzie Award for All about Steve ? :)

      • Keith

        Oooohoooo!! You are so clever!! Whatever indeed.

      • yep

        Actually yes, because when it was all said and done she left with the award one of it’s kind, they are still waiting for her to return it.
        Also that is another thing she took in stride, she walked up there with a wagon filled with the movie to hand out, thought that was awesomely funny.

  • Lemon

    There is no woman classier.

    • Moe

      Look at her getting all dolled up. I guess she is man hunting! Someone has to take care of her.

      • Andie Bo Bandie

        Moe, this woman has gotten as far as she has without the help of a man. She is talented and hard-working, she deserves all she has. To suggest that someone like her needs a man to protect her is a sexist belief.

  • Jan Robinson

    See? Good guys do win sometimes! The military we are so proud of just happens to be the greatest group of class acts ever, and they did this to support Ms. Bullock and give her much needed reason to believe in the goodness of people. She wasn’t so sure for a while after her world was rocked.

  • Mephistopheles

    What an idiot. She accepted her award from the troops and likened what she’d been through to a spectacular IED explosion. Jesus. Does she realize how pathetic that comparison is? Getting cheated on is not the same as getting blown up beside a road in some awful hostile place. …Hollywood exhibiting its total lack of perspective and reality yet again.

    • bobba

      Lighten up mephisto.

    • Steve


      • John

        Your moniker is certainly well chosen.

    • Archangel Michael

      Mephie…we know you aren’t the devil, because the devil is smart enough to understand the nature of a simile: When she says “the IED..that became my life” it doesn’t mean they are the SAME THING. When i say my wife is “golden”, it doesn’t mean that she is gold in color, or is traded publicly for $299 per ounce. It means that she is precious TO ME. And Sandra meant that her life events this year felt catastrophic to her. If you’d ever had a woman…and she had cheated on you…then you’d know what that feels like, and it is devastating. Like your life has blown up…but NOT LITERALLY. Criminy, I’m embarassed at the people they graduate from grade school these days.

      • Janis

        Well said Archangel Michael!

      • booboo

        I agree, but I hope your gold analogy is off by $1,000 or I’m screwed.

      • GrammarCop

        It’s not a simile, but a metaphor, but I agree entirely with your point. (A simile would be “is like an IED.” A metaphor says, “is an IED.”) Anywho, the soldiers and Marines who deal with IEDs daily have a sense of perspective and appreciate the touch of recognition Classy Sandy gives to the bane of their existence. She’s saying, “Hey, I hear you guys have to live with explosives. Well, I have an inkling of what that must be like.” That’s what metaphors do — allow transfer of experience from one realm of experience to another. I’m sure you don’t expect the Wilson sisters to actually date barracudas, do you? I’m also sure none of the men and women in the audience would want Sandra Bullock exposed to explosives. After all, isn’t that what they’re fighting to prevent? Self-deprecatingly, she’s saying, metaphorically, “But I managed to step on one all by myself,” thereby touching on their worst fear and her own in public, defusing the tension, getting a chuckle, and endearing herself (to most of us).

      • thestalkinghorse

        I’m glad the grammar cop is on duty.

    • Sara

      What a twit you are.

    • Bobbie

      Mephi, you need to get a grip, go back to school and learn that some people express themselves differently and not always in the Literal sense. Man I am with Archangel Michael the one’s the push through school truly need to be repeated not pushed forward I to am embarassed

      • info

        It’s actually too not to

      • info

        “I too am embarassed”

    • Amti-Meph

      Hey Bobbie…you are assuming that Meph made it out of grade school.

    • Mac

      Meph here is a troll. Move on everybody.

    • Sandy B

      Grow up, Mephistopheles. You don’t call someone an idiot unless you’ve walked in her shoes. She knows the difference. She’s talking to people that heard all that she went through. A divorce is a death. She went through it in the public eye. You look like a un-feeling jerk in the public eye.

      • Elizabeth

        I’m sorry, I love Sandra Bullock to death but her comment was a bit inappropriate. In my hometown, we have buried 2 young soldiers this year who died from IED explosions. I have a sense of humor as much as the next guy but I do think it was a tad inappropriate. She’s a very nice lady and I don’t think she meant any ill will, I just think it was a poor choice of words.

    • Mary

      @Mephistopheles, sweetie, you need a stickectomy — stat. (either that or you’re a friend of that tranny looking HO Jessie was diddling who thinks making desperate & idiotic reaches in logice is going to somehow help. It’s not.)

      • Yo-Yo

        So clever.

    • Caryn

      She was devastated by what happened. In her life it was an IED. Emotional pain hurts as much as physical pain. I don’t think she was trying to minimize what the troops do for us everyday, often without receiving an award or thanks, but was making a topical joke.

      • Ginger

        I’m sorry but divorce, as awful and devastating as it is, is in no way even remotely close to an IED explosion. And if she thinks it is, that’s fine but it was a bad choice of a joke in the company she was in. Just my opinion.

    • mariposa

      They didn’t finish the quote, it continues with her saying “”No, it’s OK. Because I would do it over again if it was to entertain our troops , and our extraordinary troops deserve something much more than some actress in a tight dress talking about herself.”

      • levelheaded

        Wow. Thanks for posting that. She is really a class act. And she’s right. Our troops do deserve more. They sacrifice so much.

    • P’s K

      Have you ever had your committed life partner cheat on you and decimate your entire life, all your faith, and all your trust? If you had I’m not sure you’d be so fast to assume it compares positively to being killed.

    • Mike in Moncton

      Dude, switch to decaf. That’s like saying calling yourself the devil is insensitive to Christians.

    • Spoof

      Meph is a complete loser who has no common sense.
      Great analogy Sandra !!!!!

    • Mary

      Mephisto, my pet:
      Go take your meds.

    • Ray

      Thank you Mephisto. Future Soldier Here. Sandra was Inappropriate.


    Bravo Sandra! The rebound is easier when you follow your heart, and let the real men show you the way. Excising the decay from society is the best way to keep the healthy parts healthy! Sandra, you sure do have some really nice healthy parts too!

  • jimmy

    i can imagine how much Julia ROberts hates her right now

    • Cookie

      I don’t even like Julia anymore. All the way back to when she cackled like a hyena and hung all over Denzel Washington when he won Best Actor Oscar a few years ago…she really lost me there. What a desperate woman I tell you. Sandy is pure class all the way.

    • ctg

      I don’t think Julia Roberts spends one second hating Sandra Bullock. Her life is busy and full. Funny how people think actresses spend their time in jealous snits.

    • Rebekah

      I think Jimmy is referring to how Julia Roberts was offered the lead part in “The Blindside” before Sandra Bullock. Julia could’ve taken the role, but I doubt the end result would’ve been the same. Also, I wasn’t going to watch the MTV Movie Awards, but I might now just to see Sandra receive the Generation Award.

  • jane

    Mephes… you obviously don’t know what it’s like to have something so personal become so public esp after months of professing her love to him, to have that come out was like a punch in the face.

    • Mephistopheles

      Jane- I’ll venture a guess that you don’t know what that’s like either, and surely you have no idea what it’s like to be attacked with an IED. That’s not the point. I’m not trying to belittle what she’s gone through, but by comparison, it’s a cakewalk. She made the comparison, not me. Given the context, I find it pretty tasteless. Just my opinion of course; totally inconsequential.

      • John

        My son’s humvee was blown up by one, and yet your condemnation is still out of line.

      • Anti-Meph

        Face it Meph…your ignorance is only exceeded by your sheer stupdity

  • gopher

    Yea….next she we have a black man in her life…stupid woman

    • ctg

      Based on your tasteless remark, she has a long ways to go to match you in stupidity, gopher.

    • Sandy B

      So “gopher” having a man your life? It matters the color of their skin? I’ve read a lot of comments. Your’s is mindless.

    • SallyinChicago

      She already has a black man in her life and his name is Louis.

  • llevinso

    I love Sandra, what a class act. And she looked radiant!

    • Yo-Yo

      Still, she just lays there and and kind of whimpers when we f–k. America’s sweetheart …HAH.

      • llevinso

        What the….what the f-k is wrong with you?

      • Are you for Real?

        I agree what is wrong with you Yo-Yo?

  • jude

    Meph, She was trying to relate to the men and women who voted for her. Geez, some people would b!tch if you baked them a cake with a gold coin inside…Sandy, you’re a heckuva classy lady! America loves you! Louis is a little doll!

  • Bobbie

    Sandra, You have always walked tall and with pride in anything you do, and it is for just these reason alone that I admire your work and you as a human being. Life will get better, Life does get better from one who’s been through the mill and back twice over. Marriage is a good thing which is why I’m tryin it a 3rd time, so Sandra dont’ give up!

    • Mur


      We all have to stop being so judgmental of innocent or benign words that come off the lips of people who have been hurt. We need to “lighten up” and let her celebrate her moment and transcend politically correct verbiage in cases such as this. Sandra is a pretty cool lady and she has my vote as well for her behavior while addressing hurtful situations regarding, cheating, lying, distrust and all of the other bad things we see coming our of our culture.

  • bnahell

    Why is their always one “Mephistopheles” Dude come on. let it go. she in no way was trying to disrepect the military in any way. It was a joke. and like a IED it was unexpected and it blew up in her face. There’s always one that has to make a mountain out of a ant hill.

    • info

      It’s actually a mountain out of a molehill. (or of course an ant hill if you must)

  • jude

    Meph, Sandra was trying to relate to the troops who had generously voted for her. Geez, some people would complain if you baked them a cake with a gold coin inside of it…Sandy, you’re a class act, and Louis is a little doll!

  • S. M.

    At least when she is on,Leno’s show,maybe he won’t insult her by taking up the interview time talking about her (ex)husband (like he always does). Thank you

    • LOL

      Where is Doc Jensen?

      • Mrs. James Ford


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