'Hurt Locker' producers file piracy lawsuit

Variety is reporting that the producers of the Academy Award-winning The Hurt Locker have filed a copyright infringement suit against potentially 5,000 people who may have illegally downloaded the movie through P2P networks. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington and is a first step in finding the names of the people who may have downloaded the film.

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  • Pardyman

    I have an idea…why don’t you tryto find the STUDIO EMPLOYEE who probably leaked it in the first place! Oh no, blame the 5000 (um try 500,000 more like it) who downloaded it. The entertainment industry had better come up with an idea to make money off of file sharing, cuz it ain’t going nowhere, and neither is piracy folks.

    • Quirky

      No studio employee leaked this. These are DVD rips made by individual people.

      • Bill

        Many of the rips were made from industry screeners sent to exhibitors by the studio long before the movie was released. In other words, movie industry people are the ones doing the first illegal rips.

    • me here

      I stumbled upon the DVDrip on line way back in 2008 right after it was released in Europe and way before the US theaters in 2009. Obviously it was there own mess in releasing it first elsewhere and blaming everybody here. Why take so long to do something?

  • Rob

    Was going to purchase this film on Blu-Ray. Not any more. The film had a 15 million budget and made more then 40 million. They more then doubled their money with a limited release. Meaning that piracy likely had little impact on their profits. Never paying money to see any of these producers films ever again either. I put alot of money into the film industry. Their profits have been great through the years. Yet they are prepared to ruin the lives of 5000 people who will have to pay some insane sum, far greater then the $10 ticket price.

    • I think not

      Rob sweetheart, they took the risk, they reap the rewards. Just because you think they made enough doesn’t mean it’s okay for people to steal their product.

      • lauren

        @i think not.. btw..i hate when ppl say the whole ‘sweetheart’ thing…’rob sweetheart…’ and acting like a total jackass…it’s not becoming and really annoying

    • Quirky

      That’s like saying the Beatles have already made so much money that all of their music from now on should be free. Rob, I don’t like the lawsuit idea either but your lousy agruments really makes our side look stupid.

      • foo

        Erm.. Why shouldn’t it be free?? Can you provide any good reason why the Beatles should profit today for music they wrote almost half a century ago?

        The Beatles are so old some of their tracks are actually coming out of copyright in a couple of years.

        Originally copyright length was 14 years. Now it’s more like 100. If anything, I think it needs to get shorter.

  • Homer

    This reminds me: I have been meaning to download this movie. Thanks, Hurt Locker producers!

  • Delicious Irony

    Isn’t there a soldier who is suing the makers of The Hurt Locker for stealing his ideas and life experiences for use in the “fictional” Hurt Locker?

    • SallyinChicago

      Yes, but there are probably 100 more that could sue also.

  • SallyinChicago

    Rob, your excuse is lame….first off nobody should be pirating and downloading movies (or music)…I’m for paying the artist and producers for their hard work.
    the film had a $11M budget and just barely breaks even after promotions and theatrical release. It didn’t make any money, if you believe it did, you’re mistaken. It CAN make money in the long run after shows on TV stations, DVD sales, etc.

    Maybe you should target specific movies and not ALL movies….and you should support the Little MOVIE….I always do, because they’re the most interesting and I reco how hard it is to get distribution.
    I LUV Hurt Locker.

    • Rob

      I do support small films. “Once” for example, I own the DVD/CD. The Hurt Lock made 45 million in theaters around the world. That is not including DVD sales which were likely one of the years highest based on their Oscar exposure. I do not support pirating, but a film that was lucky enough to make money when it was unexpected to shouldn’t rune the lives of people that didn’t cripple their profits.

      • Quirky

        Rob, just becuase it GROSSED (not made) $45 million with a PRODUCTION budget of $15 million doesn’t mean they made $30 million in profit. There’s also marketing costs (sometimes as much as 50% of the production budget)and distribution costs. Even the oscar campaign costs (in the hopes that a win or nominations can bring more viewers) isn’t cheap.

  • Miss Talk

    At this point, the movie won’t make any substantial profit. The producers better drop the case and focus on making more movies. People were not that interested in The Hurt Locker, they just wanted Jim Cameron to lose the oscars. The suing will just cause more downloading because people would want to know what the fuss around the movie was all about

  • Rob

    DVD sales = 26 mill. This film made money.

    • BG

      Doesn’t matter. Your argument is still stupid. “It made money so they shouldn’t sue people who didn’t pay for the movie. Wah”

      What I don’t get is instead of going after the people who downloaded it to their computers, why don’t they go after those who uploaded it to the P2P networks? That would make more sense.

      • Rob

        Did you read what I wrote? That wasn’t my argument. The producers are crying they didn’t make money. They have. I am stating that ruining peoples lives with fines that will be in the hundreds of thousands doesn’t seem fair to me. This is consideration it doesn’t seem piracy hurt the film from making a profit. Current lawsuits in the US have crippled people with hundred thousand dollars in fines. This out of proportion to me with the original $10 these people didn’t pay. I agree with going after the uploaders or the person within the film that leaked the movie to begin with.

  • Mako

    Hey producers of Hurt Locker!! Over here!! Throw a lawsuit against EW (to get the e-mail addresses of these f-nards) since there are so many pirates here in the comments section. Now that would be fantastic!!!

  • Makoo

    “great and irreparable injury that cannot fully be compensated or measured in money.”

    It seems for the producers, this is all about money. Dumb argument or not, the amount of money The Hurt Locker has made is relevant in these producers case to the courts.

    If they failed to make a profit, based on ticket and DVD sales, then they must not only point the finger at piracy but poor financial management of the film. Given those numbers are accurate (which they appear to be).

    It will be interesting how this will play out. Particularly, with the ISPs giving the identities of the users.

  • spookz

    Why are giant corporations using the legal system to wring money out of hard working Americans? Put me on the stand and that would be the first thing I say to the jury. This is a case of the corporate overlords trying to control our thoughts and actions using legal thuggery. This is a mugging using the court system. It’s ironic that a movie about Americans giving their lives and bodies for freedom is the center of a effort to rob other Americans of their rights. This case isn’t about piracy, it’s about faceless unaccountable corporations trying to control what people do.

  • peggym

    It’s theft. You can rationalize it all you want, but it’s stealing a product, and they got caught.

  • Silence Dogood

    No, it’s not theft. It’s my understanding they are suing for copyright infringement. Copyright infringement Theft. They are completely different legal concepts. Ask a lawyer.

    • Silence Dogood

      ew edited my reply. What I meant to say was “Copyright infringement is not equal to theft”.

  • Jason

    Rob,this is theft no matter what.If I created something at costs-why did I create it? Partly I want to make a profit and maximize it – there is no limit to the profit I am allow to make.I can make unlimitless profit over my costs and it is my rights- because it is my capital,sweats and tears making the products.You are stealing my friend.If you want my product, work hard and buy it.Always looking for charity and hands-out…if everything is free, then there will be nothing free to give out in the future.

  • ryry

    Wow, never saw this movie. Sounds good enough to download. Of course, I won’t be using p2p or torrents. Direct links all the way!

    Btw, you can’t get caught downloading from Rapidshare, even if it sucks sometimes for free users. Because they do not log what files you download, some of the other sites do so watch out for subpoenas. :D

  • DaveO

    Boring movie, boring war.
    I don’t support the troops. They get what they ask for.

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