Friends and co-stars remember Gary Coleman

Various friends and celebrities have begun to weigh in on Gary Coleman’s passing. Here’s what they had to say about the actor, who passed away Friday after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

“I worked with Gary around 1982 when we did the animated series The Gary Coleman Show together. He was 14 at the time and at the height of his success with Diff’rent Strokes. I know over the last number of years he’s had a tough go of it, but I have nothing but good things to say about my time with him. He was a bright, cool, and extremely talented kid. After all is said and done, Gary gave a lot of people the chance to laugh and feel good. That’s a wonderful legacy to leave behind. He’ll no doubt be missed.” -Jerry Houser, who co-starred with Coleman on The Gary Coleman Show

“Gary was a dear friend. He was so enormously talented. His death saddens me beyond my ability to express. I can only hope that he finds the peace he so earnestly sought. I will miss him.” -Robert Guillaume, who co-starred with Coleman in The Kid With the Broken Halo

“When I did BOWFINGER, Gary Coleman was the security guard. A pop icon and here he was a damn security guard. He was humble and sweet. Sad” -Jamie Kennedy, via Twitter

Sad news. Gary Coleman has passed away at 42. RIP Watcha talking about Willis? -Gary Coleman ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Thanks for the laughs. RIP Gary Coleman” -Marlee Matlin, via Twitter

“Rest in peace, Gary Coleman.” -Alyssa Milano, via Twitter

“I am so sorry to hear the sad news about Gary Coleman. my heartfelt condolences go out to his entire family” -Paula Abdul, via Twitter

“RIP Gary Coleman You’re forever a part of my childhood! Godspeed!” -Omar Epps, via Twitter

“mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be…actors. r.i.p. gary” -John Stamos, via Twitter

“Whatchoo talkin bout Willis?!” -Chris Masterson, via Twitter

“RIP Gary Coleman rest with the angels in heaven!” -Nikki Blonsky, via Twitter

“This news makes me so sad :(” -Gretchen Rossi, via Twitter

“Gary Coleman has died. If gary was before ur time or u just want to reminisce, here’s some of his best work:” -Ryan Seacrest, via Twitter

“Arnold and Abraham the goldfish together again. RIP Gary Coleman.” -Eric Stonestreet, via Twitter

“I hope that in heaven Gary Coleman finds the peace that eluded him on Earth, and finally discovers what Willis was talking about.” -Mark Hoppus, via Twitter

“Bless & rest his soul.” -Eliza Dushku, via Twitter

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  • darclyte

    While it became expected, it’s still very sad. He long out lived his projected life expectancy. Who knows, had he been happier in life maybe he would have gotten more work and perhaps lived longer. RIP.

    • Dr. FUNNY

      The latest medical report is that he died from a different stroke.

      • Queen B

        Dr. Funny your name should be Dr. Classless trash!

      • Larry

        Dr. Funny you are so rude and heartless! Let’s hope you don’t have a deadly illness such as penis cancer and someone starts laughing at you and making fun of your death! Ask Gary to forgive you!!!!

      • Brian


      • Essence


      • Bobby’s Robot

        Well SOMEONE was gonna say it!

      • mumbojumbo

        @Dr Funny——-ROTFL!!

      • @Dr Un-Funny

        Not cool dude.

      • Essence

        you are a JACKASS

      • djse

        Oh get over yourselves. That was hilarious.

      • Tree

        Your comment is cruel and heartless. He was a friend of mine.

      • Stacy

        TOO FUNNY!!!! That made my day!

      • tresa77

        That was a FUNNY comment…lighten up people!!!

      • rock golf

        I’ll bet Gary would have been the first to laugh at that.

      • mad shoppa


      • cobia

        How disrespectful/hilarious!!!!!

      • Anne Barrett

        NOT FUNNY, DUDE. He lost everything he loved and worked for, as I recently have. Apparently you lack the emotional depth to grasp this concept! Jackass!

      • dave b

        That was hilarious Dr. F !!

      • G-MAC

        So, apparently all “FUNNY” must stop because Anne has a hard life.

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      • terry

        It’s pretty classless, but I object to it just because it is such an obvious and corny joke. I have been guilty of laughing at a tasteless joke, but it was FUNNY.

      • michele

        Dr Funny is a moron!

      • OhGary

        not bad, not bad at all

      • B

        Aww, c’mon guys. Even Gary would’ve laughed at that one!!

      • dave

        you sick basterd to say that after someone has just died

      • gemma

        Now c’mon, you know that’s freakin’ hilarious!!!

      • snarkalucious

        how totally and deliciously wrong

      • Michelle

        Well played!

      • Kendall


    • Tree

      Thank you for your thoughts on his passing. It means much to me since I knew him. I will miss him.

      • Michelle

        Tree, really? I don’t think anyone was thinking about you when they made their comments.

      • wally


      • Tree

        Yes, I did know him, and I am very sad about his loss.

    • DGently

      Darclyte, you’re compltely right. The average life expectancy for people with Gary’s condition is 38.4, so he was able to wring out an few extra years. And certainly, had he been happier, he might have made it to 48 or so.

    • Tree

      On the website:
      has a memorial to Gary. Some of us that had a chance to know him wrote letters to him so if anyone is interested, please visit the site above.

  • heaven

    A true giant amongst his peers….

    • Sheesh

      He was a horrible person. He would come into my bookstore in the 90s and harass the women in crude ways. Disgusting little fart.

      • Sunny

        Sheesh, you are a classless turd. If your comments were remotely true, I’m sure you would have found a way to capitalize on them. The next time you suffer a family tragedy, I hope someone insults the memory of your loved.

      • wendolyn

        The news reports of his ignorant behavior say it all Sunny, get over it he was a loser.

      • B

        I knew a couple girls who were hit on by Gary. They said he was pretty crass, so it is somewhat true. Still, so what? RIP

      • Dejavu

        This is towards all Haters. No one is perfect. What would people know about you if your life was put under a microscope? We already know you’re the jackass now spreading hate, rumors and prejudice, are you a racist too? Do us all a favor and jump off a bridge.
        Gary Coleman is an icon, a legend and will be deeply missed by anyone with a heart.
        May Gary’s ghost haunt all who speak ill of him and give them all Different Strokes.

      • ro$$

        What an asinine statement, by making that comment dejavu, you’re just as bad as the people you supposedly depise. You need to grow up.

      • Anshu

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  • LOL

    I’m dead, Willis.

  • Snug

    the HEIGHT of hes success… ROFL

  • panchito gomez

    I worked with gary on “diff’rent strokes”. He was a good friend and a good person dispite all the turmoil he endured. We lost a little more laughter today, my prayers are with the Coleman family. God Bless your soul my brother!!!

    • Tree

      I thank you for your kind words on his passing. He wil be missed.

      • Michelle

        Once again, Tree, it’s not all about you. Are you his widow? Brother? Cousin? If not, you have no right to “thank” anyone for anything. Moron.

      • Tree

        He and I were friends so I do have the right to thank others for their kind words. It is respectable and honorable for me to do so. It is unkind to mock someone for honoring the spirit of a friend.

  • Queen B

    Snug, learn how to spell you idiot!

  • jessica

    Gary colmen was one of my faviorit actors and im going to miss him much always wanted to meat him and never got a chance im going to miss me laughing at thing he did he was funny all the time going to miss you buddy RIP with lots of love jess.may you dance with the angels and jesus in heven with lots of love.

    • MattyB

      Aww, he probably would have enjoyed sexually harassing you.

  • Audrey lane

    You will be truly missed. R.I.P Gary Coleman

  • Larry

    Dr. Funny you are heartless!!! You should hope you never have a deadly disease such as penis cancer!!! Ask Gary to forgive you!!!!!!!!!

    • Sexist!

      Why do you assume Dr. Funny is a male? I know of many female doctors.
      If you’re suggesting women can get penis cancer, you may want to consult an anatomy book…

      • womankind

        RIGHT ON!

  • Willis

    Now we’ll never know what I was talking about…

    • joke rider

      It would have been funnier if you had said, “Now HE’LL never know what I was talkin’ bout”.

    • shawn

      Joke Rider FTW!

    • terry

      At least this ws funnier than dr funny above.

      • scot

        nope I don’t think so, the doc was pretty funny

  • Mary Reiser

    Gary Coleman will be missed. I enjoyed watching him on Diff’rent Strokes. My heart goes out to his family and all the actors and actresses he worked with. May Gary rest in peace.

  • Suz

    I hope he gets the peace that he never had on earth. RIP, Gary. Thank goodness, there is no dialysis anymore for you, too.

    • lucy

      Yes , I agree I hope that he does find peace. People are so quick to judge .

  • Libberty

    I grow up watching Diff’rent stokes and it feels like another part of my childhood is gone. My prayers go out to of Gary’s family, friends, and fans.

  • denise

    R.I.P. Gary. You filled my heart with laughter at a difficult time in my life. You join the rest of the cast minus Todd. Keep them laughing up above Arnold.

  • harris

    You’ll be missed Gary. You made alot of us laugh in our younger years. And as for Dr. Funny, I’m not going to say that I feel sorry you. Judging by the stupid comment you made you probably are a lonely, fat, ugly person, that no one wanted around and they probably still don’t want you around. You’ll pay for what you said ONE WAY OR ANOTHER

    • spector

      Oh please, get over yourself, it was just Gary Coleman.

      • harris


      • djse

        Oh please, get over yourself. It was only specter. ;-)

    • Stacy

      Dr Funny is probably the one in the group that everyone wants to be around! I wish I had someone to make me laugh when my friend died!

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