LimeWire guilty of copyright infringement, says judge

The music industry just scored a huge victory against piracy on Tuesday, Reuters reports. U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood has ruled that peer-to-peer file sharing company LimeWire is guilty of “inducing copyright infringement, committed copyright infringement, and practiced unfair competition.” Wood also said that LimeWire’s move asking users to not infringe copyrights did “not constitute meaningful efforts to mitigate infringement.”

“This definitive ruling is an extraordinary victory for the entire creative community,” Recording Industry Association of America chairman & CEO Mitch Bainwol said in a statement. “Unlike other P2P (peer to peer) services that negotiated licenses, imposed filters or otherwise chose to discontinue their illegal conduct following the Supreme Court’s decision in the Grokster case, LimeWire instead thumbed its nose at the law and creators. The court’s decision is an important milestone in the creative community’s fight to reclaim the Internet as a platform for legitimate commerce.”


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  • Moe

    Who uses Limewire anymore. And if they count this as a victory then that’s hilarious. Torrent is the real deal and no way in hell they can bring that down because there are so many torrent sites out there and MILLIONS of people use it. So good luck with that losers.

    • wakeforce

      Do tell!

      • josh

        bit torrents are just other versions of limewires, but several of them pull from multiple sources. There are many many many different ones out there, but most people I know complain about getting viruses, so good luck!

    • DCbuilder

      Who uses question marks anymore?

      • The Riddler


  • jims

    people still use limewire?

  • phil

    i still use limewire…what do u suggest i use now? Anyone?

    • Moe


    • ccc

      WinMx is out there still!

  • dave

    Actually, YES people still use limewire. I am dumbfounded at the amount of my high school students that ask me point blank why I use itunes when I can get stuff on limewire for free. I always explain to them that getting things on limewire is illegal and constitutes theft. They think I’m crazy for some reason. I’m very very very very glad this ruling has come out. It seems like limewire had dodged a bullet for years after napster and other sights had gone down.

    And @ MOE: I don’t think it would be too hard to take down the millions of Torrents. All you have to do is a google search and a lot of the sights come up right away. If I was a record company owner I would hire someone to do nothing but searches all day long and have someone else fill out all the paperwork to take the sights down. It will be tiresome but I think it should be done.

    • Frank

      Dave, I dont know what’s worst, your students using limewire and not respecting you when you tell them it is illegal, or the fact that you are a highschool teacher who can’t spell “sites”

      • josh

        lol – I teach choir, and I’m the first to admit I can’t spell. (Why doesn’t this blog have a spell check?)

      • Sure Frank

        I believe you meant to say what’s worse, not worst. Dude check your darn spelling.

      • Sarah

        Why did your name change from Dave to Josh??

      • Charley

        And Frank…it is “high school” not “highschool”. Apparently from your statement of students not respecting their teacher, you don’t know kids today. I too am a teacher and attempt to teach my kids issues of copyright. Because they haven’t experienced the consequences of breaking the law, they tend to believe it is easier to keep their heads in the sand and do what they are “allowed” to do on the Internet. Just because they can use shareware sites…they will. My message is “knowledge is power” so think. Do you want to get a letter from your Internet provider about illegal downloading or not?

    • Sure dave

      Yes dave the high school teacher who can’t even spell website correctly.

      • josh/dave


  • paul in texas

    I know people use limewire still, but to me it’s too risky. I don’t agree with doing illegal downloads when you can buy the songs. But I DO use torrents to download stuff that isn’t available on itunes, like the 30 or more Lady Gaga tracks that have never been released. I also got “From Justin To Kelly” soundtrack, and RJ Helton’s unreleased second album on torrents cause they never sold them in the stores. I’ve also gotten some videos of tv performances that aren’t on sale, but I only use it for GOOD not EVIL. lol.

    • Sarah

      From Justin to Kelly soundtrack?!?! You deserve a good beating.

      • davey

        Hee Hee :)

    • quagmire

      Paul – for the love off God, please tell me you are joking.

  • wakeforce

    What the record companies do to their consumers and their artists SHOULD be illegal and constitutes theft. When major corporations gauge their employees and costumers it’s just good business?

  • Allen From Austin

    Nothing is free.. I love music and I want to pay for it.. But there are no good record stores anymore.. if you buy a CD at the Mall it will cost you $20.00.. MP3 Music sounds terrible! What to do, What to do….

    • josh

      Good point Allen – MP3 music does lose a lot of it’s shimmer when compressed to file. I always forget about that. What SHOULD we do about this?

      • DCbuilder

        considering CD’s cost around $15.00 when they first came out in 1983, $20 is not a bad price. And $13 is more typical. Can’t find a store? Millions of online retailers sell CD’s if you don’t want to suffer the crappy mp3 compression. Want still better? Go old school and get a turntable. Vinyl records are still made by some, and they offer superior sound quality (when they aren’t scratched!)

      • Silent Rage


  • Ben

    Is anyone else disturbed that this judge’s name is “Kimba”?

    • The White Lion

      You got a problem with that pal?

    • Jaded1

      Kimba the White Lion is her name!Wow, that just came to me. What is that even from?

      • The White Lion

        Kimba was a he. It’s a Japanses anime cartoon from the 60’s.

      • felix (the cat)

        used to love Kimba!! that’s some OG anime, there!

  • bunker

    I didn’t know limewire still existed.

  • Billy

    I download HD 720p recordings of my Favorite TV shows every day; Lost, Breaking Bad, Fringe, House, you name it. Thing is, I don’t live in the U.S.A. I live on an island in the Indian Ocean [ google-map it :) ].

    With that in mind, I don’t think my downloading equals lost revenue for the Industry. Here’s why :

    1) We don’t have cable/satellite services.
    2) Even the national broadcasting company steals most of the foreign shows it broadcasts.
    3) We have no official retailer, all you get here in shops are pirated copies that are re-encoded to DVD-5 size from downloaded avi files.

    Counter-arguments? Anyone?

    • Gilligan

      Do you have coconut cream pies on your island paradise?

      • Billy

        Yes we do.

    • Quirky

      Billy, I’ll add one more to your list.

      4) You’re probably not a Neilson household either so the networks can’t complain that your downloading causes lost ratings.

      I’m like you, I only use torrents for TV shows I don’t have access to in my country. That’s why I get worried when more and more sites get taken down my the music industry.

    • Moe

      You show them Billy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you are doing.

  • steph

    I didn’t even know people still used Limewire. Or P2P services. I learned something today.

  • Mark Rothblott

    GEMM rules for vinyl and CDs. Seller catalogs from all over the world at one site.

  • claire

    Has it occured to anyone that the majority of the songs, movies, etc. are placed in these P2P sites by insiders in the industry? The above post regarding Lady Gaga songs never released….how would the average citizen get their hands on that material if it wasn’t places in P2P by someone with inside info? I recall U2’s second to last album was stolen by a disgruntled employee and released before the final mix down…these entertainment companies preying on the public and using our legal system to do it, will soon find out karma is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Raptor

    Limewire sounds like an X-Box energy drink.

  • Meli

    Limewire was on its way out because just about everyone I know who ever used it downloaded a virus, whether they dl’d one song or several. All it takes is the expense of having your computer cleaned or replacing the computer entirely to make you not use Limewire anymore.

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