David Boreanaz admits infidelity

Bones star David Boreanaz confesses to cheating on his wife of nearly nine years, Jaime Bergman, in the new issue of People. The actor, 40, tells the magazine he came forward now because a former mistress, who he declined to name, had asked for money in exchange for her continued silence. “Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities,” Boreanaz says. “I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible.”

The couple, who have two children, are “working on repairing what has been damaged so badly,” Boreanaz says. Bergman also participated in the People interview.

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  • LAJackie

    When will famous people ever learn that they can’t do this and expect it to not come out?
    He cheated on his first wife too unfortunately.
    I hope they work it out.

    • hutchy

      Who said anything about famous people? Do not 80% of non famous people do the exact same thing? I would retort this: when will people stop being surprised when someone discovers that sleeping with one person for 45 years in a row doesnt really tend to work out. When you take away the societal incentives to marriage (religious fear and scorn from your friends if you ARENT married, both of which are relics of the 1950’s), the only thing left that keeps people together is fear of being alone. Do you think Boreanz has a fear of being alone? Please. This is why 97% of celeb relationships dont last more then 2 years: zero fear of being alone.

      • Kookie

        I think LAJackie’s point was not that only famous people cheat, but that famous people who cheat get caught more easily because of the fame and money and blackmailing.

      • phantom

        get over yourself. stupid reasonings all around.

      • Bryan

        Sounds like you’re rationalizing cheating. It is never okay to do this. If you commit to a relationship you stay committed. The only alternative is to make a deal with your lover that the relationship is “open.” That’s not so ideal either because then it shuts the door on a meaningful partnership. I think a lot of people don’t ask themselves what they really want out of a relationship, and they end up hurting someone as a result. If you want sex, then stay single and fool around. If you want a long-lasting love then you commit and you don’t cheat. I know that sounds easier said than done, but that’s what you gotta do if you’re serious. Blaming “society” for all life’s decisions is not only selfish, but totally irresponsible. Not to mention dumb.

      • Brian

        Or maybe sex isn’t everything to everyone? Marriage isn’t just about sex or about the fear of being alone. Maybe if more people waited to get married until they were sure they’d found the person they wanted to be with (and sleep with) for 45+ years, there’d be less cheating.

      • hutchy

        Check out today’s divorce stats, phantom. People like phantom are why, when famous dude #10,863 cheats on his wife, these boards are flooded with sheltered suburban housewives who are shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!!, that whoever turned out to be a cheater. Some people never learn.

      • ob

        Wow! I’ve been married for 21 years. I love my wife. We enjoy each others company. Both of our sets of parents were married until one spouse died. There was never anything but happiness in our households growing up. Sure, there are tough times. Just because you get horny looking at an attractive person of the opposite sex doesn’t make it okay to cheat on someone you love. I have friends that choose to stay single. I’m fine with that, but why slam folks who choose to stay married to one person? Just because it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean you can speak for everyone.

      • Caramia

        And here I thought I stayed with my husband because I loved him! I’m such a naive moron.

      • LAJackie

        Thanks Kookie. That’s exactly what I meant. It’s one thing if you’re anonymous and decide to cheat but when you’re famous it’s inevitable that it’s going to come out and some point.

      • Mike

        Hutchy is being sociological, and he is emprically correct. I.E, he is supported by stats and lengthy sociological research over the past half century. Any of you who disagree are making the mistake of taking your own experiences, and what society tells you, and comparing it to what actually is (statistical average). Read a scholarly book on marriage, modernity, and the fake “golden age” of family in the 1950s, and then you can make an informed opinion. Otherwise, stfu. And anybody who points to the victorian age as a model for marriage, keep in mind that spouses could expect, on average, that either they or their spouse would die by the age of 30. And in the 1950s, alcoholism was at an all time high, women didn’t leave the house, and men cheated anyway, just as much and if not more. It’s just that women were subordinated then, so they would never do anything about it.

      • Mike

        And Brian, your being niave and idealistic. Marriage was invented for the sake of increasing networking and resources between two families. This idea that love is the foundation of marriage is a modern idea(late 19th and 20th centuries). Some people can make it 45 years, sure, just as you can find just about anyone who can do anything within the laws of physics. This is about averages. And he’s not necessarily rationalizing cheating, which has a negative connotation to it. He’s explaining what is, not what “should” be according to western social norms.

      • Mike

        I forgot to add this. What hes saying, Brian, is that you should’nt judge people. Its intern selfish and self-righteously indignant of you, and you just look like an ass who has never experienced real life, which isn’t all roses and utopian aspirations. Keep it real, pal.

      • shawn

        HUTCHY: Wow. You hit it on the head. Couldn’t have said it better myself….

      • mary q contrary

        I’m married to my husband, happily, because he is my best friend. We still have great sex after 7 years of marriage, enjoy the same music and television shows (for the most part), and I would rather stay up late talking to him than do just about anything else. I am NOT afraid of being alone. I am excited about my future with my mate. THAT is why I am married.

      • excuses

        but people aren’t cheating after 45 years. they are cheating early on in their marriages- famous or not. that has nothing to do with sociology etc… that has to do with the fact that they made a commitment that they didn’t really mean. i agree with the poster who said that perhaps people should wait till they know that they want the same things (including monogamy) and that they HONESTLY believe that they are capable of it. there’s never an excuse for cheating. it’s selfish. if you feel the need to sleep with someone else, you could at least be honest and tell the other person first. but the truth is that most people want their cake and to eat it too. too many people i know cheat within the first years of their relationship not to mention marriages. yet again. that has nothing to do with your 45 year theory. “Excuses are tools of the incompetent and built on monuments of nothingness. Those who practice them and their uses are seldom capable of anything else…”

      • @hutchy

        I’m sorry to hear your love life is so empty, hutchy.

      • Hutchy

        Wow, what is this? Actual interesting discussion breaking out on an EW board? SHOCKING! So, a few retorts: I’m going to step outside my sociological approach and comment that, while I cant speak for anyone on this board specifically, I always find it amusing when it is the 35 year old, 3 kids and counting housewife who wouldnt know a treadmill if it fell out of the sky and crushed them Wizard of Oz style, and her prematurally bald office drone husband, who are always the ones standing as the paragons of virtue and defenders of marriage LOL Lets just say that you ain’t exactly Jessica Alba, hon, and your man definately isn’t Boreanz. A mirror, look into it. And that devoted office drone hubby of yours, who just lovvvvves the idea of wedded bliss? Statistics show he’s watching porn all day at work as his sexual outlet. Sorry, but its true. Oh, and to the haters: after years of….adventures…..I got happily married to a gorgeous woman who, lets just say, has tastes that run to the exotic and shares my opinion on many topics. Oh, and I own my own business, work 3 weeks a month, and haven’t worn a tie in 7 years. I guess I’m “empty life-ing” my way to the bank, hmmmmm?

      • b

        Uh, isn’t it only about a quarter of marriages that involve infidelity? Do you have a citation for your 80% statistic??? And no, porn does NOT count. If porn counts, then having a fantasy about someone else counts, and that would mean DB has probably been the source of WAY more marital infidelity than his own.

      • t3hdow

        I think we can all agree that marriage isn’t for everybody. Some people can be completely content with one spouse when it comes to all of their needs, whether emotional or sexual. Others prefer to sleep around, because they want no-strings-attached flings. That’s fine, as long as they practice safe sex. And then there are a few people who find some strange compromise in between. The only problem I have are married people (usually men) promoting family values, yet are caught sleeping around with people numerous times. Otherwise, I’d say let people do what they want, as long as they don’t hurt anybody else in the process.

      • BlackIrish4094

        You’re an idiot. My parents are married for 50 years and love each other, there’s no fear of being alone. I think you are a lonely person who projects your own warped sense of love / fidelity / marriage onto others.

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Mike. STFU and stop being so full of yourself lecturing others for being naive. You sound like a cynical ass to me I have lived a good chunk of my life so far, so what’s “keeping it real” for you idiot?

      • harry

        very true!!!

      • To Hutchy

        I’m so happy you found wedded bliss with a gorgeous woman who likes the exotic. I wonder how long she’ll stay with an opinionated idiot like you.

      • Mo

        Well, excuuuuuuse me, Mike, but you say “What hes saying, Brian, is that you should’nt judge people.” (sic) What he said was “When you take away the societal incentives to marriage (religious fear and scorn from your friends if you ARENT married, both of which are relics of the 1950′s), the only thing left that keeps people together is fear of being alone” which makes me feel very much judged, thank you very much. What I read in hutchy’s post (and yours) was a lot of bitterness and a lashing out against married people. Please, get over yourselves. 50% of marriages end in divorce, OK, well that means 50% of those don’t. So he’s actually stating that those of us who stay together are only together because we are afraid of loneliness. I suppose being best friends, enjoying each other’s company (in every way, if you know what I mean), and functioning in an easy, comfortable partnership are chimeras that are impossible to achieve according to hutchy (no, no, only fear, he insists) and therefore cannot be contemplated in his highly academical view. Please. I won’t judge people who stay single (and indeed I know many very happy older and younger singles), or who decide to be in open relationships, or who decide to be together but not to get married, but I would appreciate the same courtesy extended to me. My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years. We are not religious in the least, and most of my friends live together with their significant other and don’t care for marriage, so there go both your arguments. We enjoy each other’s company – and no, the sex doesn’t die after a couple of years -, take care of each other, and what people call “only papers” is what will enable us to take care of each other if one of us were to be incapacitated, or have things go more smoothly if one of us were to die, or if (unlikely) we decided to end our marriage after all, without added hassle. And added points taken out since he completely misunderstood LAJackie’s comment, unlike Kookie. He’s a very angry idiot. Something tells me he’s just trying to rationalize why his gorgeous wife would rather sleep with anyone else but him.

      • Another comment to Hutchy the Naive

        Hutchy is *not* empirically correct. Show me the data, dude! For instance, people often fling that 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce crap around. The truth is, it’s half of *all* marriages, which means that people like Liz Taylor and Larry King and other multiple divorcers, count alongside the many of us who have always remained married to our first and only spouse. The truth is, if you divorce, you are more likely to divorce again, and adjust the stats accordingly.

        Hutchy’s comments are also pretty bigoted – eg “sheltered suburban housewives”. Thanks, I’m not sheltered or a housewife, and I’ve probably lived in more big cities here and abroad than Hutchy, but yes, I do find it sad when infidelity rears its head. When you have a happy marriage and – like Mary Q Contrary states – you prefer each others’ company to anyone else’s, it’s hard to understand why people would cheat, and cheat repeatedly.

        As for the “after two years you get bored” bit that Hutchy and some others seem to be such experts on, I’m sorry that you’re projecting your naivete onto others. If you marry for reasons other than mere sexual attraction, you know – as in, you really like each other and share mutual interests and goals – you will still be happily porking each other to the decade mark (and beyond). At least, that’s where my better half and I are.

      • Meg

        That’s a very sad commentary on marriage. I have been married to the same man for 28 years. We have two beautiful daughters and are continuing to build a pretty awesome life together.

        Our marriage has had some very rocky moments in 28 years, but we have chosen to work through those and get back to why we got together in the first place… we genuinely like and respect each other. I don’t want to be without my husband, but if I had to, I could do it. Fear of being alone is not enough of an incentive to stay in a miserable relationship with a spouse or a friend.

      • Aly

        Non-famnous people aren’t followed by the paps or TMZ, hence the shock at famous people who expect not to be caught.

      • Aly

        That said if you can’t be faithful or put your children before your loins, don’t get married and DON’T breed. Just overpopulates the world with more dysfunctional people, and the vicious cycle continues.

    • Rosalie

      You know what? It would be cool if his wife went and had sex with other men as well, even out the score. I would love to see if Borenaz would want to work things out then. Same for Tiger Woods wife, she should just go and get banged by plenty of guys and come home and kiss her husband without brushing her teeth. See how they guys would like it then.

    • alex

      Wow. You really care?

      I don’t see why it is newsworthy what or who actors do regarding their marriage or side relationships.

      These people are catered to all day long, they get a sense of entitlement and becomes natural to start sleeping around. It is like the animal kingdom – the alpha males mate with all the females. People are just smart animals, although some just aren’t too smart.

    • Jen

      Didn’t he cheat on his first wife as well?? Well he’s off my husband list, I don’t get men & Women who cheat I mean whats the point of being married and having the hassle of being found out or black mailed? you might as well just be single and not have the problem in the first place. Do these people actually wanna be married?

    • ashlee

      Don’t feel any sympathy for him. The only reason, which he admits, for his “honesty” is the threat of blackmail. Barring that, he will continue to “follow his itch”. Feel sorry for his wife,who knows she has been made a fool of and not for the first time. And, yes, I will continue to watch BONES, but my respect/admiration for DB just went down the toilet.

  • Dee

    There’s been rumours about this for months. A tabloid had pics back in October.


      how could he cheat on Buffy???

      • BTH

        Buffy would put a stake through his cheating heart and dust his a$$!

      • Lala

        Whatever, she was cuter with Spike anyway. Well, sort of.

      • MN

        Naw – Buffy + Angel 4eva! I guess DB doesn’t have the same issues going to his ‘happy place’ that Angel did.

        I have to agree that famous people are more vulnerable to blackmail than the rest of us. Didn’t David have an affair with the same Vegas waitress that Tiger did?

      • Merry Bear

        I thought he was cheating with Spike. Sometimes I can’t keep track.

  • Sheesh

    What a scum.

  • OMGq

    Isn’t she a Playboy Playmate?

    • daedeao

      So she deserves to be cheated on?

      • krak

        he or she means that if his a wife is a Playmate that she must be too hot to be cheated on.

    • Cagey

      Him marrying a playmate means he’s a guy who goes for a certain type of hyper-sexualized woman, who he assumes will fulfill a certain role. If she was pregnant and lost that appeal, he would feel justified in cheating. I just have to question the motives of anyone who seeks out a playmate as a permanent companion.

      • Chey

        Well said, Cagey.

  • etm

    What an a$$hole. He cheated while she was pregnant too.

  • ellie

    My first though: How’s Mandi doing? Is she sad? Breathing into a paper bag?

    Second thought: David, kudos on owning up to it. Don’t do that again, please.

    • D

      He was forced into owning up by a threat of blackmail. No kudos for that.

      • Ana

        He was forced into owning up publicly. We don’t know that his wife wasn’t already aware of this. This is actually none of our business but it seems that being mistress to a famous person has now become a lucrative career path.

  • cindy

    I wonder if Ben Affleck is getting scared.Cheaters outed every week.

    • etm

      Who did he cheat with? Blake Lively?

      • Alex

        with Matt Damon for sure

      • tradie

        pff his little affair with Matt Damon has been known for ages. old news! hahah I <3 their bromance.

      • Kristen

        No it is with Jimmy Kimmel!

  • major fail

    This is the second wife he’s cheated on (while pregnant with his child no less)? What a total douche. WHY MARRY THEM? WHY?

    • hutchy

      Because you have strong feelings for them at that moment……anc then, like every other person on the planet, the feelings fade after 2 years or so, your tired of sleeping with them, and there ya go. The difference is,Boreanz has girls at his beck and call, as opposed to Joe the garbageman, who would probably love to cheat, but who would have him?

      • Brian

        Then, like Major Fail said, don’t marry them until you’re sure the feelings stick for good.

      • wakeforce

        Why ANY man would get married is a mystery to me. The monogamy clause is the number one reason marriages don’t last.

      • Brian

        I’m a man. I want to get married. Here’s why-marriage isn’t just about sex. It’s about being with the person you love for the entirety of your lives. I’d gladly trade getting to freely date several women for being with (and sleeping with) the woman I love for the rest of my life. That connection’s way more important and fulfilling than just sex.

      • fireflystare221

        I feel sorry for you hutchy. Your posts make me wonder what happened to you that led you to believe that EVERY person on the planet is incapable of having strong feelings or love for someone beyond 2 years. I hope that you find happiness one day. As for Boreanaz, he’s a jerk. Plain and simple. Stop getting married if you don’t want to be married. There is nothing wrong with staying single but there is something wrong with continuously and knowingly hurting people. His poor children. His wife, though she didn’t deserve it, should have tried to look past his pretty face and see that he did the same thing to his previous wife. I wonder how long before he ends up in “sex rehab”.

      • Mike

        Wow, with your negative and sour outlook, I can certainly see why someone would want to cheat on YOU.

      • Jen

        I’ve been married 10 years, I love my husband, I still think he’s hot & he’s my best friend and we always communicate and sit down to talk about our issues and respect each other as a person, he has seen me at my worst as I have him and I think thats what you need your best friend as your Hubby/wife cause once the Lust goes you have to be left with love and respect otherwise eyes do look and hands do wonder!

      • Kixy

        To everyone who protests too much: I’m with Hutchy. You have NO IDEA if your 50-yr-married darling parents cheated on each other or not. Or if your mate has done so. Most times it doesn’t come out. I too, thought I was happily-ever-after married to my best friend (almost 15 yrs). We had many interests and activities in common and he was not the “player” type at all. But he was cheating behind my back for years and it only came out when one of the women contacted me. So don’t be so righteous and know-it-all about this and don’t ever, EVER take anything for granted. If you’ve found someone you really love and connect with, nurture that and work your ass off to keep it that way, not just assume that because you have made vows to each other, you’re set for life. Mark my words and hopefully they will not come back to haunt you! :-(

      • Zimbia

        “like every person on the planet”? If this kind of hyperbole is your rhetorical stock in trade, I’m afraid I can’t be bothered with a word of your tirades.

      • Aly

        No, people getting married before they are whole within themselves is the #1 reason marriages fail. People like Tiger Woods are deeply insecure and likely lousy lays…people only seek out multiple partners and increasingly freaky sex are usually overcompensating. If you’re good in bed, it doesn’t get stale. It just doesn’t.

  • Lemon

    This makes me sad. I wanted David Boreanaz to be better than this. :(

    • Andrea

      I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore (esp after the whole Tiger Woods thing), but there are just some guys that I don’t think will cheat, but am kind of shocked when they do…DB included.

    • Liz

      I want to say that I wanted him to be better than this but all of the interviews I’ve ever seen him do he’s been kind of douchey. So I’m not surprised.

    • Julia

      My thoughts EXACTLY, Lemon

    • Fridge

      Totally agree. I was shocked to hear that he’d cheated on his wife. He totally doesn’t seem like the type.

    • Carla

      Meh. While a gifted actor, he’s still a human being. I think the scuttlebut around Carisma Carpenter leaving ‘Angel’ was that the producers wanted to get rid of her because they feared she was too ‘close’ to Boreanaz. Guess they thought it would hurt the show.

      • Joy

        No, it was that the Angel/Cordy storyline majorly BACKFIRED and sucked the life out of the show.

    • Julie

      I know right! And he had just made my list of dream men. Ryan Reynolds you’re #1 again!

    • Jen

      I totally agree with Kixy, you always have to work at your marriage and should never take your partner for granted I think sometimes people get married and then stop making time for each other because of Job/kids/life in general. If you have a plant you still have to water it just like a marriage.

  • Lorie

    In today’s world, why do famous people think the other person will stay quiet?


    • Dayna

      Because most actors have big ego. And there are a lot of people around them feeding that ego. And there are a lot of people who are willing to sleep with them, even if they are married.

  • AuntieMM

    I’ve followed him from Buffy to Angel to Bones……what an idiot!!!!!!!! I will continue to like him as an actor but as a man…..HECK NO! And what I or probably anyone else thinks is of no consequence because he continues to make money. Sad.

    • Silent Rage

      How is him still making money sad? smh

  • freckles

    i heard he had cheated with one of the tiger chicks? forgive me for not knowing which one… lol any truth to that?

    • julie

      yeah, i heard that too. the first one that came out.

    • WhitneyD

      There were lots of pictures of him with Rachel Uchitel. (I only remember because in a related stories to E!Online’s blurb about this it linked to a post about her)

      • Dayna

        I heard a rumor that she has slept with multiple married famous men. I guess it is kind of her job.

    • Carla

      Yeah. Tmz reported it. Amazed there wasn’t immediate fallout.

  • onlytime

    Wait–so the title “BONES” is autobiographical?

    • appletree

      ROFL. So wrong.

    • freckles

      well said onlytime!

    • RJ

      Oh man…I want to be judgemental of you but I can’t. I’m too busy laughing. :-)

    • Amy Leigh

      That’s awesome.

    • 4815162342

      Snicker. Snort.

    • Kris10

      Too awesome.

    • zoey

      LOLLLLSSSS to the MAX!!!!

  • Sue1

    Even though we don’t know these people, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels disappointed by this news. It had been reported, but I still thought maybe he was better than this. If he and his wife really want to work it out, I hope they can.

    • jen

      i know how you feel, sue1. you’re right, we don’t know these people AT ALL, but man, this is just terrible news. plus, i’m watching ‘bones’ reruns on TNT as i type this and i can’t help but feel that now it’s all a little tainted…

    • mandy

      Yeah, what you said. If he’s really willing to work on it, and his wife is too, then maybe.

  • Linda

    Sad. And he said infidelities–which means he’s expecting more stuff to leak out. Seriously, what I don’t understand is why these people get married at all? I know she was pregnant, but obviously that doesn’t mean marriage–especially if you can’t keep it in your pants. How is that doing the right thing for your child? Selfish and stupid.

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