Bret Michaels is 'responding well' to treatment, could resume tour next month

Bret Michaels is on the road to recovery after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage last week, and the 47-year-old singer may be well enough to resume his tour in late May, according to a statement posted Wednesday on his website. “While additional studies are planned throughout the week to hopefully detect the exact cause of the rupture, Bret will remain monitored closely by his medical team to make sure no further complications occur,” read the statement. “He is responding well to tests and treatments. Even though yesterday was a minor setback, doctors remain hopeful for a full recovery and plan to release more specific information next Monday.” The Poison frontman and solo artist — who’s currently recuperating at an undisclosed hospital — is slated to return to his “Roses & Thorns” tour starting May 26 in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, “provided there are not further complications or setbacks,” according to the statement. Dates canceled as a result of his hospitalization are currently being rescheduled. Michaels, who starred in the VH1 reality series Rock of Love, is also a contestant this season on The Celebrity Apprentice. With the exception of the live finale on May 23, the rest of Apprentice‘s season has already been shot.

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  • dugan

    Good news – can’t believe he is recovering so fast, sounded pretty dicey even 24 hrs ago.

    • mary

      I prayed for you everyday, and glad to hear that your doing well. love you bret!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • judge judy

    It says could, not would. If he resumes touring he is an even bigger tard than he is a sleazeball. Go home to your kids Kate!

    • Shurly

      lol !!

      • Sandy

        What is so funny about the seriousness of the situation? I can’t believe that you think this is a funny. Maybe you should go through the same thing that Bret has gone through, then you wouldn’t think it was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • bex

        LOL?!?!? what is wrong with you?!?

      • Anonymous

        If you have a heart attack anytime soon ,Shurly, I swear I will laugh and probably find your funeral to piss on your grave.

    • Sandy

      You are a slimeball. Your comment is not appreciated by people who really care about Bret Micheals. Get a life.

      • tattgirl

        i’m pullen and prayen 4 you bret

    • Steve O

      Shut the F*** up!

      • Amy

        Steve O, I bet you’ve also signed up your support on that Facebook page wishing the death of President Obama.

    • Maggie May

      Judge Judy is just jealous. I’m sorry u can’t be the ultimate rock star that Bret Michaels is. He doesn’t want to disappoint his fans but I hope he takes it easy cuz I want him to rock his way into old age. I love ya Bret and get well soon!

    • angel

      I am glad your recovering fast Brett that’s good to hear that your doing better :) and to those who say brett is a sleaze bag and what not well keep your opinion to yourself if it isn’t good just because your heartless and don’t care about his situation doesn’t mean that the rest of us who do want to hear what you have to say. Maybe something needs to happen to you so you can see what its like and then you will get knocked down off your little high horse then whose the sleaze ball then. Just remember what you say will come back on you and I pity you when it does. Anyhow those of us who love you brett we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayer’s keep up your faith brett !!!!

    • Nened0155

      Ur an idiot! Mind ur business! He’s putting food on the table for his kids. Thank God there’s a single father taking care of his kids.

    • Cetus

      Lady get real! Who’s the sleazeball? Your the one who’s reading about it, and taking the time to comment! All I have to say is white trash.

  • Bibi

    He has never taken his health seriously and if he goes on tour too soon, it will be apparent that he has learned nothing. All the plastic surgery in the world cannot change your true age – almost 50. I certainly wish him well and hope he will start to mend his wild ways, but I doubt it.

    • del

      He’s a type 1 diabetic. If he didn’t take his health seriously, he’d have been dead years ago.

      • CP

        del- you are so right! People are so quick to judge….

    • alice

      I don’t think there’s anything you can do to prevent a spontaneous bleed in your brain. Sometimes people just get sick. We should all hope he gets better soon. No one deserves this.

      • nuffsaid

        Exactly, Alice. Anyone can get an aneurysm at any time, in any part of their body. It’s just bad luck. Now, if it were his liver, that might be a different story….

    • Sherry

      How can you asume that? He’s been type one diabetic his entire life. I am sure much of his partying ways, especially what we’ve seen on TV, are for show. Otherwise, he’d have been dead a long time ago.

      • Will

        That white trash piece of American sh*t needs to die already. All you white trash pieces of American sh*t need to die. I’m glad his brain got all f*cked up. This is the work of God.

    • Nmc1496

      You have no idea what you’re talking about….so just shut up already.

    • Egemen

      Green Day is the band that got me into music. They were my ftaorive band for many years. Nirvana is my ftaorive band now, but Green Day might be taking that position again. The only thing I listened to for years was Green Day, I love them.

  • D

    I hope he fully recovers and is smart enough to not do too much too soon.

  • Diggity

    I hope he takes serious time off. I am so glad he’s going to be OK though, I was really worried. He’s just so likable.

  • A Nurse

    This is an extremely serious situation BM has encountered. This requires months of rest for complete healing. Going back on tour in late May is definitely too soon. I hope him the best, and would like to see him have a long life. Take it easy, so you can have that long life. A fan.

  • stella

    hope for a good recovery. I know what it’s like being sick. I so sick for three years and no doctor can figure out whats wrong yet.

  • stella

    wish you the best. I hope you recovery well.

  • Jan

    Bret, chill out and give up the tour this year. It would be dumber than dumb to go through all this, only to drop dead at some two-bit venue because you thought you “owed” performances to your fans. Think of your kid instead of you, for real.

  • David

    Bret,listen to the signals your body is giving.Take some time out and recuperate before going back on tour.

  • Victoria

    Wow, just yesterday he was still in critical condition, yet today they say he might be able to tour in less than 4 weeks. Glad I don’t go to those doctors.

    • Julia

      Absolutely …. that is so crazy to even mentioned that tour. He was close to dying and now we are talking back like nothing happend in less than 4 weeks?

      • judy

        Don’t you think they are saying that so they can downplay the whole thing? If what they have said is true, he won’t be in any kind of shape in the next 4 months let alone 4 weeks to return to a concert tour. Maybe they could prop him up for a cameo by satellite on the Apprentice Finale but that is about it. I wish him well. He seems like an ok guy on that show. He has lived hard and seems to know full well what the risks are to his behavior. Live and let live, but never wish harm on anyone. Karma is a bit@h!

  • Blowfish

    God is answering prayer on Bret Michaels recovery. He has been given a miracle and I pray that He gives credit where credit is due, to the BIG GUY! God will also give him the wisdom on when he is ready to return to work, as long as Bret is ready to listen to Him. My prayers will continue for him both physically and spiritually. God Bless you and your family, Bret.

    • Terre

      If God answering prayers for Bret I would say you make me sick for saying this – what about all the sickness and murder and other problems he’s not answering you sound like an idiot

      • mcs

        because… sometimes god says no!

      • mm

        Terre do you even believe in God .

      • mm

        Terre maybe you should think twice when you ASSume that Bret is unworthy of having the millions of prayers that have gone out for him being unanswered. He has a family and millions who love him. This wonderful man has a purpose look at everything he’s been through. Would your thoughts be the same if this was one your loved ones, probably not.

      • Get along

        Can’t we all just get along ???

      • Can

        Bret should take NO ecnahcs. He should play it safe, like his life depended on it, because it does. I like the idea that Donald could take the show TO him. I hope Donald has the sense to either wait, or spend the money and take the show to Bret. Bret should stay very close to his doctors for a while, and travel seems like a bad idea. Sometimes it’s best to just stay home.

  • Mary

    Keep on fighting Bret. Your music can’t be silenced yet! I don’t believe that he will be on tour so soon. I know someone that this happened to and it was a year before they were back to 100%. They still have some issues years later and they found the source of the bleeding right away! Don’t put out empty promises for the public. The truth would be fine.

  • Sandy

    I’m so glad to hear that you are recovering so well & fast. You definately need to slow down though. You need to take of your self. Please start putting yourself first. Your health is very important!!!!

    • Jessica

      I couldn’t agree with you more Sandy. Bret please take care of your self first, your fans can wait until you are fully recovered. I almost had a brain hemorrhage myself till I the doc’s found out what was going on. Bret good luck in your recovery and my god bless and keep you always.

      remember you can’t continue pleasing everyone if your dead so rest up and recovery is going to take time but you deserve it. Your a very hard working your man.

      • Ippeh

        Oh yeah, I vote for Glee too. I’m obsessed.I loved Poison, but never kept up with Bret after that. I did think he was sort of heawsd up, no offense to the fans, and figured he was jumping on the reality bandwagon so many of his peers have the past several years. He still looks pretty much the same, I’ll give him that!I guess I’d never survive in NYC, because around here if someone stares, I ask them if there’s something I can do for them. Loaded question, I know! But only if they’re being blatant or rude, like staring and not smiling or eavesdropping. I never get offended if they’re goofy. After the second season of Lost, I got so random with viewing. I’ve skipped around and really have no freaking clue what’s going on. But, I’m still going to watch it tonight because I don’t want to miss out, you know?

  • Joe

    Bret needs rest,too soon,he needs a lil time off,he could relapse, and then we his fan’s will lose him forever!
    Music can wait, we can’t lose Bret!

    • krystal

      i so agree with you! i LOVE bret and going back to soon could be HORRRIBLE!!! bret’s health is way moer important than his music! dont get me wrong i love his music, but i love him more!!! one of his biggest fans!!

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