Jesse James responds to Sandra Bullock choosing divorce, single motherhood

Jesse-JamesImage Credit: Luca Ghidoni/Getty ImagesIn the new issue of People, Sandra Bullock announces that she has filed for divorce and will finalize the adoption of the baby boy, 3½-month-old Louis Bardo Bullock, she and estranged husband Jesse James brought home together in January as a single parent. Now, Jesse James has issued his response to People:

“My whole life has been full of hard decisions.

“The decision to let my wife end our marriage, and continue the adoption of Louis on her own, has been the hardest. The love I have for Louis cannot be put to words. Not having him around to love and to hold has left a huge hole in my heart.

“Sandy is the love of my life, but considering the pain and devastation I have caused her, it would be selfish to not let her go. Right now it is time for me to beat this addiction that has taken two of the things I love the most in life.

“I have always taken great pride in proving people wrong. That time has come once again to show that I am not what everyone says I am. I know in my heart that I can be the best father possible to my four children, and the mate Sandy deserves, and realize that this is an incredible mountain to climb. But I believe that the steps I have taken in the last 30 days are the foundation for making this happen. The lifelong commitment I am making is what being a real husband and father is all about.

“I ask that you please do not judge Sandy for the things I have done. She has done no wrong. She played no part in any of this. She has been an amazing wife, mother, and best friend, for the over 6 years we have been together.”

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  • shelby

    “let her go”?

    • Art

      Well, yes. He has to sign the divorce papers and agree to terms. He could fight her and drag it out, or as he stated “let her go.” I don’t think he meant it as a “allow her permission” statement. And, there are a lot of people who jumped to judge Sandra Bullock that she had to have known,she was away too much, she’s trash just for being with him, blah, blah, blah. People love to judge others, especially from safe and anonymous distances. His actions are gross, but I don’t find anything wrong with this statement.

      • Helena Handbasket

        Well said, Art, on all counts.

      • Liz

        I completely agree. He could have made it a nightmare for her, especially with the kid they begun to adopt together. He did something right for once.
        Many people said he is a good/great father… if that’s true, like Sandra said, I hope the little Louis will know him, know the love of a loving father.
        Who he f*cks is something else entirely.

      • danny

        I agree. His statement says all the right things and appears to be sincere. I can respect him for that much at the very least.

      • Mike

        Please, he’s not being altruistic, he’s just thrilled to get out of having to pay child support.

      • Jean

        No, Art. The quotation reads:

        “[L]et my wife end our marriage and continue the adoption . . . on her own.”

        There’s no “let go” – there’s “let” as in “grant permission”.

        While they may have filed for the adotpion jointly, I don’t see that he could in any way “prevent” Ms. Bullock from proceeding on her on – if he tried to complete it on HIS own – let’s face it – under the circumstances, how would he ever expect that an agency would decide in HIS favor?

        These paternalistic words are spoken by a person (consciously or unconsciously) who has control issues. His life is, apparently, spinning out of control – so he seems to be grasping at some fictional control – as if he were in some driver’s seat. His not fighting anything could be the price he’s required to pay in order to get himself some pre-agreed financial support – which is not uncommon in the celebrity wife divorce scenario. For example, I think Jane Seymour had to pay her ex about $10 Million – and that’s why she ever went on a TV show to begin with.

      • flower

        As long as he doesn’t start asking for spousal support, I can respect his statement.

      • Birgitte

        Jean: There’s “let go” in the next paragraph.

      • dom

        The statement was fine up until the end when he asked people not to blame Sandra. Riiiight Jesse, the public was outraged at her behavior. What utter nonsense.

      • Cowcharge

        Yeah, he’s “letting” her divorce him, hahahahaha. He still thinks he’s gonna get her back. Yeah right pal, it ain’t up to you. Controlling D***head.

    • mayo

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      • Joe

        Jesse James is now single. Good luck mayo!

      • phantom

        Uh…Joe, this is what is normally called SPAM. Just thought you should know that.

      • Flaming Moe

        Phantom you sure can be sarcastic, but you have real problems recognizing it, huh.

      • Brian

        phantom, I’m pretty sure Joe knows that that’s spam. That doesn’t make the coincidental appearance under this article in particular any less apropos, nor does it make his comment any less funny.

      • Borat

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        High five!

    • Brenda Barrett

      I’ve not read a single negative comment about Sandra during all of this mess. She has been nothing but classy through it all; I admire her and I feel bad for her. I even feel a tiny bit sorry for Jesse, as I think he really does love her. But, as the saying goes, he’s “sure got a funny way of showing it.” Some people are compelled to sabotage their happiness.

      • vicki

        Sadly, she is being judged. Just go to the EW article on the adoption, and you’ll see a comment on how she deserved this because she chose “the bad boy”. Been reading similar commnents ever since the Jesse James affair allegations began.

      • jj

        were all judged by are actions and inaction vicki! get a clue

      • Annette

        She did not DESERVE to be cheated on. She was relying on his trust and love. Once someone commits to marriage no one deserves to be cheated on just because of how they were in the past. That commitment of marriage changes that.

      • TB

        There is judgment, however unjust it is, there seems to be people who will say that because she knew of his history that she should have known better…. I think it has to be incredibly difficult to have this entire thing play out in front of millions of people…. I don’t know any of us famous, infamous or in between that has not made questionable choices when it comes to the people we love… Hopefully she will find success in her relationships in the future and enjoy her new bundle of joy…

      • sciteach713

        I judge people by their inability to use correct grammar spelling and punctuation. For example, I judge JJ for the fact that “were” was used instead of “we’re” and “are” instead of “our”

      • Cowcharge

        Sciteach? Good thing it didn’t say Engteach. Before you comment on other people’s grammar there dimwit, try checking your own. What exactly is grammar spelling, anyway?

      • Miss Manners

        Don’t you love pretentious idiots who choose to correct others grammar, spelling, or punctuation and makes mistakes while doing so. WHO CARES????

    • BJohnson

      Great comments Art.

    • Rosalie

      I pity Sandra for thinking this guy could change for her. Why do we women think we can change a man? Love can surely blind us all. Jesse is a disgusting human being. He didn’t even know what kind fo commitement he was getting into when he got married until the last 30 days. The sad thing is he brings kid into this world. Kids he apparently neglects because like he said he is now learning how to be a real father. Dont get me wrong, better late than never. I just think guys like him should not be allowed to reproduce. But I guess a few weeks of counseling and you will be cured from the cheating desease. Maybe they will come up with a pill for it like they do for everything else. And by the way Jesse, if you are reading this, the moment you decided to step out of your marriage you ended your marriage, not Sandy. The second you decided to have an affair on her, you let her go for someone else. Poor Sandra, I bet her self esteen is 6 feet underground.

      • Island Guy

        Try reading the story. Jesse didn’t re-produce, they adopted. Before commenting on things try reading the story thoroughly so that your comments reflect on the story. If you just want to go off on a tangent then start a blog.

      • kross

        Island Guy, you are wrong. Jessie has biological children from other women as well.

      • Khristina

        Island Guy = EPIC FAIL!


        EW needs to screen posters. “You must have an IQ higher than a goldfish to post on this site.”

    • fredro

      He’s just an idiot! She could have been gone 360 days out of the year, they have money, he could have visited her wherever she went! She’s hot and rich, what more could he want? She’s def hotter than the tattoo chick.

      Sandy, If you looking for a good man, call me, I’ll divorse my wife in a sec for you!

      • benjie

        Wow fredo you sound like a real catch!!!

      • Khristina

        Oh yeah Fredo…I’m REALLY sure she would want to get with a man who spells the word divorce with an S.

      • ani

        hmm..khristina insulting fredro for not being able to spell. when you can’t seem to reproduce a name that is written right there. fredro. not fredo. anyway, at least he’s not siding with jesse james.

      • Khristina


        Missing a letter from some strangers name is a FAR cry from not being intelligent enough to know divorce is spelled with a C instead of an S. ;-)

    • tbaby

      J.J. is a hot, steaming pile of dog s$#%!!!

    • Minnie

      “Let her go”?? Was she a prisoner? And BTW, no one’s judging Sandy. She has been elegant and classy throughout this garbage ordeal you have dragged her through, Mr. James. She and Louis are so much better off.

  • GeeMoney


    • graeme

      Who exactly is “judging” Sandy? This is all you, Jesse.

      • Minutiae

        Believe it or not, I’ve seen idiots posting things like, “If she had stayed home and been a good wife instead of worried about her career, he wouldn’t have had to cheat.” Yes, people are morons. And Jesse is a dirtbag of the highest order.

      • Vikki Sixx

        Not to mention the countless people who will no doubt criticize her choice to adopt the baby on her own.

      • bill

        exactly. “let her go” and “judging sandy”… delusional.

      • Jim Carrey

        Is he talking about me?

      • Tee

        Uh a lot of people have posted things saying she deserved this for marrying a guy that was married or that he was neglected while she focused on his career. Seems like a little judging going on to me!

  • anon

    Whose blaming Sandra? It is really big of him to “let my wife end our marriage” Dude needs to keep with the rehab, he is delusional.

    • Susan

      He’s a bastard! Seriously! He ended the marriage the moment he began to mess around, not with one, but many…this is not my grandmothers time when women sat around dealt with it…

    • Jaka

      Wow, you guys this sounds like such a wodlerfulny amazing trip and I’m so stoked you got to do it in the middle of the business of summer! So great that you guys got to take time out and spend time with one another, free of distractions Thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Lori

    Oh phu-lease already! YOu go where you need to go, to the curb with the rest of the liars and cheaters of this world. NO-BODY deserves to be cheated on or lied too, if you have problems in your relationship then you first work of them, if not, then get the hell out and then pursue your sick interest, but not while in a relationship.

    • Marie


    • Annette

      well said – thank you

    • Tina


    • notesfromrumbleycottage

      Couldn’t have said it better.

      • Stefan

        OOH these are just PRECIOUS! That swing is like, every ptopograhher’s DREAM SWING to ptopograhh and the fact you had these cute kiddos to take photos of, well, lucky you guys!

  • margo

    It sounds like he still thinks he can get her back. He is delusional.

    • Mohit

      There are some attention-grabbing deielands in this article however I don’t know if I see all of them heart to heart. There may be some validity but I’ll take maintain opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we wish extra! Added to FeedBurner as effectively

  • TheObserver

    okay..he mentioned addiction here…I hope he was not refering to sex addicition because addiction is usually described as a persistent behavioral pattern marked by physical and or psychological dependency…so if he was a sex addict wouldn’t the first person to notice his constant need for sex be his wife? if he has a “sex addicition” is he presently suffering from physical symptoms of withdrawal? night sweats? nausea? I don’t think so. he’s a liar and a cheat which is why he sought numerous sexual partners OUTSIDE his marriage…I wish he’d stop lying to the press and stop trying to save face and stop giving excuses…the only thing he’s sorry about is that he got caught

    • davey

      I’m glad you have it all figured out and let us in on the secret….keep up the good detective work. Stop pretending you know the lives of others and just live your own!

      • TheObserver

        Spare me the sarcasm and sympathy for James. You’re commenting on the article so far be it for you to act though commenting on this article has any bearing on how one lives their life. You don’t have to be a detective to read, which is all that was required to form the opinion I stated.

      • Khristina

        Relax, TheObserver! Wow. How about bending over and pulling that stick out of your @ss. Davey didn’t say ONE word even close to resembling “sympathy” for Jesse. You need a valium and stiff drink, hon.

      • TheObserver

        Why does stating an opinion on a topic immediately have to mean you have a problem? ALL IT MEANS IS i HAVE AN OPINION ON THE MATTER. People like Khristina seem to lack the ability to understand this and figure everything a person says is a matter of life and death
        P.S it would be greatly appreciated if your anal fixation and drug mongering was directed elsewhere

      • ani

        i hate people who call strangers “hon.” so unnecessarily condescending.

      • Khristina

        Awe- hon! The condescension was well warranted. LOL
        When you learn how to comprehend the difference between an “opinion” and a “fact” as well as the definition of sympathy, you can get back to me. Perhaps then you could carry on a halfway coherent discussion. “Mean you have a problem”? Where the hell did say you have a problem? Wow- you’re not the sharpest crayon in the box Observer. I ALMOST…not quite…but almost pity you. ;-) You better hurry up and catch the short bus- don’t forget your helmet!!!

    • Saggi

      I am so sick of people using “sex addiction” as an excuse for cheating. Are there people so addicted? Probably. But I doubt it’s as prevelant as people would want us to believe.

  • Marie

    ramblings of a man who got caught.

    does anyone else think its ironic that he said it would be “selfish of him not to let her go”?
    he obviously didn’t care about being selfish when he was cheating behind Sandra’s back.

    • Q

      yup, me!

  • talkin’

    Yeah, his language is very telling here. Ego maniac.
    As for Sandra, I am even more fond of her now.
    I wish that she wouldn’t have to stay in touch with him. Actually, she doesn’t need to. Children can be “shared” without the parents having to even see each other.
    Hope she goes that route and not some cesspool of desperate clingy co-dependency. Clean break is best.
    All the best to her and baby Louie!

    • Q

      She would only have to if she wants to remain in his other kid’s lives – clearly the point of her adopting Louis alone is that Jesse will NOT be his father and thus not have any legal rights to be in his life whatsoever.

      • talkin’

        That’s right, but she wants to remain in contact with the others – her soon to be former step-children as well. Even for that, she does not have to have contact with him. It can all be done through intermediaries. She said it will be done in the “healthiest” way. I hope she’s not forgetting herself in that. With him talking …as if…he can be her husband again, I hope she stays faaaaar away from any direct solo contact with him. Period.

  • Sean

    “The decision to let my wife end our marriage”…SERIOUSLY?, you made the decision to let her end the marriage. Is this guy for real. So if he decided not to let her end the marriage, she would just be like, “OK I’ll stay married to you.” What an F’N jerk he is.

    • jennrae

      Yeah, now he deserves kudos for NOT challenging the divorce? Puh. Leeze. And then he completely shirks responsibility by blaming it on “addiction.” An addiction to thinking you can do whatever you want so long as you don’t get caught is more like it.

  • Strepsi

    Yes, Jesse, apparently it’s all part of the great Jesse story, and once again IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU.

  • Nathan

    This clown’s life will be downhill from here, I guarantee he’ll be in jail for something within 2 years.

  • Ambient Lite

    “Sandra Bullock choosing divorce” in the headline
    “The decision to let my wife end our marriage…”
    “…please do not judge Sandy for the things I have done…”
    What a clusterfark of nonsense!!!

    • TheObserver


  • Bernadette

    To let her end their Marriage.Give me a break that marriage ended when he started messing around on her.She will find someone who will love her and her child and only them.

    • john Denver

      So, there’s no sex tape? Damn I want to see her in a sex tape!

      • Q

        yeah, but you don’t want to see her doing this dirtbag.

    • Jeff

      “The decision to LET my wife end our marriage”. Classic domestic violence patterns of thought. Control freak.

  • JPX

    I don’t feel badly for Sandra at all. She married an obviously lower-class guy who had been previously married to a porn star (red flag!). Did she really believe that he would be someone who would share her values and lifestyle? The only thing I take away from all this aside from Jesse James being a scumbag is that Sandra is kind of dumb.

    • Amie

      Oh get off your high horse already and shut up!

    • Annette

      He committed to her – was she not to trust that regardless of who or what he was married to before – again he was the dumb one – not her.

      • Aira

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  • MIKE

    I get so offended by men like Jesse blaming his behavior on addiction. It’s the ‘out’ of the day – I couldn’t help it, I was addicted. No. He saw opportunity to cheat, he didn’t think she would find out and he cheated multiple times. Just because he made numerous bad selfish choices does not an addiction make. Men cheat. Many men cheat. They aren’t all addicted. Jesse had so many because he’s a celebrity and had more opportunity.

    • Annette

      They have to learn to say NO – regardless if they become a celebrity.

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