Bret Michaels update: Test results indicate setback

Bret-Michaels-hospitalImage Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesRocker Bret Michaels, who has been hospitalized since Thursday following a brain hemorrhage, has suffered a setback in his condition, according to his official website. Tests indicate that, as a side effect of the bleeding in his brain, Michaels is suffering from hyponatremia, an abnormally low level of sodium in the body fluids, which can lead to seizures. Michaels remains in critical but stable condition and is continuing to undergo tests. “With further testing and rehabilitation, [doctors] are hopeful that Bret will gradually improve as the blood surrounding the brain dissolves and is reabsorbed into his system, which can be a very painful recovery and take several weeks to months,” says the latest statement posted to Michaels’ website. “Michaels remains under 24-hour observation in the ICU and is in positive spirits. He is responding well to tests and treatments. Even though today was a minor setback, doctors remain hopeful for a full recovery and plan to release more specific information next Monday.”

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  • Skippy


    • spamela


      • mayo

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    • g-d

      Get well Bret. Then go home to your family and stop being a media W h o r e.

      • Michelle

        I was in the same hospital, cerebellar brain hemorrhage, 3 brain surgeries and I am fine now! I had a stroke too – this hospital is AMAZING – you will be fine!!

      • joe

        Depends on the situation. I had a bleed, a stroke, paralasis on the right. I walk with a limp, and have memory problems. Like I said, it depends on the situation!

  • etm

    We love you, Bret!!!

    • Bret

      I’m in the hospital, dumbass.

      • etm

        OMG Bret, is it really you? Thank God you are OK and are able to go online and type!

      • Bret

        Thank you, etm. I had the doctors staunch the bleeding just long enough to shoot you that reply — and this one — Because I love my fans almost as much as I love eye makeup.

      • etm

        Yay! I am so happy they found the source of your bleeding. Your fans love you too. xoxoxo

      • cav202526

        yea sooooo sure that that was really him…retard…doubt hed be able to get online in his condition..

      • @cav202526

        The sad thing is you thought I (etm) was being serious. Wow. Are you sure you don’t have a brain problem?

      • to cav

        You are quite the idiot. Of course it’s not Bret. It’s my rug. Much love.

      • CKnJR

        I sure hope ETM didnt really think that was Bret LMAO! Either way this comment thread made me LOL. Bret will be fine, he was always a bit of a ruhtard he may have just dumb’d down a little more. Hes rich, hot and has a big D so it doesnt matter.

      • evelyn simmons

        my prayers go out to u and your family bret

      • etm

        Of course I didn’t think that was Bret! :)

      • maria r

        hi bret, im glad you are doing well, i have been praying for you since i got the news, and i will continue to pray for your recovery. be strong and god bless you! lots of luv!!

  • del

    Coming back from something that severe, I guess some setbacks are to be expected, but hopefully it’s just a little one and for this one step back, he’ll take a dozen forward!

    Pulling for your Bret!

  • denny

    Hang in their Bret, you have much more to give in life !!

    • Dr James

      And many more veneeeeereal diseases to give too!

      • Wissal

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  • sandy

    so sad noone will tell the truth. get ready to show your real love for Bret in the coming months. we will all know. to his family, stay strong, keep him alive if at all possible, any response to his daughters and them to him, will be worth the torture of your having to make these decisions you are now unsure of yourself. much love

    • wakeforce

      What a horrible thing to say! He ain’t dead yet!

    • Brenda Barrett

      And it’s all gibberish, to boot.

      • Adabella

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  • paula

    My thoughts and prayers are with Brett and his family.

    • info

      It’s Bret not Brett…make sure you are praying for the right person!

      • ?????

        everybody needs prayed for

  • ric

    Bret…get well, so many people are pulling for you and not everyone is here to tell you this. Along with Paula, my thoughts and preyers are with you. Stay strong and Stay Possitive, you’ll get through this…


    lots of love and many prayers for you brett, love ya

  • Linda

    Very sad. I was never a Bret Michaels fan, until I saw him on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice. He’s always very positive and optimistic, very creative, and seems to be a very genuine kind of guy. I don’t doubt he’ll recover. He seems like a real FIGHTER.

  • ysom05

    Been praying for you Bret !!
    Hope we see you up and again SOON.

  • sandy

    Horrible thing to say nut????? I will tell you how it is, but it is so horrifying you and 98% of the public couldnt handle it. As I said, when you have to make the decision, and you will….keep him alive if at all possible. the disabilities you are hearing may not be as much as first thought. you may second-guess yourself even for a couple years. when you do see the love reaction from bret with his children, again, screw everyone of these people that dont know anything, you will know you made the right decision. love from our family, we needed to do what you will have to also..stay strong, it is vital….

    • Mark

      “when you do see the love reaction from bret with his children”

      Mangle English much? Shut up, tard.

    • pat

      So what your saying Sandy is that you and 1 other person know’s the real deal and the rest of us have no brain. Don’t brake your arm patting yourself on the back. Anyway Bret stay strong and hope you get well soon.

  • terri byers

    bret i hope you feel better soon.get well.

  • Faye

    Brett, we hope you’re doing well and that this setback is minor and your body will respond favorably to rest and start to rehabilitate so you can finish out your life with a bang and you’ll have so much to share with us. At my home, we’re rooting for you, so rest and take care and recover for all of us who need you.

    • info

      Faye–I’m sorry for having to call you out but can you please spell his name right? It’s Bret. Just like the giant title on this article says…everyone keeps spelling his name wrong. If you feel you need to wish him well can you at least know his name? Sorry to call you out because there are actually hundreds doing this…but, it just bugs me.

  • Gloria

    Bret…My prayers are with you and your family time to take a break and take vacation time but in the hospital my family love you.Peace

  • sandy

    yes Mark…it is proper english actually. i realize from your strange post you are unfamiliar with it. please read again, if you are unable to understand it is probably wise you read no further…maybe something like SouthPark is more your way of thinking. thanks so much from someone that not only knows this situation with Bret from start to finish, but from someone that knows not only the proper way to speak and write, but the proper way conduct oneself. if you need leasons, i am very busy, but do have a number of someone that deals with the unfortunate people that have not been taught properly for one reason or another. please write again if you would like the number, you are in need very much.

    • jem

      Mark may have been a little harsh in criticizing your English skills, but he wasn’t wrong. I think a person who says “if you need leasons” really has nothing to say to the slang term “tard.” It’s called LESSONS. And also, your lack of proper capitalization is showing…

    • Missmary

      He’s right, Sandy; you’re making a bad impression. I don’t know how bright you are; your spelling is bad, but that doesn’t prove anything. Often really bright people are bad spellers. Just proofread your comments more carefully. A friendly suggestion.

    • wintersux

      Maybe I am misunderstanding the comments, but I guess maybe Sandy is trying to warn us that if Bret survives this episode, he is going to be severely disabled?? I pray this is not the case.

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