'Survivor' star Russell Hantz arrested in Louisiana

Russell Hantz of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains was arrested early this morning in Lafayette, La. According to a spokesperson for the Lafayette Police Department, the reality TV star was taken into custody at 2 a.m., 15 minutes after an emergency call reported a physical confrontation near Justin Street. Hantz was charged with simple battery and released at 4:30 this morning. No bail was required, but he was given a misdemeanor summons and a court date scheduled for June 24. CBS declined to comment.

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  • TorontoTom

    Did he turn away from the judge and exclaim, “I’m Russell Hantz
    – doesn’t he know who he’s dealin’ with?! I’mma make sure he
    does cause I’m Russell Hantz…”

    • sunshineyb

      that would be amazing

    • Sil

      LOL you can just see it can’t you?

    • annie bloom

      Oh yeah was glad Russell got what was coming to him. He is such a dirtbag. I would hope the courts would do more than slap him on his hand. He really is the worst man I have ever seen play “Survivor”, a real honest to goodness villain.

      • Debbie

        I agree with you DIRTBAG is saying it nice so we can post it

      • Sam

        Russell is the best player in survivor history! to all you haters out there. go to hell. your obviously rupert fans lol

      • Morgan

        I disagree. Russell may not be a good person, but he is great at playing Survivor. He is probably one of the best players ever because of his ability to manipulate people and find idols. People often make the mistake of confusing the game of Survivor with real life.

      • Mayhem

        So bad that even his fellow villains wouldn’t vote for him. And so dense that he didn’t change his game play after loosing last season. No jury management skills two seasons in a row? That’s just plain stupid.

      • sawyer

        best player ever. Everytime he plays he controles the game!

        @Mayhem: he made a choice or he played the game his way and made sure he would make it till the end by playing a amazing strategic game. Or be the nice guy en probably being voted out way earlyer. I’m glad the way he played , made this season verny nice to watch:)

        BTW there are obviously more people that love him because he won the “best player award” from the viewers twice!:)

    • DJSO

      Apparently he tried to give the judge a hidden immunity idol, but the judge wasn’t having it!

      • maxine

        good one!!!

      • Diana

        OMG! Too funny!

    • Libby

      Right on Toronto Tom. You hit the nail on the head with that one. His wife and kids must be proud to be related to that humanless being

    • Rockin’ Rick

      LOL…I was thinking the same thing…Don’t you know who I am? I’m Russell Hantz!!

  • Ramo

    Well what do you expect? He’s a villain. Ba dum dum.

    • Eka

      My hips are smoked but that was so much fun!! (in a sick, diinustsgg way). Next time we need assigned yellers/counters and Murphie needs to be here because it’s just not FGB if she isn’t telling me I can pick up something heavy and throw it at a wall.Pretty pumped with my score increase but not as pleased that I continue to catch wall balls with my face. One step at a time

  • Ripley

    Guess he’s sorry he gave away that Immunity Idol now.

    • ann


    • JC

      *high five* That was pretty clever ^_^. Dollars to dimes say it was someone heckling him or starting shizzle because of Survivor.

  • Chloe

    Too bad he could not find the get out of jail free card.

    • bohemiankitsch

      um… he DID get out of jail free!

      besides, he’s Russel Hantz!

      i love that guy, but Parvati stole his shine this week. ;)

      • hahaha12345

        I KNOW! LOL!

  • Spike

    Once a trashy hillbilly, always a trashy hillbilly.

    • Debbie


  • I’m Russell Hantz, dammit

    “Ah’m not guilty. Ah swear on mah kid’s life!”

    • kross

      lol..I can just see him saying that too!

    • Debbie

      yea like you did on the show feel sorry for your kids to have a father like him

      • is everyone else stupid

        it’s a game, genius, like poker or charades? It’s an artificial environment, not real life. I’d say anything to win, and feel good about it.

  • maizie

    Somebody was probably giving him s*** about Parvati outwitting him on the show last night. POW.

    • Zach


  • Jason

    Well apparently Russell Hantz is just as BADASS in real life as he is on Survivor hell yeaa

  • prez

    once an ahole always an ahole

  • David

    Well, that’s one way to spoil who *didn’t* win Survivor, eh?

    • Don

      Nobody won yet…the live finale isn’t until May 16. Anway, this season was filmed last August-September so they wouldn’t be kept on the island for 7 months until finale night.

      • Doremifah Solatido

        The winner was selected long ago & everyone knows who it is – they’re just contractually bound to not discuss it until after the finale show.

      • Joel

        No they don’t. Only a select few number of people know who won. They know who made it to the end, but not who won. They are contractually obligated to keep their vote a secret until the winner is announced. Anyways, I like what one person said above. I guess Russell really DOES regret giving away that immunity idol!

      • Mel

        They do know who won. It’s already been spoiled on TDT website.

    • Kara

      It’s Danielle, Russell and Parvati final 3 and rumor is Danielle wins because the other 2 were so hated. Sucks because Danielle hasn’t done much so far.

      • Tiffany

        And Danielle’s fake boobs are disgusting, she def shouldn’t win

      • Peggy

        Danielle is not in the final 3….

      • Peggy Sue

        How do you know that Miss Cleo?

      • RCB

        It’s not Danielle. Choose another villain.

      • kross

        actually it’s not Danielle..it’s someone else

      • Kara

        All spoiler sites say Danielle with them ousting Jerri at number 4 and she’s po’d about it. There was earlier talk that Amanda makes it to the end with Russell and Parvati but the sites that say Danielle have all been right on the order of the ousters this season so far.

      • Jen

        Kara is right, early reports did have Danielle making it to final three, but Kara latest reports show her going out 7th place. So you are 2 for 3, not bad.

      • Carla

        No, there’s a boot list going around since January that so far has been 100% accurate. Guess we’ll find out in 3 weeks, yo?

      • Cookinpnut

        I think you have it wrong. It is Pavarti, Russell, and Sandra in the final 3. Sandra wins because the Jury hates Russell and Pavarti

      • James D

        Guys, maybe it’s not even a villain winning. Maybe Amanda finally wins.

      • BruceMpls

        I think Coach will win. With four players left, during the early morning hours Jeff smuggles in his sweetie, Coach. When people wake up there is Coach in the jungle shower and they all realize it had been a dream, Coach had never been gone.

      • Debbie W.

        Actually, according to spoilers, it is Sandra, Parvati and Russell in the final three. Sandra wins, and after this past episode, it is easy to see how that would come about.

      • Justin

        My mom has talked to him and russell has told her that he does make it to final 3

      • wintersux

        People who post spoilers so they can look more important than the rest of us are so lame…

      • Audy

        I plan on using glass more and buying in bulk more for less gnpkaciag waste. I send my daughters lunch in glass containers now instead of plastic or throwaways. She also has a cloth napkin and a reusable water bottle. It’s fun finding ways to help the earth!!!!

  • Rob

    Maybe someone had the nerve to tell him, he’s not the sole survivor.

    • karen

      is this boston rob…ha!

  • del

    Well, well. Russell gets arrested for fighting on the night Survivor shows the episode where he’s getting played by Pavarti. Go figure.

    • And Guess What…

      …we now know the only bar in America that still shows “Survivor” on its television!

  • cindy maher

    Why am I not surprised? as prez says above, once and ahole always an ahole. Just look at the ugly troll, those eyes are EVIL.

    • Jeanie S

      Cindy I love your comment. Russell is a troll!! I hate him with a passion.

      • Cookinpnut

        Jeanie, I couldn’t agree with you more. Russell is in for a big surprise at the end. HA!

      • NKS

        Troll…yes, that is the first word that came into my mind when I first saw him on the show. Yuck.

    • Debbie

      My husband has been calling him a troll since the first season he was on! Nice to see there are others who feel the same way.

      • Dutch

        Jeff Probst refers to Russhole as a “gap toothed Garden Gnome” on his blog a few weeks back. Looks like someone called him out for the tool that he is and dag gummit Russell Hantz aint gunna take that $hit!. EAT IT Russhole, we all know he doesn’t win just by his attitude at the Reunion show in December. These people talking about who wins are Full of $hit, but can you believe they actually used to take bets on Survivor results for real. That came to a stop after people in the Pacific Northwest started betting heavy on Sandra Diaz-Twine to win the Pearl Islands. Can you believe Sandra wouldn’t keep her mouth shut???? Noooooooo LOL

      • Ginny

        lol.. so true.. he is 100% “ugly” troll

    • is everyone else stupid

      That’s what makes him an impressive player. Personally, I think of him as more of a goblin than a troll, but that’s neither here no there.
      He’s ugly, obnoxious, a mediocre athlete, and probably smells. But, he still controls the game through force of will. I would not want to be this guy’s enemy.

    • donald d.

      i wouldn’t want to be his friend either. he has none anyway. he beats up on teen age girls? look at those eyes, reminds me of charlie manson.

      • Melati

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  • John

    Somebody told him to take off that stupid-a** hat.

  • miracle whip

    sucks to be you, mayo.

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