Josie Duggar hospitalized again

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19th child, Josie, born on Dec. 25 after only 25 weeks, was hospitalized last Thursday in Little Rock, Arkansas due to fluctuating vital signs. Jim Bob told People, “She’s doing fine now. They will watch her for a few days to make sure she’s safe.” The Duggar family is the subject of the TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting.

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  • DFMR

    These people need to stop having kids-They obviously are no longer bringing healthy kids into the world-It is a bizarre sickness with them-At least they are warm loving parents-unlike Kate Gosselin.

    • Wendy

      you are just plain unkind

  • JPX

    I just think the Duggar’s are disgusting. It’s child abuse to have this many kids and it’s certainly no badge of honor to spend 19 years of your life as a breeding machine. Every time I see pictures of these irresponsible dopes my blood boils. What would happen to their poor children if these two idiots were killed in an accident? I hope their daughter is okay. This is why you don’t have 19 children. Gross.

    • Smacking My Head at the Judgement

      JPX, judgemental much? Please explain how this is child abuse. The other 18 are healthy, clean, well fed, loved, clothed, educated, responsible members of their family and the community at large, and with a (really nice) roof over their heads – as will the 19th when these health issues hopefully pass. Because this baby was the 19th doesn’t make that the reason for her health struggles. If a first born child of a healthy woman is premature and suffers health problems, do you blame the mother who didn’t drink, smoke, or participate in any dangerous behaviors for the baby? No. Michelle had non-pregnancy related health issues to occur that may very well have been the trigger for the early delivery. The Duggars have no debt, they have a thriving business, and given that they have medical and dental insurance on everyone, I would be willing to bet they have life insurance. Furthermore, they make a point to have quality time with each and everyone of their children whom they raise to be caring, compassionate, and responsible adults. If something should happen to them, there are other adults in the family and you can be rest assured that the children would be well cared for in that instance. I would never have that many children and don’t agree with all of their beliefs but I can say without a doubt they are not child abusers. Whether or not she should discontinue having babies is between them and her doctor. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it is wrong.

      • Jennifer

        Well said.

      • Jennifer

        If you have ever done Child Protection you would know what child abuse is….and what it definatley is not. And to call this child abuse is very disrespectful to those children who do suffer.

      • Tonya

        I also agree.

        If you travel back in time only 30-40 years or so, it was not unusual at all to have families this large. It has only since we have become such a materialistic society that we are concerned with “giving our children the things we didn’t have” that families have gotten so small. Of course, in the midst of providing all these “things”, we’re working so much that we fail to provide our children the things we DID have – attention, time, togetherness…did I say attention?!

      • VCI

        These children ARE NOT welll educated. They are homeschooled by their religious mother who only teaches them Jim Bob’s close minded ways.

        I’m shocked not one of these kids have acted out in rebellion, but when you live in the middle of nowhere and are dependent on your parents for everything how can you rebel.

      • hatedon

        These breeders need to stop having children. One of these days, one of these “healthy, clean, well fed, loved, clothed, educated, responsible members of their family and community” is going to go on a shooting spree. And guess who are going to be the first two to go.

      • Orange glass

        Well, take into account that this is her 19th child, so her body is already wracked with going through the process of childbirth eighteen times over. Combine that with being middle-aged, and you have an extremely high risk of complications for both mother and child. This is not the same thing as a young, healthy woman having her first child and experiencing unforeseen complications. I wasn’t supposed to be an only child, but seeing as my mom narrowly escaped death through her pregnancy, she made the wise decision to not have another child, and if she did, well me and my sibling would’ve been left motherless. That is what makes Michelle Duggar’s decision to keep having kids selfish. She is putting not only her own life at risk, but also that of her babies’. Also, people did NOT have 19 kids 30-40 years ago, a typical large family would have less than ten children (with some obvious exceptions of course, but that didn’t make it ok). Also, most large families tend to be religious ones who don’t believe in birth control, because to them that is “interfering with God’s will”. I’m pretty sure this is the case with the Duggars.

      • alex

        like the comment above stated, people were not having 20 kids 30-40 years ago. If they were having large families 1) it was more like 60 yrs ago (if that) 2) they usually had about 10 kids 3) usually it was NOT by choice because they did not have the contraceptive methods we have today.

      • Lala

        30-40 years ago many people had 19 kids?! 30-40 years ago was the 70s. LOL, I was born in the 80s, thank GOD my parents missed THAT cut off. 90-100 years ago many poor immigrant families had 10-11 kids (not all of the children made it.) One of my grandparents was one of ten children. It wasn’t incredibly common, but it did happen. Nineteen kids is just ridiculous in any day and age, especially this one with ample contraceptives available.
        As stated above, the children are NOT particularly educated, and those poor girls are expected to follow in their mother’s footsteps. The children are loved and well cared-for, but their beliefs “go forth and multiply” or whatever have gotten in the way of a normal childhood, life, and upbringing. If anything, it’s detrimental.

    • AJ

      more like 23 years…the oldest boy is around 22 or 23

    • kim

      Whats irresponsible about them. they raise their own children without public assistance and are bringing up children who are respectful and loving.

  • Shannon

    She was actually born on December 10th.

  • Cat

    So now it doesn’t matter to them if their kids are healthy, just that they have plenty of them!

  • Wayne

    You’re all missing the point: they don’t believe in birth control. The only time they have sex and don’t concieve a child is when she is already expecting one. They belieive all children are a gift from God and will not do anything (birth control) to stop God’s plan.

    • waya

      God also gave us a brain to THINK and be responsible!

      • JN

        According to their website, they used birth control for three years, went off, had Josh, then used birth control again. She became pregnant while on the pill and miscarried between the second and third month. The doctor told them it was probably because she conceived while on the pill. Because they believe life begins at conception and didn’t think she would conceive while on bc pills, they came to the decision to not use birth control and to leave it in God’s hands. It’s not the decision I would make but since they made it fully aware of the consquences (or blessings)of their choice and they have had up until now all healthy children they can afford to care for – I’m not going to judge. Premature babies can be born in any birth order – she was healthy and the pregnancy was normal – so I’m still not finding why it is so irresponsible just because it isn’t what most of us would chose. If they were on welfare or she previously delivered unhealthy babies or she was unhealthy and the doctor discouraged them from having more children, that would be different. But, none of those are true. Just because the 19th was premature, it doesn’t mean it is a direct result of being the 19th.

      • Jean Genie

        God should start saying “NO!!” to these people. I don’t care how hard the whole family works or how wonderful the fanbots think this is – this birth wasn’t healthy.

      • jmom

        God also be fruitful and multiply so why is it wrong

    • whatevs

      Yeah, I’m sure God’s plan includes exploiting 19 kids on a TV show for their own profit.

      • Jennifer

        When they were approached about the show, they agreed under the terms that it would show their belief system. You may not agree with it (I don’t) but they aren’t hurting anyone. Those kids certainly aren’t running around drinking, partying and spreading STDs like most of the reality “talent” on television right now.

  • Tom

    JPX, now that you are finished with wildly careless and cruel assertions, do you have anything constructive or intelligent to say? No? Ok then.

    • Lilly

      Do the math…. 19 children and only 16 waking hours in the day (assuming the kids sleep at least 8 hours a day). How much “mommie” time do you think each child gets in a run of a week? One hour, maybe two. I call that neglect/abuse. Having the older children raise the younger ones, again is not fair. The older children get to become “parents” as children themselves. Give me a break. If a single mother was only interacting with their children for an hour a week and having other people – namely other children-raising them, she would be declared unfit. But hint at God and all is great!

      • Gary

        Lilly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. These kids are neglected and exploited. I hope that the baby is fine, and that it is the last child born to this family. Enough is enough.

  • Jennifer

    I, personally, can’t imagine having that many children. I also am not as devoted to a religious belief system as they are. But, I do believe that these people are raising intelligent, responsible and very caring children. There are so many people in this world reproducing that should not be influencing the lives of children, let alone any human being. I worry more for the abusive, neglectful, uncaring “parents” out there than how many children this family has. They have absolutely NO DEBT and do not pull from any welfare programs which, in my book, is worth a lot. I really hope that little baby makes it through and lives a very happy life surrounded by the love and caring of her family.

    • Miranda

      Jennifer, I disagree, they are NOT raising “intelligent, responsible…” kids. They are raising a whole pack of kids to believe in the tenents of their parents fundamentalist religion and that it’s perfectly okay to go out and and irresponsibly procreate time after time after time. These 19 have just begun to breed themselves and with the belief drilled into them that any number of kids is perfectly okay just how many do you think these 19 are going to eventually produce? This family is not self-sufficient. They do not live on a ranch and grow all their own food. They do not make all their own clothes. Those 19 kids are all going to want their own cars and the gas to drive them; they are going to want their own houses and the trees for the lumber; they breathe OUR air; eat OUR food; use up OUR resources. It is totally irresponsible to over populate the earth and even worse to over populate it with more idiots who think they can continue the process. This isn’t just a them situation; it is an US situation and everything they do has further ramifications to OUR world.

  • eric

    another stupid reality show that will basically tell girls that if you get pregnant 1000 times…you CAN get your own show! I am surprised that OctoMom is not part of TLC reality shows!

    • Ann

      DON’T EVEN compare Nadia Sulleman to Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar. Aside from the fact that Michelle and Nadia gave birth to multiple children, the comparison ends there.

      Octomom was on welfare and spent her work comp money to impregnate herself when she already had 6 kids she couldn’t take care of.

      The Duggars are not on public assistance. They are self sufficient and were approached by TLC to show how they manage such a large family. They wanted to show the world how they have been blessed and help others understand how you can have a functional (very) large family.

      • Miranda

        They are not self-sufficient. They go to the grocery store and buy canned good and groceries to stock their pantries; they go to thrift stores and grab clothes and shoes and stock the closets; they do not have their own oil well to provide gas for the cars they own and all the cars those 19 kids are going to own. The food and clothing shopping has been shown on their TV series so no they are not self-sufficient.

    • AJ

      you may wanna rethink that…octomom is ridiculous and needs government assistance and impregnated herself with the help of fertility drugs for some unknown reason…the Duggars, not that I necessarily agree with them, had all 19 of these kids naturally based on their religious convictions. It wouldn’t be me, but the kids are happy and don’t want for anything, so more power to them.

  • Ann

    You have to admire the Duggars for the way the children are raised. Have these critics actually watched the show? They are very loving parents.

    I have 3 kids that are a handful. Just because you know you wouldn’t want that many children shouldn’t cause you to hate on such Godly people. Their children are good kids. They have a system in place to manage the day to day activities, chores and home-schooling.

    The Duggars have no debt and multiple properties that they rent out to provide income. A few months ago, I saw a special that showed how they save money and live on a budget. Michelle gave the recipe for homemade laundry detergent to handle the 90 loads/month. I think they’re amazing :)

    • Allison

      I agree that people are being too harsh, but I do not think that the Duggars are loving parents. They are more like a loving aunt and uncle. The older sisters in that family are the parents. That homeschooling? Tests are grading by the older girls. Those 90 loads of laundry per week? Ditto. IMO, people can have as many children as they want, as long as they have the time, energy, and inclination to properly parent every single one of those children. The Duggars clearly do not.

    • Holly

      Loving parents allow their children to grow up-be independent and live their own lives. Michelle expects her daughters to raise her younger kids. When my preemie came home from the hospital my husband and I took care of him and the younger ones and didn’t expect others to do that..sure we had no sleep but we got through…I feel SORRY for her older girls!

  • BFD

    They aren’t hurting anyone. There is a limited amount of resources on this planet. Eventually, overpopulation is going to bite us on our asses.

    • Kimberly

      I would rather the world be overpopulated by the Duggars who are self sufficient, than the rest of the yahoos who have a false sense of entitlement and live off the the government or take out loans and debts they don’t even plan on paying.

      • joesmom

        If the Duggars weren’t exploiting their kids by having TLC cameras in their house all the time, they WOULD be on public assistance. Besides, I’m Christian but I totally disagree with their attitude. You can sing but you can’t dance? There is no dancing in the Bible? PLEASE!

  • Billy

    The girls are groomed to be breeding machines. They do all the cooking, sewing and mothering. Each oldest girl gets a youngest sibling and it’s their job to make sure they are fed, clean, etc. This doesn’t sound like good parenting on the Duggar’s part. What ever happend to the young girls’ childhood? They never had one.

  • Cassidy

    I think this family is living proof that we really need to be careful to not be so quick to judge. I’m very liberal, a big believer in birth control, and not much of a church-goer. I only plan on having two kids myself. Yet, I absolutely adore this family. Anyone who says these kids are not given the attention and love they need clearly does not watch the show or know anything about the Duggars. Those kids are beautiful, healthy, incredibly well-behaved, intelligent, talented, and they interact very well with people–not to mention they’re each other’s best friends. They have ZERO debt and in no way rely on the government for assistance. Sure they make good money from their show, but they’re on television; if they weren’t being paid, there would be something wrong there. Besides that, they have a successful business and are very thrifty. I would even go so far as to say that they have a pretty low carbon footprint, despite the size of their family: they buy all clothes and vehicles used (and the children are still perfectly dressed), buy food and household supplies in bulk (bulk=less packaging=less waste), and their house really isn’t even that big for the size of their family. Their oldest son has grown up to be a good man, married a lovely girl, they have a beautiful daughter together, and he owns his own home and business. And Michelle and Jim Bob are so incredibly in love with each other. Michelle seems very fulfilled and perfectly happy as a mother and homemaker, and each of her pregnancies has been willing and wanted. Jim Bob is a great provider for the family and treats his wife like a queen. How many people can say that they have no debt, a beautiful home, all of their children are perfect and healthy, and they’re still head over heels in love with their spouse 20-some-odd years into their marriage? Last time I checked, this about sounds like the American dream.

    All that being said, I do hope they realize that bringing more children into the world is a significant risk to mom and baby at this point. Michelle is 42 years old. She’s had 22 years of EXTREMELY successful fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. Hopefully she will take little Josie as a hint from God that her family is complete.

    • Holly

      While I think that you hit the nail on the head on most of this, I do not agree with your last statement that Josie should be a hint that her family is complete.

      I had pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy at age 23 and I went into pregnancy in great shape and stayed that way through yoga & healthful eating. Pre-eclampsia can happen on your first, fifth, or even nineteenth pregnancy.

      I don’t think that any of us knows what God was intending for them to learn from Josie’s birth.

      Aside from that, yours is the most intelligent, truthful statement that has been made.

      • Orange glass

        True that complications can happen at any age at any birth order, but the risk becomes MUCH HIGHER when you’re in your 40s and especially if your body has gone through the gestation process 18 times over. 19 is enough. I see no point in Michelle and Jim continuing to have more kids. They can’t say that they haven’t been blessed. And Michelle has to remember she can’t risk dying and leaving her husband and older children the responsibility of raising the younger kids by themselves.

  • Kimberly

    @Billy-The older boys also get a younger sibling to help during the day. The girls learn how to keep a car in good repair and the boys are also taught how to cook and clean. They teach both “gender roles” to all all kids so your statement about only the girls having to cook, clean and look after the little ones is not entirely true. Fact is, these kids will be prepared for the selfless act of parenting and taking care of themselve better than the kids who self-serve on video games, horrid tv and movies and lack of parental supervision. Not to mention…have you ever hear they way many kids and teens talk to their parents these days? The Duggar kids have nothing but respect and love for their parents.

    • Lala

      Yeah, heaven forbid children watch video games or TV and be NORMAL children for a couple of hours a day. These kids DON’T have individual parental supervision, and apparently parenting is not a selfless act if you have your other older children do it for you. And what little kid needs to be taught how to be a parent at a young age? Can’t they learn how to do that later in life? Or is everyone expected to get married and pop out babies by age 17?

    • Pam

      I totally agree with Kimberly and Lala. If every child learned to be
      responsible and respectful we would
      not have epidemics of alcohol abuse,bullies in school, and total lack of self-control and discipline

  • watcher

    There’s stilloo many ick moments ie. Jim-bob explaining to his son that his Mom, Michelle got pregnant with their last child on Father’sDay. Really don’t need to know that.

  • June La Rosa

    JPX, totally agree…what kind of real care and bonding can there be with so many kids? It’s like a cult….let’s see what the future brings for the kids.

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