'Survivor' producer's wife found dead, husband declared a suspect

The Associated Press reports that former Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman is a suspect in his wife’s death after he reported her missing in Cancun, Mexico, an anonymous Mexican official confirms. Beresford-Redman last worked on the CBS show in 2004. He also served as producer on MTV’s Pimp My Ride and ABC’s Crash Course.

Monica Beresford-Redman was found dead today (April 8 ) in a gutter at the Moon Palace resort where they were vacationing.

CBS is declining comment.

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  • gob


  • Leo

    Whenever things like this happen in Mexico frankly with my experience there I don’t trust Mexican police – they may not even be looking for a Mexican suspect because they don’t want anything affecting tourism/money coming into their country.

    • whatevs

      Seriously, all you have to do is bribe them.

    • Theresa

      Exactly, She left the hotel alone and angery from arguing. What married couple doesnt argue? She may have been beaten and robbed etc- by mexicans. I do not trust the the officials there.

  • Jaka

    CBS must not give background checks on their television producers.

    • Laura K.

      What exactly are you thinking a background check would have turned up? He last worked on Survivor in 2004–6 years before this incident.

      • Indu

        I have four kids and I almost lost one of them when he was 5 (now 8 ) to a near orwdning accident. The thought of losing a child is excruciating. My son survived and his accident was God’s way to tell us he is in charge. Have faith because miracles DO happen!!! Every day and right before our eyes! We were blessed with one and we will pray for yours! We will pray for baby Ava for our Lord to perform the miracle of Life once again, and for the parents to have the faith and trust that whatever happens, our Lord will always be there for them! I have faith baby Ava will make it okay!

    • Kat

      Innocent until proven guilty, Jaka. And I hate to say it, but I have to kind of agree with Leo that I wonder about the Mexican police a bit, just from what I read in the news – I don’t have any personal experience myself. They could be very progessional and legit, or they might not be; and the guy might have killed his wife, or he might not have. At this point, with this amount of information, you just can’t draw any conclusions.

  • Paula

    My sister was close friends with Monica and her family! I hope to God her husband spends the rest of his miserablr days in jail. My prayers go out to her sisters and her 2 little boys who have no mother and will not have a father either if he is found guilty! May God bless those precious boys.

    • john

      Don’t act like you know them when you don’t. I know you said your sister knows them but you certainly don’t. They have a 5 year old daughter and a little boy a few years younger, not two boys.

  • Here & There

    There was another American killed in Cancun recently. This is the 2nd in a week. Locals are going after “rich” American types. The Mexican police need to clean up the tourist spots now.

  • You’re all idiots!

    Yeah because the sweet white sociopathic producer couldn’t possibly have killed his wife, blame everything on other countries, and you wonder why the world hates ignorant Americans, never taking responsibility for their own actions.

    • Very true

      I couldn’t agree more.

      • Shay

        You’re both idiots. As if us “ignorant americans” have nothing to be worried about right? It could be he killed her or not but don’t classify us all as such, moron.

    • Orca Man

      No, it’s just that there’s no information in the article to indicate whether there’s any real evidence against the husband. And it’s not like there aren’t corrupt police in this country either. A lot of people simply prefer not to jump to conclusions.

    • silvana

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Sandi

      It couldn’t possibly come from the fact that the Mexican Government is a joke and the world knows it, you idiot! But feel free to stay the f$%k out of America!

  • Teresa

    Every day we here on the news how it isn’t safe for Americans to go into Mexico. So you can’t say for sure it isn’t the Mexican Police or a drug cartel down there.

    • Anna

      It hasn’t been too safe for Canadians down there either. Mexican police are massively inept and corrupt, stay home, America is beautiful.

  • Teresa

    too bad I can’t spell, that’s “hear”, lol.

    • Jorge

      Im Mexican, and I have live both in Mexico and other countries around the world. I can tell you honestly that despite all the violence that you read on the news, is centralize in some cities. Touristic places are just as secure as any other places around the world. Pls, dont exgerate things! Every summer millions of ppl travel to Mexico and they have a great time. Literaly, this is a case in a million, and we dont even know who did it.

      • Jamie

        I have been to the Moon Palace in Cancun several times and it is an extremely safe place. Actually I am going again in a few weeks! I would have a hard time believing it was any local that did this!!

      • Anna

        Yeah, okay, tell that to the Ianniero family of Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. They have a very different story to tell, except, they can’t tell it, they’re dead. Killed by a local, at a resort.

  • kill in your own country

    With such little facts one can also assume that the man decided to take advantage of the fact that Mexico does not have a good reputation at the moment. What a perfect time to take her to a country where SUPPOSEDLY it is dangerous to travel to. Being mexican, i try to keep up with mexican news. Just cause you’re american doesnt mean youre going to get killed. I just took a nice vacation in Mexico with family and friends and we’re all alive, including the american that was with us! If the police is easy to bribe then the husband musta not paid them enough to have the body disappear completely.

  • astrochicks.com

    Her husband was having an affair and they went to Mexico to save their marriage. Sadly Monica never made it out alive. What’s wrong with men and all these mistresses.

    • Shawn

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  • kate

    My sympathy goes out to her family. I hope they fry the husband he thought he would save money on the divorce by killing her

  • Elvis

    I am going to throw my two cents in, according to Bruce Beresford-Redman confession, he states that he “hadn’t seen his wife since the morning,” and according to the security he saw them arguing that same day at night. Neighbors heard them arguing and one claims they heard the door slam 11 times that night. Also, where did Bruce Beresford-Redman gets his bruises and scratches according to the report he had many scratches on him. OR maybe a mean Mexican Zeta’s cat attacked him. COME ON LET’S BE REAL,

    • Elizabeth

      According to the information that is being reported, it clearly looks
      as though only 1 person is responsible for this womans’ untimely death. It is clearly the
      husband, the only question is whether it was intentional or accidental ?
      Also what makes people believe that
      this man who can appear normal to
      outside people,not be capable of
      murder? There are many dead wifes
      that were married to these “he’s just not the type” kind of guys.
      Unfortunately they can’t speak for
      themselves as they have been permanently silenced. I just hope that justice is served swiftly and
      he is punished accordingly. Two small children will now grow up without their mother.

  • frijioita

    he didnt do it.

  • Amy

    I go to Moon Palace every year, sometimes we stay at other Palace resorts in Cancun. Moon Palace is not in the center of Cancun, it’s on the outskirts. It is a gated area and the people at the gate know who to let in and out. I’ve been going since I was 11, I am now 20. My parents never questioned letting me enjoy the resort by myself or with friends. It is one of the safest places we have ever been to, and that is why we continue to go. Kind of crazy it happened there, but it won’t stop me from vacationing there in years to come.

    • jeff

      Please, I travel to Cancun 10 times a year. like everywhere, you can find trouble if you want, but it can be safe as america also.
      He did it.

  • viviennewestwood

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