Stephenie Meyer pens 'Eclipse' novella on newborn vampire Bree

Stephenie-Meyer-novellaImage Credit: David Gabber/PR PhotosStephenie Meyer will publish The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, a 192-page novella centered on a newborn vampire introduced in the third Twilight novel, Eclipse, in June. The story chronicles the journey of villain Victoria’s newborn vampire army as they prepare to close in on Bella and the Cullens. It will be released at 12:01 a.m. on June 5 in hardcover ($13.99, with $1 from each sale going to the American Red Cross International Response Fund). From June 7 to July 5, fans will be able to read the book for free online at, which will also provide a link to the American Red Cross website where they can donate to support relief efforts in Haiti, Chile, and around the globe.

On her official site, Meyer says she never intended to publish Bree Tanner as a stand-alone book. It was just something she’d started working on while she was still editing Eclipse. “I was thinking a lot about the newborns, imagining their side of the story, and one thing led to another.” The novella came in handy during the filming of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (in theaters June 30). Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, director David Slade, and actors Xavier Samuel (Riley), Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria), and Jodelle Ferland (Bree) all read it before cameras rolled to better understand the characters.

Meyer thought the manuscript might work well as part of The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide, a tome still awaiting a pub date, but at nearly 200 pages, it was something her publisher thought worked better on its own. Meyer liked the idea of publishing it before Eclipse hits theaters, to give fans an introduction to Bree. She also considered the novella a gift to devoted Twilight readers, which is why she asked her publisher to make it available for free online.

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  • Livia

    She can publish a novella about a very minor character in Eclipse but yet she can’t swallow her pride and finish Midnight Sun which her dedicated fans have been anxiously waiting for? Wow….

    • Amanda

      i agree, midnight sun would definitly be a better book to finish. It was a “close friend” that leaked it so why punish the fans?

    • CM

      I had the same reaction. She’s willing to provide this extra book (not complaining), but really we want a completed ‘Midnight Sun.’

    • Brian

      The only “wow” here is the fact that people complain when someone offers to give something away for free. She could easily charge $19.99 for a download and another $19.99 for the hard copy and many would buy it. She would make ALOT of money. Good for her for being a decent human. I sure wish more people would act like her.

      • Livia

        I don’t believe my comment had anything to do with the financial aspect of the book….

      • Sara

        A decent human being???
        Stephenie Meyer.
        Aahahhahah that’s funny.

      • Anwyn

        So if someone started giving out free drugs, they would be a decent human too?

        But seriously, all this book is going to be is a terrible book by a terrible writer.

      • Althea Campbell

        I agree that this book and her special gift to fans is wonderful of her as is the donation to charity, but I wish she would publish Midnight Sun for all her dedicated fans.

      • Joe

        The novella is both a peace offering and a test. We’ve shown her that we’re still up in arms about Midnight Sun, we’ve failed the test. I intend to respect her refusal to be bullied or trampled on, and enjoy the novella.

      • Psychaotic

        “So if someone started giving out free drugs, they would be a decent human too?”

        Well, yeah, actually. But the level of decencty might depend on the type of drug. (I get so tired of people referring to “drtugs” as a vague synonym for evil.)

        Speaking of drugs, I’m looking forward to the Bree book. And let’s face it: Stephenie’s the writer. She created this universe. If her inspiration for Midnight Sun was wrecked, then I think we have to accept it. Creative people are capricious–yet, they provide great rewards to us.

        BTW: I’m one of those people who’s into Twilight as enjoyable cheese fantasy–it works on that level…it wouldn’t work as ‘serious’ literature. But it takes all kinds to make an interesting world, methinks…

    • koalialoalo

      i’m gonna have to agree with livia on here
      i mean i’m still thankful that she’s giving it to fans for free since she probably already has a crapola of money, but it just seems incredible that she still can’t finish midnight sun – i thought she would have been over it by now

      • Payton Lower

        Actually, she has finished Midnight Sun it has said in an article online, and will beginning publishing in June. And she already begun to think about the 6th one, “Full Moon” which is “New Moon” in Jacob’s perspective.

    • Rosalie

      I am super happy about this. Victoria, Rosalie and Leah are my favorite characters in the saga. I am really happy to know that I will be able to read more about a character that just gets mentioned and feared throughout the saga. It wasn’t until Eclipse that Victoria actually speaks. To add insult to injury she only speaks like three lines. Thank you Stephanie for giving us some insight to that very feared character. I know that the book is titled after Bree, but Bree is beyond a minor character.

      • K

        Ummmm… How is it that you know Victoria actually speaks in Eclipse? The movie doesn’t even come out for another 90 day. Just asking

      • Sam I.

        @ K… Ummm… she’s referring to the books…

        They gave Victoria lines in the Twilight movie that wasn’t in the book.

    • mimi

      I thought the exact same thing Livia.

    • Lisamarie

      I totally agree, love Stephanie Meyers and her books but PLEASE PLEASE finish Midnight Sun!

    • BreAnna

      i know! and she also wont publish the fregging official guide to it either!?! it has been on pre order on amazon for almost a year!

  • KFed

    Free? Is she nuts?

    • AlysabethInAustin

      WHAT?! She lies! She said she was done with vampires….. uh huh.

      • Paula

        She technically wrote this while writing Eclipse, so her statement after Breaking Dawn that she was done with vampires for awhile is still true.

      • EmilyMarie

        Stephenie did say she was done with vampires after Breaking Dawn but she also has another book called the Host which is about aliens taking humans bodies but there is some humans in hidding, in which Stephenie said she wanted to make a another saga, but out of the Host series. which has nothing to do with vampires. so stephenie will have other books but without vampires.

      • bryanlee

        how come stephenie keeps trying to write her books over from different perspectives in stead of finishing were breaking dawn left off why would anyone want to read a book again just because its from another characters point of view we already know what happens at the end of the book.

    • Amanda

      its only available online to view for free, if you want a hard copy you have to pay for it.

    • Weird

      I’m a hater, but I have to admire that.

  • Josh

    I fail to see what this has to do with Lost.

    • Tina

      Why do you think it has anything to do with Lost?!

      • Frank

        I agree with Josh. I read this entire article and didn’t see a single thing about Lost. What the hell… I’m so confused. Who edits this web site?!

      • Ambient Lite

        You guys need to stop huffing paint thinner. Seriously.

      • Josie

        omg Tina, it’s a joke. chill.

    • Jaka

      LOST > everything else posted on this site.

      • @Jaka

        Agreed. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode!!
        Why is this woman still allowed to write books??

      • EmilyMarie

        why all of a suding are we talking about lost?! even if it was a joke this page is about the Eclipse novella not about Lost!

    • Weird

      No kidding. Was something left out of the article?

    • Bekah

      Hahaha. Agreed.

  • Sia

    I can’t wait ! I find the newborns and Bree interesting !
    So does this mean we’ll get a midnight release ? I HOPE SO !!!

    • Tessa

      It says it’s being released at 12:01 AM so, yes! :)

      • Teresita

        You might want to just get the books from a library first. That way if you don’t like them once you start reindag, you won’t have wasted your money. Midnight Sun hasn’t even been completely written yet. Meyer got pissed and postponed it. No one knows when she’ll return to writing it again. Check her website for updates, though.

  • aloe

    Where’s Midnight Sun Stephenie?! Where?

    • MELLA

      That’s a great question. Maybe if everyone would send an email or communicate how much we would enjoy reading Midnight Sun it would get finished and published. I personally would love to read it!

  • Ambient Lite

    Wow, had no idea this was anything she was working on, I’ll be looking forward to it – although I have to think that Riley’s story might have been more interesting (and relevant).

  • Emily O.

    Interesting … not something I was expecting from the author. I wonder if she chose Bree because of Bella’s fixation on her and fear of becoming like her when changed.

    • tvgirl48

      I think she’s choosing to write about Bree because the whole build-up to Bella’s conversion was a nonevent. All the conflict and concerns about turning Bella were pointless because Bella’s special and doesn’t have to deal with interesting conflicts like being a newborn vampire and having all the problems that go with it.

  • kellie

    who cares about Bree? i want the rest of Midnight Sun!!!

    • Livia

      lol my sentiment exactly.

  • M Weyer

    Oh, no, just what we needed, an excuse for EW to do another twelve Twilight articles.

    • Jackie

      Hey, while I agree that they do cover “Twilight” to an obsessive degree (and I say this as a fan of the books (not the movies)), of all the things that are way over-exposed on, I find “Twilight” the least objectionable. At least it’s not another article about “American Idol”, “Dancing with the Stars”, or some other trash reality show. And also, at least “Twilight” has gotten people to read. Granted that they’re tweens who would be better served reading some classical literature, but still, they’re reading. And as “Eclipse” was my favorite of the “Twilight” books, I will be looking forward to reading this novella.

      • Kat

        Heeeeey….Dancing with the Stars isn’t trashy! Ridiculous, yes, but never trashy. I think the word you’re really looking for is “campy”, which a lot of people think is great fun!

      • ozzylaw

        I love the Twilight Saga (books that is). I fought it and had at one time “refused to buy into it”. I was hooked the first few pages. Its nice to read a book ALL ages can enjoy

  • Lisa

    This is fine but I really wish she’d have finished Midnight Sun instead. I really liked reading from Edward’s perspective.

  • Marie

    if its free, why would i buy it?

    • Jackie

      Because it’s only available for free online for a certain period of time. There are people who read books and stories more than once, so for those people, the would need to buy a copy to read it after it’s taken off the internet.

      • Ann

        but like she said, if she can read it for free (during the available free online time), why would you buy it? if she wanted to read it again, there are ways to take things off the internet,a simple “copy and paste” onto your home computer or whatever.

    • Ambient Lite

      I’m with you, I’d rather read it online for free – however, I imagine that many fans would consider the book to be a collectible to add to their inventory, and also might want to re-read it in the future (the online version is only available for a short time).

      • EmilyMarie

        dude (no offense if you’re a girl i call my friends dudes too), they probably won’t let you copy it under illegal terms. it’s a book on the internet.

    • Alexa

      To give to a worthy cause, you selfish bint.

      • Sam

        You could donate to Haiti and still NOT buy the novella.
        After all its only 1$ of proceeds go to Haiti.
        Heck, I’d rather donate $10 to haiti and read the novella online.

    • Mrs. Cullen

      Because it’s only free for a certain amount of time, and if you want to read it over and over again then you would want to buy it..because the free one is only and online version.

  • Court

    not a huge twilight fan, but i think it’s really cool that she’s donating a portion of the sales to red cross.

    • llevinso

      Yeah, I don’t like Twilight at all and I actually gagged when I came across this article here. But I do think it’s very nice of Ms. Meyer that she’s donating portions of the sales to the Red Cross.

    • Tookie

      Seems like she could afford to donate a lot more that $1 a copy.

      • Yaz

        Hahaha, that’s what I was thinking.

      • rowen

        When was the last time you donated 10% of your income to Red Cross, or any other charitable organization? I know I never have. If she sells only 1 million of these books, that’s still $100,000 DONATED. That’s pretty cool.

      • Mrs. Cullen

        Atleast she is giving some of her money away. Have you given 10% of what you make away lately? Atleast she is a kind enough person to give any! Alot of authors don’t donate any of the proceeds.

  • Cris

    Heck, why bother to try writing something original when you can keep beating the dead horse (and braindead tweens) that made you a multi-millionaire?

    • Izzie’s Mom

      Please do not call my kid a “braindead tween”, just because she is a fan. We’ll see what kind of Sh** your kids will be into. DUMB ASS!!

      • May S

        What an education you are providing your children – cussing out strangers on the internet. Stay classy, Izzie’s Mom!

      • @Izzie’s mom

        Cris is just stating a fact. I for one can’t understand why parents let their daughters read crap like twilight, which murders brain cells and sets the women’s rights movement back 20 years.

      • llevinso

        I totally agree with you @Izzie’s mom and May S!!

      • Emilee

        @@Izzie’s mom
        You’re totally right, these books DO set the women’s rights movement back! Like, remember when a bunch of CEOs read Twilight and then decided to pay all of their female employees less than their male counterparts? Or how about when some members of Congress saw New Moon and decided to take the right to vote away from women? Seriously, get a grip. You’re just as bad as those people who think reading Harry Potter will make a kid worship the devil.

      • Izzie’s Mom

        Oh PLEASE!!

      • kellie

        LOL Emilee!!!

    • shannonP

      “brainddead tweens”
      wow, it takes a lot of maturity to call a group of fans who are younger than you names.

      Just so you know, before you dismiss this saga as only for tweens, you should take into account the huge number of adults who are also reading it (women and men). Take a spin around the fansites and you’ll see for yourself. For instance, I’m in my late 30’s, and I’m not braindead, as I’ve just completed my master’s and am currently working on my doctorate.

      Show some maturity and intelligence, if you can manage that. If you don’t like the books, that’s one thing. There are valid reasons for making criticisms of them (though I notice you don’t bother, you’d rather resort to name-calling). But please, quit insulting the fans just because we like something that you don’t.

      • genj

        @ shannonp … high-five!!!!

      • mominator

        @shannonP … a higher high-five!

      • Vickie

        Amen….. I am 45 years old and really enjoyed reading the series. Yes it was an easy read, but also a wonderful escape from the many problems of the day. Also, it is a good time for my daughter and myself to bond a little.

      • Sam

        I think Twilight fans wouldn’t be labeled as “annoying” and “brain dead” if they actually acknowledged the faults in the series and that it is just a fun story.
        Many Twi fans act like its the best books in the world and refuse to acknowledge the faults.
        There’s nothing wrong with liking crap if you acknowledge it IS crap. :)

      • Moonflwr912

        Thanks ShannonP you hit the nail on the head. I am a fan of the Twilight series and have read it multiple times. I also love Harry Potter and began reading (and rereading)Lord of the Rings in 7th grade- WAAAAAY back in 1967! Yes, that makes me over 55. I have learned throughout my life that I like what I like and you like what you like. And, when I find someone who likes the same things, it’s magical. BTW, I also have read other things such as Romeo and Juliet, Dante’s Inferno, Euripides, War of the Worlds,The Lovely Bones etc. and enjoyed them all – no rhyme or reason to my choice, other than I wanted to read something different. Intellectual snobbery is just so wrong. I, too, am waiting for Midnight Sun. And, say what you want about Stephanie Meyers, she is making something available for free. I will probably buy the book simply because I do enjoy rereading my favorite books, I have read LOTR more than 50 times over the years, and still find new things or viewpoints every time. Just enjoy what YOU want to read and let everyone else have the same opportunity, without having to defend their choice.

      • EmilyMarie

        im ll though so i am a tween but im into vampire books including the twilight saga and the vampire diaries. now i know there has been dicussing on how the twilight saga is for tweens. but i do have to disagrre that twilight is not for tweens just a little bit. the vampire diaries is a little bit more for teenagers than twilight is because of all the romance. and twilight does have the part in breaking dawn with edward’s and bella’s honeymoon. but still they don’t have as much romance so the twilight saga in my opinon is kind of for tweens my age.

    • Ashley

      Haha, you seem to have struck a nerve.

      Kids will always read this junk, most of them (not all) will not recognize quality literature until they are older. As for the adults that enjoy it, I have no comment.

      • Jamie

        Grown women have been enjoying trashy romance novels for years. That’s not the issue. It’s just that garden variety trashy romance novels aren’t typically treated like “serious” cultural trends like Twilight is. They aren’t splashed on magazine covers and don’t dominate for months at a time. That’s what bothers me. The attention this series is getting is far disproportionate to its quality, and to be honest, its appeal.

      • @Jamie

        Completely agree with you. Charlaine Harris and Anne Rice wrote this same story long before Meyer did and it didn’t receive nearly as much attention as Meyer’s book does. Twilight was just in the right place at the right time. It has nothing to do with quality. There are brilliant books out there that don’t receive a fraction of the attention that twilight does. When garbage like this becomes successful, it sends a bad message. It says that you don’t even have to try; you don’t have to be creative in order to make money. Just scribble out some half-hearted story about a weak girl who falls in lust with a wannabe vampire and you will make money. And that’s exactly what’s happening, since twilight has come out–5 other books have popped up that are exactly like it. End rant…I’m going to go read some real books.

      • Hannah

        Jamie hit on it, I think.
        And the guy above me is right. Twilight got successful because of sheer dumb luck. Harry Potter was winding down and publishers wanted to find something to replace it, and Twilight was convenient. That’s pretty much it. If it had come out a year or two earlier or a year or two later, something else would’ve landed in the “sweet spot” and THAT’S what everyone would be talking about right now.

  • **

    So, just to clarify, she is now writing promos for the movies? Because that is how I read this. She sees the popularity of her works weaning and decided to release something new that will up the hype to the near-feverish degrees that it was in the past.

    I suppose I should be happy that at least some of her millions of dollars are going to people who actually need it.

  • Angela

    Now, if we can only get her to finish Midnight Sun! That would be a book I would want to read from her.

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