'Real' housewife Bethenny Frankel gets married

Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City married boyfriend Jason Hoppy on March 28 in NYC, E! News reports. The couple had been dating for one year. People has more on their relationship.

According to People, fellow Real Housewives Alex McCord and Ramona Singer attended the ceremony at the Four Seasons, as did Today‘s Hoda Kotb. The menu included “lobster ravioli, sirloin steak and fish, and a red velvet wedding cake.”┬áThis morning, Frankel called the wedding the “best night of my life” on Twitter.


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  • judy jetson

    Hooray for love and congrats to Bettheny and Jason!

    xigankj- who cares? you care or else you would not be reading this article.

    • dominique

      Congrats bethenny and jason. Bethenny you are an inspiration to me. I follow the housewives of new york. You are so above those women. Jill zarin is a jealous unthoughtful pig. Kelly besimon is trashy. Louann seriously mario what so right about her countless as well as classless. I do like alex and ramona. Bethenny I wish both you and jason and the new baby so so much happiness.

  • Tracy

    No one cares. Write something about a real person.

  • Truth squad

    I think contractually she was required to marry him – she’s getting a spin off show about getting married and having a baby. Bravo probably paid for the wedding. This is all for publicity and building her brand.

    • dworm

      I agree with TruthSquad and Louise. “B” is a poser only looking out for #1. Poor Jason, baby and viewers who choose to tune in to her ’80 one liners. Team Jill!!!

    • beverly

      Truthsquad, tha tis the dumbest thing nayone has said.

  • Louise

    Cannot wait for Bethenny to leave the series and move on. She has really become a sad, pathetic woman. So full of herself and very crude. She did nothing but bring the show down. She used Jill when it was to her benefit and then kicked her to the curb when she could not use her. Jason is in for a life of hell and so is the poor baby.


      I am totally agreed with you Louise. Also, I hope she is not using Jason for to have her own children. Let see how long she will be marrie with him?

    • Stacie

      You are RUDE… I think that you are getting Jill and Bethenny confused! Jill is also extremely rude, which is probably why you like her so much! She is also stuck on herself and ‘at times’ jealous of the other women! I’ve never seen a more immature group of women! Including yourself… bringing Bethenny’s baby into this! You’re sick! I enjoyed the show because they are all completely insane and it’s very entertaining, but who would honestly want to be friends with them! Their rude to each other, backstabbing, two-faced, etc… I’m a pretty good judge of character and the only one that seems ‘real’ to me is Bethenny! I think that she may have lost her way when the show began, trying to hard to fit in, etc. But only when you’ve walked in her shoes, growing up the way that she did, can you truly judge her! I think that she and Jason are perfect for each other and that she is truly a wonderful, loving wife and mother! She seems to be very happy and you should be happy for her! Good luck Bethenny and don’t listen to miserable people like this! :)

      • Stacie

        I must correct myself… I also think that Alex is real and very true to herself! :)

  • lester

    Bethany Team alive and well!Jill is a loser ,the best that ever happen to her was Betheny.Your hobby should be your obese daughter.

    • Mrs!

      I think Jill’s daughter has medical issues. Has she ever had her thyroid checked?

    • Elle

      Please be nice. Her daughter is still a teenager. Pick on those over 18.

    • alex

      Picking on a teenage girl? Shame on you! YOU are the pig.

    • lhnokc

      Your reference to Jill’s daughter is cruel and inconsiderate…Leave the children out of this…

  • Marie Bartolotta

    If no one cares then why are you reading the article?????

  • memphojo

    I thought Bethany was the new face for PETA? What is she doing serving steak and lobster at her wedding?

    • beverly

      ever heard of guests? she isn’t so shalow as to force people who are not vegans to eat only the things bethanney eats.

  • dave

    why is the show called real housewives? The women work out side the home –they are not housewives. The women are not married –they are not wives. The women wer tons of make up, have fake tans, they get plastic surgery —they are not REAL

    • Kori

      The only ones who aren’t married Dave are Luann and Kelly, get it right, and nowadays, WOMEN WORK OUTSIDE THE HOME!

      • Mitchell

        Jill, Luann,Kelly nor Bethany are married. Alex and Ramona are the only ones married.

  • memphojo

    If Bethany is the new face of PETA, why is she serving steak and lobster at her wedding reception?

    • tacky

      She wore a white sweat suit!!!

    • mommahurley

      PETA is agaisn’t the inhumane treatment of animals, but does not insist on it’s memebers being Vegitarian, or vegan for that matter. Mamals are carnivores. Our bodies work better when we ingest animal proteins. But we can eat meat, and still care for the treatment of animals. Not eat meats that are raised in inhumane conditions such as Corporate Chicken Farms etc.

      I think that there is plenty of blame to go around in the Bethany/Jill fight. I had a fight with a friend, that escalated to a final ending of our 15+ year friendship. We had and have mutual friends, and neither of us, involved any of them. We handled our problem between the two of us. We couldn’t resolve it, so we don’t talk. It’s a sad situation, but asking friends to take sides or as Jill does, practically threatening them…planning parties and purposly inviting friends away from the other person’s house just to test their loyalty. Playing private messages. Bethany can be foul. She opens her mouth and spews all her venom, then wants everyone to instantly forgive hr. They both have things that they need to work on rather than trying to involve others.

      I can understand Jills sensitivity when Bethany didn’t call her husband, but Jill also didn’t respond to Bethany when Bethany reached out. I believe Bethany when she says, she didn’t know how sick Bobby was, becuase Jill admits, she didn’t tell her. She wanted Bethany to be completely dependent on her and to know because she was her side-kick, but that’s not real life. Real people have lives that move forward. They get busy, They fall in love, they move away from friends…but real friends understand this as well. They are happy for their friends. They are happy to hear from a friend when that friend has been busy and hasn’t called in a while. You don’t own your friends and you don’t hold them hostage.

      That’s what real adults do. I wish both women well, and I’m happy for Bethany that her life is moving in a happy directon. I hope the rest of these women grow up and realize that friendship is something that is earned, something that is valued, and something that is shared…equally. and Gossip is no good for anyone!

  • Mrs!

    From what I read on line, anyone can be a count or countess for a price! Count and Countess are very continental titles – This should not deter anyone outside these places puchasing these titles.
    This just proves money can buy anything!

  • margie buckley

    Congrats to Bethenny on her marriage and her new show. I cant wait to see it. I am team Bethenny

  • B

    Congrats! but why is everyone so negative?

  • Stephen

    Jill’s daughter does have some health issues..she has a specific form of Arthritis. I’m not sure which. I’m sorry she does not live up to your standards. Let’s see a pic of you since you are Adonis and Mrs. America. How crass to bring someone’s children into a post. How old are you?

    • alex

      I agree! Pathetic that they would pick on children. They must be some VERY UGLY people to do such a low thing. People, grow up.

  • Katherine

    I enjoyed Bethany in previous shows but this year she is extremely foul mouthed, rude and has had absolutely no discretion. Under the guise of being “real”, she seems eager to spew out verbal vomit at every turn. I’m disappointed. I thought perhaps New Yorkers had more class…but maybe not so. I would never aspire to be anything resembling a New York housewife. This seems to be more a show on what not to be if you want to be a respected woman with any amount of class. Bethany is a pregnant woman who recently got married.

    • alex

      Not a fan of Beth., she’s really full of herself and I wish she would get off the air so we can watch someone worth watching….maybe Jill should have her own show!

    • PETA stink

      I thought people with the name Katherine were smarter than that. Way to disparage 8 million people based on one. Of course if you are watching this trash, I can’t expect you to be that bright.

      • Katherine

        “I thought people with the name Katherine were smarter than that.”
        Peta stink… Way to disparage 8 million Katherines’ based on one!

        You’ve taken me too literally, Peta stink, that I have lumped in all New Yorkers. My meaning was that the producers should have been more selective on who they chose to represent New York housewives. Though its reasonable to say that the ones that should of been selected for the show probably would have never have done it based on personal privacy etc.. and the fact that all housewives programing are (you are correct Peta stink) trashy and downward spiraling. Because it is such a paradox, is why I found it interesting. I would not watch any spin off show whether it was Bethany or Jill, if it came out.

  • jenn

    After reading what Jill had to say about Bethenny in Vanity Fair, I am emphatically Team B. She let the reporter and her table laugh at B’s expense and said she “likes to give everyone a chance.” As in, she was friends with B just to be fair to the little people who might not otherwise have a chance to be friends with someone like her. Jill even posted the article on her website like it was something to be proud of. She’s not a good person.

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