Lady Gaga responds to suit filed by ex-boyfriend

In a court filing made public Friday, Lady Gaga alleges a lawsuit filed by ex-boyfriend/music producer Rob Fusari is only a cover to collect “unlawful […] Read the full post.

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  • CE

    I wonder how one puts a price on a name? Record sales one can quantify. But it’s impossible to itemize how much of the proceeds of the record sales were a result of him coming up with putting Lady in front of a nickname? Do you figure the price for Lady Gaga and divide it in half?

    That’s really a stretch, which makes me have to consider that we’re dealing with a disgruntled ex who never thought the kid would make it.

    • Roberto

      You can put a price on a name. Whenever Dwyane Johnson uses the name “The Rock”, the WWE gets half of what he earns since they co-own the name. That is why he has stopped using it… I have a feeling that if this goes to court the contract he/she had will discuss these issues. Fusari apprears to be knowledgeable and experienced in the music industry and not some hack as others are implying.

  • eli

    I LOVE the haters bc at the end of the day, EW looks at how many comments are left & you feeling the strong urge to say,’I know better, blah blah blah’are just adding to the numbers so they’ll write more articles about her. Let me guess, spencer pratt makes you really mad, wake up! Team gaga, keep hating it’s hilarious

  • Perry Mason

    Don Juan: I must confess, I do not believe you are a law student because of several glaring inaccuracies you have made in your posts.
    1) laws pertaining to verbal contracts are determined by statutes in each state. If you are looking at international law then they are determined by numerous treatise relevant to each country.
    2) Copyright ownership can be determined by a verbal agreement IF you have a witness.
    3) Otherwise, if you have notes, logs, notebooks and some other form of documentation which substantiates a person in fact did co write a song (for example) you must present some documentation supporting the date when the material was composed.
    4) As a future lawyer I suggest you avoid calling people idiots, morons or any other derogatory remark because you are not only going to fail in your argumentative presentation, you may actually open yourself up to a personal claim against you.
    5) I honestly believe you have never read a law book, attended a class, or communicated with a law professor. I believe the only source you have was recommended by you. Namely to go to Google. A poor substitute for real knowledge.
    Even though I have little regard for your opinion, I am curious about one thing. If Lady GaGa wrote a song about this jerk …. like Paper Gangsta … is he entitled to royalties because he was an inspiration for her?

  • matt

    Lady Gaga claims to be “for gay rights” but has failed to put any male-male sensuality in her music videos. There’s a hypocrisy about her which suggests that she’s a phony and that Rob Fusari is right in his claims against her.

    • Dee

      she has some male-male things goin’ on at her concerts.

  • brian

    If you exploit the devotion of gay men to make money, you should at least give them some form of representation in your official music videos. Lady Gaga has neglected to do this.

    Instead of showing male-male affections in her videos, she’s gone down the man-woman and woman-woman paths only. It’s a slap in the face to all the gay men who have supported her.

    • Gary

      Go bake a pie!

  • smith

    Regardless of whether she was famous or not during her relationship with Rob, she needs to give credit where credit is due. If he came up with the Lady Gaga moniker, it’s his invention. She needs to give due credit.

  • Gary

    To Don Juan – I think you are the stupid one, you’re practicing law on the internet, instead of in the courtroom.

    Look at all your posts today, sounds like you really like GaGa. Too bad your gay!

  • blah blah blah….

    Did someone say ‘Lady Blah Blah’?

  • Sandy

    Lady Gaga has been famous for almost 2 years now. Why does he SUDDENLY want to sue her now? Shady.

    • Roberto

      Because the royalty checks stopped coming… A pretty logical reason.

    • Gen

      That’s what I was thinking. Why not earlier?

  • extreme1md

    I think he’s just trying to cash in because GaGa is doing so well for herself. Why has he waited this long to file suit anyway? Seems like we have another “Ike Turner” on our hands, trying to collect from an ex because they aren’t doing well for themselves.

    • Roberto

      Because the royalty checks stopped coming… A pretty logical reason.

  • Roberto

    This is what Gaga’s counter suit says: Fusari made Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, “enter into an unlawful arrangement” when he made her sign a contract giving him rights to her future earnings, the suit says, calling his actions “predatory and financially abusive.”….

    So they admit he MADE Gaga, that there WAS a contract, what they are objecting to is the terms of the contract. She is supposidly a bright and smart girl, but too dumb to get a lawyer to negotiate the contract? Hmmmmm? This will be settled out of court for sure. Somewhere in the middle I think.

  • Amy

    Fusari sounds like Feder-leezy. Hang onto a girl with talent and bleed her bank account dry. Scuzzball gigolo.

  • Asten

    Don Juan don’t get mad. These people just hate the way this guy is trying to get more money while Gaga is ultramega famous. If Gaga wasn’t famous no one would give a F about the lawsuit. And I also know that almost everyone here doesn’t have a slighest clue about lawsuits let alone music contracts and royalites.

  • natnat

    Don Juan stop badgering the crowd….. chill out dude.

  • Lolo

    Why are people getting angry at donjuan? He is giving valid info, even if it’s not what you want to hear. I love Lady Gaga but it sounds like she neglected to have a good lawyer look over the contract before she signed with Fusari. They will probably end up settling out of court.

    • Gary

      What the hell do you know about it? Everyone is getting on Don Juan becuase he thinks he’s a big shot lawyer, what’s he doing on the EW website? Why isn’t he in a courtroom? Probably dropped out of lawschool and is now selling flowers.

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