Glenn Beck reacts to Jon Stewart impersonation

Fox News host Glenn Beck did see Jon Stewart’s all-inclusive impersonation of him (tics, mannerisms, agenda, you name it) on last night’s Daily Show. “It was hilarious. But even Jon Stewart can’t make fun of me as well as I can make fun of me,” Beck’s rep told EW on behalf of the Fox News host.

Watch the video: PopWatch: Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck taste great together

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  • Danno

    God Glenn Beck is such a tool

    • ks


    • Kaci


      • Moe

        So serial

    • jdez

      What an educated statement, He is fighting to remind the people of the very country we have forgotten.

  • elena

    For as weird as I think Glenn Beck’s politics are, I still want him around, if only to make Jon Stewart send me into a laughing frenzy. Glenn, Glenn…what are we going to do with you?
    (that response was quite gracious, though, I’ll give him that)

    • Q

      Glenn Beck’s show is awesome while high. The ranting, the conspiracy theories, the dubious connections that hold everything together… When you’re high, it’s just mind-blowing.

      • Juuuust a little outside

        A good buzz is a terrible thing to waste.

      • merry

        They need to move Beck to Comedy Central…then he’d make me laugh…right now, he scares me because too many believe his absurd rants and then vote based on his “theories”

      • For real

        OMG I blazed as balls watching him describe the apocalypse right now and yeah.. its pretty damn mind blowing. I can totally see why older (possibly fading mentally) people are ready to worship him as a prophet

    • Nat

      Anybody else remember Beck from his CNN Headline News days? It’s like night and day.
      However, his response was well put. His theories may be absolutely nuts, but from the times I’ve come across his show or interviews, he does have a sense of humour.

  • Billiam

    That was actually a very mature, well-iterated reaction.

  • Mitch

    I agree, Billiam. As much as I can’t stand the guy, that was the perfect response/

    • Ron

      I know, imagine if he had done O’reilly or hannity?

      • jack

        He couldn’t do O’Reilly, that’s Colbert’s entire act.

  • Katja

    Gotta agree. Thinking of Glenn Beck makes me really deeply angry because he’s such an offensive tool with a ridiculous and irresponsible shtick…yet I have to give him credit for his response here. If only he were so self-aware and rational during his show…

    • Snsetblaze

      Somebody rational probably wrote it for him

      • merry

        I have no expectations of Beck…”LOL”…he lives in the land of madmen….Jon’s caricature was Emmy worthy…

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    LOL I think this is hilarious. Glenn Beck haters must be so angry, he didn’t get angry of denounce Stewart, instead he gives a well mannered and grown up response. He is the most gracious “tool” I’ve seen respond to a satire.

    I shake my head at some of these comments, really you guys must be disappointed that he didn’t live up to your expectations

    • John

      Live up to my expectations? Are you kidding me, watch his show, he disgraces rational minded conservatives and reason every single night.

  • RK

    Glenn Beck is a failed DJ, just like Rush Limbaugh. While they lecture about morality, they can’t even get their own drug habits in line. Why anyone believes them is beyond me — and this is coming from a Republican who doesn’t want to be associated with these wackos. They do more harm than good to the party.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Rush Limbaugh is the number 1 talk radio host…how do you define the word “fail”? Just because you disagree with this politics doesn’t make him a failure.

      • couchgrouch

        a radio show host and a DJ are two different things, Einstein. unless Rush is spinning some top 40 in between seizure-like rants against evil liberals, he’s not a DJ. if he ever does become a DJ, it’ll likely be for an all Ted Nugent station. (watch out Bambi, mighty hunter Ted and his armory are after your mother!)

      • RK

        couch: look up “Jeff Christie” and get back to me.

    • t3hdow

      Agreed. Although I’m left leaning, I wouldn’t mind hearing the right-wing side to get a more balanced perspective from both ends. Too bad the Republican party’s represented by crazy neo-cons for the majority of the last decade.
      But hey, at least Glenn Beck’s self-depricating reply was a nice change of pace.

  • Elizabeth

    Makes you wonder: does Glenn even take himself seriously or does he realizes he’s just mugging to gain viewers?

  • JLC

    I wonder when people are going to figure out that these guys largely play characters to get ratings. Colbert certainly gets it.

    • Trav

      Exactly. I’ve always doubted Glenn Beck even believes what he says. I think he’s playing to the dumbest Americans and getting rich by doing it.

  • Two47shades

    Well, it this seems to be the Left comment section. Jon Stewart is an entertainer. Glenn Beck is giving his opinions based on FACT driven knowledge of HISTORY and the repercussions of the decisions the politicians make. If we repeat putting people who care only about POWER more than the PEOPLE who put them there we do us ALL a disservice. Jon Stewart is a comedian, and his people put everyone under the microscope for a laugh. No one is perfect under a microscope. You all take care and have a good day.

    • Kate

      Haha, Glenn Beck using facts and history! Thanks for the laugh! You should be the comedian.

    • Juuuust a little outside

      Don’t forget to wear your helmet when you go outside.

    • Ashla

      “Knowledge” emplies understanding, and the way that beck equates progressivism to Naziism or stalinism precludes that possibility.

      You don’t even have to try that hard to pull Becks insane rants apart; John did a stellar job of it on the 18th, using becks own paranoid style of “Fact checking”.

    • Joe

      Two47: hope you enjoy the Kool-Aide!

    • victor the crab

      Memo to moron: Jon Stewart IS an entertainer, but he uses facts and video clips to expose liars and frauds like Glenn Beck for laughs. Beck lies his face off on a regular basis in the worst way possible in order to get ratings for his Republican masters at Fox News. You’re in need of a clue. Get help.

  • Jabuchan

    I’ve got to admit this disappointed me. He’s a clown, he knows he’s a clown, he ADMITS he’s a clown, and everything he says on his show is preposterous. He just got ripped apart on John Stewart, and he doesn’t even have the decency to be upset by it.

    People keep saying that he’s “self-aware,” but anybody who is that “self-aware” would have the decency to be embarassed by what a fool he is.

  • James

    Beck is so right, nobody can top him at making a fool of himself like he does each and every time his show is broadcast.

  • Conspiracy2Riot

    I don’t see why everyone is so surprised at Beck’s response to Stewart. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Beck should be gracious.

    Besides which, since Fox news has a great deal of comedy on everyday, Beck should feel honored Stewart chose him instead of one of the dozen or so others that network houses.

    • Joe

      Yes, conspiracy, imitatiion is the sincerest form of flattery, even when the imitation is designed to ridicule. I watched this clip and said to myself: boy, that Jon Stewart really flattered that Glen Beck guy.”

  • joshua

    Glenn Beck has publicly admitted that he doesn’t find John Stewart’s comedy funny…unless, of course, he is the subject of the comedy. Then it is hilarious. Glenn Beck is a self absorbed hipocrite. The fact that millions believe what he is telling them is dangerous.

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