'American Idol': Ryan Seacrest spoils results show on Twitter

Ryan Seacrest has still not addressed or issued an apology for spoiling the result of Wednesday night’s American Idol on his Twitter account. After Idol finished filming at 7 p.m. in Los Angeles, Seacrest tweeted the following: “Packed radio show tomorrow… got tonight’s voted-off Idol Lacey Brown.” However, the tweet was sent out to Seacrest’s 3 million followers before the program starting airing on the West Coast at 9 p.m., sparking a Twitter backlash against the Idol host. Coincidentally or not, Wednesday’s Idol ratings in the 18-49 age demographic were the show’s lowest in its history for a “regularly scheduled in-season episode,” according to The Washington Post.

Seacrest did not bring up the controversy during his Thursday morning radio show. Fox had no comment, and Seacrest’s rep has not returned EW’s calls.


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  • Lovelee

    I really hope Lacey the best!!!!

    • RCB

      i like lacey too. she’s not really winner material, but she’s nice and she’s better than at least 3 other contestants there.

    • Will

      How the hell does Ryan Seacrest have 3 million twitter followers?!!

      What is wrong with everybody.

      • maryw

        omg…I was thinking the same thing!! Such lemmings. And stupid lemmings at that.

  • Lovelee

    I really think Lacey is pretty. She should have a great future. Good luck Lacey Brown!

    • TracyJ

      Except she wasnt in a beauty pageant, she was on a singing competition. She should have gone even sooner than she did.

  • dave

    Does Ryan the hollywood diva sell his nether parts for fame? Does he defend all delicate performers on idol who are better than people who oppose the diva performers and teach college and other people? He encourages the brats to trash others.

  • EG

    That’s sweet, but can anyone name (off the top of their head) the 12th place finishers of the last couple years?

    • Pisces228

      Oops! Should have posted here instead of below . . . I believe last year it was Jasmine Murray. And in previous years it was that that chick, that other girl, and that guy. And somewhere in there, Mikalah Gordon came in 11th!

    • FYI

      Jasmine Murray/Jorge Nunez
      David Hernandez
      Brandon Rogers

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Ahhh, thank God for Google

      • Jennifer

        I knew those 3 w/o googling, but as for years before that . . .

    • nicole

      What’s your point? There are tons of contestants who finished higher than her who aren’t successful in music. You can’t compare any of them. Aside from talent or looks, it’s the luck of the draw. Lacey’s got something special. She’ll go far.

  • Terry

    Whatever, how come no report on Fess Parker dying?

  • Mariela

    Poor Ryan, he’s probably going to get a lot of shit for this. Geez, it was probably a mistake, and i’m pretty sure Ryan is a human, and all humans make mistakes!!!

    • Paul, NJ

      I seriously doubt if Ryan doesn his own tweets. I’m sure he has a team of people taking care of that stuff.

    • vJa

      You really think Seacrest is human?

  • Amelia

    It’s interesting how much Ryan’s twitter mistake affected the viewing numbers for the night ;) – many people wouldn’t bother watching if they knew the result (I’m not included – I live in New Zealand, so I knew the result of every week at least a week before the episode is screened).

    • liz

      People didn’t watch because they didn’t care about the result. I was watching Modern Family. I’ll watch the show and vote, but the results shows are so bad, and so boring, I’d rather find out on-line after the show anyway.

  • krystamae

    Yeah! All Ryan’s fault for posting a twitter after 9pm PST when the press and critics post the results all over the internet RIGHT after the live filming of Idol EST! Uh huh. Man, Ryan is wearing a target this week!

    • wakeforce

      Anybody that wants to know the results have many ways to find out including watching the show on justintv. I do this because Modern Family also comes on 9pm/Pacific and because the show is so dragged out. Result shows should return to being 30 minutes long.

    • flower

      The numbers did not go down because of Ryan. Many that I know were boycotting AI after last week’s results (or actually, it’s more like they gave up on AI).

  • mishka

    Whatever. Good luck L.

  • Pisces228

    @EG: I believe last year it was Jasmine Murray. And in previous years it was that that chick, that other girl, and that guy. And somewhere in there, Mikalah Gordon came in 11th!

  • vippy

    I really think Lacey is pretty and talented and she will definitely go places. She can be an actress too if she proves she can act. Idol is just a springboard for other wonderful opportunities in store for Lacey. Last year, when she didn’t make it to the Top 36 and the judges chose Megan Corkey over her, that did not stop her and she tried again this year and she made it all the way to the Top 12. That’s perseverance and determination. Good luck Lacey!

    • mike

      I like Lacey too, but let’s be realistic, her accent is pretty thick. She’d be limited to southern girl roles.

    • TracyJ

      And Megan Corkey is doing what now??

  • bugman

    What’s up with Ryan Seacrest? I find it extremely uncomfortable to have him aggressively jacking around with Simon all the time. Is the tail frantically trying to wag the dog here? Seacrest, you are NOT the show, never were, never will be.

    • Ian

      Simon has no sense of humor if he can’t take Seacrest “jacking around [him] all the time.” I think it’s interesting that Simon doesn’t seem to get along with Kara, Ellen and now Ryan. No wonder he’s leaving at the end of this season. I say good riddance to Simon. His arrogance is worse than Big Mike.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Look it was still wrong for Ryan to be like”I like the guy and would like to see him stay in the competition….constructive criticism, blah, blah”. Unless you are going to pimp everybody, keep your multiple job mouth shut, he is host only and shouldn’t be trying to “defend” Big Mike who has been waaaaaay over hyped. That annoyed me worse than his tweet.

  • Jenz

    Maybe it was the lowest in ratings for that demographic because it happened to be St. Patrick’s Day and most of that demographic was busy drinking green beer? Ryan Seacrest can’t cause that much of a ratings drop.

    • hooiskellie

      that’s a very good point about st. patrick’s day. i had to dvr the show to watch when i got home later that night.

    • George

      OR… It could be the lowest ratings because the better singers were voted off too early, leaving “singers” who can’t sing for sh*t!!! But boy oh boy, aren’t they just an adorable bunch to look at?

      • Wendy s

        Seriously, this is the most ubinteresting group yet, not crazy about any of them. Too bad, usually cancel plans to tune in, keep forgetting to watch this season! Do love Ellen, need her comic relief for sure!!!

  • sam

    Seacrest has an incredible ego that is not justified by anything that he has done. He isn’t very bright and apparently can’t get that time difference thing right.

    • davey

      Ryan is a host on the most popular television show and has his own radio show ?!? How can he not be very bright?

      • BlackIrish4094

        You think you need to be bright to be on tv or radio?? Get real…

    • ps

      Certainly agree with the enormous ego part! He seems to think that he is a big part of the show and personally they could throw a crash test dummy on doing his “part” and most people would still watch. I just felt incrediably uncomfortable when he confronted Simon-put on or not. Get over yourself, Ryan!!

      • James

        I disagree, Ryan is a very adept host and I would really miss him if he were to leave Idol. So to me, no you couldn’t just throw a test dummy on!

      • Mysti

        I’m with James above…I like Ryan. But I also agree with a lot of other posts here, the low ratings was because everyone is boycotting due to the singers let go last week as well as the crap guest artists (david cook excluded) and the long pregnant show that needs to be cut down back to a half hour. It had nothing to do with Ryan’s tweet.

    • lalala

      I think he’s an okay host, but I definitely agree about the huge ego part. I used to listen to his radio show every morning, but when American Idol was getting very popular, he would talk more and more about himself. It got to a point where he was randomly bringing up things about himself into conversations that had nothing to do with him (one example I remember, talking to a caller about something, he cut in to mention his part in Knocked Up and walking the red carpet, which had absolutely nothing to do with the conversation). They even called up his ex-girlfriend, and she was saying how they broke up because everything was about him him all the time. Oh, and he used to incessantly whine about his “hard schedule” and how he had to do this and this and go to this premiere and do this function and had little sleep – stop whining on the air! You put yourself in that situation! Ugh…

  • Tarc

    This story is a giant ‘so what’. Ryan will get spanked (in private) for the inadvertant leak. Life will go on.

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