Johnny Weir claims Stars on Ice deemed him 'not family-friendly enough'

Figure skater Johnny Weir claims that he wasn’t invited to join the Stars on Ice tour because he wasn’t considered “family-friendly” enough. “I totally understand that I am a little outrageous in some ways,” the skater told Access Hollywood on Thursday. “I’m a little un-P.C., but I really wish I had the chance to perform for the American fans.” In a statement, GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios asked supporters to sign a petition against the perceived double standard. “GLAAD calls on Stars on Ice to invite all eligible figure skaters because today people of all gender expressions and sexual orientations are part of the fabric of our culture. Athletes of Weir’s caliber deserve the same rights to perform on this, and any, tour.” But a rep for Stars on Ice says that Weir’s exclusion has nothing to do with his perceived public image. “Please be assured that the ‘gender identity and sexual orientation’ of cast members has never been a consideration in the selection of tour performers,” said a tour spokesperson in a statement. “While Stars on Ice wishes it could accommodate many more talented skaters as part of our cast, the fact is we cannot sign every skater.”

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  • Dean

    What a load of BS. I never thought I’d see the day when a male figure skater was deemed to be too gay. What a mistake. Johnny Weir would be a huge attraction. This is gonna be a PR disaster for them.

    • goodcanadiankid

      Agree! I thought Johnny Weir was very entertaining during the Olympics and not at all inappropriate. I agree that he would be a huge attraction and I personally hope to see more of him in the future.

      • Emma

        I am just really sad that I won’t be able to see Johnny Weir with Stars on Ice. If he’d joined, I definitely would have bought a ticket.

      • Dude

        I would actually consider getting a ticket if he did skate, and I can’t stand figure skating. Their loss.

    • Musica1

      I agree! I would take my family to see him skate any day. He’s very entertaining and a great skater. It’s not like he performs simulated intimate acts on ice. He’s just skating. Well.

      • Adam

        Maybe the adjective to put infront of “world-class skater” isn’t ‘homosexual’, but rather ‘ego-maniac-diva’?

        Yet even so, as Musica1 implied,’re there to watch him skate. Nothing more…well, maybe skate with a ‘fabulous’ crown of roses.

    • flower

      It’s a loss for Stars on Ice. Johnny Weir would have been a huge draw. Most of the figure skaters these days are kind of boring. Evan Lysacek (sp?) is a jerk that has made insensitive remarks about Johnny. When Johnny skates, I cannot take my eyes off. He is the true performer. I would have taken my kids to see it if it had Johnny because I am trying to teach my kids tolerance and I would also have had fun at the same time.

      • bones

        Hey, can you link me to/describe some of these comments? I’ve been looking and can’t find them

    • Ann

      HA! Funny and true, Dean!! I think Stars on Ice is sending the wrong message when they omit Weir as part of the figure skating cast for Stars.

    • George

      I agree. Johnny is a very talented flamboyant skater. He would be an asset to Start On Ice. I would go see him before Evan Lysacek.

  • MK

    Stars on Ice has had plenty of gay skaters in the past. What they are famous for is recruiting skaters who are “team players” with small egos who will work well with others. Sounds to me like this is more about personality than sexuality.

    • bruno


    • EWsMom

      Weir seems to be really full of himself – and to be honest, he’s really not THAT good.

      • amj

        Well I think Weir is a great skater but I am not surprised he is too controversial..seems he is always getting press for this kind of stuff. And, I agree that Stars on Ice has had plenty of gay skaters so it’s doubtful that is the reason.

      • anonymus

        Totally agree. Johnny weir sucks and he is just plain annoying.

      • anonymus is a tool

        Yeah, we should all take advice from someone who can’t even spell the word ‘anonymous’.

        Oh, and EWsMom? (yeah, right)

        Take your medicine & go to bed, sweetie. Time to go to sleep for a long, long time……..

    • amy

      Totally agree! Weir seems to like attention more then anything!

      • Emma

        They’ve never been openly and flamboyantly gay though.

    • sarah

      You’ve hit the nail right on the head MK. The show is very much about working together. They skate together in small groups and do whole group routines as well. That’s not Johnny’s style. With him, it’s all about him. Stars On Ice couldn’t exactly come right out and say “Sorry Johnny, you’re a great skater but a bit of an attention ho, and we don’t want to skate with you.”

    • art

      keep telling yourself that… we all know why?

  • AcaseofGeo

    He’s far too controversial in so many ways that are totally separate from his “sexual expression” (is THAT a category now???). He’s still not apologized for his callous anti-animal remarks and this is one of the consequences. There are consequences in life, you know.

    • AcaseofGeo

      I should have typed “gender expression”, sorry. Pour it on me all you Johnny lovers; I know you will.

      • art

        so you really think his stand on animal got him un invited… please!!!

      • AcaseofGeo

        I said “many ways” but listed only one. Read before posting. However, the posts above mentioning his diva behavior and unwillingness to work in groups give other examples of his controversies.

  • Andrew

    I don’t see why this is a story. Johnny Weir was not put on Stars on Ice because he is, quite frankly, not that great a skater. It’s not like there have NEVER been gay figure skaters before, and over-the-top ones at that. GLAAD is just making a fuss over nothing!
    The gay community is just looking for something to whine about

    • Rachel

      Weir is a star which is what the show needs. And he is constantly snubbed. He may be a diva but he is not the first nor will he be the last. He may not be the best jumper but he is a beautiful skater. Hopefully they will change their minds.

    • mark

      don’t make this a “gay community” thing. Some gays will care, some won’t. GLAAD’s position isn’t unwarranted. Your small mind is however.

    • Kathy

      He’s is just looking for publicity! HE’S the one making the fuss. They have had many flamboyant skaters perform with them. he is just being a diva

    • d

      GLAAD doesn’t represent the ‘gay community’. A lot of people in the ‘gay community’ find stunts like this very irritating. Don’t stereotype.

    • teresa

      How is Johnny not a great skater? He’s been the American champion for several years and he came in 6th at the Olympics (he was underscored). He’s full of himself, yes, but he’s also entertaining. Isn’t that what Star’s on Ice is suppose to do, entertain an audience? I, for one, will not be buying a ticket if there’s no Johnny.

    • art

      here we go…. one he is great… all his wins say so…. and two on like the other skaters he is no willing to keep himself in the closet… that seems to be a requirement for Stars on Ice!

  • MW

    This doesn’t surprise me. Weir was robbed of a medal in Toronto by being grossly underscored. Of course they’re not going to invite him on the tour. Although apparently Jeremy Abbott gets to go,even though he tanked in Toronto.

    • Lindsey

      the olympics were in vancouver. you should probably get your facts straight.

      • MW

        Oh,for the love of God. Why do people have to be such jerks?
        For your information, I know where the Olympics were held. It was a typographical error, which I made because I had just been reading/talking about the articles on Corey Haim’s family trying to raise money for his funeral. . .in TORONTO. I had that on my brain and so I typed it by mistake without even realizing it. I’m sure you’ve never done this,but for us normal,imperfect people,sometimes it happens. It doesn’t change the rest of what I said.

    • Melanie

      LMAO. Toronto??

    • Anne

      While I agree that Johnny was underscored in VANCOUVER, his routine was not strong enough to gain a medal. Not enough difficulty, not only in jumps but in the lack of transitions between jumps and the simplistic footwork sequences. Also, making an error during a spin like he did is a major flub, which is why he was so emotional after his performance. I like Johnny, but can remain objective about his performances.

      • MW

        I already addressed the “Toronto” thing, so I won’t do it again. As for remaining objective,the fact is, I am nothing but,because I had never seen Weir skate prior to the Olympics. I had never seen ANY of those guys skate before then. I haven’t watched skating regularly since the days of Brian Boitano.

        To me, even if his performances weren’t the most technical,they were almost flawless. Meanwhile,the guys with the fancy programs kept falling on their faces. I don’t understand why they should have recieved MUCH higher scores just for having a more technical routine when they couldn’t land the tricks properly.

        And none of that has anything to do with the tour,because he STILL did better than Jeremy Abbott, who IS on the tour. I mean,for me,as a casual fan,I would have gone to see Weir skate,but I have no interest in the guy the commentators kept calling inconsistent,when they weren’t talking about how badly he was falling apart on the ice.

      • Nina

        I’m sure Jeremy over Johnny has to do with social circles and style. Stars on Ice skaters are for the most part very mainstream to the point of being a tad generic, and although I love Jeremy he does fit that SOI criteria pretty well. Plus his coach is Yuka Sato, who’s been SOI for years.

        Johnny just doesn’t fit with the SOI image, and no it’s not a sexual orientation issue… if Johnny chose to keep his mouth shut more he could have sold cereal and Campbell’s soup, but he made a deliberate decision to be who he wants to be, so he shouldn’t complain about the consequences to his marketability.

        Johnny can have his own skating show, at least in international markets where he’s very well received.

        Also, I don’t remember Brian Boitano ever being on SOI, and he’s had his own shows… including reality shows.

      • teresa

        Emotional after his performance? When did you see that? I saw an athlete proud of the performance he just laid out there on the ice for the world to see.

    • eric

      I thought it was in Montreal

    • j

      Agreed. Weir might not be the best skater on earth but he is a lot better than some of the other skaters on the tour.

    • loveslemons

      To be fair, Jeremy Abbott is the current two-time U.S. champion, which should be a good enough qualification for anyone. Don’t feel too bad, Johnny – you have your own cable series, after all! (It’s quite entertaining.)

  • wombat

    didn’t know why he wasn’t appearing, but i won’t pay to see that tour without johnny.

  • stella

    How is Johnny Weir any less PC than Miley “I use ice cream trucks as stripping pole metaphors” Cyrus?

    • Mike

      Is that her new stage name? I like it, frank and upfront!

      • Emma

        Seriously she should make it legal!

  • jeff

    I find Weir to be annoying sometimes, but this just seems wrong. “Family Friendly” is conservative code for – we don’t like homosexuals. For pete’s sake this is ice skating- the gayest sport there is.

  • amanda

    well, obviously, he is going to get out on the ice and grab his crotch, flip off the crowd, and take off his pants. He does that in all his routines. He even did it at the Olympics. That is indeed NOT family friendly. I don’t want my kids to see that, do you?

    *sarcasm, ok? I love me some JW

    • AcaseofGeo

      I don’t think you made your point well. Are you being sarcastic about yourself or the positions of others or is your entire point sarcastic or what? Since you say you “love me some JW”, it seems you are a fan. However, the reality is what you point out about his act is NOT appropriate for children. Can you clarify? Putting sarcasm into the written word is without a balance to show the sarcasm just doesn’t work.

      • big yawn

        Wow you really take this seriously don’t you??

      • sheesh

        the part about it being un-family friendly is obviously the sarcasm because Johnny Weir does not do any of those things in his act. duh.

      • teresa

        OMG!! Do you seriously NOT know a joke when you read one????????? Johnny is an ATHLETE, not a stripper.

    • Nichole

      WTF aceofgeo?? Are you still munching on those “happy” brownies that were on sale at Woodstock? As a really smart lady, I am soo smart, I mean really really smart…what was I saying. Oh yes, the ozone layer…no wait…oh yes, you are soo smart and so gorgeous and everybody thinks you’re cool. I would love you to comment on how smart we are. Thanks a bunchy bunch!!

  • dianne

    He’s a great skater and should be invited – who cares about his sexual identity – I want to see him skate not date him!

  • Ben

    Um, Stars on Ice is a private company. They can hire or not hire whoever they want. The people at GLAAD are morons who care less about the freedom to run one’s business how he wishes than they do about forcing a pro-gay agenda down your throat.

    • erin

      This “private company” argument is consistently ridiculous. Like it or not, we do have labor laws in this country. You are obviously a homophobe.

      • Lola

        “Consistently ridiculous”? I call it an irrefutable fact – that it is a private company who can hire the best qualified people for a given position when there are job openings. There wasn’t a job for him, and even if there was, he wasn’t best qualified. He has a reputation of being an attention-seeking, controversial diva..thus, not a good fit for a show that is all about team performance as well as showcasing individual efforts. IMO Weir by protesting this alleged oversight so publicly, has proven why he would be a part of “Stars on Ice.”

      • Ben

        Thank you, Lola. Erin is obviously quite a stupid person.

    • Lola

      Agreed!! JW is trying to extend his fame an extra 15 min. I’ve been to some of their shows and anyone whose familiar with Stars knows there are only so many they can take, and they want the best, not only from Olympic yrs but past as well. And Johnny isn’t the best, is whiney and has shown to be a diva.

  • Benita

    They don’t want another Tara Lipinski situation, so I can see them not signing Johnny.

    • Ally

      What happened?

      • Benita

        Tara was a diva and coupled with her numerous injuries, made touring with her a nightmare. SOI is made up of skaters who are willing to check their egos at the door and conform to very traditional gender roles. Tara wanted to be an actress and made no bones about how unhappy she was on the tour. Likewise, I think Johnny would also be unhappy on SOI and he would be better served sticking with European and Asian ice shows.

      • Anne

        She was constantly “injured” and they could never count on her performing. She also reportedly didn’t get along with the other skaters due to the age differences. From what I’ve seen and heard of her, she whines alot and makes alot of excuses. Many of her stories of when her injuries occurred are inconsistent as well.

  • Judi

    I don’t know if it has to do with his being gay but I love watching him skate and would love to see him live or on TV more often. Stars on Ice is the loser.

  • Jenn

    He just sounds utterly bitter! Personally I’m thrilled that he wasn’t “invited” to Stars on Ice. He’s way too much of a diva. I highly doubt this has anything to do with his sexuality, but more to do with his attitude! GLAAD thinks everyone is against them which is a crock… I think Stars on Ice will be better without Mr. Weir.

    • Emma

      I do think it might be his attitude and possibly the fact that he and lysacek don’t really get along but I am really sad that I won’t be able to see him. Otherwise I might have actually gone.

      • Sputnik_Sweetheart

        I wonder how true it is that Evan and Johnny don’t get along, at least these days. In a recent interview, Johnny said that the two of them get along “fine” and alluded that their rivalry was all hype.

    • Johnny P.

      It’s pretty easy for GLAAD and gay people in general to think everyone is against them. That’s what happens when an entire group of people are denied rights and subjected to hate speech everyday. Just say what you mean “It really annoys me when gays want to be viewed as people”.

    • art

      Diva AKA to gay … sick of all this coded homophobia here… he was not invited because he was to gay and thats wrong .. period.

  • ttttt

    What a joke EW has become. Stars on Ice?

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