Corey Haim found dead, possible overdose

corey-haimImage Credit: Michael Bezjian/WireImage.comActor Corey Haim, 38, is dead after an apparent drug overdose. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Coroner confirmed that Haim, who battled substance addiction for several years, was found unresponsive in an Oakwood apartment and pronounced dead at Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center at 2:15 a.m. this morning. His mother, according to FOX station KTLA, was in the apartment at the time.

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  • donknottz

    Sad Day Corey was entertaining and seemed like he wanted to be a good guy but could stay away from those pills. Epedemic status in the country. Thanks for the memories. RIP

    • Ginger

      So very sad, this guy actually had talent. Somebody should do a search on how many former stars have died in those Oakwood Apts. It seems to be the place to keep the seriously jacked up has beens. No offense intended.I personally know at least four that have passed there.

      • Jason

        Great point. Who else died there?

      • Shelley

        Who were the others?

      • Diggity

        James Brown?

      • Diggity

        Sorry- Rick James, not James Brown.

      • Jonny

        By Oakwood apartment, they are not referring to a specific apartment complex. Oakwood is the zip code 90004, and is located between Beverly Hills and LA.

      • Daber

        Actually Oakwood apartments ARE a specific apartment complex located next to Universal Studios. While there are “non-industry” people who live there, many are pre-furnished and used to house actors and crew who are shooting on location in LA.

      • OMG

        Had “talent” – are you serious. The only thing he was talented at was smoking the other Corey’s pole. Pulease – he was a complete crack-head, no-talent loser. His mom should have checked him into rehad instead of living off the royalties of his kiddie days.

      • Bryan merceniuk

        I Think you are wrong their was no talent in him.

      • Nicki

        OMG – Your comments are just horrible. The man is dead; try to show a little respect.
        I grew up watching Corey Haim in several movies, and I thought he was an adorable child actor. He did have talent and a great personality that you could easily see in his childhood performances. It was very unfortunate that he got involved with drugs, but he did enter rehab to get help and wanted to get his career back on track. This is a tragedy.

      • Kellie

        Seriously, like OMG….get a grip…tragic deaths are innocent people being driven over by drug users, not drug users who refuse to quit dying young. He made the choice and paid the price. Guess what?? I grew up on his movies also!

      • MarySueBob

        No, he died at the Oakwood Apartments near Burbank and was taken to a nearby hospital also in Burbank. A lot of actors/industry people live there because they have furnished apartments and are close to Warner Bros, Universal and Disney Studios.

      • OMG

        Oh Nicki, get over yourself. The next thing you are going to say is that he is in heaven and finally resting in peace. Barf. I grew up watching his performances as well – so what. He was 1 of a million people who acted in movies and he let his life completely fall apart. I am not saying he deserved to die or anything – I am just saying that this isn’t a surprise to anyone that saw him recently on TV.

      • Swed Carson

        Truly sad day indeed… Him and Cory Feldman were the two that were never too far apart. I wonder were Feldman was this morning? At any rate, he was so awesome; the song in the bathtub in the film “Lost Boys” rings in my ears now; I am very sad. God bless him. Hope Mr. Feldman is not next…

      • graciegal

        @OMG – And your talents would be…what? You, I’d imagine, are a Harvard-educated Rhodes Scholar with a wife and 3 beautiful children who donates 75% of your considerable annual income to various charitable endeavors. Would imagine you’ll need a dictionary and a thesaurus, at the very least, to decipher this post.

    • Chris

      Death from drug use is not “epedemic status”[sic], not even close. stop spreading misinformation.

    • Stinky Joe

      I wonder what will become of his children. My prayers are with the family. I hope Cory Feldman does lots of interviews. He is super hunky. I can’t get enough of him!

      I’m sorry to hear about Cory Ham. He must have had MUCHO MAJOR PROBLEMS. But, I always thought the other Cory was wayyyyyyyy cutter and jotter. But, this Cory had the bad boy appeal that made him soooooooo super duper delisioucsly HOT HOT HOT in a bad way. No what I mean? If they have an open cask funeral, I’m DEFINITELY going. How does one get an invition to a funal? I expect to see you all there! Rest in peace Corey.

      • RyRyNYC

        Well, learning how to spell words such as know (No) and hotter (jotter) and funeral (funal) might aid you in the future.

      • nicole

        I pray you are blissful in your saddened ignorance but then again, you wouldn’t know!

      • SteevoNYC

        RyRy — why are you even engaging with this idiot?

      • Kate

        An “open cask funeral”? Where is he being buried, at the Gallo vineyard?
        That was unintentionally funny, your deliberate joke attempts were not. Thanks for coming out.

      • paul anka

        stinky joe you are one sick person!!!!! no they dont have invitations to funerals. where did you go to school? your spelling teacher must have been a sleep teaching you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gwendolene

        You must have had some crush on this actor. I’m sorry he passed away, regardless of his past abuse problem, it saddens me that he had a hard time accepting help or reaching out to someone to help him, part of the “drug” problem is the denial. I can only pray his family can have some privacy during this time, so don’t expect an invitation to his funeral, doubt that will ever happen, however one suggestion, and I’m not being “fatuous”, use your spell check on the computer if spelling is not your cup of tea..just a kind word of help for someone who obviously sounds very young. So please don’t take this as a “nasty comment”. Have a nice day.

      • crispy

        Yeah Paul Anka I think his teacher was asleep. Just sayin……

      • craigsrealtv

        PLEASE Don’t say that!…. That Loser Corey Feldman is gonna have a FIELD day in FREE PUBLICITY because that poor bastard Corey Haim Died!

        Ughhhhhh…….. I think of Corey Feldman and I wanna SHOOT MYSELF!

        R.I.P Corey Haim… He seemed like he mighta been a cool guy.

      • mahar1sj1

        the above is the future of America-scary, isn’t it?

      • Kelly

        You all are pathetic!!!!!!! Don’t you have anything better to do than argue about a man that has died he had a problem and I guarantee every last one of you in your family have someone that is a drug addict too so as far as Corey Haim get a life and worry about someone else’s life! Wow I can’t even believe I responded but it is quite disturbing that you are all so critical over someone you don’t even know. Leave him RIP! As far as the person that said she would go to his funeral because he was so hot you are just so disturbed and demented in your head to want and see a man that has died and to think he is still going to be hot gross………. To all get a life

      • dacky

        The only thing I could say to my friend who told me was “if it had to be a Corey WHY couldn’t it be FELDMAN!!!”.

      • JLC7930

        Pretty sure he didn’t have any children.

      • lin

        I just have to say Kate’s comment made me bust a gut. Thank’s Kate!

      • Zsancho

        I would like to add to RyRyNYC’s list of your spelling errors. cuter(not cutter), deliciously, (not delisioucsly), and should have only been DELICIOUS, but your MOST MUCHO MAJOR PROBLEM, (written in this form, so STINKY can understand), is that the man{s name is HAIM, not HAM, and I Definately hope you are arrested if you cannot give the respect of privacy to his family in their time of grief.

      • graciegal

        Knowing how to spell the name of the deceased would be of benefit, as well. It’s clear that you weren’t making a weak pun in regard to his acting talent when you referred to him as Corey “ham”.

      • Jess

        Zsancho said… (Fri 03/12/10 12:04 PM)

        I would like to add to RyRyNYC’s list of your spelling errors. cuter(not cutter), deliciously, (not delisioucsly), and should have only been DELICIOUS, but your MOST MUCHO MAJOR PROBLEM, (written in this form, so STINKY can understand), is that the *man{s* name is HAIM, not HAM, and I **Definately** hope you are arrested if you cannot give the respect of privacy to his family in their time of grief.”

        My response:

        I always find it quite funny when typos and other grammatical/spelling errors are present in a post written by an individual whose intentions and main objective are to criticize another’s error-ridden post. Please note that I’ve marked the two errors in ZSancho’s post:

        * Should be “man’s”
        ** Should be “definitely”


        My goal is not to be the literary perfection police, but rather to simply point out that people ought not be so quick to complain about spelling errors and such when your own preachy and/or snotty post contains the very same sort of problems.


    • Jeff Eastwood

      How do they know the overdose was accidental? Did they bring in a medium to ask him whether or not he meant to kill himself?

      • The Original Von Raschke’s Claw

        Don’t be fatuous, Jeffery.

      • Corey

        Yes a medium did ask….it was Miles from Lost

      • James

        No I heard Patricia Arquette was there…

  • fifty8th

    Bummer he was my favorite Corey.

    • Ambient Lite

      Me too.
      RIP “the cute Corey”. :(

      • LovedCorey

        He was my favorite Corey too! RIP

      • michelle

        my favorite too… and he was the cute corey…

      • greenlion

        i liked him in Silver Bullet, really is sooo sad that people who don’t have to worry about basic survival, end up not liking themselves when they get the chance to stop and look.

    • Suzy

      The question is: Will Corey Feldman dress like Corey Haim at Haim’s funeral like he did at Michael Jacksons?

      • spankmaster

        yes, and he wil be solicitng others to take his departed friend’s place on his list of those who regularly smoke his bananna

      • Bryan

        probley will he has no fashon sence.

      • Aimee Walters


  • Jon

    I can’t believe he was still just 38 years old. Cue Cory Feldman’s multiple tearful interviews.

    • Diggity

      Yeah, I am dreading the inevitable fame-whoring we are about to be subjected to.

      RIP Corey #1.

      • kampj

        i agree!!! sad to see him go but am not looking forward to the next few months of listening to the crap they gonna trash him with. oh, boy.

      • monica c

        RIP Corey had a crush on him in 8th grade

      • Lala

        RIP Corey Haim. Very sad. Hopefully Corey Feldman will be respectful and keep the interviews to a minimum. Hopefully. You know he’s going to appear on Larry King, Insider, etc…

    • ChrispyDivine

      Oh my god it is so inevitable that he will be a media whore.. Sad..I loved him!!!

    • Dude

      Show a little respect and restraint in the comments. Seriously, there is no need to try and be funny.

      • Nanc

        Thank god someone said something about respect. The man had a family people, now’s not the time to crack tasteless jokes.

      • Mora

        I agree. Enough with the wh word. This is a human being with a spirit that will live on. Respect is right. I pray he is out of whatever agony drove him to OD and that his friends and family will in time embrace the fond memories and heal.

      • Becki

        You’re right! We have to wait at least a week to start the jokes, I can’t believe some people!!

      • Gwendolene

        Dude< I totally agree with your comment, Cory had died, and his family left behind deserve more than flippant comment about him. He was a human being in need of help, he passed away far too young, and I hope he does R.I.P. My prayers go out to his extended family and friends also.

      • James

        I’m sorry, I have a lack of compassion for rich people who kill themselves from overdosing. He had every opportunity to get himself clean yet he refused to.

      • m cush

        Thank YA’LL for reminding that death is NOT something to laugh about or say someone deserved. He truly tried and also had a very dramatic child hood (molestation) if anyone even knows his history. NO, this is not an excuse but not everyone is perfect nor does everyone treat their life’s situations the same so don’t DOWN him for the way he handled his depression and DON’T down him now that he is dead !!!! Seriously people, grow up, show some respect and before you comment GET THE FACTS !!!!

      • dacky

        SERIOUSLY… I was a big fan. But I know someone who knew him 20 years ago ‘n Corey was gay. The sad part was watching him on the 2 Coreys 36 years old and STILL in the closet like he had a chance at becoming a teen idol again ‘n I’m sure taking drugs while doing the show while denying that too. 1 REALITY could’ve released him to face up to his situation instead of this “fantasy”! LONG LIVE LUKAS!!!

    • TTT

      Jon, Wrong Corey. Corey Haim not Corey Feldman.

      • dacky

        ummm…I mean Lucas of course…

    • Reality Bites

      Come on man. Let Feldman grieve the way he needs to. If that means a press conference so be it. He had reunited with Haim and were hanging together it has to be painful to lose your idol (MJ), your wife (divorce) and then your best friend (whose identity has been fused to your own since the 80’s). I couldn’t have been easy to struggle with your own drug and alcohol demons while attempting to help your best friend stay clean too.

      I hope Feldman stays clean and keeps the faith.

      My condolences to Haim’s family and friends. Peace be with you.

      • alan of montreal

        a press conference would probably eliminate the potentiality of all those reporters knocking on his door asking him for his reaction

      • Aimee Walters

        couldn’t of said it better myself!!

    • Theo

      That guy just lost his second and last best friend. He’s not having a good year.

      • dacky

        Feldman hasn’t had a good year since 1986. He is a glory hound who showed up at Michael Jacksons funeral dressed like him ‘n wasn’t let in. The only reason anyone watched 2 Coreys waz 4 Haim who he needed not FELDMAN!!!

  • anne

    I’m so sad

    • Maykon

      I owned two movies on VHS, taped off HBO, in Jr. High. Dirty Dancing, and Lost Boys. I hear the old HBO song and peansalt memories of Lost Boys remain. And my first Hollywood Star crush was on the cute Corey .Awesome interview, Adam.

  • Liza

    Wow . . . So sad. Way too young to die. Guess we won’t be voting Feldman/Haim in the next election. (sorry, I had to!) Definitely a tragedy for his family and friends.

    • chrissy m

      You HAD TO?……really? You must be a real idiot if you just “Had to” It’s called restrain moron!

      • Chicken

        Restaint eh? The guy overdosed and you want restraint? Whatever.

      • Josh

        Chrissy, you’re kinda being uncool. Some people deal with sad things by adding this other thing called humor. Just because you are soulless and can’t find something to crack a smile about doesn’t mean other people are the same.

      • amy

        Restrain?….really? Its called drug addiction, its a disease, moron!

      • oh please…

        Drug addiction is just as much a “disease” as overeating is. (In other words, it’s not.) It’s lazy. Pure and simple, addiction is lazy. I have no sympathy for the people who die doing drugs. Just their families.

      • Jaded

        Actually it’s called restrainT. Who’s the moron?

      • PLU

        Wow, some arrogant comments in here.

      • Jason

        Just Say No,right? Can I assume your view on homeless people is “Just buy a house?” Like its THAT easy???

      • AND

        Get over it. It is not like any of you fools even knew him. He could have been a real tool, oh wait he was, he was a druggy!

      • RK

        I’m upset…that he wasn’t in my deadpool. Such an obvious one!

      • Ms.Mona Baby

        Now snorting coke and smoking crack is a disease!! Cut the s**t! It is called being weak I waish you all would STFU!!! RIP Corey(even though if any one in harlem was murdered or od’d which i seriously doubt in my fam)I wouldn’t of heard from him or any of you clowns!

      • KATIE

        To OH PLEASE…..sometimes people have so much pain in their heart…that they turn to drugs….I don’t think it’s being lazy. That was a really mean comment.No one wakes up one day and says, hey I want to be a drug addict or supper fat!!!

    • Tara

      Feldman/Haim?? No way! The cute Corey would be first on that ticket.

      • Johnny

        It’s from an episode of “Family Guy.” I’m sure the OP meant no disrespect and some people do deal with sadness by finding a little bit of humor in it. It truly is a horrible waste for someone to die this way. Drug dependency is a huge problem and not easy for anyone to deal with. That includes family and friends.

      • Leandro

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  • Jerry

    Well this stinks. RIP man.

    • crispy

      I agree. Corey was my first childhood crush and it’s like a piece of my childhood is now dead.

      • Joy

        The first I heard (well, read) about Corey Haim’s death was on his myspace page, which I just found today…and there was a post about a memorial. I’m thinking, “Oh, to welcome him back to clean living, and show biz”…or SOMETHING…but still thinking in the back of my mind, “Um, memorials are for deceased people”…next post I read: “Corey Haim died last night.” I’m in shock. When it’s your grandparents, you expect it…they’re up in years and have led their full lives out. But, Corey, wasn’t even half way through life yet. He was my first crush..posters of him in my room that I kissed before bed every night (I was 10..whatever!) I’m in absolute SHOCK! He was moving towards getting back to work, etc. That’s just….so, so, sad….I don’t know what to say…it’s just so though Hollywood took a young kid, used him, abused him and confused him about who he really was. Molested/raped, acting (pretending to be someone else) at such a young age when you don’t yet know who YOU are, and the ‘finding’ yourself years of pre-puberty/puberty…to have been raped at that time is just horrific. I’m not excusing behavior and choices…I’m simply saying it’s all so very sad. His photos in the later years just seem like he the life had gone out of him…there’s a sad, loneliness in his eyes. How terribly sad for the parents, as this was undoubtedly their worst fear…come to reality. Spread the word, as his cause of death was actually a side effect of prolonged drug use. I can’t say enough how sad it all is.

      • Joy

        “Spread the word” meaning assist in the prevention of drug use through educating all those you know and love. Use has effects far beyond what is felt momentarily…damage is done to working organs of the body and the brain! His lungs were filled with fluid, causing increased difficulty in breathing. This could have been avoided…and though we can’t bring back those that have passed, we can learn from and educate others. That was my final thought.

  • Cheshire

    this is really sad. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the headline.

    • Zach Pearson

      You spelled KIDS wrong you ignorant ass.

      • Luddite

        You replied to the wrong person, so let’s not get too crazy here.

  • mom_of_2_kidz

    Theres a real problem in Hollywood with these people OD’ing like every other day! I guess money really can’t buy you happiness. RIP Corey, sorry someone wasn’t there there help you clean up. Actuallu, wasn’t his mother there the article said? Shame on her for not doing something.

    • Buffy Freak

      Newsflash…people are ODing “like every other day” all over the country. This isn’t just a Hollywood problem. And how can you possibly now what his mother did or did not do?

      • Buffy Freak

        possibly KNOW…wish we could edit posts here!

      • mom

        how could you blame a grown man’s actions on his mother? do you know anything about drug addiction? when your kids are 38, will you be around 24/7 to control their every move? just curious. i feel like that was a statement made without thought…

      • chelle bell

        Only he could help himself, not his mother. It was inevitable that this would happen. So many people have tried to help him over the years. He just never ” got it” . He was powerless.

      • Susan

        Whether or no it was self-induced related to substance abuse, his family is still reeling from a needless & tragic loss. I think overdoses and suicides take a much greater toll on the families left behind just because they are SO un-natural and leave the loved ones to bitterly grieve a loss that should not have been placed on them in the first place. Substance abuse is very difficult to understand; for years working in both ER and ICU, I could never grasp why people would do that to themselves, to their loved ones. Over time I came to accept that substance abuse IS indeed a verifiable disorder and all major insurance companies cover it either in whole or in part for just that reason. I’m not saying drug-alcohol abusers should be excused from responsibility for their choices, just that a little bit more understanding would go a long way. Further, IMO, it is no coincidence that overdoses are greatly over-represented in the entertainment industry population. The hateful comments about Corey’s talent are shameful; this was a real human being, regardless of what your feelings are on substance abuse, and tearing apart his career when he’s unable to defend himself is truly classless and vulgar.

    • Ambient Lite

      ‘mom of 2 kidz’, that’s a terribly ignorant and hurtful thing to say. As if his mother wouldn’t have done everything and anything she could have to save him. Not to mention the fact that he was a 38 year old adult. You’re probably young and lacking the life experience of being close to someone with a substance abuse problem – for your sake, I hope you don’t have to go through that. In the meantime, shut up.

      • GeeMoney

        Oh gosh. Cool it with the preaching.

      • mary

        Thank you for saving me from having to blast her.She evidently has never had to deal with an addict.

      • chaka

        Very well said!

      • stinky wizzleteeth

        I love chicken wings with bleu cheese dressing!! sometimes I eat the celery.

      • livdthruit

        I agree. My brother was a heroin addict, & believe me – we did EVERYTHING we could to help him, short of locking him in a 10 x 10 room and sliding food underneath the door 2 allow him time 2 detox. He never understood that HE had 2 want 2 quit bad enuf it he was ever going 2 kick the crap, yk? None of us was ever going 2 B able 2 do it 4 him, no matter how bad we wanted him 2 do it. After yrs of abuse, he had a heart attack at age 42. It’s like U know this is going 2 happen someday because it’s inevitable, yet when it does Ur still left in some sort of disbelief and feeling of helplessness, wondering if there was something more that U could’ve done. There isn’t. My thots & prayers R w/ Corey’s family & friends who R now left w/ the broken pieces & have 2 go on w/o some1 they loved. God Bless & B w/ all of U.

      • sparkle

        i use the celery for other things….wow corey F. lost his bff and his number one pole smoker…his idol (mj) his old lady all in a few months guess I will up him into the top 5 in my dead pool he might want to join mj and CH in hell’s “kiddie pool”

      • man

        his mom had a heafty lifeinsurance policy on cory .

      • Zsancho

        THANK YOU stinky wizzleteeth. yOU HAVE FREED ME. I needed to stop reading but was searching for a comment that would restore my faith in society. Live long and prosper.

    • Vickie

      It is not just a problem in Hollywood, it is a problem throughout America. Here in Florida 11 addicts day every week. If we had 11 Manatees washing up on shore there would be an outrage, but since it is addicts few bat an eye. Addiction is a treatable disease, people who use and abuse drugs are not bad people they need help and support.

      • Trust-me-I-know

        Addiction is treatable, but only if the recipient wants to be treated; you can force someone into rehab and expect them to get better unless they truly want to get better.

      • Brenda

        Addiction is a dark place and only the addict can help the addict. If you haven’t been there, you can even know what you are talking about.

      • Priestess

        AMEN VICKIE! You said it, sister. Society doesn’t care about its own, namely, people. Humans in this society care about things, and animals. But other people? Forget about it. LONG LIVE COMPASSION FOR ALL.

    • LadyJNewYork

      What do you for a grown son that’s 38 other than “pray”. He was a grown man, I’m sure his mom tried to help as best she could, when children become adults parents can only do so much.

      • critix

        It is the parents duty to educate their children in a way that they will not have to pray for the best later. But, acting accordingly to the situation, I will not blame his parents.

        PS: Someone said something about life insurance earlier on, I advise him or her (not “them”, which is incorrect) to reflect on his or her appropriateness.

    • Jen

      Seriously? You’re blaming his mom?

    • BarbieDoll

      Momof2kids… Shame on you for saying his mother should’ve done something. I’m sure you’d try to save your kids if they were dying wouldn’t you? I’m sure she did everything in her power to help in. Sometimes people can’t be helped and you suck for saying “shaming on her” Shame on your for pointing your finger at a grieving mother.

    • ProudPittsburger

      Mom of 2 kidz – obviously you don’t know much about drug and alcohol abuse! Addiction is a serious DISEASE in our country. Ppl try to stop everyday and can’t because the addiction is too great. It’s not that they don’t want to, they just can’t! 50 ppl could have been in that apartment and it wouldn’t have stopped him from OD’ing. So don’t blame her, blame the disease!!

    • lovinmylife

      “momof2″ SHAME ON YOU FOR BEING JUDGMENTAL! I grew up with an addict in my life, who died much younger than Corey…the draw to the high is stronger than anything you can imagine…

      • mom_of_2_kidz

        Wow, love all the neg I received. Seems kinda odd that others are saying WORSE things like glad he’s dead, etc. but I get bashed. What a bunch of self righteous people you are.

      • Chris

        “What a bunch of self righteous people you are.”

        Pot, meet kettle.

    • patton303

      hey mom_with_wornout_uterus or whatever your name is…
      You’re a typical ignorant schmuck.
      Obviously you’ve never been around someone who is a chronic substance abuser. Shame on the mom? There is NOTHING anyone can do to save an addict if the addict doesn’t want to be saved.

      • Alexanderthegreat

        I’ve got your typical ignorant schmuck. You Diabolical little snip. Stop bashing others, because you have’nt got the balls to offline. This is no matter to you. Corey Haim’s heart probably gave up on him. He already had a stroke. It does’nt take much after that to kill someone. So lets wait for the coroners report. OK

    • vince sabo

      Mom of 2 kidz – you ARE an ignorant ass arent you? I dont know much about his personal life, but to blame his mother for a decision he made?. He was a grown man with a problem. Even if you are ignorant to these sort of things, you should have enough class to shut your mouth and show some repect for the dead and their loved ones who are going through hell as we cast out our opinions over our morning breakfast.

      • Amy

        Okay, everybody… lay off the mom with 2 kids. This is a very sad subject. I agree that there wasn’t a lot the mom could have done for the 38-year-old Corey short of having him committed. The problem started years ago. The only thing I blame BOTH parents for is letting him go hog wild when he was so young. I know he was an actor, etc., etc., but they were still his parents. No matter how successful or famous he was, his parents were still responsible for his well-being and keeping him in line. I’m sure his mom is devastated, but I would’t be surprised if she asked herself everyday when it would happen. He was too far gone. RIP Corey, and I’m happy the deamons you have fought for most of your life have finally been put to rest as well.

    • danielle

      Motherof2.. Really now u ignortant u really think his mother didn’t try something..shame on you! Let one of your children pass and someone make that comment to you..u make me sick making the comment u did, how dare u b the one to judge..let people blame u for the loss of one of your children!

      • Aimee Walters

        U GO GIRL!!!

      • critix

        @danielle: Whatever mother-of-2 might have said, what you said is unacceptable. One does not wish a mother the death of her children. We are civilized society, people! Try to form criticism in a way that is constructive, so it adds to the discussion. Hate speech like that just downgrades a thread to meaningless swearing. If you cannot put up with that, I advise you leave this page.

    • chrissy m

      Shame on her?? I’m sure she went through absolute HELL trying to help her son. She’s going to get enough crap in the press from jerks that get paid to do it. She doesn’t need it from some jackass who’s sitting at home or at work who judges people he doesn’t know for kicks just to make himself feel better about his own life.

    • josh

      Quit bitching, I grew up with this fine young man. Drug addiction is a terrible thing, but for now let the media vultures do the picking apart, and lets just miss a friend!!

      • josh

        The Frog brothers will never be the same…

      • kt

        lost boys fan!! hell yes!

      • MEriale

        He wasn’t 1 of the Frog brother’s.That was Corey Feldmen.

      • John

        He wasn’t one of the Frog brothers.

    • becky

      As an adult it is no parents fault if they overdosed unless the parent gave it to them. Let the guy rest in peace and his family mourn with out all the b.s. Learn not to blame others for your own faults.

    • GS

      She was there when the medic got there but it doesn’t mean she lived there. He may have tried to call her and she didn’t get there in time. You just never know and parents can’t make choices for their kids no matter how much they want to.

    • chelle

      I think we should all wait and see what role his mother played in his life. Did she try to help him clean up his life? Or was she an Enabler (sp?) that allowed him to flirt with death, until death won? Just last night I was shaking my head over some facebook pictures my sister in law posted of her and her husband drinking with her 17 and 19 year old boys. In the pictures the boys were also drinking. It’s common knowledge these boys (the youngest is on a year suspension from school for getting caught with pot) party all weekend and have been known to do harder drugs. The mothers comment on the pictures? “Oh, to be young again.”
      My point is, some mothers aren’t fit to be mothers. And we shouldn’t judge momof2kidz’ comments until we know all the facts.

    • jeters1fan

      Corey’s mom was his enabler. She was probably high herself. If you ever watched the Two Corey’s, Feldman was always trying to get him to get sober. Unfortunately, if an addict doesn’t want help, no-one can force them to get it. RIP Corey!!

      • Susan

        OH MY GOD. Is there something wrong with you ??!? How would YOU know what Corey’s Mom is or isn’t and further, who exactly are YOU to judge ? I love it when lay people throw around words like “enabler”. You not only could do with some education but a heart. Even if she DID “enable” him, even if she DID get high too, he was THIRTY EIGHT YEARS OLD and legally responsible for his own choices. At some point in life, parents cannot be the blame for every wrong thing an adult offspring does. Are your parents responsible for making you such an ass ? Yeah, that’s what I thought you said.

    • Kellie

      I really don’t think the mother can be the blame for not doing anything, I really am not being rude here I am a mother and I am sure she is beating herself up, but to her credit, he was found at like 2:00 am, she was more than likely sleeping.

    • wendi

      Addiction is a disease. There is no ‘shame on his mother’ you can only help those that want help. The poor woman is suffering, how can you place blame on her? Maybe you should read up on addiction…

    • corey lover

      UMMM>>>> hey BarbieDoll! a Mother can’t fix drug addiction if it were that easy we wouldn’t have this problem all around the world. Have you ever had any problems w/ drugs in your life obviously NOT! YOu should never Shame a mother you don’t know anything about and is about to bury her kid!! Shame on YOU BarbieDoll!!!!! Have a little heart!

    • TXgirl1979

      Not real sure why people who know nothing about what has gone on in his life in the recent years would make comments such as the responses to your post. I don’t think his mother could have done anything about his overdose but I do know from watching the reality show he had with Corey Feldman that his mother was part of his problem. She is an addict herself and she enabled his condition. Even though his future didn’t look bright on the reality show he had, I always hoped he would be able to turn things around.

      As for all of you who don’t understand addiction, it usually begins with the individual trying to run away from reality and once the drug takes hold,the body feels as though it can’t live without it. In Corey’s situation, he was molested as a young teen by a trusted adult and turned to drugs because of his pain and embarassment so please try to have a little bit of compassion.

      • granna

        amen tx girl!!!

    • Brenda

      Shame on you, mom kid of 2, just pray it’s not yours the on the next go around, you’re a sure idiot

    • KATIE

      You have never been around a drug addict have you….leave his mom alone…she just lost her son right in front of her.

    • James

      $ may not buy happiness but it certainly can buy you treatment- I have no sympathy for this weak person. I can see addicts w/ no means may not have the chance but he had means. He chose to be an addict. So he chose to die. No sympathy.

    • amtexas

      1. Someone has passed and no matter what the reason its sad for those who were fans
      2.What drugs he did were done of his own free will and maybe his mother should of done more but “hindsight is 20/20″ right?
      3. Corey is only one of HUNDREDS of actors who have drug problems(past and current)River,R.Downey and sheen have all struggled. . . lesson learned??? Being super rich and super famous may not be such a good thing after all!

  • BW

    Man, my money would have been on the other Corey going first

    • April C

      Good point. How is THAT guy still alive?

      • abonovic

        Give somes props for Corey Feldman – he cleaned up his act and even tried to get Corey Haim cleaned up (they showed that in their reality show a few years back).

      • dana

        Feldman is a dork, not a drug addict. You generally don’t die of being a dork.
        RIP Corey Haim.

      • jen

        Lol dana

    • Denise

      I’m with you on that. I thought he was doing better recently.I guess money and fame doesn’t make you happy.

  • April

    Sucks…I knew he was having trouble but nothing this bad. RIP.

    Fave Corey Haim movie – surprisingly, License to Drive. We LOVED it as kids!

    • Sarah

      I loved License to Drive! But Lost Boys is my favorite. I will be watching both tonight in tribute to the cute Corey.

    • Andy F

      Silver Bullet!

      • Cricket

        I agree Silver Bullet! Awsome movie, but I also loved The Lost Boys! RIP Cory Haim.

      • Lori Adams

        Lucas! Filmed just down the street from me. It will break my heart to watch it now.. but I will in honor of him. So sad he couldn’t beat his demons…

      • Michelle

        Oh yeah,I forgot about Silver Bullet,also one of my favorites.Why did he hve to die,gosh Corey,why you…I loved all your movies.RIP,you will always be remembered here in the USA.

      • Have a Heart

        Lost Boys…Silver Bullet…such great successes. Morn the loss not the idiots comments here. A life no matter what, is a tragedy. Heartfelt condolences to all whos lives whom Corey touched.

    • TX1979

      Deam A Little Dream was my favorite Cory/Cory movie

  • Terry

    Very sad. I’m not really surprised by this, though it was always a toss up as to which one of them would go first. About a month ago I was watching TMZ and they were talking to Corey Feldman outside some venue. They asked him about Haim and he said he’s right here. Sure enough, Corey Haim was standing there. He’s gained some weight and was almost unrecognizable, but he looked good. I knew he’s had some substance abuse problems, but he looked healthy and with the weight gain I hoped he had finally beat it.

    • Lady J

      If you thought Corey (may he rest in peace) had overcome his problems with addiction, it is obvious you hadn’t seen him in sometime. I saw him last week and he looked to be struggling. It is sad and unfortunate but not a surprise. And for those of you who are using this mans passing as an opportunity to say negative things about Corey Feldman, who was his friend and his mother. You don’t know either of them. I do and they both loved Corey deeply and had both made countless attempts to help Corey.

      • Dara

        @Lady J – I think your post is the best I’ve read on this page. People have troubles and loved ones always try to help, but ultimately the person is going to do what they want to do and shame on anyone who makes any negative comments period, whether you knew him or not.. because it is still – regardless — a tragedy & a great loss to those who knew & loved him. I will pray for his mother -for God’s comfort during this terrible time..
        *I’ve been on both sides of the coin as the addict who friends helped (clean for 20 yrs) and the friend who tried to help others who did not want to be helped*

      • nanda

        WOW!!!addiction is a disease.please educate yourself before it’s to late. grew upp with the corey’s and have been increasingly worried over the years about both of them. could tell haim had drug issues and feldman had what seemed to me like mental issues. but haim has been on a downward spiral for many years. a truely tragic disease which targets heart goes out to his mother and family and to feldman, he has lost his “other half”.they seemed so devoted to eachother for so long.true friends. so hard to watch someone slip away while you try and hold on to them and restore them to their whole selves again. celebrate his life!

      • RK

        Corey Feldman was his mother? Now I know why he had problems.

      • amtexas

        CANCER is a disease!!! Consuming mind altering substances is a CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You get addicted and then we have people needing to scapegoat and we LABEL it so!BS!

  • Dana

    good bye to our Little Lost Boy

    • Mac

      The Lost Boy seemed to be a true statement in his life. I pray for his family and friends and in some way hope that someone will take this tragedy in one mans life and use it to turn thier life around.

  • Jeff

    Don’t know why this bothers me as much as it does, but I find this very tragic and sad. I am 38 as well, and I practically grew up with the “Coreys.” License to Drive, Lost Boys, Dream a Little Dream…. And what’s really sad is that the other Corey will probably view this as a chance to get back on the scene by giving interviews and articles, etc…

    • Angie

      I don’t think he will use it to get back on the scene, but the scene will use him. They will be knocking at his door for a while now. You know this is very sad to him. They had a friendship that lasted longer than any friendship most people have. RIP Corey Haim and I pray for Corey Feldman

  • Remerdre

    As a gratefully recovering alcoholic myself, I have complete empathy and understanding for those still struggling with addiction and sorrow for those who lose the battle. It’s one awful, endless fight. Rest in peace, Corey.

    • Me

      Thank you for your comment. It was sincere and respectful. I wish you continued good luck.

    • KWise

      Well said. Wishing you the best Remerdre.


      Wishing you the best Remerdre!!

  • Nose

    RIP Corey. You had a hard life. You’ll always be Sam from Lost Boys to me.

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