Lindsay Lohan sues E-Trade for $100 million

Actress Lindsay Lohan has filed a lawsuit against E*Trade for $100 million, according to Reuters. In papers filed in Monday in Nassau County, New York, the Mean Girls star claims that one of the online brokerage’s recent TV ads featuring a ditzy, “milkaholic” baby girl named Lindsay is modeled after her and improperly invoked her “likeness, name, characterization, and personality” without permission, violating her right to privacy. Lohan is suing for $50 million in compensatory damages and an additional $50 million in exemplary damages. She also demanded that E*Trade stop running the ad. Calls for comment to lawyers on both sides have not been returned. The ad, which aired during the Super Bowl on Feb. 7, is part of a campaign featuring smart-aleck toddlers who play the market. In 2007, Lohan was ordered to spend a day in jail, undergo an alcohol education program, and spend three years on probation after admitting to drunk driving and cocaine possession. Still, the ad—and the lawsuit—has already gotten people talking. In the fourth hour of Today this morning, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb addressed the controversy. (Read Mandi Bierly’s take on the hour here.)

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  • Sven Godard

    Gotta get that drug money somehow!

    • Nshi

      This is your brain on drugs people…..Lindsay go sit down somewhere!!!!

      • jackjack1

        I would rather sleep with Amanda Seyfried than Lilo but she is still hot. I hope she wins.

    • Von Raschke’s Claw

      I admire Lohan’s commitment. When faced with the downward spiral, not everyone picks up and starts running down faster.

      • Luis

        Oh Sven Godard, I figured I’d contribute to this article with a witty one-liner but I can’t do any better than that. Well done, sir.

      • Sheriff

        Von Raschke’s Claw is a cheat. “Q” wrote that at Tue 03/09/10 1:55 PM on the “Kathy Lee and Hoda talk Lindsay Lohan lawsuit and so much more” PopWatch post.

      • daffadil

        And Von Raschke, you are the one talking about it on the internet. Who is the loser here?

      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        Actually, I am the original Von Raschke’s Claw. This person above is an imposter, a cheat and a tool. That person copied my inane moniker and also copied the exact sentence that someone else wrote yesterday in another post. You are such an effing loser, get a life, mouthbreather!

      • daffadil

        No one cares VRC.
        The person who took your name may be a loser, but not nearly as much as you…

      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        THen I guess we are in good company, eh daffadil. You say a loser a lot, are you still projecting? You ARE on here quite a bit, afterall. Moron.

      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        Daffadil, you definitely win the loser sweepstakes, I admit. Now put on some pants and get out of your mom’s basement.

      • daffadil

        This is the first time Ive ever even been on this website. My friend emailed me this link. I won’t be back but you are worried about someone stealing your alias? You should end it all.

      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        Wow, you ARE a moron. Now that you’ve seen the place, acted like a douche and shown your loserness for all to see, you can go now, troll. I would laugh at you and your patheticness if it wasn’t so sad.

      • daffadil

        Looks like I touched a nerve.
        Have fun with your internet commenting.
        I’m gonna go make some money and then get laid.

      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        I am making money and I got laid this morning, nice try. Are you 14 or something?

      • Ulf Mugrell

        Wow, you are both pathetic.
        Claw for caring this much and daff for feeling the need to point it out.

      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        Claw is just really bored and wasting time. Thanks blog cop!
        There is always room for one more pathetic commenter, so welcome Ulf.

      • daffadil

        I swore I wouldn’t even check this again but I did. I am a girl but I am willing to bet I could beat the crap out of you. You name the place. I will book a flight right now. Stomping your head in would bring me great joy. It would probably be the closest female contact you have had in years…

      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        Whoa whoa daffadil, chill out. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or touch a nerve so badly. This is just a comment section on some has-been actress on some entertainment blog and means absolutely nothing in the real world. Get out more and develop a thicker skin if you want to put down strangers for no reason but to put them down, I mean look at the thread, you started it, I just had fun slamming you back. Can’t take it, don’t deal it.

      • Ulf Mugrell

        You better take her up on her offer…

      • daffadil


      • Von Raschke’s Claw

        Wow, you are both losers for thinking about threatening violence on an anonymous blog means anything at all, or that you atre tough in any way. Are you guys in high school or what?Besides, I know for a fact that I could take you both on at the same time, smack you so silly your moms will feel it, and still not put down my coffee.

      • Lay Jeno

        Hey, where’s the party?

      • meetsinglefiremen

        she is so pretty

    • Ryan hoag


    • Sara

      Assuming we use the proper terminology for her vice of choice, we can easily see that this is a baseless lawsuit. After all, they called the baby a milkaholic, not a milkhead.

      • jackjack1

        I am certain you are very ugly and jealous of the hotness that is Lindsay. You only wish you could sleep around but no one will sleep with you.

      • Sara

        Peanut butter. Rhinoceros. Cereal. Car. Tree. I can spout random nonsense, too!

      • jackjack1

        You know it’s true.

      • Sara

        Oh, Jackjack. That’s about as truthful as saying you explode into a ball of flames to protect yourself. If you just didn’t get the joke, it’s ok, nobody will judge you for being simple. You’re only a year old, after all.

      • jackjack1

        Sara, we should sleep together. I will make you explode, over and over. After me, you will see no need to try to be clever on the internet as you will be 100% fulfilled. You know you crave me.

      • Aasia

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    • lency

      LOL..I know right

  • Lala

    Yikes, she’ll do ANYTHING to get immediate attention, won’t she? Forget working, she’d rather be a headline celebrity than a respected actress such as Meryl Streep.

    • Georgie Porchetta

      If you are ever interested in some lady on lady action, let me know. I kinda look like Lindsay and I have a hot kitty box.

      • Lala

        I am totally into that

      • Sav pancetta

        I live in Georgia. I’m ready.

      • Rodolfo

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    • springs

      Plus, $100 million??? Are you kidding me. I wish I could make that kind of money for someone making fun of me. How pathetic. Plus, she doesn’t have a copywrite on the name “Lindsay”

      • springs


  • MartinSA

    She ain’t gonna get a dime. She’s a public figure and subject to parody. The only way she could ever win a case like that is if she withdraws entirely as a public figure.

    She might as well sue MAD, Cracked, SNL, Mad TV, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, etc. and get it out of her system as well so we could all point and laugh at her idiocy.

    • Jason

      Unfortunately, I can see E-trade settling on this one. Mad, Cracked, SNL, etc. are TV shows and, thus, free to parody a celeb. E-trade ran an ad designed to make money. I think the lawsuit is baseless, but companies tend to just settle in cases like this. Remember when Spike Lee sued Spike TV? They just paid him several million dollars to go away.

      • minnie swirl

        That would be a shame if E*Trade gave her a penny because this is beyond baseless. This isn’t a parody–this commercial has NOTHING to do with that cokehead. I’ve seen that commercial a million times and I have NEVER thought once about Lindsay in any capacity at all involving this commercial. So, E*Trade invoked NOTHING regarding that loser.

      • jassie

        Funny, I thought TV shows were also designed to make money. What the heck was I thinking?

      • jassie

        I thought TV shows were also designed to make money. What was I thinking?

      • Terry

        yeah, but honestly, who besides her, thought of her just hearing the name, Lindsay? Plus, unlike Spike tv, there are several ways to spell her name. They try to say she’s like Oprah and madonna. You hear her first name and that’s all it takes. In her deluded dreams.

      • Lindsay

        My thoughts exactly, disheartening.

      • Mark

        No. That’s probably what her lawyer is thinking (or hoping), but I guarantee you e*trade will NOT settle this one. It should be dismissed by the judge ASAP. Her lawyer could possibly even face sanctions (depending on the judge) for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

      • Doug L.

        she thinks to much of herself, I agree minnie, never even thought about her and the commercial until this ridiculous lawsuit….. i think i might sue nickelodeon for the using my name “DOUG” and not paying me,let’s say 10 million

    • Ingrid B

      Really, all he legal malarkey comes down to nothing. That commercial has ZIP NADA ZILCH in it that actually suggests a connection to Lindsey Lohan. The suit is delusional.

    • Flickity Flack

      Damn you are an idiot.
      You know nothing of the law.
      Why comment on anything?
      You should off yourself.

  • amy

    I laugh everytime I see that commercial and never once thought of Lindsay Lohan…that would have taken the funny right out of it.

    • Kieran

      The commercial is hilarious. The lawsuit is even funnier. Lohan would never be the inspiration for something so clever.

    • Rachel

      I agree! I didn’t see her at all. I hope etrade does NOT settle.

      • Mary Beth

        How, besides the baby being white, is this Lindsay Lohan’s image? It’s a baby, not a young adult and how is it her “personality”, again, it is a baby. I guess any caucasian female named Lindsay could sue based on those criteria.

      • Jaime

        It would be a bad idea for E*Trade to settle on this case…it’s a can of worms they should not open! Though-E*Trade sometimes isn’t entirely smart…my dealings with them-funny now looking back-was that I lived a few miles from one of their locations, and someone made a mistake when setting up their phone system to forward calls to another line temporarily. About once ever 3 days-my home phone would get FLOODED with calls-because they mistyped the ph#-making it my phone number. It was a nightmare-we’d have to unplug our phonea or it would happen all night (literally non-stop ringing!) But-the kicker (and the reason I mention this) is that it took them a MONTH to figure out how to stop it…all we got was “oops, sorry ’bout that.” So-who knows what they’ll actually do lol

    • maria

      Same here. Love the commercial, never made a connection to Lohan. I don’t think she can win on the premise that many celebrities are known by one name like Cher and Madonna. How many Cher’s and Madonna’s do you know compared to how many Lindsay’s?

    • taco

      agreed, never thought of lohan when i saw this before

    • MarySueBob

      I agree – it was one of my favs from the SuperBowl and never once did I think of her. Besides, we all know that someone who traded stocks for a living (even on E-trade) would be smart enough to stay away from her. Sorry Linds, you aren’t the ONLY a-holic named Lindsay. Wow, what an egotistical d*uchebag.

      • Paul

        I don’t care, I just really hate those friggin’ stupid Etrade commercials. Ooh, it’s cute because they’re babies talking with adult voices.

        PS, why does everyone hate her? She never did anything to anyone. Mary Sue Bob, maybe if you were a celebrity, you’d be an “egotistical d*uchebag”.

      • jeff

        Why does everyone hate Lohan? Cause she is a low class piece of crap that is always in the news. Go curl up and die somewhere, everyone hates you and you ruined your career with all this nonsense.

      • MarySueBob

        Lindsay never did anything directly to me Paul however I think in this case she is acting like an “egotistical d*uchebag”. She is not the only Lindsay in the world and if she is so sensitive about being called an alcoholic maybe she should check herself into rehad and embrace what she truly is. Oh wait, maybe she’s not an alcoholic, but a drug addict. Whatever – she should spend less time entertaining her delusions of grandeur and more time getting herself healthy. Pulease – being a “milkaholic” would be a positive thing in her case. Oh, and I’m not a celebrity but that doesn’t mean I don’t act like a d*uchebag from time to time – I’m just more descrete about it and don’t do it on a global level.

    • Samantha

      I totally agree. Leave it to Ms Lohan to compare herself to Cher and Madonna. Insane, ridiculous and narcissistic.

      • spakity spak

        I really want to make love to you.

    • Michael

      As many times as I’ve seen this commercial (and laughed every time), I’ve never noticed any indication that baby Lindsay was addicted to crack. I’ll definitely be watching for it next time.

    • jojo

      I never once thought of Lohan either when I saw that commercial. I just thought of my own baby, who is a total milkaholic. I should sue.

  • JLC

    I THOUGHT I recognized that milkaholic baby somewhere!

    • jojo

      You have to be the most moronic person on the internet. I wouldn’t even let you finger me.

  • JD

    Oh, Lindsay… will you ever stop being crazy?

    • Jaime

      I think that would be one of the first signs of the end of the world LoL ;)

  • pop

    100 million dollars?! that girl is crazy. man the things drugs do to you.

    • pop

      ok i just realized she said the baby shared her likeness. lindsey looks 40 not like a baby. case dismissed.

      • DB

        She sure as heck acts like one!

      • Jack

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    • Angelo Barovier

      Apparently, not so much.

  • Lemon

    Our lady doth protest too much.

  • Lorie

    This chick is beyond pathetic!

  • Lauri

    One hundred MILLION dollars? Oh for God’s sake.

  • Celia

    She’s just desperate now. I saw this commercial and her name didn’t even pop into my mind once. Lindsay Lohan needs to just give up and go work at McDonalds somewhere.

  • Ramo

    This is way too awesome. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. What the writer left out of this article was how LiLo likened her first-name recognition to that of Oprah and Madonna. Dream on, Lindz.

    • Lala

      Ha! Because clearly Lindsay is a unique name, and she’s just as successful as Oprah and Madonna. One of LL’s most recent gigs was headlining a pool party in Atlantic City…in winter. Keep it up Linds! With all of the free entertainment you provide, there’s no need for anyone to pay $10 to see you do it in a movie theater.

    • Al O

      Please avoid referring to her as LiLo. She’s might try suing Disney next. Your a real whack job Lindsay Lolife, a real whack job.

  • MartinSA

    I guess the hotness-crazy scale is true. The hotter the girl, the crazier she is.

    • whatevs

      Hot? Maybe when she was in Mean Girls, but have you seen her lately??

    • Ryan

      As long as by hot you mean skinny, druggie looking chick. back in the day Lohan ws hot, these days I don’t know if you could pay me to kiss her, let alone anything else. She is creepy looking now….lol

      • Nathalice

        Interval swim this morning. Wore my basaktbell shorts and used a pull-buoy (no paddles available). 25-28 meters avg. for each. Shoulders are kinda sore after this one. Gonna hit the Mobility WOD tonight. Pretty good workout this morning.

    • Shannon

      Well done with the HIMYM reference!

  • Kate

    Wow, Rule 11 sanctions coming for that attorney I bet are at least asked for in E Trades Motion to Dismiss.

    • charlotte


  • Miss M

    Wow what an ego to think that some ad is ALL about her. She’s one of those people who just needs to go away. I love all the eTrade ads and as a recovering alcoholic with 8 years of sobriety, I thought it was hysterical when the jealous girlfriend calls the other woman a milk-o-holic!

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