Sandra Bullock and 'Transformers' big 'winners' at Razzie Awards

all-about-steveImage Credit: Suzanne TennerJust one night before the Academy Awards, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation handed out its 30th annual Razzie Awards Saturday night in recognition of what it deemed the worst films and performances of the year. Sandra Bullock, who is nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side, won two Razzies: Worst Actress (for the romantic comedy All About Steve) and Worst Screen Couple (with Bradley Cooper for All About Steve). Bullock delivered on a promise to actually show up at the ceremony and accept the Razzies in person, handing out copies of the All About Steve DVD to the audience. If she wins the Oscar Sunday night, she will be the first actor ever to win a Razzie and an Academy Award in the same weekend.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen earned three Razzies: for Worst Picture, Worst Director, and Worst Screenplay. The Jonas Brothers were collectively named Worst Actors for Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience. Billy Ray Cyrus won Worst Supporting Actor for Hannah Montana: The Movie, while Sienna Miller took home Worst Supporting Actress for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Special anniversary awards were given to the 2000 John Travolta sci-fi film Battlefield Earth for Worst Picture of the Decade; Eddie Murphy for Worst Actor of the Decade; and Paris Hilton for Worst Actress of the Decade.

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  • Nick T

    I’m angry at the Razzies! They nominated Megan Fox for Jenniifer’s Body. So wrong!

    • B

      Why? That movie and her acting was horrendous…

  • anna

    Sandra Bullock thoroughly deserved her win here. Pity we won’t be able to say that when she wins the oscar.

    • DW


    • Tarc

      I have little doubt that she deserved the Razzie for Steve just as much as she deserves the Oscar for lifetime achievement. Julia got one for a similar thing, and, geesh, Halle Berry has a Oscar, so there is no requirement to actualy act.

      • KFed

        Apart from the fact I want Sandra to win for this role, the Oscars (or the winners I should say) are seldom about good acting. Or even good movies.

      • Tarc

        Precisely. It’s mostly politics. How else can you explain the dual win of Berry/Washington (particularly when examining Oscar’s previous record of African-American nominations/wins the fact that Berry can barely act and Monster’s Ball was BAD), and that Nicole Kidman has not one, but TWO Oscar worth perfomances that year. (Kidman won the following year for a single decent, but inferior to the previous year’s performances, and had been owed one since To Die For.) This year, the dreadfully manipulative (and factually inaccurate) Hurt Locker is up, along with the incredibly ameaturish and nearly unwatchable Precious. Neither deserve a nomination, but yet, there thye are. Politics, politics, politics.

      • D’s Advocate

        One man’s politics is another man’s better taste in films.

      • Eric

        D’s Advocate – you’re a horrible Devil’s Advocate. Saying that someone deserves an award because they are a well-liked actress who had a good box office year and has never been given much critical acclaim is not good taste in movies. Meryl was robbed on Sunday night.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Did Halle Berry win one year for Best Actress and the next for the worst for Catwoman?

      • Jonathan

        Yes she did. She sctually deserved her Oscar for an out-of-her-skin performance in a great indie flick called ‘Monster’s Ball’

      • Zappafan

        Yes. She won the Oscar for Monster’s Ball in 2001 and the Razzie for Catwoman in 2004. She was the first Oscar winner to accept her Razzie where she reenacted her tearful acceptance speech.

    • darclyte

      “After Last Season” was BY FAR the WORST movie not only of last year, but possibly EVER. ANYONE involved with that steaming pile of turd SHOULD have won ALL the categories, but since it had no budget and no names, the Razzies skipped it.

      • chris

        lol i know what ur talkin about and your right

      • XSEDrake

        It is POSSIBLE to COMMUNICATE without using CAPS on the words you think are most IMPORTANT.

      • Eric

        XSEDrake – this site doesn’t have italics or bold, so CAPS are the way to go for emphasis. So they are sometimes essential for complete communication. Sayin’.

    • Lily

      I can’t wait to see Sandra Bullock win the Oscar tonight. She’s been amazing since SPEED.

    • dave g

      c’mon now… She totally deserves the oscar… she was great in it… and Ive seen all the movies these ladies are nominated for and THE BLIND SIDE is the only one i would watch again, and its all because of her.

  • RBlues

    Why are THESE awards not televised? Kudos to Sandy for showing up! Just proves what a genuine, down-to-earth person she is. I really hope she wins tomorrow too!

    • D-train

      Because no one ever shows up! Bullock is the second person to pick up an award. the first was halle berry.

      • Tom Green also showed up.

      • RBlues

        Really? That’s sad . . . more people should have a better sense of humor about themselves.

      • Emma

        Nah, these awards are so arbitrary no one would watch. Transformers was hardly the WORST film I saw this year. Sadly.

      • Sean

        Transformers was the worst I’ve seen this year. Good choice I say

      • Mark

        It’s not like award shows aren’t arbitrary in general, though; they are by their nature!

      • Rashad

        Transformers 2 should not have been named Worst Picture!!! I don’t care what anybody says, that movie was FREAKIN’ AMAZING!!!

      • wraith808

        No, the first person to show up was Bill Cosby for Leonard, Part Six.

      • D’s Advocate

        Paul Verhoven showed up to claim his Worst Director award for “Showgirls”, as well.

    • jen

      I love Sandy she is ace!

    • Leslie

      I think these awards would be hilarious to watch even if people didn’t show up, as long as they had a good host for the “ceremony” like Colbert. & maybe if they started televising them, more people would show up- bad publicity is still publicity, & hopefully there are a few other stars out there with Sandy’s sense of humor.

    • Kitty

      Sandra B. is such a class act. How cool of her to show up at these awards with such humor while at the same time she’s nominated for an Oscar. Fingers crossed she wins tonight. Her performance in The Blind Side was awesome. Go Sandy!

    • Ken

      I agree, Comedy Central would seemingly be perfect. what else are they going to show on Saturday night? I thnink the were showing wedding Crashers last night which is a good movie but has been on roughly 1,000 times since it came out several years ago. I bet more people would show up if it were televised.

  • Nick B

    Twilight: New Moon was robbed!

    • Jinx

      Ha Ha. So true!

    • Celia

      Agreed. It was nominated for 4 Razzies. It deserved to win at least one.

    • Meier

      I’m also pretty shocked that Eddie Murphy “won” over Rob Schneider! He has like 15 Razzie noms under his belt, no joke.

    • Leslie

      Absolutely right, Nick B. Ha! New Moon should have swept these awards. It was, without a doubt, the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Such a shame too because I love the cast and the books and my TWILIGHT DVD.

  • Stephen O’Neall

    I’m sorry, I truly do think I have respectable taste in entertainment and I have to say that All About Steve really isn’t THAT bad.

    • Strepsi

      You know what Stephen, you’re right! It could have actually been BRILLIANT if it kept to the pitch black comedy of a stalker and the horrible news stories. It would not have been a hit, but it would have been really good. But suddenly it got all rom-com, and everyone “learned something” and WTF? All About Steve has the stink of focus groups and studio tinkering all over it.

      • Stephen O’Neall

        I completely agree with the studio tinkering. To call Sandra Bullock the worst actress when Megan Fox stared in TWO movies this year is ridiculous.

      • Tarc

        Yes, but Megan Fox isn’t an actress. Nope, not an acting bone in her… well, bony, non-acting, brainless body.

      • KFed

        Megan may not be an actress, but Paris won worst actress of the decade, so on a scale of non-actresses, she must be at least … morer.

    • Marie

      you know what, i completely agree. all about steve was not the worst film i saw last year. it was meant to be light hearted and funny and that’s what it was. Bullock did not deserve this razzie. On the other hand, Jennifer’s Body was bad, and although i have no hard feelings against Megan, the award should have go to her.

  • Shamrock

    How can the Transformers win Worst Picture. It made tons of money and was the 5th grossing movie internationally in 2009. Isn’t this the reasoning some people have on why Avatar should win Best Pic just based on how well it does at the box office

    • Zach

      …And watch the Academy apply the same reasoning as the Razzies and vote for what they think DESERVES the award…i.e. The Hurt Locker.

    • Tarc

      Well, because Transformers 2 was total crap. Avatar, despite a weak plot, was not. Transofrormers use old CGI poorly and was visually a hot mess. Avatar used groundbreaking technology and was breathtaking to watch. Big differences.

      • Shamrock

        I agree, but what I was saying that some people are using that
        argument about just based on box office, that’s why it should win.

    • Liz

      I have to say that Transformers was an awful movie because it was disjointed and made no sense. I watched it twice with my nephew and still have no idea what happened. Parts of it made sense and other parts were just random BS that they threw together. Suckfest.

    • vlawde

      “How can the Transformers win Worst Picture. It made tons of money and was the 5th grossing movie internationally in 2009. Isn’t this the reasoning some people have on why Avatar should win Best Pic just based on how well it does at the box office”

      McDonalds sells around 4 million hamburgers daily, but how many can say they are GOOD hamburgers? Transformers 2 just throws lots of CG and stuff blowing up at you, the plot/acting were horrible.

    • Danno

      Honestly I think that is the reason why Transformers won this even though there were far worse movies out there. I do check in on the Razzies every year and have noticed they only nominate / “award” really popular movies that everyone has seen or heard of.

  • Grant

    Yah, All About Steve was bad but not THAT bad. And Sandra Bullock wasn’t horrible for what she was given, but I love that she “won” and will probably win the Oscar in the same night! WIN!!!

  • eddie

    Bullock should have won that Razzie for the Blindside. Megan Fox is not a bad actress. She’s just hated by fat ugly women and their henpecked husbands.

    • Vikki Sixx

      Hahaha actually…Megan Fox is a horrible actress. She’s hot as can be but the second she opens her mouth is the second I want to stab my eardrums with a rusty penknife. That woman needs to just stand there and look hot…(and I am neither fat nor ugly, thanks).

  • Alex

    The comments here are genius. Sandra of course won by virtue of her Oscar nom. So Megan Fox shouldn’t feel too bad.
    Was New Moon even nominated? Defs agree it was robbed!

  • Kate

    Good on Sandra for being a good sport and attending.
    And New Moon was definitely robbed in several categories.

    • IMO

      Transformers 2 is horrible and without doubt the biggest disappointment I had at the cinema last year and rightly deserves it Razzies for worst film & worst screenplay.

  • silent_rob

    I like it when stars are good sports about these things.
    This reminds me of when Halle Berry picked up her Razzie for Catwoman and spoofed her Oscar acceptance speech.

  • m

    I haven’t see All About Steve, but what I have found in the past is that they generally give the worst acting awards to people who were in BAD movies but weren’t actually all that bad at acting. And what is with the Jonas Brothers winning?? I’m no Jonas Brother fan but wasn’t that a CONCERT movie, meaning they weren’t even acting in it??

  • Scott

    If Sandy had not been nominated for an Oscar, her name would probably not even be on this list. Hardly anyone has even heard of All About Steve. I know I didn’t. I have seen it since, and the movie was bad, not Sandy. bradley Cooper looks smoking hot in it though, so much so I didn’t even realize it was him at first.

  • Mike R

    I still think New Moon was robbed of worst pic of 2009. Sandra brought a wagon full of copies of All Aboot Steve, so I guess I can accommodate her request to actually watch the movie. She was very gracious, funny, and kewl.

    • Krista

      Kewl? What is this, 1994?

    • Marie

      all about steve is actually not a bad movie. it’s meant to be funny, there no intellectual thought to be had, just sit back and laugh. and i must agree that new moon was robbed of all its awards this year, but never fear, that poorly written franchise has three more films to go.

    • Caitlin

      Transformers 2 and New Moon were both horrible to me, but at least with New Moon I can entertain myself by making fun of it with a group of friends. Transformers 2 was just horrible. I couldn’t find anything about it that I could enjoy.

  • tomm

    The Jonas Bros were not ‘acting’, so they shouldn’t count.

    • Deane

      I think that was the point…that even when they’re being themselves, they SUCK!!! Lol

      • jodipo

        hahaha Awesome! too true. Those boys suck at being themselves.

        now if only they would give Kristen Stewart the award she has worked so hard for

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