Crystal Bowersox to perform on 'American Idol' tonight, says Ryan Seacrest

Crystal Bowersox, the popular American Idol contestant whose medical condition prompted a major scheduling change for the show — as well as 48 hours of blogosphere speculation about her fate in the competition — is performing tonight, as the top 10 women take the stage for the second week of semifinal performances. Host Ryan Seacrest confirmed the news via Twitter 10 minutes prior to the start of tonight’s telecast.

A source close to the show said that Bowersox was hospitalized on Tuesday due to diabetes complications, which resulted in a last-minute switch that moved the top 10 male contestants to the Tuesday-night performance slot, and delayed the top 10 women to tonight.

Idol executive producer Ken Warwick was noticeably vague when asked this morning on Seacrest’s radio show what would have happened if Bowersox was unable to sing during tonight’s live telecast. “If you’re in the Olympics and you’re going for the semifinal [into the final], if you don’t turn up…you don’t go straight through to the final,” Warwick said, adding that had Bowersox been disqualified, the show would likely have only eliminated one female contestant during Thursday night’s results-show telecast.

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  • MultiPass

    Good. I hope she is OK. I kinda like her and wanna see where she goes with it.

    • Nshi

      Bowersox Schmowersox!

      • Jenn

        Wow thats original….Jealous?

      • The Original Nshi

        You’re obviously an ill-informed imposter. Nshi is a HUGE HUGE HUGE Bow-er-Sox fan!

    • darclyte

      I was very glad that she could perform. Type 1 diabetes complications are no joke, and it’s not like other contestants in prior years who were sick or had flu-like symptoms. She was rushed to the hospital and only was let out a short while b4 the show. I hope that she keeps it under control going forward. Now if only someone can get Elliott Yamin some insulin in Chile.

    • darclyte

      I’m glad that she wasn’t disqualified because then someone would have had to put the Idolatry staff on suicide watch. Seriously.

      • Angela

        That was pretty funny.

  • StarryLaurie

    Hope she doesn’t get the sympathy vote. Not a favorite. Fine with her singing tonight, but wouldn’t have minded seeing her go today either.

    • Dolly

      Bowersox Rocks. She does not want, nor does she need ANYONE’s sympathy vote.

    • Gary

      Sorry, you have no taste!

  • del901

    Please let her stay healthy. She’s got to be one of the best they have and the show needs her. And the audience needs her too.

  • sara

    Ditto. She is my favorite so far this season and I hope she’s okay.

    • Barbara

      My daughter has been diabetic since she was 16 months old. The low blood sugar seizure she had almost killed her. Get educated on it before making such an ignorant statement.

      • AJ

        ‘I hope she’s okay’ is an ignorant statement?

  • Teddy

    I am sorry guys but after watching the performance this all felt like a STUNT! Maybe she did get sick, but I question how bad it was and knowing the history of the show we all know that they will NEVER pass up the chance to fabricate drama to make good tv. It just felt phony.

    • Tony

      You’re sick. Meet someone with severe complications due to diabetes and educate yourself.

      She was more than just sick. She has a chronic illness.

    • jason

      did you not see how deathly pale she was? christ some people.

    • Dog Rescuer

      You truly are a moron. She is awesome and I believe she will be in the final two. Do you know anything about medical care? I really don’t feel you deserve an explanation.

    • paul

      Teddy you are an AHOLE. My father was a diabetic and it is a serious illness thay eventally killed him. For you to say she’s faking just goes to show the rest of us how DUMB you are. Educate yourself buddy.

      • Teddy

        I love how you Bowersox sycophants want to criticize me when NOT ONE of you knows what actually happened with her. I am speculating a possibility. None of you were there or know the truth and to think that a show that generates the money A.I. does would not do this to generate ratings is naive!

      • ToTeddy

        One man’s realism is another man’s bat-s**t crazy paranoid confabulations. In this case I think most of tend for the latter.

    • Donna

      Insulin controlled diabetes is not like having the flu. Complications can come on out of nowhere and how long they last will depend on what happened to her. Having the condition 27 yrs myself, I can say that it is most likely not a stunt if that is what was wrong with her.

      • James S.

        You people truly are cruel. I feel sorry for Teddy. Don’t you all know that bitterness is as serious a disease as diabetes?! I looked it up!

      • Molly Smith

        I have been a type 1 diabetic for 23 years and you know what? if you take care of yourself you don’t get rushed to the hospital, I have had no problems or “out of the blue” complications. I feel for her, I do, but diabetes can be controlled, I prove that.

      • guy

        I would love to marry her! How can you help me with getting a chance to ask her! I don’t care what illness she has! She is the absolute women for me!!

    • Gina

      I really do not think this is some type of “stunt” like Teddy thinks. These are all human beings where their lives have changed very quickly. Having such a life changing moment can make you forget what is needed in your health…just imangine the stress and trying to remember everything in one week. I am very happy that they did switch up the program.. because she is good, and I really think that she deserves to be on this show..she is true to her self, and she has always been real!

      • Blah

        So maybe it wasn’t a stunt, but she’ll sure get the sympathy votes now.

    • Michael

      Idol has pulled stunts on us before. This doesn’t feel like one of them.

    • Jean Lee

      When you are a diabetic you don’t use stunts to go to the hospital. It is a serious disease that can be life threatning at any time. I know as our daughter has the disease. Give her a break! She is so talented and real. I only wish her luck. Maybe a lot of you people should understand what diabetes is before you make nasty comments. Get educated on this before making a judgement call!

    • liz

      As a medical provider, I can say this: Diabetes is complicated and can be very scary. You’re right, we don’t know all the details. But if I admitt (to the hospital, whether for aggressive tx or observation) a diabetic patient, it’s because they are SICK. So I do give her credit and actually have more respect for her for actually DOWN playing the seriousness of why she was hospitalized.

    • tbear

      What a JERK! You must not know anyone who has diabetes. This is nothing to JOKE about or call a stunt. Stress alone can cause huge changes in someone’s blood sugar and they can potentially end up in a coma. SHAME ON YOU!!!

    • amy

      The most common problem with diabetes is hypoglycemia…meaning your blood sugar goes low, you lose consciousness and then, you generally have to be rushed to the hospital where you are administered glucose. Once you have the glucose, you regain consciousness and then are perfectly fine. My son had to be ambulated from school one morning for the very same thing. By 2 pm, he was back at school taking a major test. Several years later, at age 23, the same thing happened, but he was alone and not found until it is too late. He died at age 23.
      Diabetes is one of the most misunderstood diseases there is. It is a lifetime of checking blood sugar and walking a very fine line. It is particularly dangerous for teenagers who have not matured enough to take their diabetes seriously.

      • Jennifer

        Amy, I’m so sorry for your son.

        Thank you for explaining how serious diabetes can be.

      • GS

        Amy, I am so sorry for your loss! My niece was diagnosed when she was 10 so I know how hard it is to manage. Some people are just idiots on message boards. Thank you for sharing the reality of how quickly it can spiral out of control but can be just as quickly fixed if caught in time. Glad Crystal is ok too!

      • guysndollstoastmasters

        I am so sorry for your loss. Diabetes, especially type 1, is such an insidious disease. My husband, Michael died at age 32 from complications, but I’m so glad we had a chance to compress a lifetime of memories into a few short years. I know his mother suffers still from the loss of her child, as I know you must. Thank you for sharing this story. Cynics and narcissists will always abound, especially those that are ignorant.

      • Dolly

        Amy, I am so sorry for your loss. My daughter was diagnosed when she was 8 years old. Her blood sugar dropped during the night once, and I gave her a glucose shot just when she was starting to convulse. She was fine soon after and went to school. I was a nervous wreck for weeks. Type I Diabetes is no joke. I am so, very sorry for your loss. I hope those who read this board will become more aware.

      • Cheri

        Amy, I am so sorry for your loss. My husband has had type 1 diabetes for 34 years. It has wreaked havoc with his body! I’ve been in those emergency situations too and it is very scary. He has had a couple of close calls. My 15 year old son has had it for 5 years. I have not had a good night sleep in a very long time. It is a serious disease that you don’t mess around with. People really don’t know what it’s like until you’ve lived with it.

    • Barbara

      My daughter has been diabetic since she was 16 months old. The low blood sugar seizure she had in Oct. almost killed her. Get educated on it before making such an ignorant statement

    • maria

      I think she definitely looked sick. Especially her eyes. When I saw that she was singing first I was hoping they would let her leave right after but she stayed til the end from what i could see.

    • patrick

      Teddy,you are truly an idiot of the highest form.

  • MsDaisy

    She was FAB.U.LOUS. Too bad they followed her up with Haeley’s caterwauling to Miley Cyrus.

    • Michael

      She has that adorable factor going for her and it’s not grating like it can be with kids that young. I am not a fan of the voice. In a sea of weak voices, hers still stands out as quite terrible. That said, I find her utterly effervescent and refreshing. Loved, loved, loved the interview package. I won’t vote for her because I don’t want to hear her any more than I have already, but I do understand why people would vote for her. Say what you want about this being a singing competition. The fact is that AI hasn’t been one of those in a LONG time. I predict that she makes it to the final 12.

      • GS

        Give her a Disney show then but she should NEVER have made it to the Top 24 over some very talented people that got the boot. She is a TERRIBLE singer. She makes Taylor Swift sound like Celine Deon!

    • jenal

      I know what you mean! It was soooo bad! I don’t think Haeleye does not have a chance.

  • Bob

    This season is a lost cause. The best of the worst is no better than your average busker. SNOOZE!

  • Shel

    This is great news – I hope she is doing okay, for real. I also think the Olympics analogy is a little premature – they certainly could have used a tape of rehearsal & let the viewers vote as they saw fit. Moving from Top 20 to Top 16 is NOT the same as moving from the semifinal to the final of an Olympics’ contest!

  • M

    I’m happy she’s back.

  • Nathan

    This actually only makes me love her even more. Any other contestant would have been talking about their struggle with diabetes since before they even sang a single note.

    The fact that Crystal rides on her talent and not her personal struggles, is a rare and welcome gem in the Idol universe.

    • JenDq

      totally agree.

    • Sydney

      I agree completely. I’m a huge fan of hers

  • kasi

    I’m sorry get better soon. I know how that is my mom and aunt have diabetes too.

  • Dax Diamond

    uuuggh I missed it! This is why I neeeed a DVR. Anyone know where I can see it?

    • insomniac

      You can see it on a website called yidio tomorrow.

    • Michael

      MJs bigblog has recordings of all the contestants the next day.

  • AS

    I missed it…what song did she sing tonight?

  • Leslie

    I have a friend with diabetes, she watches her diet, checks her blood sugar often and takes the correct amount of insulin when necessary, and she has never had any major complications arise. I just wonder if she is remembering to take care of herself. She is my favorite American Idol, and I defiently want her to win, but the most important thing is her health.

    • jason

      since there is more than 1 type of diabetes, I’m sure your friends case is not the same.

      • um

        There are 2 types and it is more than likely the same since they are both young.

    • Jen

      When diabetics get sick will other illnesses, it can make their diabetes more difficult to control.

      • Dolly

        Stress can play a huge role, as well.

    • Jody

      I have been diabetic for 34 yrs. and when I get stressed my blood sugars go crazy, sometimes low, sometimes high. It’s been better since I went on a pump four years ago. A lot of us don’t complain about all the complications of this disease, so people don’t always know about them. I will be praying for Crystal. She could have had a low or a high, either one can lead to a coma.

    • Kristi

      Leslie – Diabetes varies greatly from person to person and even from day to day for a single person. Someone living with diabetes can have the same exact food, at the same exact times, the same exact activity levels, and the same exact insulin injections on two back to back days and one day have hypoglycemic (low blood sugar)incidents all day long and the second day be hyperglycemic (having high blood sugar) all day long. It can be so frustrating and baffling because there is no rhyme and reason to the differences. This is a terrible disease. My daughter, who has Type 1, tells me that a hypoglycemic incident knocks her out for the rest of the day but not going on is just not an option because it is just a part of her life that will not go away. Thanks for listening…

    • jessica

      Being that your friend has diabetes it is very important you know the dangers and signs of complications because you may be able to save her life someday. I’m very happy it sounds like she takes her disease seriously but that doesn’t mean that something won’t ever happen. Like has been said before, stress, activity, illness and just changes in metabolism can through everything off. My husband is diabetic, once he had a seizure, while he was driving. I was with him and it was the scariest thing i’ve ever been though. He didn’t bounce right back, it took 3 hours before he even remembered the last thing I told him. Every situation is different. Diabetics also downplay their disease. They have no outward signs of something being wrong, and don’t want their friends and family to worry, but it is very serious. I think it is one of the deadliest diseases one most people are very uneducated about. Many lives could be saved if it was taken more seriously.

  • arlene

    glad ur back!!!!!!! ur awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sue

      I also have diabetes, and I can go along on the same insulin dosage just fine for months or even a year or two and then something really stressful comes up and all of my sugars go crazy. At that point, all bets are off and you have to reassess your insulin needs. You can bet she will now be testing her blood sugar much more frequently than normal to make sure she doesn’t go low again and to get a feel for what this particular stress is doing to her blood sugar.

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